Chosen by Fate

Chosen by Fate Chosen By its very essence the word chosen is one of finality What you ve chosen becomes your destiny Unless by chance fate has chosen otherwise But choice is a double edged sword as Will and Sara

  • Title: Chosen by Fate
  • Author: Jacelyn Rye
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 429
  • Format: ebook
  • Chosen By its very essence, the word chosen is one of finality What you ve chosen becomes your destiny Unless, by chance, fate has chosen otherwise But choice is a double edged sword, as Will and Sarah find out when it cuts their lives into ever hard to assemble pieces What was the point of hoping, planning, dreaming What was the point of loving It could all beChosen By its very essence, the word chosen is one of finality What you ve chosen becomes your destiny Unless, by chance, fate has chosen otherwise But choice is a double edged sword, as Will and Sarah find out when it cuts their lives into ever hard to assemble pieces What was the point of hoping, planning, dreaming What was the point of loving It could all be taken, and for Will, it had been Helplessly bound by his obligations, he watches the love of his life drifting slowly, irretrievably away How can keeping his promise to Sarah, and keeping his vow to do anything to protect his family come to this How can such love summon such pain As fate would have it, Sarah is asking herself that very same question As she struggles to escape the ether ties of amnesia, she gropes the dark corners of her heart, trying to grasp something solid, something to hold But life is forcing Sarah to seek the very answers she fears most Can there be something even powerful than love Putting a thousand piece puzzle together through her dark days of forgetfulness, Sarah slowly snaps one faintly matched memory into place after another, as a familiar picture slowly begins to emerge from the foggy past And the her memories creep back in, bringing with them a desire smoldering just beneath the surface of her shattered life, she begins to realize the question that has taunted her for so long, is upon her again Will, or Adley Both Will and Sarah share their hopeless closeness as their choices lead them ever further apart What they ve chosen for themselves involves others, and promises made have overgrown the road behind them If there is no going back, the only way forward is straight through the gates of fate As they enter, deep family secrets explode from the shadows of their pasts, secrets that cut so deeply, no one will ever be the same, no one will ever forget, and ever lurking death will snatch its due Neither Will nor Sarah ever had a chance to choose Fate had chosen their path long ago And now, fate has brought them to their final destination Will they choose to accept it Do they even have a choice This is book three of the New Adult Romance Series Fate s Path The books are not stand alone For your reading enjoyment, please read the books in order 1 Surrender to Fate 2 Shattered by Fate 3 Chosen by Fate Recommended for 18 for new adult content and explicit scenes If you love steamy coming of age and unique historical romance novels that spin an emotional story all around you, scroll up and add this love story to your kindle now

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    1. FUCK I'm an emotional wreck. BUY THIS BOOK!!!! Jacelyn gets a massive 6/5 stars for this one! She is a superstar in the writing world she rocks my world! Her writing style, her passion for writing and the way she portrays the characters get right into the deep of your heart and mind that you are sat right beside her while she is writing you can see the picture playing out infront of your eyes. You hurt when they hurt, you break when they break and you smile when they smile. I've never had a such [...]

    2. This book is unbelievably AMAZING! As I read I was continuously struck by how Jacelyn was able to evoke such emotion into her writing. Her words are utter brilliance and left me with many thoughts to process. I have loved this series since chapter one of book one, and have enjoyed following these characters with every page. Yes, there have been times I have wanted to throw my e-reader and bop a few people on the head, but I wouldn't change a thing about this journey on Fate's path. I was heartbr [...]

    3. “You’re going to be mine. Forever.”“Do you promise?” She whispered.He nodded as he leaned down to her mouth. “I promise.”Heartfelt. Beautiful. Perfect. #HEA Readers, you HAVE to buy this book. Have to. I will start right off with THAT. Ohmygosh. So much emotion!!! Chosen by Fate was an exquisitely written story about TRUE love finding its way…about soulmates fighting to be together for once and for all. This entire series got deep into my heart to the point where I KNOW I will ne [...]

    4. Chosen by Fate is the final book in this trilogy. This book, as well as, the entire trilogy will keep you glued to it. You will lose sleep, you will dream about the characters when you try to sleep. At least I did.I will try to given this a review without being a spoiler, but also do it justice.The Author Jacelyn Rye, crafted a tale about a time in the 1940s, where mannerisms are quite a bit different, but you are instantly transported there with ease. Her attention to details, descriptions and [...]

