The Dangerous Book for Boys

The Dangerous Book for Boys Recapture Sunday afternoons and long summer days This is a wonderful collection of all things that make being young or young at heart fun Audio includes Questions About the World How to Play Stickb

  • Title: The Dangerous Book for Boys
  • Author: Conn Iggulden Hal Iggulden
  • ISBN: 9780061243585
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Recapture Sunday afternoons and long summer days This is a wonderful collection of all things that make being young, or young at heart, fun Audio includes Questions About the World, How to Play Stickball, The Rules of Soccer, Fishing, Famous Battles, Extraordinary Stories, Girls, First Aid, The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Seven Modern Wonders of the World ThRecapture Sunday afternoons and long summer days This is a wonderful collection of all things that make being young, or young at heart, fun Audio includes Questions About the World, How to Play Stickball, The Rules of Soccer, Fishing, Famous Battles, Extraordinary Stories, Girls, First Aid, The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Seven Modern Wonders of the World The perfect book for every boy from eight to eighty.

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    1. "[men and boys] may conquer different worlds when they grow up, but they'll still want these stories for themselves and for their sons." ← The fuck?What I fail to understand is this : Why in the world this book is aimed at boys?It's by no means a real review because I only skimmed it, and I'm not sure I'll come back to it. Therefore I can't judge if the historical/scientific facts are accurate or not. I'm not saying that all that we find in it isn't interesting for children. That's not the poi [...]

    2. Boys will be boys, but only if they get outside where they belong and off the God damned Ritalin. Boys aren't girls. They're genetically different, and need to be treated differently and raised differently. Boys like bugs and dirt clods and farts, but they also need tales of loyalty and courage and honor and adventure and, yes, violence. They compete, and physically. They like to blow shit up. They like systems that are clear and cut-and-dried. They like straightforward thinking. That's why they [...]

    3. I finished The Dangerous Book for Boys by Conn and Hal Iggulden.I had a couple reasons for picking up this book. First, it’s a relatively new release, but it’s made to look all old and retro/cool. The ‘fancy’ script on the cover, the heavy hardback binding, and pretty end papers on the inside all = old. But it’s not. I knew it was a newer book, but I still managed to get roped in by the old-time feel of it. Even the print and illustrations have the old time feel. Think 1960’s text bo [...]

    4. I bought this for my little brother's eleventh birthday. I knew my parents were finally breaking down and buying him video games, so I thought this would be an appropriate gift. Poor kid, it was already well-thumbed by the time I finally got around to giving it to him. Yes, The Dangerous Book for Boys can certainly be enjoyed by twenty-something girls, too. It's crazy informative. Do you know how to skin a rabbit? I do now. Or how to build a go cart? Race ya. Or what went down at the Battle of T [...]

    5. I will admit I have had this book for some time - but I thought it was about time I finished it and listed it. The good (and I guess bad) thing about this book is that like any annual it has a series of articles on various subjects meaning it is perfect to dip in and out of when ever you feel like it - which also makes it potentially impossible to finish!Now this book is a mixture of articles as I say which generally means there is something there for everyone and yes I did learn a thing or two [...]

    6. Its about time we, as parents and especially as fathers, stop appoligizing for boys being boys.Get them outside, get them engaged and if all else fails run the crap out of them - they won't break and far fewer will need Ritalin. Another positive is that the "Dads" will look less like pot bellied pigs (present company included)Boys need REAL stories of REAL men being heros this book has it.Boys need tactile adventures this book delivers it.It might not be PC, but running around playing 'war' or ' [...]

    7. I know that the book is at the top of British non-fiction best-sellers but i would guess many of them are sitting on coffee tables rather than being avidly read. It was quite interesting to read again of famous battles or heroic figures. I really did want to find out how to make a proper paper aeroplane but had no interest in electromagnets or secret ink made from body fluids. I know the rules of football and don't want to know about cricket. I found the interesting sections too short and would [...]

    8. This is an informative book full of know- how's for boys. I would make a good birthday gift for an older boy/young teenager.

    9. My dad and I are reading this, getting ready for Asa's arrival. There is so much stuff in here!My dad and I were reading the Latin Phrases everyone should know. When we came to “Pater familias” I deferred to my father and said, “Look Dad, you: Head of Household.”I thought it a loving moment between son & father. He came, looked over my shoulder at the alphabetical list and pointed out the next phrase, saying, “And this one is you…” Persona non grata.My son’s Granddad Kloss is [...]

    10. Disclaimer - I listened to the audio version, which was abridged. I really liked this book, alot. I have to assume though it'd be better in written form, rather than audio. For one thing there's more of it, since the audio version is abridged, but I also hope there are some helpful illustrations. For example when discussing latitude and longitude.I think most boys would pick topics in this book that interest them, rather than read it straight through. And I think there are sections that will int [...]

    11. Just like the Daring Book for Girls, as soon as my husband and I peeked into this book we had to have it. EVERY boy should own a copy of this book and girls can gets lots out of it, too. It's full of cool stuff that every boy should know, like: everything you need to know about sports, astronomy, famous battles, good books, and things like how to make a paper hat, boat, and water bomb; first aid, pirates, games, secret inks, knots, dinosaurs - something that really grabbed my eye was 'how to cha [...]

