The Poor Man's Guide to Suicide

The Poor Man s Guide to Suicide THE POOR MAN S GUIDE TO SUICIDE is a powerful slashing terrifying hilarious explosive sarcastic misanthropic and lyrical black comedy about losing your will to live and possibly getting it back

  • Title: The Poor Man's Guide to Suicide
  • Author: Andrew Armacost
  • ISBN: 9781937327446
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Paperback
  • THE POOR MAN S GUIDE TO SUICIDE is a powerful, slashing, terrifying, hilarious, explosive, sarcastic, misanthropic and lyrical black comedy about losing your will to live and possibly getting it back.OVERVIEWWesley Weimer, a twice divorced prison guard and failed father of two, realizes that his life has grown lifeless Child support payments suck him dry and so he ll neveTHE POOR MAN S GUIDE TO SUICIDE is a powerful, slashing, terrifying, hilarious, explosive, sarcastic, misanthropic and lyrical black comedy about losing your will to live and possibly getting it back.OVERVIEWWesley Weimer, a twice divorced prison guard and failed father of two, realizes that his life has grown lifeless Child support payments suck him dry and so he ll never finish that degree Most of his free time is spent tending to his crippled mother or else writhing through painful visits with his children.So with Christmas right around the corner, Wesley persuades a prisoner to strangle him for ten thousand dollars this way, at least his kids can cash in on the life insurance The only problem is, he doesn t have ten thousand dollars THE POOR MAN S GUIDE TO SUICIDE is a noir why done it that shoves a microscope into the guts of a bleak yet fascinating subculture while managing to throw a spiritual life ring to a drowning demographic non custodial fathers.

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    1. Armacost creates a compelling dark noir story with a protagonist pulling at your emotions. He is direct in addressing the depths of depression and suicidal thoughts. We are introduced to Wesley Weimer, a correctional officer through a gritty confessional lens of depression. Weimer has his share of disappointments, failed dreams, situations out of his control and of course his share of mistakes. He reached the point of failing to see any goodness and feels suicide is his only recourse to end his [...]

    2. " She just doesn't feel like my daughter. I feel like an uncle, maybe a really good uncle, more involved than most. Nothing more, nothing less. Uncle Daddy that's me"Sludging through the daily routine, one day Wesley stops to wonder what's the point in carrying on? His children are nothing more than friendly acquaintances and his job is going nowhere. He is lonely and bored and over it. Would it really be so bad to just stop existing? He's down on his luck and miserable and uncertain how to proc [...]

    3. This book reminds me of a cross between A Confederacy of Dunces, Slaughterhouse Five, and Death of a Salesman. As a Hoosier, I appreciated all the specific landmarks throughout the book (Roncalli, Butler University, Crawfordsville Rd Washington Street, etc.) Although the book was fairly depressing, I could understand the despair the protagonist felt. Wesley had children from different women that he rarely saw, yet he could never really get ahead because he was always paying support or spending m [...]

    4. What a gem, just loved this books, its so hilarious and written in real life. I love the way the author tells the reader about his life, past and present and you get a feel from the books as he reminisces about life in the correctional institute and what twists and turns come out of that scenario. Its an outside looking in novel.

    5. As with yesterday’s review, today’s represents the fulfillment of a long-neglected contract. Today I’m providing an overview of Andrew Armacost’s acclaimed Poor Man’s Guide to Suicide. Review continues at this link: examiner/review/the-po

    6. Think your job is bad? This hilarious book puts things in perspective. A dark comedy from the author of the cult classic among our military in Afghanistan, "Space Bush". I could not put it down.

    7. I won this book through a drawing at "Shelf Awareness" and agreed to give it an honest review:My first thoughts when reading this book was this poor man, his entire life has gone to crap! His way of describing his apartment, his work, his life, his thoughts on how things got that bad were dark but at times funny! I’ve been around men who were that depressed, and the thoughts they come up with are not always something I can relate to because even at my worst, I’ve always been something of an [...]

    8. Great read - I read this on a 19 hour flight and could not put the book down. Be it fact or fiction we can relate to someone or heard of someone who wakes up everyday to his situation. I just passed it to a colleague.

    9. A big thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for granting me this copy in exchange for an honest review.A touching tale about a man who lost the will to live, but gradually grained the will again. Wesley is a depressed, twice divorced prison guard with two children he barely sees. He's only just making ends meet and feels like everyone else is better off than him, so separates himself from his friends and society. And yet there is hope for the future in he most surprising of ways.This is a ve [...]

    10. I was SO excited to read this book, sadly it was nothing like I had hoped for and I thought long and hard about my rating and review for it. I like books that are quirky, tackle difficult subject matter and have flawed characters, but no matter what I could not engage fluidly with this book. What's it about?:THE POOR MAN’S GUIDE TO SUICIDE is a slashing, terrifying, hilarious, explosive, misanthropic and lyrical black comedy about losing your will to live—and possibly getting it back.OVERVIE [...]

    11. A copy was provided by the publisher through Netgalley in return for an honest reviewWhen I first spotted this on Netgalley I was drawn to the quirkiness. I thought it seemed really different to anything else out there so I was looking forward to it. Unfortunately The Poor Man's Guide to Suicide was a bit of a let down. It's not often that I dislike a book enough to completely give up on it but I just found it very hard to generate any will to pick this up. I found it Dull really. That's a reall [...]

    12. The Poor Man's Guide to Suicide by Andrew Armacost is a book that should put things in its right perspective. It is a tense but powerful, yet startling, sidesplitting, fiery and cynical book about a depression-hit guy who has lost the will to live, but regained his composure and make amends to live life to the hilt.Wesley Weimer was once a cultured and educated young man brimming with life and hope. But within a short period of time everything has gone up in smoke. At the age of 33, he sees no p [...]

