The Unwashed Dead

The Unwashed Dead The few law abiding citizens left alive in Breakspear Gardens have locked their doors and shut the curtains on this Friday night They dare not venture out after the sun goes down The druggies drunks

  • Title: The Unwashed Dead
  • Author: Ian Woodhead
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The few law abiding citizens left alive in Breakspear Gardens have locked their doors and shut the curtains on this Friday night They dare not venture out after the sun goes down The druggies, drunks, and feral kids rule the streets in the roughest housing project in northern England a place where anything can be had, at a low price the neighborhood you never want toThe few law abiding citizens left alive in Breakspear Gardens have locked their doors and shut the curtains on this Friday night They dare not venture out after the sun goes down The druggies, drunks, and feral kids rule the streets in the roughest housing project in northern England a place where anything can be had, at a low price the neighborhood you never want to live in Tonight, the streets are strangely quiet Headaches, nausea, and sickness are targeting criminals and residents alike The untainted soon discover the horror of their plight, as their friends, families, and neighbors begin to die and are reborn as voracious, ravening beasts A small group of desperate survivors battle their way through hordes of blood crazed zombies, trying to reach help just beyond the boundary of the estate, only to find soldiers at every exit, shooting anything that moves Can this dwindling group of terrified survivors avoid the newly dead and win their way to freedom They need to find a way out, and fast, before the authorities weapons vaporize the area, transforming Breakspear into Hell on Earth Edited by Monique Lewis Happy 04 December 2013

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    1. Book Info: Genre: Horror (zombies) Reading Level: AdultDisclosure: I received a free eBook of this, the first in the Zombie Armageddon series by Ian Woodhead, free from the author in exchange for an honest review.Synopsis: In a rundown council estate in the North of England strange things are happening. The dead suddenly are not quite as dead as they should beA mysterious government body has decided to use the estate as an experiment. Things are out of control & now they need to eradicate al [...]

    2. Fantastic zombie gore! The Unwashed Dead isn't written well enough to be scary. But there is so much zombie madness, and so many people succumb to the hoard, it was still an enjoyable read. As far as the writing goes, this can use quite a bit of polishing. So many characters are introduced that it was difficult for me to keep them all straight and remember all of them. On one hand, author Ian Woodhead would introduce a new character only to have said person become zombie food. Great and unexpect [...]

    3. This book is an example of an author who doesn't take the time to think up interesting dialogue and descriptions. Instead he chooses to have totally pointless swearing in every sentence of the book. This is what we get in the space of the first 1.5 pages of the ebook:-shitty kitchen and effing lino on the floor-his hosts, who are b******s, not giving two s***s about decorating-refers to himself as a miserable b*****d (correct!)-his friend's are all effing retards -the music gets on his t**s and [...]

    4. This book was set on a housing eastate in the north of England, and that made this zombie book so much fun because I'm sure I know some housing eastate s just like this one! The book follows several different groups of people as they try to survive, from teens pleased they are staring in their favourite video games, to others who want to hide. It's a very violent book, but unputdownable. There is also soldiers or are they really, and scientists trying to round up survivors to experiment on. But [...]

    5. This is a great, fun zombie romp. It's kind of a cross between the British TV show Shameless and the best zombie stuff out there. A really interesting and unique read.

    6. The Unwashed Dead tells the tale of a zombie uprising on an English Estate. I have to note that as an American, my interpretation of the term "estate" is something along the lines of a village, or at least a close facsimile. Several residents complain of severe migraines one night, and not long after, they transform into flesh eaters, tearing apart everyone around them. As their neighbors are devoured and others are left trying to grasp what's happening, the army, or some mysterious government a [...]

    7. This was a great Zombie story. Sometimes I crave a little light gore for reading material and this fit the bill perfectly. You’re not going to find deep characters or a plot that keeps you guessing right up until the end, but you will find a fast pace with plenty of action and violence. The characters weren’t particularly developed out, but they were still fun to read about. It was difficult at times to know who the bad guys were, the zombies or the characters trying to stay one step ahead o [...]

