Bottoms Up

Bottoms Up Snooping is risky business sometimes it pays off in unexpected ways Jenn has been in love with her best friend since college and despite their years apart she is determined to at least find out if he

  • Title: Bottoms Up
  • Author: E.M. Gayle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Snooping is risky business sometimes it pays off in unexpected ways Jenn has been in love with her best friend since college and despite their years apart she is determined to at least find out if he has any interest in her When the opportunity opens up in the form of a job interview in his hometown, she jumps on a plane with a plan to see what happens Riley walked awaySnooping is risky business sometimes it pays off in unexpected ways Jenn has been in love with her best friend since college and despite their years apart she is determined to at least find out if he has any interest in her When the opportunity opens up in the form of a job interview in his hometown, she jumps on a plane with a plan to see what happens Riley walked away from Jenn after college to explore and understand the dark side of him that harbored needs he knew she was too young to understand They kept in touch and after years of exploration into his kinks, he s decided the time for hiding the truth from the woman he loved has come to an end When Jenn finds a BDSM book and a flyer for a local sex club in his condo, she is both shocked and intrigued Riley catches her red handed snooping through his things and dares her to give him and his lifestyle a chance Two days to explore her potential submissive side and see where it leads With no hesitation and barely a thought to how far he might go, she jumps at the chance to prove she s the woman for him, even if it s just for the weekend.

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    1. Reviewed for THC ReviewsBottoms Up is a scorching hot, erotic romance novella about two long-time, best friends who finally give in to their desire to become lovers. This is a pretty short story that takes place over the course of only one weekend, during which the hero reveals his dark, sexual side to the heroine and tries to convince her that she's the woman he has always wanted. Normally, stories that take place in such a short time frame don't work well for me, but having these two know each [...]

    2. What a Smokin' Hot little read!!! I love the friends to lovers stories and the light BDSM makes it all that much sexier!!

    3. MacKenzie’s Review:Bottoms Up by Eliza Gayle is a very quick, fun read.At 68 pages there isn’t too much room for in-depth personality development for our characters, but the scenes that Ms. Gayle sets up have the reader rooting for Jenn and Riley’s happily-ever-after with the turn of each page. The BDSM scenes are fun to watch with Jenn’s relatively new status to the lifestyle. Riley, while more practiced, at times doesn’t know how far to take things with Jenn which makes him endearing [...]

    4. Purgatory novellas get better and better. Now I have a new favorite novella. I like the fact that Riley and Jenn are already serious about one another before the passion starts. Jenn doesn't know about his life but she has her own hidden knowledge and desires. Sometimes in novellas the relationship is too fast and too serious that it doesn't seem real but here with them you feel like you've watched two people love and care about each other for years. It's fun, passionate, and yes loving. Can't w [...]

    5. Short and sweet bdsm story about college friends turned lovers. It was hot and sweet. I was rooting for them!______________________________________________________________________If you like this type of book, you might enjoy one of these groups. Check us out!Menage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie's Erotic Lending Group

    6. A nice quick read that gets right to the point - what if you had a chance with the one you never made the move on? Jenn and Riley were roommates in college, and stayed friends. Years later and all mature and such, both are ready to make a move at the same timeThese two find out they are moving in the same direction, just a couple of bumps to work out, to get to the HEAHot and sexy with just a punch of sweetness - perfect!

    7. Jenn and Riley were best friends in college. When they meet again, Riley shows Jenn a new sexual world she has never experienced before. Bottoms Up has BDSM in it and it turned out to be a very steamy read! After all, Riley’s got a spanking fetish and Jenn learns to explore her submissive side. Let me tell you, she’s an adventurous one! This book has want, love and lust rolled into one sexy read! Plus, that cover is HOT.

