Rustler's Heart

Rustler s Heart Orphaned by tragedy Rein Mackenzie was taken in by his benevolent uncle at the Kinnison ranch alongside two others abandoned at a young age Now he and his brothers carry on Jed Kinnison s dream of m

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  • Title: Rustler's Heart
  • Author: Amanda McIntyre
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Orphaned by tragedy, Rein Mackenzie was taken in by his benevolent uncle at the Kinnison ranch alongside two others abandoned at a young age Now, he and his brothers carry on Jed Kinnison s dream of making the ranch a haven for those who need hope But when a woman arrives claiming to be related to the Kinnisons, she brings danger not only to his heart, but to those heOrphaned by tragedy, Rein Mackenzie was taken in by his benevolent uncle at the Kinnison ranch alongside two others abandoned at a young age Now, he and his brothers carry on Jed Kinnison s dream of making the ranch a haven for those who need hope But when a woman arrives claiming to be related to the Kinnisons, she brings danger not only to his heart, but to those he calls family Liberty s presence is a surprise to the family she s never met, and while she yearns to belong, she knows her presence is a reminder of their painful past Fearless, she dives in, losing her heart to the ranch, to the community, and to an unexpected summer fling But when dangers from her past catch up to her, they may cost her everyone and everything she has come to love Rustler s Heart has it allThis is a story that you won t want to put down I highly recommend it Margie Hager, Reviews

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    1. an unknown sister gets in touch with her brothers after she is told about them and she is trying to get away from the dance club that she has been forced to work at. Liberty Belle is trying to get use to her family Wyatt and his soon to be wife Aimee. Dalton is her other brother and their cousin, Rein. Liberty is very attracted to Rein, but she is from the city so she is quite different with a pierced tongue and tat's and colored hair, but she is all heart. Her and Rein are attracted to each oth [...]

    2. Good story, bad editing.Loved the first book in this series. This book had a great story, but I kept getting distracted by the typos, missed punctuation, and missed words. This book definitely needed a proofreader.

    3. I liked the beginning of it then towards the end I felt like everything went fast paced, I hope the third one is better.

    4. Rein meets his match in his foster brother's younger half-sister, Liberty Bell when she asks to come to the Last Hope Ranch started by his Uncle Jeb. Rein likes his life orderly and is a perfectionist when he builds the cabins that are designed to be homes to help people in need of a new start.Liberty is their first person to come to the ranch seeking a place to gather her thoughts and figure out where she wants to go next. She came form a dangerous background that threatens all those she loves. [...]

    5. Goodthis book is one that has three young man who were raised by a man who tought them that living to be good and moral

    6. Get out the tissues!Family, family, family! What makes you family? The story line, the bit of suspense, the LOVE that brings healing! Heart wrenchingivating!

    7. My Rating: 4Rein doesn't know what to think when his "brother's" half sister shows up looking for a place to live. Wyatt and Dalton, who grew up with Rein and are as close as brothers without being blood related, did not know they had a younger sister. Rein's uncle, Jed, who owned the ranch where the men live left a journal describing what he wanted to do with the ranch but never got around to doing it. Rein was never a rancher at heart, he likes to build things so the three brothers decided to [...]

    8. Libby, short for Liberty Belle, flees from an abusive relationship and the only place she knows to go to is the Second Chance Ranch where her half brother’s live. Half brothers that she’s never met. Rein Mackenzie reluctantly agrees to pick up his cousin’s half sister. When he sees her, surprised would be putting his reaction mildly. They have this crazy attraction towards each other but Rein tries hard to resist. When he finally gives in, they all but catch the sheets on fire! Everything [...]

    9. Liberty needs to escape from an abusive relationship. She takes a chance and contacts her half-brothers. Even though they've never met, Wyatt, the oldest, offers her a place to stay. They all make her welcome except for Rein. He's no relation but he is protective of "his" brothers. He distrust Liberty. They fight continually until their powerful sexual attraction brings them together. Rein needs her but is afraid to commit. When her ex-boyfriend's goons arrive, Liberty needs their help. Can they [...]

    10. Romantic Country romance! I truly enjoyed reading Rugged Hearts, Amanda McIntyre’s first book in The Kennison Legacy, which was the story of Wyatt Kinnison and Aimee. So I was looking forward to read her next book RUSTLER'S HEART. Again, Amanda did not disappoint me. I really loved the story of Rein and Liberty, the half sister of Wyatt and Dalton. Rein is chosen to pick up this wild young woman at the bus station, but as soon as they meet, he is amazed and surprised by the woman in front of h [...]

    11. I thought this story was great, very sweet and loving. Loved the characters, especially Rein and Liberty. Liberty has a fire inside her, she's smart, sassy and looking for a place to call home. Rein has his home but he misses his parents and sad about their tragic death. Rein is a sexy as hell, creative, hard working, sexy as helllol.wboy. Love a cowboy story. Love the brothers too and the small town people. All these characters kept the story interesting, funny, and loving. They all have baggag [...]

    12. When an unknown sister gets in touch with the Kinnison Brothers it is bound to turn the ranch upside down. Liberty is the sister that the brothers had never known. She is running from an abusive boyfriend and the only place she knows to go is to her brothers that her mother had told her about before she passed away. Wyatt asks Rein to go to the bus station to pick her up and what he sees is unlike anyone in the small town. Rein and Liberty are totally different on the outside, but they are more [...]

