One thought on “A Nuclear Family”

  1. Am planning on writing a longer review, but here's a summary:I was first introduced to April Naoko Heck’s poetry in an issue of Asian America Literary Review and since then kept waiting for her book to come out. The poem I read was “Conversation with my Mother,” which I was happy to see is in this book too. Often when I read a poem in a magazine and love it, and then get the poet’s book, I end up being disappointed. It often turns out that the poem I fell in love with was their strongest [...]

  2. Over a year has passed since I first read this book of poems, and I find myself thinking about it often & wishing that I'd brought it with me on my summer travels. At the very least, this should tell you two things: 1) my four star review here is somewhat lacking in detailed analysis and 2) this book will continue to astonish you long after you put it down. Even some of my lifelong favorite poets have failed to do this with an entire collection. Can't wait for your next book, April Naoko Hec [...]

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