Rose Point

Rose Point Reese is only just getting used to running the Earthrise in the black and with an Eldritch in her crew when a trip to a colony world gives rise to a whole new problem Hirianthial is showing powers tha

  • Title: Rose Point
  • Author: M.C.A. Hogarth
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Reese is only just getting used to running the Earthrise in the black and with an Eldritch in her crew when a trip to a colony world gives rise to a whole new problem Hirianthial is showing powers that even the Eldritch rarely have, and that only in legend He badly needs training, support and advice, and the only place he can find them is at home To see the world ofReese is only just getting used to running the Earthrise in the black and with an Eldritch in her crew when a trip to a colony world gives rise to a whole new problem Hirianthial is showing powers that even the Eldritch rarely have, and that only in legend He badly needs training, support and advice, and the only place he can find them is at home To see the world of the Eldritch is a once in a lifetime opportunity, a thing of fantasies and rumor And to finally meet the Eldritch Queen, the author of so many of Reese s windfalls You d have to twist her arm to get her to admit it, but Reese can t wait to go But a court out of fantasy and a breathtaking land aren t enough compensation when they come packaged with a rabidly xenophobic species whose world is falling apart The last thing they want any part of is some mortal interloper Is Reese ready for the Eldritch world Better to ask are they ready for her Book 2 of the Her Instruments trilogy, which begins with Book 1, Earthrise.

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    1. ● Bloody Shrimping Hell this Series is So Bloody Shrimping Awesome We Just Cannot Stop Reading Buddy Read (BSHtSiSBSAWJCSRBR™) with my Dearest of Wives and our Favorite Stalker, over at the MacHalo Mansion ● Okay, so I wasn't even going to write a crappy non review for this slightly glorious book, because as soon as I turned the last page, I was hit by the pernicious Gimme the Next Instalment NOW or Else I Will Start Severing Fluffy Bunnies Heads to Use Them as Living Room Ornaments Virus [...]

    2. This story picks up about a year after Earthrise. Reese and the crew are hoping for a little less space pirates this time around and some peace and quiet. Well, we know that's not going to happen. This time, they end up on a "mission" to help their space elf friend, Hirianthial, who reminds me of this guy:The crew ends up on the sexy space elf's home world because he has some issues he needs to work out with his mind mage mojo stuff. The Eldritch planet is like a regency novel, with a ton and lo [...]

    3. *** 4 ***A buddy read with the wonderful MacHalo Freaks! We love Elves in space:-) This was different. I am not even sure what category I should shelve it under, so I went with Sci-fi Fantasy, since it is a space Opera with genetically engineered creatures, most of them derivative of Humans and Animals, and few from Humans and Fae folks from the fairytales. One of those legendary races are the elusive and mysterious Eldridge. They are so rare and their mythology so vague, that they have become a [...]

    4. Still doing happy dances!Okay, now I can craft a fairly coherent review.Intrepid if sometimes unlucky space captain Reese Eddings is now operating her ship, The Earthrise, in the free and clear thanks to the generosity of the mysterious Eldritch queen. But adventure and danger are never far behind. Moreover, her personal Eldritch Hirianthial (I so heart him) is starting to exhibit psi powers that were once thought of as legend, and he's not ready for them.What's a freebooting trader crew compris [...]

    5. In the second instalment of Her Instruments we move from a science fiction to more of a fantasy setting. After Hirianthial gets himself (view spoiler)[kidnapped again (hide spoiler)] he develops some abilities that spook him into returning to his homeworld. Even though Reese pretends to dislike him and tries to chase him from her ship when it really counts she makes everything in her power to help him and remains at his side. In her case actions really speak louder than words and are the reason [...]

    6. Could be a bit spoilery, beware.Kickass heroine falls in love with one of Tolkien's elves, rescues and follows him home, when he needs some help after horrible things happen to him during a kidnapping (tentative non-con warning in a very non-graphic way).No, not really. But in stretches it felt a bit like that. Although my elf looks a bit more Benedict Cumberbatch than Orlando Bloom.Actually, despite this being Sci-Fi, it does have more of a classic fantasy feel to it than anything else, being m [...]

