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  1. Childhood favorite. Still funny. But I do think now that Emil was often misunderstood, especially by his dad. Emil is a smart, kind boys with excellent entrepreneurial skills, just lacking in foresight, that's why he gets himself in so much trouble. I believe, if he were a real boy and lived in the now, he'd be a millionaire by the age of 16.I am going to search for some good paper copies of this book to read to my son. I am sure he will appreciate Emil's adventures when he is a little older. (W [...]

  2. A sort of Swedish children's version of Henry IV, Part 1. Emil, who's about 8 and lives on Katthult Farm, is the worst kid in Småland (a rural part of Sweden where they talk funny), and his crazy ideas are always getting him into trouble. But, as Astrid Lindgren tells you every now and again while she's narrating the story, when he grew up he became the Chairman of the Local Council Board, and that is the Very Finest Thing Anyone Can Be. A bit like becoming King of England, you understand.Each [...]

  3. Антон (9г.): Авторът е използвал много измишльотини и това ми хареса. Емил ми хареса като герой, защото са му много смешни пакостите. Алфред щеше за малко да умре, но Емил го спаси. Накрая всичко се подреди. Препоръчвам тази книга, защото е хубава и забавна.

  4. Ами ей това е! Биричка на фералък (теферич по севернобългарски), ветрец и Емил от Льонеберя така се живее до 1000 години (поне!) :) Разкошна баба Астрид, уникално въображение, невероятен хумор, простотия на макс и коремни конвулсии от неудържимия смях - от стр. 1 до стр уф, коя беше [...]

  5. Една много интересна книга. Препоръчвам я на всяко дете даже може и родител.

  6. Nửa đầu tháng 12 mình hoàn tất xong 2 cuốn sách được xếp vào nhóm comic của năm nay, tức là rất hài hước. Kẻ ích kỷ lãng mạn và Lại thằng nhóc Emil, mình đã không nhịn được cười khi đọc cả hai cuốn, nếu cuốn 1 là hài hước thâm thúy giành cho người lớn thì cuốn thứ hai là bởi vì sự đáng yêu và nghịch ngợm của một đứa trẻ. Lại thằng nhóc Emil là tác phẩm của tác giả Ast [...]

  7. Einfach nur herzallerliebst und vorgelesen von der Autorin irgendwie noch mal besser. Ich kann es nach wie vor nur allem empfehlen und gerade Michel/Emil ist eine so tolle Figur von Astrid Lindgren. Da will ich am liebsten immer gleich nach Schweden und in einem kleinen roten Holzhaus am See wohnen, wie ich mir den Hof Katthult vorstelle.

  8. وای!وای!چه‌قدر از ته دل خندیدم!:)) متشکرم لیلی و هلیا!:>>+ آیا کسی داره کتاب‌های دیگه‌ش رو هم؟

  9. My kids loved this book- especially my 7 year old. He doesn't tend to like books about children who set out to be mean or horrible,in fact these type of characters often upset my kids (unless they are just messy/smelly- that's ok) so Emil's brand of being 'naughty' by accident is perfect for him. Even when Emil does hoist his little sister up the flagpole he does so because she wants to look at the next town and she's very happy about this- it's his parents who aren't! It is quite archaic in par [...]

  10. Pertama kali baca waktu SD, gue dibuat terpingkal-pingkal sama tingkah polah Emil yang bisa bikin seisi rumah pertanian Katthult jungkir balik ketika ia berada dalam masalah. Mulai dari memasukkan kepalanya ke dalam mangkuk sup, mengerek Ida, adik perempuannya di tiang bendera, hingga menggagalkan perampokan. Bisa kebayang gimana perasaan ibunya saat semua kejadian-kejadian itu berlangsung hingga pada akhirnya ia mencatatnya sambil tersenyum-senyum sendiri.Astrid Lindgren sukses banget ngegambar [...]

  11. This is a shorter version of the 400 page book about Emil's adventures - Emil being probably the most famous boy in Scandinavian literature and much loved by adults and children alike. It was especially enjoyable reading aloud to my youngest daughter this time as we read it right before and after visiting Astrid Lindgren's World in Sweden - a theme park devoted to Lindgren's stories, and a park which is quaint and lovely, full of birch trees, and which included a stellar performance about/with E [...]

  12. I think this is the first book I remember reading as a child. I absolutely loved how funny it was! Will definitely read it to my own children some day.

  13. SFPL big book sale 2017The things I found this year! and I only visited one of the children books' tables.Emil is a perfect scamp. he's basically a Swedish Dennis the menace. it's cute and silly with three escapades that he gets into (or that get into him, depending on your point of view). fun pictures and excellent narrator voice.

  14. 'Eeeeeeeemiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil!'. Dat is wat ik me herinner van de serie. Maar nu dit boek hier vertaald wordt werd het tijd om 't te lezen en dat was leuk huiswerk :-) Ik ga de serie nogar eens kijken.

  15. This is a cute story that I suspect will make kids giggle. I thought it was going to be an easy reader, but it isn't. There is quite a bit of vocabulary that would challenge even the best readers, especially since some of the words reflect the Swedish culture.