    5. It was chosen by fateWow!! just WOW!!! I've surrendered to fate and was shattered by fate, and when the stars were aligned someone was chosen by fate who was it? well you will have to read it to find out.rough tragedies and heartbreak, lies and deceit.ere is only fate that gets a say in what happensese books have invaded my heart and soul and will forever be apart of me, when fate throws challenges your way do you give into fates choices or do you fight it? For Will and Sara fate has always been [...]

    6. I refuse to accept that Chosen by Fate is the last novel in the Fate's Path series! Just no. I need to now what happens after you knowOh and Matty certainly has a story to tell! Wink, wink, Jacelyn! If I don't learn about his story we can no longer be friends! Okay, so on to the story. Chosen by Fate is the novel we have all been waiting for! The question that has been haunting us all will finally be answered! Did Sarah choose Will or Adley? I myself am thrilled with the outcome, but my heart ca [...]

    7. What a true gift this series was. It has my complete heart like no other. I held off reading when it was first released because I KNEW it would be very emotional for meI was right!A remarkable journey with so many twists and turns that you can't help but be on this emotional journey with the characters and truly feel what they feel. You are IN the story with them every step of the way. You feel what they feel and you can totally imagine being in every setting within the story. These characters a [...]

    8. I didn't think I could possibly like this book better than the first two, but Chosen was quite impossible to put down. I just had to know what happened. As a nature lover, I found the complex nature metaphors very beautiful and touching and they brought me deeper into the hearts of the characters. Once again, the descriptions and uses of metaphors felt very fresh. The twists and turns in this book bring all of your emotions close to the surface so keep the tissue handy. I really think this serie [...]

    9. Wowjust wow! Brilliant!!!I don't really know how to put into words how I'm feeling after reading this book. I'm tired because I read the whole series in about a day and a half lol. It was so good that I could not stop. There was a building anticipation throughout and I couldn't guess how everything would turn out and I loved that. There were so many twists and turns. This is an absolutely fantastic read.

    10. My heart smiled at the end of this book. I loved the twist and turns and how the perfect amount of suspense kept me on my toes. I laughed, I cried, I frowned, I smiled, but I also hoped for these characters. It is good to see that hope and fate are not lost after so much heartache.

    11. I just finished this book and all I can say is OMG what a ride and I enjoyed every tear, every giggle and the amazing journeymeo/99895984

    12. FantasticI loved this book so much after I read book one, that I had to purchase book two and three. I was biting my nails one minute and cheering the next. I need a book four to find out what happened to the other lead characters.

    13. This trilogy is a MUST READ for the summer! The plot twists just keep coming and the outcome of the story is unknown till the very last chapters of the last book. By the time I was about to finish the third book, I didn't trust that fate wasn't gonna throw yet another wrench into the storyline till the last word was read and I closed the book. Wow! Absolutely cannot wait to see if Ms. Rye writes more stories with these characters in them. I'd love to sink my teeth into a book about Margaret. May [...]

    14. Will and Margaret are engaged to married, Sarah has promised her heart to Adley. Will and Sarah have a love built on a lifetime of childhood memories a love promised to each other years ago, that should be strong enough to withstand time. With Sarah struggling with memory loss and both her and Will's prior commitments to Margaret and Adley fate has already been chosen for each of them. But who will be the chosen one Will or Adley? This was the perfect series ending book.

    15. Beautiful story that I couldn't stop reading until I knew it all!I like a story full of suspense and happiness as well. This series had both of these attributes. The reason I gave four stars instead of five was because it was a bit lengthy and I was getting impatient to get to the end.

    16. Loved it!I love a book that can make me laugh on one page and cry on the next! This Fate series did just that!

    17. AwesomeThis series is captivating. I needed an escape and found it in this series of books. I wasn't able to put it down and read all three in 4 days.

    18. Wonderful Story!I was moved to tears in the end of the books. I read all of them and loved them all! And all of the characters to.

    19. This series is one of the best I've ever read . I highly recommend itIt's heart gripping, keeps you involved. I couldn't put it down. It's a good teen read too. I loved it.

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