Wandering Feelings

Wandering Feelings There is a certain line of destiny for each one of us which seems as if no one and nothing could ever change Is that really so however Perhaps some people would disagree These are the people that w

  • Title: Wandering Feelings
  • Author: Boyko Ovcharov
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • There is a certain line of destiny for each one of us, which seems as if no one and nothing could ever change Is that really so, however Perhaps, some people would disagree These are the people that will always believe that it may be changed because it is like a strip of sand, which remains after the tide at the seashore and is different every time Part of those peopleThere is a certain line of destiny for each one of us, which seems as if no one and nothing could ever change Is that really so, however Perhaps, some people would disagree These are the people that will always believe that it may be changed because it is like a strip of sand, which remains after the tide at the seashore and is different every time Part of those people is this couple two young companions, who can still love and have their dreams They are gazing at the profound essence of the world s earthly, human time as well as the one of eternity within them, the heart one A criss cross of interweaving roads leads them far away but only a single one brings them back home Quite often it turns out that it is in fact the longest, really arduous and sometimes the loneliest one When taking a look at signs in life, we can see the recollections of anguish or short lived happiness and bliss Nevertheless, they will always be seeking their home or perhaps the family warmth the way they remember it, that is, their hearth In the course of time, they will realise that it is no longer there, but has turned into an unfamiliar place of lost feelings.

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    1. This was a well written book about the lives of a couple who fell in love at first meeting. They endure their loving relationship despite their mutually shared negative and strife filled upbringing which remains a part of each of them individually and unspoken. The title of the book could not be a better one. 'Wandering Feelings' talks about exactly what the author is trying to relate.I have read several reviews where the readers felt that the main characters should have had names however, I don [...]

    2. "He witnessed how with years sometimes sorrow would silently appear in her eyes, but he would not stop hoping. For him, she was the entire gentleness of light, which changes you and which you may never forget". The love between this couple is pured beautiful. But . the reason this story is so powerful ---is the emotions it brings up - thoughts the reader will think about when you read about the type of parents each one had. I'm reminded that some parents are aware of the difference they make to [...]

    3. For those of us fortunate enough to have experienced a long, loving, and committed relationship, we always hold in our hearts the moment when the magic sparked and the ordinary world disappeared, replaced by total absorption in each other. Boyoko Ovcharov captures this time perfectly in his book “Wandering Feelings.” Yes, the world does gradually creep back into your lives, but this magic time is the foundation you build your life together on, the well you come back to again and again to be [...]

    4. "Wandering Feelings" by Boyko Ovcharov is written in the most beautiful, lyrical and entrancing style. Carefully chosen words take you deep into the two characters and their love story between Sofia and London.The book raises many relevant questions about true love and the perfect connection but also makes you think about the meaning of every day life. The book has a poetic and sensual feel to it that makes it stand out from more factual and purely prosaic story telling. Much is hinted at and co [...]

    5. Poignant & Thought Provoking!Wandering Feelings is a love story about a young couple who keep going when the odds are against them. Their parents reject, ignore and even undermine them for purely selfish reasons. Filled with heartrending emotion, I would like to see this story become a novel. More details and dialog would add finishing touches.

    6. From S. R. Mallery:A Philosophical Look At Love In Boyko Ovcharov’s “Wandering Feelings,” boy meets girl, girl meets boy, and they both fall in love. A familiar tale indeed, yet this book is a far cry from that. The boy’s family is threatened by and resentful of his extreme education, sophistication, and intelligence. The girl’s self-centered, avaricious parents are basically moochers, who deprive their daughter of her rightful inheritance. The question, then, quickly becomes can two l [...]

    7. Wandering Feelings is a grown up story about love. Boyko Ovcharov uses clever language that mesmerizes and captivates readers. I reveled in the emotional connections that were formed between the nameless couple, but was fully satisfied as their relationship unfolded. Through the trials and tribulations of a difficult love affair, I root for the pair’s eventual happiness. A happiness that could only be realized in their private moments – yet realized, nonetheless.Ovcharov has a love affair wi [...]

    8. Wandering Feelings by Boyko Ovcharov is a book about relationships. It deals with the many facets of anguish and loyalty which are often dependant on social ties such as money and materialism rather than love. Such conflicts and "social paradoxes" are hard to overcome. However, this does not deflect people from trying. The book ends on that optimistic note.