    13. Book II of The Kinnison Legacy picks up with Rein's story and does not disappoint!Rein gets the task of picking up the half-sister of Wyatt and Dalton at the bus station when Wyatt can't. From the moment Rein comes across Liberty, he tries to find things that are wrong with her. He is run over by tornado Liberty. Liberty came to hide out from an ex-boyfriend and spend time with her half-brothers. She didn't count on falling in love with the town and her family or falling for someone who will alw [...]

    14. What a great love storyWow! A great love story where opposites attract, but fight the attraction. Rein has struggled with guilt and when his "brothers" find out they have a little sister, Rein thinks it will be a good practice for implementing his Uncle's dream. However, when he meets Liberty, he cannot deny the attraction. But, he is going to fight it with every excuse he can find. When he finally gives in, will it be just for the summer or a forever thing?? This book is funny, sweet and has en [...]

    15. The second book in this wonderful series, Liberty comes to the ranch to get away from a bad relationship, find a new start and learn about the family she never knew she had. Instead of her half-brothers, Wyatt and Dalton picking her up at the bus station, Rein is given the task. Although both Rein and Liberty try to deny their growing attraction to one another, some things can’t be stopped. As Liberty grows to love her family, this town and explore her feelings for Rein will her past come back [...]

    16. Amanda McIntyre’s Rustler’s Heart has it all. First we have a handsome, rugged hero, Rein Mackenzie, who is a strong character who meets up with Liberty Belle, a strong, independent woman running away from the ugliness of her past. The attraction between the two is too much to ignore. Both have to first overcome past issues but their love is unstoppable. The path to their happily ever after is strewn with hot, romantic meetings, family mayhem and characters from Liberty’s past who threaten [...]

    17. This is the second book in a series. Liberty is the half sister to Dalton and Wyatt. Rein is working on full-filling a dream when Liberty shows up running from a bad relationship. Rein is asked to pick up Liberty at the bus station and the story begins. Both are different yet so much alike. However; once they begin working together they find a passion for each other that is hard to deny. This is a great book. I look forward to the next book in this series. I would highly recommend this book to e [...]

    18. Another book I liked by Amanda McIntyre. I liked the story and her writing style. I have the same complaints about this book, however, as I did the first one. It really needs s good spelling and grammar check. As with the last book in this series, quotation marks were missing, sentences at times repeated, the spacing was off and it became confusing who was speaking in a conversation at times. Loved the book, not a fan of the editing. I am still reading her books thought, I really like her writin [...]

    19. What happens when you combine a Vegas strip club owner with drug ties, a stripper on the run, and a cowboy? An explosive and entertaining romance novel. The combination of high emotions, deep-seated internal struggles and hot sizzling sex make this a great story. Love, guilt, avoidance and revenge are only the tip of the iceberg. Amanda McIntyre developed a story line with characters with whom you can relate. This can be read as a standalone but I highly recommend the series.

    20. Love, suspense, and family ties. Loved this story. Especially the brothers relationship with each other. The women that come into their lives are just what they needed, but as in real life, no one is without their baggage. Still, together with love and support of family and friends, they get through everything life throws at them. And isn't that what we all want? I highly recommend this story. I read through it in two day because I couldn't put it down.

    21. The author knows how to wring your heart with this second in the series. Rein & Liberty dance around it each for quite a bit before they come to "terms". A dark shadow follows Liberty though. A true page turner of a romantic western suspense (ooohh a new category) and Amanda McIntyre knows just when to grab those heart strings and TUG!

    22. Book 2 of the series. Rein got on my very last nerve for the entire book. I wanted to pull a Cher and shout "SNAP OUTTA IT". I also thought there would be more excitement with the Vegas connection to Liberty. Meh.

    23. After reading the first story of this trilogy in another boxed set I had to see what happens next. This is my second read by this author and I'll certainly have to stalk her and see what else she's written :)I like Amanda's writing style, this country cowboy romance was a pleasure to read.

    24. Research information A re-read from the author might be a good idea. Basic editing mistakes, unrealistic ideals, and lack of information, makes for a story that will leave a sour after thought.

    25. Rein and Liberty's story was really good, I was hoping for a it to happen since reading the end of the first book, and now it's donen't judge a book by it's cover or a person by their ageonto the next

    26. GreatVery good. Enjoyed this second book of the series. The Kinnison family seems to be growing by leaps and bounds, and Kinnison brothers are growing to. Each one troubled, things seem to be coming together in their lives,but a lot of trouble still to fight.

    27. Good bookAm starting to get invested in this series Altho there are quite a few errors in this book. Sometimes it doesn't flow and some sentences are repeated. Otherwise it's not bad. Just could benefit from a good proof reader.

    28. Really liked Rein and Liberty's story and this seriesBUTthe endless grammar and spelling errors, repeat sentences and constant mistakes SO distract from the story it is hard to even read it.Would have been an Outstanding series if an editor had been used.

    29. Rein and LibertyAmazing story of belonging and discovering just how much a person can go through before they stand up for what they want. I loved the humor, passion and legacy this story has. Can't wait to begin the next book.

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