    8. A lot of swearing. Not even close to necessary and not at all entertaining but in the end the superficial plot line did manage to entertain me so I kept with it and since the second and third books were on my kindle I decided to read them back to back because I really needed fluff even if this fluff is disguised as horror. So not bad, but could have been a lot better.

    9. I loved this book. I am not into zombie books as they go but Ian has managed to do the unthinkable & converted me! I think its because of the fact that its not your run of the mill zombie 'brains I need brains' type story. Loved it & recommend it to anyone!

    10. A really enjoyable zombie fest based in a run down housing estate in England , I just wish it was longer , Oh did I mention there is a nutcase on the loose as well !!

    11. It was OKI enjoy all zombie books, but this one was a difficult read for me. I didn't particularly like any of the characters, and honestly, I was rooting for them all to die. I'm not sure if I will continue the series.

    12. Ok, let's start with the negatives YES it has some typos and yes it could possibly have been tweaked a little here and there to make it a tad more polished. BUT this is soon to be a thing of that past as of 10/12/2013 Ian Woodhead has a wonderful new editor and it should soon shine like it supposed to!IW has some great, fresh ideas that he brings to the zombie story genre.Wham! What a great way to start a horror book with some poor bloke, who I secretly hated (!), getting his manly bits bitten o [...]

    13. Full review on my blog: theaussiezombieYay the zombies are back in town and in full force too! The Unwashed Dead has a great setting – a council estate in northern England with the full range of characters that you would expect – the slightly geeky kid, the ex-con turned good (kinda), a whole bunch of chav’s and some familiar scenes in the graveyard, the pub and the corner shop run by Mr. Singh which sells anything and everything. There are is also one unexpected and surprising character, [...]

    14. I actually finished this book quite a few days ago but because of different circumstances and commitments, I was only just today able to get my review done. Anyway, onto my reviewI'm a big fan of Ian Woodhead. He has a very unique writing style and, being from "across the pond" uses many terms and vocabulary I'm not always familiar with. For the most part, I can figure out the meanings just from the context of the sentence. The ones I'm not sure about are very easy to look up. I actually really [...]

    15. I’m not in the habit of reading blurbs on book covers, but with this book I wish I did. Had I done so, the poorly written overview would’ve given me a good indication of what to expect regarding grammar and format. I’m a huge fan of zombie-themed books, so the minute I saw the words “Zombie” and “Armageddon” in the title, I didn’t think twice to download it to my kindle when it was free on . The writing is not too bad, if you turn a blind eye to the astounding amounts of profanit [...]

    16. In this refreshingly British novel, Ian Woodhead welcomes us to Breakspear, a council estate in Bradford which is notorious for its thugs and robberies. Somehow he manages to make a completely unlikable character interesting, which is a challenge! It’s nice to snigger over certain phrases which can be considered crude but are very British, our friends across the pond may not understand a lot of this book!Unfortunately, there are so many zombie books and films that it is quite an over saturated [...]

    17. Now that the eerie air of familiarity I felt when reading Ian Woodhead’s The Unwashed Dead has seen the setting confirmed as Bradford, it’s tempting to say ‘welcome to my old home town’.Certainly, the revelation added a little frisson of nostalgia to the enjoyment as I found myself caught in the fray of this gripping frenzy of the undead, though a certain latent civic attachment compels me to point out that the real Bradford isn’t infested with zombie hordes – well, not until the pub [...]

    18. If I could sum it up in one word – meh. It was your average slash and dash zombie book. The content wasn’t horrible, but I think the zombie story seems to be the same no matter what book you read. I personally am looking for something different and I just haven’t found it yet.The plus side of the book is that it was action packed. Everything seemed to tumble right along, and I found myself looking at each chapter as if it were a short story. The gore and creativity of killing the undead wa [...]