    9. Aspect of life Reading that story, I again and again had to stop myself thinking: that is my life I am reading about. Amazing. Aspects of life.They had everything, a home, a career path and support and most importantly, they had each other and loved each other. But their parents were extremely selfish and had not much love for their children and so made them down wherever they could.Should every one of us not look forward and do something good for others? Something that remain in time, something [...]

    10. Wandering Feelings is a sensitive and touching tale from Boyko Ovcharov which follows a young couple through the early stages of romance through to the trials and tribulations faced in their early years together.There are times when life throws hardship at everyone, but when the tough times are the result of needless obstacles thrust in your path by those who should really be helping you, and loving you, it is enough to break the strongest romance.Not for our couple, who remain nameless through [...]

    11. It is a pleasure and honor to have read this remarkable work. As a humble student of literature, please know I do not say this lightly - with this book, Boyko Ovcharov has offered us a work which is impeccably written, splendidly appealing, deeply moving, and with a truly bright and meaningful message (with a wonderful knack for keeping one quite interested and wanting more - lots of resplendently engineered and tantalizing twists and turns). His style of writing is fresh and dynamic - and he SO [...]

    12. An intelligent and thought provking read, short but can seem heavy, partially due to the formality in which the dialogue is sometimes written, and partly due to the nature of the topics under consideration

    13. Five bright stars.When I started reading the story, I sunk directly into the spontaneous simple narration of the writer. And when I got deeply into it, I did not recognize whether I was reading or writing. It brought enjoyment to me very much. And my eyes filled with tears in one of its chapters. I could not stop reading until I finished it. Despite that the story is narrating the sufferance in a specific place, it reflects truly a picture of the whole humanity in everywhere and time. It reflect [...]

    14. I started to like Wandering Feelings from the very beginning of the book. Mr Ovcharov's writing style is wonderful and poetic. It touched me deep in my heart. I loved the way he cared about all small details. I enjoyed the way I was losing myself in his emotional descriptions and words. It was like reading a very delicate poem. I personally, as a son and a father at the same time, could say that Wandering Feelings taught me so much. I really hated those parents who tried everything to put their [...]

    15. When I started reading this novella, it took me a moment to figure out what was happening. The story is held at arm's length even as it is being told.Then I remembered the writing of Henry James and Proust, and i felt like I could engage with this style as I had with theirs. Like Proust, the story is unbearably nostalgic, told entirely from memories. The title "Wandering Feelings" seems to refer to the feelings experienced in the remembrances of the past feelings.All throughout the story of the [...]

    16. Seriously? A novel? А мога ли да сложа минус пет звездички?Плоско, плоско, плоско разказченце; даже опит за такова - за една свята любов между двама ангелоподобни млади човеци (особено тя, ах! Пък той един мъж-мечта, едни вечери, едни свещи, едни кроасани за закуска), на които гадните им [...]

    17. Such an amazingly expressed love story. I felt so happy reading about their lives. It was refreshing to read a gracefully written love story that actually took place in modern times. I would love to read more about their lives in the future.

    18. Although Wandering feelings isn't my genre I still enjoyed the story. It was well written with interesting characters and the locations were easily relatable.

    19. Wonderful story. A couple struggle with unsupportive condescending parents. Beautiful scenery put in words

    20. It's a brilliant novel with lovable characters.The couple shields it's precious love and keeps it alive despite the obstacles posed by their parents.This book is full of emotion and vivid descriptions.

    21. The prose is written in an old-timey classic way, with vivid descriptions of the nameless characters and settings. A unique story!

    22. I found Wandering Feelings by Boyko Ovcharov to be an absorbing, interesting book to read. At root, it is a short love story, a believable, often moving one. The man and woman who meet, fall in love and travel together seemed real to me, relatable. When they explored Cambridge and London together as a devoted couple, it was the most memorable part of the story for me, for it showed how being in love transforms everything, including places, making them alive, dynamic. The cold indifference, and w [...]

    23. The original and poetic way in which the author describes the powerful and passionate relationship between two young people, which comes into conflict with the arrogance and selfish behavior of their relatives, moved and touched me. An amazing and deeply emotional story worth reading

    24. A sweet and tender love story that is still quite realistic, as nothing is perfect in life. A couple must weather the good times and the bad times together. The language is so visual and appealing, very descriptive of the seasons and surroundings. The author quite often focuses on nature as a backdrop for this young couple's love, which is perhaps symbolic. This story can take you away, as the language just flows, and I found that it went well with some soothing classical music in the background [...]

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