    7. 4.75 stars. There were scenes that could have used more sensory detail. I won't reveal which ones due to spoiler content, but at the very times when I wanted to know more about what was going on, the information I was looking for was only alluded to. Otherwise, I continue to enjoy this series and have already started the next book.

    8. Wonderful second book to the series and I loved it. With a number of twists and turns I couldn't put it down. The characters become even more lovable and the action keeps you guessing. Smooth transitions and a brilliantly constructed universe that makes you want to dive in head first. Can't wait to read the next book. Highly recommend this to anyone who loves adventure, humour, sci-fi and fantasy!

    9. I don't love cliff-hangar endings, but the rest was good. I can't have the last one, however, until I finish the thing I've been putting off for about 5 weeks. I don't even trust myself enough to buy it and have it waiting for me!

    10. Reese's crew now includes an Eldritch supercargo, because a healer role would have resulted in a conflict of interest between the need to defend the ship and healer vows taken. The beginning of the book takes place among nomads and horsebreeders on Harat Shar, and Hirianthial finally seems less of a drippy liability - at least until he discovers new powers that nearly destroy him (again) and require he learn to control them on his home planet . I was beginning to get a bit tired of watching him [...]

    11. I have read so few 5-star novels in recent years, that I seriously sometimes have felt I have become too brutal in my criticism. I've even begun to just rate anything that is on a level with Harry Potter with 5 stars, even though I consider it purely young adult.But this series deserves every one of those 5 stars. The personalities are deeply explored and filled with surprises; the worlds they occupy are well built, unusual, and again deeply explored and filled with surprises. It is my fervent [...]

    12. Solid 4 from me. It was a good book with plenty of character development for Reese and Hiranthial. It was a bit jarring the contrast between outer space and the new setting in this book but I enjoyed it. I feel it had less action which made me dock a point but it kinda redeemed itself near the end. I really like how both books so far have had a full story but leave you wanting more despite Rose Point having a more obvious "to be continued" sense of urgency with its ending.I also read this book i [...]

    13. Great book 2I really enjoyed reading MCA Hogarth's follow up to book 1 (Earthrise). A grest follow up to an interesting characters in her Pelted Universe traveling in space. Intriguing exploration of major cultural misuderstandings with the creatures from the cold night planet. Thanks again MCA.

    14. I love the characters in this series so much. They are all so brilliant and different. I loved getting to deal with Reese agoraphobia (or is it claustrophobia? lol Inside joke.) and getting to see how the crew has changed since we last saw them. I will admit, the series plot seems to be going in a direction I never really expected, so that's kind of cool, too.

    15. Great bookThis is a really great story with really good characters and world development. I like the intricacies and the difficulties the crew faced. I can't wait to read the next book.

    16. I have to admit I'm a little disheartened to say that I didn't enjoy Rose Point as much as Earthrise. There are a lot of contributing factors, though. The writing style employed by Ms. Hogarth continues to be stellar (hardy har har, I'm so funny), but where Rose Point stumbles is in the choice of the story, not in the characters themselves or the writing quality. The first book is packed with action and forward movement. This one slogs a lot due to her decision to make this story about Hirianthi [...]

    17. Not going to lie. I didn't expect a space opera series to end up focusing so much on horses. I'm not complaining. I like horses.After trying to open up a new trade route, Reese and the crew fall into the hands of slavers again. Hirianthial, the Eldritch crew member fights back. He realizes that his psychic powers are getting more powerful. In fact, the only person he's ever heard of with these powers went insane and killed a lot of people on the Eldritch planet.The Eldritch have kept the planet [...]

    18. YAYYYYY !!! I’ve read the second book within the same yearkudos to me LOL******Spoilers ahead******So the story started of about a year after the last adventure and then it pick up another epic adventure along the way.So during this time period, Reese’s character has changed quite drastically, she is more even tempered and she takes time to think and consider before jumping down someone’s throat, although in this book, Reese rarely loses temper…most not at all. So that was refreshing  [...]