    19. once you get past trying to figure out some of the phrases used in this book it's a pretty great story! I love the different POV's & how somehow everyone is connected in one way or another. As you read it you can't help but to feel if only that character passed through a few mins before. The way the virus/outbreak is formed is an interesting one. you'll have to read it for yourself to find out how. let's just say I am going to be worried everytime my kids, husband, friends, or myself have a [...]

    20. I gave this four as opposed to three stars, because as I thought about what to put here, I came to the conclusion that all of the characters were unlikable! Let me explain, there is generally something endearing, bad ass, or admirable about fictional characters. The people in this tale were, well flawed individuals. They were so real that by the end I felt like yelling at the characters to wise up. There were no ideal people in this book. For the most part there were simply people I know and am. [...]

    21. I will be honest, I started reading this and put it down the first time. I think this must be an unedited draft. There are just too many typos for it to be anything else. I was too interested in the story however, so the next day I started again, this time ignoring all the typos. I spent the whole day off and on reading it at every spare moment. It is a good story and one that as I say kept me reading. It is like Shaun of the Dead meets Snatch or Lock, Stock, and Three Smoking Barrels, a meaner [...]

    22. This book had potential to actually be good. What in my opinion lost this books potential to be a good story line. the OVER USAGE of curse words.Wow Mr. Woodhead couldn't you have been a bit more original or picked up a thesaurus to see if other words could be used ??!? The storyline really got to the point where it became "eye" rolling, boring, and skimmed reading with a huge sigh. I'm not even going to bother to pick up the other books to see what happens to Ernest, or Dennis or the 2 kids tha [...]

    23. Ian Woodhead's book The Unwashed Dead is delightful. He explores the zombie invasion with fresh eyes in bad neighborhood in the UK. His characters range from good to bad to down right insane. None are ever safe from the zombie invaders.This story reads like a cross between Trainspotting and Shaun of the Dead. I enjoyed the fast pace and back story. My only criticism is that there are various grammatical errors that could be cleaned up. Overall it's a good read from an up and comer in the indie a [...]

    24. I purchased the kindle version of this last night and finished it in one sitting. After I got to the last page, I really was disappointed that it was so short! It's a good, quick, zombie read - full of gore and interesting characters. It doesn't really bring anything new to the zombie world, but that's okay, it doesn't matter, I still had fun!About to buy the sequel of this. I have a feeling I will not be disappointed!

    25. Another cracker from Mr. Woodhead. A northern town is infected by something that turns people into ravening zombie types (or 'deadies') in an instant. Only a few remain unaffected, and, this being Ian Woodhead, they are not particularly nice people. The characterisation of the 'northern' people is spot on and the tension ramps up quite steadily as the tale progresses.Hopefully there will be more to come from this story and I, for one cannot wait for TUD2 if i happens

    26. Well What a breath of fresh air. ZombiesScrotes and Yorkshire all in one book. Loved it! Some really strong characters added into the mix of my favourite genre made this a really fun read,very light hearted even for a horror book,never taking itself seriously but with lots of serious moments thrown in just to remind you what you are actually reading. Cannot wait to read some more of Mr Woodheads stuff GOOD READ

    27. Ian sucked me into his world, once again, with The Unwashed Dead. Tightly written and fast paced, this creepy read is fill with wit, humor and tension. The characters are real and so is their dialogue. Was I left with questions after this read? Yes I was but, as the author seems to have plans for at least one sequel, I'm OK being left with questions for now.

    28. This was one of those books that I had to finish because I already put too much time into reading it. I didn't care for it at all, the characters were forgettable, literally. I kept saying to myself "wait, who's that now?" Also the ending felt like it finished mid-sentence. This was my 1st zombie book I ever read, I'm hoping the others I read are a lot better.

    29. I bought this hoping for another Apocalypse Cow, but was slightly disappointed. The writer captures the language well, but tends to drag things out like James Herbert, with chapters dedicated to one character that will be zombie food by the end of the chapter, but does include a few things that make sense further on in the story.

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