    13. I can't pass a bookstore without having a quick look and my wallet knows best what that means: I will leave the shop with some books I don't have space for anymore, yet always pledge to do something about it. So far, I keep stacking them up. And that's how and where The Poor Man's Guide to Suicide – which I received through Giveaway, ended up…I was a bit embarrassed. How could I let this book slide down to the bottom of a Mont Blanc of books? Needless to say, the following message didn't ma [...]

    14. This was an amazing look into the psyche of a man who has lost all hope and optimism for life. The author does a wonderful job at conveying the voice of Wesley. The writing is smooth and jumps from past and present to really allow the reader to feel his despair. It's very dark and gritty. The reader will really find themselves on a journey of self discovery. This is the type of story that will hit home for a lot of people. I really liked how the author showed that no matter what a person is goin [...]

    15. Andrew Armacost's "The Poor Man's Guide to Suicide" is not a book that glorifies Suicide in any sense of the word. So, haters, cool your heels. I have to say from the word go, it's easily one of the best books I've ever read. It's funny, witty, dark, a little spooky at times. It's a straight-froward fiction tale that is written so well, it rings of total truth. It's the kind of circumstances many can relate to. Wesley is a guy who life has kicked in the nuts for lack of a better term.He's a pris [...]

    16. This is a very, very good book. Admittedly, this is not going to be everyone's cup of tea. I admire the author for taking on controversial subject matter and clearly not blinking. I could have gone for another 100 pages of it. Written in first person, character Wes Weimer seems credible, hopeless and credibly hopeless. ***SPOILER*** but he turns it around. The ride isn't always inspirational, but it does what a good fiction book is supposed to do; it pulls you in and engrosses you so completely [...]

    17. This was an amazing book and a fascinating read. I was drawn in by the title and hooked by the brilliant dialogue and well-defined characters. Armacost manages to hook you early and keep you going with his prose and character development and evolution. I highly recommend this exciting book. It's one of those books you just can't put down once you start reading.

    18. Absolutely hilarious and shocking! This tale of depression and redemption is definitely a page turner, although meant for more mature audiences.

    19. It was just painful to read. It started off good but it lost me half way through. I only finished it to review it for NetGalley. I was really expecting it to take off but it just didn't work for me.

    20. I cannot begin to explain how good of a book this is. I highly recommend it. Read it and I'm sure you will agree with me.

    21. This book is not for everybody. Remember that opening scene in AMERICAN BEAUTY, where Kevin Spacey was yanking himself in the shower? Yeah. Funny and realistic, but a bit uncomfortable. Right? Well…THE POOR MAN’S GUIDE TO SUICIDE kind of goes in that same direction, and then some. I personally get it. I also have a twisted sense of humor. I often get raised eyebrows when I laugh at certain jokes. We all have different tolerances and mine borderlines on sick-o level. (Read more about this hum [...]

    22. Actual rating is 1.5 out of 5 stars.Full Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the publisher (Moonshine Cove Publishing) via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.My Thoughts: Have you ever gone through a rough point in your life? I don’t just mean something didn’t quite fit the perfect life plan that you have. I mean it feels like everything is going wrong and your entire life feels like it’s completely out of your control. If you’ve experienced that, did suicidal thought [...]

    23. Really a 3.5 but you can't do half stars on .Wesley is a depressed prison guard who has lost all enthusiasm for living. A twice divorced 33-year old father of two, he sees his kids every other weekend, lives in a rotting dive, and watches all his money disappear in child support payments. Once a social, educated, cultured young man, now he feels like a loser who can only help himself by paying an inmate to kill him so that his loved ones can inherit his life insurance. Andrew Armacost delves int [...]

    24. A review book obtained through Netgalley THE POOR MAN'S GUIDE TO SUICIDE was one of those "why not" book choices. The overview describes it as "a powerful, slashing, terrifying, hilarious, explosive, sarcastic, misanthropic and lyrical black comedy about losing your will to live — and possibly getting it back."Most of which is going to be very subjective based on the reader's own experience as THE POOR MAN'S GUIDE TO SUICIDE is an interesting beast.Laced with irony and heavy on the sarcasm, th [...]

    25. Una novella scritta con una tecnica simile a quella del flusso di coscienza, nella quale un uomo, di mestiere guardia carceraria, esamina le molteplici ragioni del suo fallimento e nel frattempo parla in modo molto diretto della società ameriricana in generale e della gestione delle carceri in particolare. Il protagonista è un vero perdente, uno di quelli che passano la vita da una parte a dolersi dei propri errori e dall'altra e cercare soggetti su cui scaricare le proprie responsabilità, e [...]

    26. Wesley is an unhappy Indiana prison guard who lost the woman he loves and seldom see his daughter. Worse, his disastrous second marriage left his ex-wife to raise their son as a miserable, entitled troll. Child support is bleeding poor Wesley dry. Left to live on pennies in a dilapidated garage, Wes believes he has the perfect solution: a large insurance policy for his children and medically fragile mother to share, and a self-procured convict attack to end his life.Written first-person through [...]

    27. Full disclosure: I received this novel directly from the author in connection with a Shelf Awareness giveaway, but this in no way affected my review.Wesley Weimer, a prison guard with loads of baggage (he's twice-divorced, he's a failing father of two, he's never completed his education, and he's barely making ends meet), is failing at life. As autumn moves relentlessly towards Christmas and the New Year, he is depressed and suicidal. His life is at a standstill, he doesn't think it will ever ge [...]

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