    12. This is one of those books that tells you how to do/about hundreds of awesome things - how to make a bow and arrow, how to build the best paper airplane, stories of Scott's trip to Antarctica, famous battles, how to build a treehouse, the seven wonders of the ancient and modern worlds, the ten commandments, cyphers, invisible inks, advice on girls - it's really fantastic and i want my own copy. sadly there's either no comparable book for girls or it assumes all girls want to do is learn to sew a [...]

    13. What a cool book!My nephew has this book. He was showing my son all the cool things they could do- build airplanes, treehouses, forts, etc.Now my son wants the book. We'll probably get it for him when he's a bit older.

    14. I buy this book for every boy I care about. It is perfect tinder for a young mind to fan the flames to the fire of personal wonder for the rest of their lives.

    15. This is the Books of Knowledge and American Boys' Handy Book rolled into one and updated for the modern age.

    16. Great book for boys, for reference or otherwise. Some inaccuracies, but overall a great product and a good read. Will likely also be enjoyable for more adventuresome girls

    17. I read this when I was probably in the age range for it (11 - 13ish I forget!) Fantastic book full of interesting history, semaphore (which after reading Swallows and s I'd wanted to learn for years) and craft activities. We even made the go cart! Although had to add brakes after crashing it into a tree. My sister enjoyed this book as much as I did. Definitely recommended for children looking for adventure or parents looking to give their kids something memorable.

    18. WIDER READING FOCUS: Factual/How to guide to life.Despite having quite an intimidating book title that no mother would ever think of giving to her child, you really need take a peek inside before making that snap judgment. Within the pages is an interesting encyclopedic guide to what all little boys should know. This handy hardback actually covers tit bits of various subjects of the National Curriculum. Some of which include: science; making a battery, why is the sky blue? PE; a diagrammatic ill [...]

    19. This book is my favorite of all time. The reason that this book is my favorite is because it is filled with all sorts of activities and facts for little dudes that nobody does anymore. I like the old days, the ones that I wasn’t even alive for. This book takes the reader back to the days when little dudes entertained themselves by reading about famous explorers, and made periscopes and pinhole projectors and marbled paper. I’ve always been a little boy at heart, and this book makes me wish I [...]

    20. I borrowed this book from my older sister who got it for her three little boys. As I read it I found myself wishing I had had this book when I was a little boy. I especially liked the part about talking to girls (a part I really could have used as a lad). As I have been reading other reviews of this book I have found it funny how so many people seem to get so hung up on the fact that it is called the Dangerous book for BOYS. As if somehow Federal Law prohibited any woman or girl from reading or [...]

    21. Kelsey CollinsIggulden, H & Iggulden, C. (2007). The dangerous book for boys. New York: HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.Genre: InformationalFormat: Digital- KindleSelection Process: Browsing informational young adult section on .This book covers what are deemed essential boyhood skills from the two authors, who are brothers. It covers topics like how to build a tree house, how to deal with girls, how to find north, how to tie certain knots, etc. It stimulates some kind of curiosity in the read [...]

    22. A great coffee table book that parents and grandparents will probably enjoy more than boys. I skimmed through it, briefly, in about 90 minutes. What makes it dangerous? Well, not much, but there is a section entitled "Making a Bow and Arrow," and also "Making Cloth Fireproof." The other sections are just cool stuff that you always wanted to know more about, like, "Spies: Codes and Ciphers," "Making a Paper Hat, Boat, and Water Bomb," and "The Golden Age of Piracy," to name a few. My favorite quo [...]

    23. Absolutely loved it. Read through it gape-mouthed and pop-eyed. Proper for its theme of the preservation of "traditional" recreation, interests, and values for boys, it's essentialist (look at the title), heteronormative, it unilaterally endorses Judeo-Christian values, it romanticizes war and martial figures basically everything that makes me squirm. And I totally got down with it, thinking alternately "God I wish I had (blank) when I was a kid", "I can't wait to (blank) with Henry", and "Thank [...]

    24. I'd give this one a five, but for something like this there is always room for improvement. I'm afraid that a lot of what is included in this book is fading from the childhood of current generations. Not enough time is spent by kids today building things to learn by way of trial and error.When was the last time you saw kids building go-carts from two-by-fours and baby-buggy wheels? Playing marbles? Building treehouses? Included in this book are these topics and more. There are how-to articles, h [...]

    25. This is the kind of book I adored as a kid, the kind that weren't published while I was growing up. I made do with books decades out of date, whose instructions assumed you could buy dangerous chemicals at the corner drug store and lived near a lake that froze in the winter. Those constraints aside, they were what I wanted my childhood to be, full of adventure without the restrictions of suburban neighborhoods and protective parents. I'm very glad that someone has dusted off the milieu, though i [...]

    26. I love the Dangerous and Daring Books. In these days of video games and battery powered toys that do everything except buy themselves for you, today's unimaginative kids need to learn how to PLAY again. This book is filled with good old-fashioned, get-off-your-butt, get-out-of-the-house and get dirty ideas. There are a few reasons why childhood obesity and diabetes have exploded over the past couple of decades, and sitting on their jiggly cans ranks at #1 or #2. Do the boys you love a favor and [...]

    27. I like this book because it has a good mix of material included; games, magic tricks, history lessons, interesting stories of heroic people, rules for Rugby & chess. Something to take into consideration if you are thinking to read this book is that the material found within can be seen as subjective because the authors only include the "best things that they feel the next generation of boys need to know so the traditions don't die". That being said, if you take their opinions lightly you can [...]

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