    19. First, I should say that this is not a fluffy romance book, despite the title. It has some romance in it, but it's really a character-driven adventure story set in outer space. I'm not a romance fan, so this was perfect for me. Now, on to the review.I enjoyed this sequel as much as I did Earthrise. It was a bit weightier than book one, and with the beginnings of a romance, but not in an unpleasant way. Sometimes sequels feel a bit weak, but not this one. It really feels like MCA knew where every [...]

    20. This is just my kind of book. I like the characters, I like that there's always something happening, and I like the world-building.Captain Reese and her crew keep getting in to trouble, with Hirianthial being the worst trouble magnet of them all. Some trouble quite triggering aka (view spoiler)[a cruel rapist gets his hands on Hirianthial and though there's no 'graphic' rape the scene of Hirianthial's captivity is a strong one. (hide spoiler)] This time around the plot is clearer, compared to th [...]

    21. Maybe 3.5 stars on ' stricter scale; semi-cliffhanger ending The dark trigger for Hirianthial's new powers reminded me a bit too much of the part of Mercedes Lackey's Last Herald-Mage trilogy that I have to brace myself to re-read. However, it wasn't AS awful, and H's well-depicted PTSD w/flashback over-reactions is an important part of why he's so concerned about possessing the ability to do such harm. Seeing Reese and her Alliance crew react to the pre-tech formal splendor of the xenophobic El [...]

    22. Another great book in the series. Rose Point is number 2, continuing the story of Captain Reese and her crew. I enjoyed this book even more than the first in the series. It has a very different setting. The entire book is set on the planet of the Eldritch and the crewmember Hirianthial.The planet of the Eldritch is a stubbornly primitive and feudal society. The crew must step carefully in this xenophobic world. This book is more fantasy romance than space opera.This is a very well written story. [...]

    23. This begins and finishes with big action sequences. In fact, the final action ends much like The Empire Strikes back with our heroes dispersed in all directions to strive in their diverse ways for the common good. In the middle we're introduced to a planet-bound adventure, in fact to the Eldritch planet and their society. One of the things that made me snicker is the way Hogarth keeps edging space opera into romance novel territory only to jerk us away from it again. Very mild spoiler: (view spo [...]

    24. Sequel to Earthrise, Reese and her crew are now running in the black, for once. A trip to a remote planet for business winds up revealing new powers to Hiranthial and forcing the crew on an unexpected trip to the Eldritch planet. But there is trouble brewing there, not least for their xenophobia but for Hiranthial in particular. And what do you, Hiranthial's secretly, technically royalty. I swear this series is a guilty pleasure but even better than that, it has an engaging plot, interesting cha [...]

    25. Summary: More intense than the first book and still a bit too much romance for my liking, but well written, the universe works well without being too exciting. This book is essentially made up of 2 stories, the plots a little contrived and a bit obvious, moves along nicely, the characters are interesting all in all an enjoyable read.Plotline: Nice and simple plot but well thought out, the book moves on very nicelyPremise: An interesting universe, not too many details are given away, but ESP is [...]

    26. Book 2, Upping the AnteIn book one, our. Eldrich Lord has been abducted and chased through space by pirates and slavers. In book two he returns to his home world with Captain Reese and his new friends to find more of the same. The characters continue to grow and develop as they ally themselves with the Eldrich Queen and then a horrible betrayal occurs.The action, suspense and a very slow developing romance continue in this fast paced science fiction series. Wonderful world building and a strong [...]

    27. What Lord of the Rings could have been if set in space. Well maybe quite not that, but extremely entertaining and hard to define gritty SF action adventure romance with humor, swords and space pirates.

    28. Excellent! I loved what happened with Reese. Glad to see her anger toned down and that she was thinking things through more. Hirianthial's world is fascinating and I'm glad to finally get a good view of the Eldritch. I loved the romance and the politics and just so much! Looking forward to book three!

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