  16. Astrīda Anna Emīlija Lindgrēna ir zviedru rakstniece.Dzimusi 1907. gada 14. novembrī Vimmerbijā, Zviedrijā. Viņa ir sarakstījusi 25 grāmatas ieskaitot grāmatu: "Emīla nedarbi". Emīla nedarbi ir ļoti interesanta grāmata. Tajā ir rakstīts par mazu zēnu, kurš dzīvo Lennebergā un pastrādā daudz un dažādus nedarbus.Visinteresantākais brīdis grāmatā ir tad, kad zēns staigājot ar ķekatām aizķeras aiz žoga un caur stiklu iekrīt istabā. Istabā Emīls sēdās pie galda [...]

  17. This book is just brilliant and cute and everything :) I really laughed out loud reading about Emil. The peaceful but never humdrum life in Katthult makes me want to live in an old-fashioned farm just for once. Fresh spring, lively summer, cozy autumn and beautiful winter with the serene nature are somethings that I dream to experience. And don't mention the food made by Emil's mother. I literally get hungry just by reading the book. And Emil oh Emil the sweet sweet bloody hell boy that you can [...]

  18. Ah, that was such a brilliant book to read!!! For one thing I'm proud I've just finished my first book in Swedish, and I also so loved to revisit the stories of Emil - in German Michel - that I read as a child. Astrid Lindgren always has been one of my favourite authors and THE favourite author when I was small, I've read nearly all of her books and the characters and stories are still present in my mind though it's been a long long time since I read any of those stories. So I'm really looking f [...]

  19. Another Astrid Lindgren that I knew from TV but hadn't actually read.It seems written for younger readers than 'Pippi' or many other of her books, as there's very little text in the book and the writing is very simple. It must be nice for a first reader - just right to give them a sense of achievement, but it only contains three of Emil's adventures.It's charming and amusing, as is to be expected of the author, but, as there is so little text, it doesn't manage to convey all the charm and magic [...]

  20. Lovable scamp Emil keeps readers of all ages amused in his escapades--from the soup tureen, to hoisting Ida up the flag pole and devouring sausage, to going on a spree at the fair. Everything makes perfect sense to Emil's frame of reality, but everyone else hasn't caught up to his ideal of the world's workings.Reminiscent of Pippi Longstocking (obviously) and Anne of Green Gables, with malice-free mischief and adventurous fun.

  21. Колкото и да е странно, не бях чела книгата досега. Астрид Линдгрен ми е сред най-най-любимите автори с книги като "Братята с лъвски сърца", Пипи, Роня Емил познавах само от екранизацията, превъзходна, между другото, която помня от дете.Никак не ми е трудно да дам оценка на тази [...]

  22. Cette histoire est drôle parce que Zozo fait beaucoup de bêtises. Zozo est très malin et un vrai diable. L'histoire n'était pas très longue, mais il y a beaucoup de comédie. Je pensais que le Cobra est la personne qui s'est fait ligoter. Les personnages secondaires ne sont pas vraiment drôle comme son père. Zozo fait toujours des :z: comme :ze: et je trouvais ça bizarre pour moi, mais quand Zozo zozote je trouvais ça aussi drôle.

  23. Emil's adventure is actually a must-read book, it's not only a book for children, but also a book to heal adult soul. You can easily find yourself actually relaxed and laugh when you spend time with it. With a funny character and smart mind, Emil can make you love him rightaway, eventhough you've just turned some pages! The whole book can make you remember to your childhood, which is so good memories and rememberable!

  24. Novel pertama yang pernah saya baca sejak duduk dibangku SD. terbit tahun 1963. dan sampai sekarang masih ingat kejadian-kejadian dalam novel ini. seakan-akan membawa saya kembali ke jaman dahulu kala. Emil, anak kecil yang setiap hari tak berhenti membuat kekacauan. Namun siapa sangka dialah anak yang sangat cerdas!

  25. I enjoyed this book because it was a fun read about a little boy who likes to prank. I think many of us can relate to a brother like this or maybe being that brother to siblings. I also think many students would enjoy reading this book for the laughs and so I would like to have it in my classroom but hopefully it wouldn't give them any ideas.

  26. Тази детска класика беше първата от серията, за попълване на пропуснати четива от деството ми. И никак не съжалявам, защото въпреки поостарелия език на превода, Астрид Линдгрен успя да ме запали отново по четенето. Приключенията на Емил са идеални за целта - забавни, поучите [...]

  27. This book is absolutely amazing. It tells the story about Emil, a lovable prankster who does a lot of "bad thing" not on purpose because he is a very naive child and wants to try out everything. The charm of this character and his lovable innocence will keep any reader from putting this book down.

  28. Vai gan Astrīdas Lindgrēnes darbiem ir vajadzīgi vēl kādi komentāri? :)Bērnībā stāsts par Emīlu nebija viens no maniem mīļākajiem, un arī tagad tāds tas nav kļuvis. Patīk Lindgrēnes labsirdīgais humors, sirsnīgā noskaņa, kas ir viņas darbos.

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