    8. Pretty good book, all things considered, but honestly if this was reality in any way, it would've gone hoooooorrribly for the guy, I mean c'mon! (SPOILER)Public spanking after a single day worth of experience???? Without even a warning, much less permission? Seriously, even the most submissive girl out there would've balked at that, and they've been right to do so, what kind of Dom does that? (Except a fictional one, ofc)

    9. wow I so love Riley and Jenn's story in this book, they both have had feelings for each other since college and when a job opp comes around to be close to Riley again Jenn goes to for the interview and spends 2 days with Riley . she has no clue that Riley is a Dom and is into BDSM and she has never tried anything like that in her life, but She was always curious about it. Riley teaches her what it means to be a sub and Jenn is a natural at it. very good book hated for it to end

    10. This story only took me an hour or so to read but it was fun while it lasted. There was minimal character development due to the word count but the author set the scene well & gave enough background so you could connect with the characters. The sex was nicely written & the BDSM wasn't too hard & heavy. I would have preferred a longer version of the story but otherwise it was enjoyable.Originally posted on

    11. Great, quick read. Hard not to fall in love with Riley, such a sexy lover. Found this book to be a true love story. I loved it when Riley walks in when Jenn is looking through The Caring Dominant book and says "I'd say your curiousity just saved us about an hour's worth of awkward conversation". and so it begins

    12. Bottoms Up is a short friends to lovers contemporary romance. It is sweet, sugar-kink BDSM with a sprinkling of glitter-kink on the side. Not much to it really. No real tension or any surprises, a very nice easy read. My only complaint is that the club scene felt forced and out of place for the story. I could be wrong, but it struck me as way too much, way too soon in the relationship.

    13. I loved this book! The characters and their relationship were well explained and felt sincere. The sex and the kink was scorching hot! What really made me give this is a five is that after reading it, I wanted to read it again. I loved it from beginning to end. It is not hardcore BDSM, but for a casual reader like me it was perfect. I will be pulling this out to read over and over.

    14. Short, sexy, erotic Riley and Jenn were best friends in college but went to different cities after graduation. Jenn comes to visit Riley when she interviews for a job in his city. This provides them with the chance to push their relationship past the friend stage but can Jenn handle the real Riley in the bedroom?

    15. This is a short BDSM story, that us very BDSMy. There is not much to it really. Just a woman’s intorduction to that life. A past love that is now a Dom. And all that.

    16. This was a cute and light story between friends reuniting. I found it to be very light bondage. This was more kinky than bdsm. Still a fun short read.

    17. I feel bad reviewing this, because author Eliza Gayle clearly means well - but she wants feedback, so here goes:It didn't catch me up. It wasn't unpleasant, the characters weren't unappealing - it was just there, and for all the kink and fetish it felt kind of meh to me. I had the same reaction reading Harry Potter - there's a lot of wizardry and incident, but all of it seemsrangely ordinary, given all the extraordinary things occurring. The writing lacks a certain vibrancy - and if you're going [...]

    18. All starts with a book ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ Title: Bottoms Up Author: Eliza GayleSeries: Purgatory Club; #5Published: April 30th 2011POV: Third PersonGenres: Short story, Erotic Romance; Rating: 2.5 Stars͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠

    19. It was a very pleasant read. Jenn and Riley are both good characters _ though given the short length of the story, they're not as developped as they would have deserved. I have a fondness for friends turning into lovers, so I bought their love/lust story easily enough. I was a bit skeptical though about Jenn, who admittedly has had very little experience when it comes to sex, will so fast and so deeply go into submission. I could overlook the fact that in 2 days, she comes from considering sugge [...]

    20. This erotica has BDSM theme on it. With all the playing with the sex toys and spanking the ass to complete exhibition, the author was very successful in turning it into a very steamy love-sex story. Though it was short, the eroticism did not disappear, instead it became more intense.Personally, I actually did not like the idea of BDSM but MAYBE this story is an exception. For those who have soul for erotic piece of literary art, this story is good enough to kill time.

    21. A sweet, light, very short read about two college friends who reunite at a deeper level. Both have D/s fantasies and they play a bit. Light spanking, bondage, and romance with a smidgen of exhibitionism. This is not a deep, well developed story, but if you have a couple of hours and enjoy a tender romance with a tiny bit of spice, this is a great choice.

    22. Sweet and sexy explorationthe story follows a couple's journey into d/s, and finding love for each other again. It provides good detail on what each character thinks atm and the scenes together are hot.

    23. 3.5 Stars! The cover is oh so hot ;)Short hot read, For some reason Jenn's character feels very immature during the dialogue bit!Appart from that, the book is really sexy ;) I wish it was longer the story plot is really nice!

    24. A sexy short about Riley and Jenn. College friends who have secretly longed to be together jump at the chance to explore those feelings when they reunite after seven years.

    25. I love Eliza's books and have read the full length novels. I loved this book I just wish it was longer but, then that is what a Novella is and the number of pages are posted. Loved the story!

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