Ellie Stanton (The Heller Park Series)

Ellie Stanton The Heller Park Series Book in the Heller Park Series focuses on Ellie Stanton An imperfect unremarkable girl makes a hero s journey Ellie Stanton needed to have a good day The universe had something else in store Gettin

  • Title: Ellie Stanton (The Heller Park Series)
  • Author: Aurora Zahni
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Book 1 in the Heller Park Series focuses on Ellie Stanton An imperfect, unremarkable girl makes a hero s journey Ellie Stanton needed to have a good day The universe had something else in store Getting caught shoplifting Check Dumping her lame boyfriend Check Expulsion from school Check Getting kicked out of her house and then stealing her mother s car while she sBook 1 in the Heller Park Series focuses on Ellie Stanton An imperfect, unremarkable girl makes a hero s journey Ellie Stanton needed to have a good day The universe had something else in store Getting caught shoplifting Check Dumping her lame boyfriend Check Expulsion from school Check Getting kicked out of her house and then stealing her mother s car while she s in a New Jersey turnpike rest stop Cinnabon Check The only sensible option is to run as fast as she can and never look back Now Ellie is running going cross country to raise a little hell and maybe along the way learn everything she needs to know about life.

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    1. "Ellie Stanton, you are one weird duck. You're a tragedy, trapped in a conundrum trapped in a catastrophe." This is one of the most refreshing young adult contemporary novels I have read in a very long time. Wisecracking, Mad Libs-obsessed Ellie Stanton had me gasping and howling with laughter. I can safely say that there is no one like Ellie. Simply put - I love her! Aurora Zahni writes dialogue so clever, funny, and memorable that my copy was covered with highlights. I predict that everyone wh [...]

    2. If I had to describe Ellie Stanton in one word it would be smarta$$. Which I totally love love love about her. Ellie is 16 years old and is constantly in trouble. Always getting suspended, fighting with her teachers, her mother and doing some not so legal things on the side. One day she finally gets expelled and when her mom finds out let’s just say it is not a pretty picture. So Ellie decides to do what any normal teen would do ROADTRIP! While Ellie is out on her little adventure she meets so [...]

    3. This book. I just can't tell you how much I love it. If I could give 6 stars, I totally would.Ellie is aimless. She's lost in the world. She functions the best she can from behind a shield primarily composed of sarcasm, wit, and fortified by her problem with authority. When she gets kicked out of school and shipped off to her grandmother's, she decides to take her fate into her own hands.Because, of course she does. She's Ellie.Ellie was so real for me. I'm not sure why. Partly, it's because I c [...]

    4. 1.5/5 StarsThis review and many others can be found on my blog - Feed Your Fiction AddictionOkay, this book had me scratching my head a bit. I was all prepared to love it. There weren't a ton of reviews, but they were all glowing, and the synopsis sounded like something I would really enjoy. And then I read it. It started out okay - I thought that it would surely pick up once Ellie went off on her little road trip, but it just didn't. And by the time I put the book down, I simply found myself th [...]

    5. Here's my review and if you wanna check out the blog tour post & enter the giveaway click HEREOkay so I was a little unprepared for Ellie and I was also pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this book. But the ending Oh my gawd seriously I am going to need more to the story here! I do like where it left off but I really need to know what's next for Hillary and Ellie! The plot was fabtastic and the characters were so real and messy you could just get into the story with ease. I really like [...]

    6. my thoughts – Ellie is an interesting character. I found her remarkably easy to relate to since I was a high strong rebellious kind of teenager myself. I didn’t get along with my parentals any better then she seemed to be able to get along with hers. I enjoyed every part of the book that let me into her mind more and more as time had went on. I enjoyed learning that she liked similar shows as I did when I was a teen and also liked knowing that I wasn’t alone in the desire to find somethi [...]

    7. I loved this book. Like a ton. It was hilarious cover to cover. It's been awhile since I read it and I thought I already reviewed and just saw that I didn't.

    8. ”use I’m Ellie Stanton and I won’t apologize for wanting what I like or liking what I want”Oh Ellie, I’m still torn. I don’t know if I want to slap you or if I want you to become my best friend. Either way, I love your story. This book was a surprise. It’s fun, unique and very relatable. Ellie was such a very real character to me. Like what I mentioned above, my feelings toward her is mixed. I have to say that I don’t agree with all the decisions she made but I was amazed by how [...]

    9. Ellie Stanton is the quintessential disgruntled teen who appears to have one helluva chip on her shoulder towards authority. As a decidedly grownup adult, it's easy for me to dismiss her angst as nothing more than misplaced, whiny anger. But she's a far more complex character who deserves a much deeper look into who she is. Ellie is basically the product of her own upbringing and situation. In the poignant story--one that struck very close to home for me as a 16-year veteren classroom teacher--E [...]

    10. Ellie Stanton took me by surprise - I had never experienced a character like her, and I was nervous about describing her for this review. But then I read the author's bio: she is "trying to bring a little bit of Judy Blume and Sylvia Plath to the Twilight Generation." Girlfriend nailed it. Ellie is a perfect mix of the teen girl next door coming of age and the audacious, irreverent stand up comic with no filter.Trouble student Ellie Stanton is expelled from high school after countless offences a [...]

    11. 3.5 Stars - A twist of surrealism and realistic traits that will leave you wonderingI'll be honest and say that I had hard time identifying with the main character and following her. It had nothing to do with the writing. The writing, the story, was excellent. But my ability to connect with the story was the problem. I've been a teenager, I've been through sticky situations too. While I found Ellie endearing, funny, and intriguing, I found it just a bit outside the realm of believable. That bein [...]

    12. I really enjoyed Ellie Stanton. It's a great coming of age story with a very likeable main character. I especially loved her cross country odyssey and the amazing people she met along the way. I felt sorry for Ellie having a Mom who didn't care about her. Ms. Zanhi wove a wonderful story with well thought out characters. I thought the part where Ellie was talking about finding a child's grave in the cemetery really hit home. It showed she wasn't just fluff and there was more to the tough exterio [...]

    13. Eleanor Stanton is your average sarcastic, misunderstood teen. Her mom Tammy had a child she didn't want and had no idea how to raise, and had no time for her. Ellie was an inconvenience and a disruption to every teacher until one day she gets in trouble at school and runs away. With the help of her friend Hillary, that works at the local coffee shop, she sets out on an adventure that gives her insight into who she is. She returns home a changed person.I wanted to hate her for all the attitude s [...]

    14. Ellie is not your typical high school girl, shes no cheerleader or captain of the debate team. She isnt dying to go to prom dress shopping or wear the quarter backs jacket! She’s a modern day dorothy running away from home only she was never in kansas to begin with and her cowardly lion, scarecrow and tin man consist of a gy hound infrmation desk clerk, a waitress in a run down diner and a hooker…. That’s right a hooker and her wizard is the wizard if the price is right kind yep she runs a [...]

    15. *I received this book free in exchange for an honest review*"Refresh my memory. What did you say to him right afterward again? 'Way to go buddy! Best two out of three?' Shucks that is sweet."This is a great story. A high school drop out who goes on a journey across the country. The sarcasm and people she meets are fun and and interesting. This is a good story for any one, any age to read and enjoy. It's good clean mishaps and travels. I couldn't put it down. The only thing I didn't understand wa [...]

    16. EllieEllieEllie, what can I say other than I love you. Ellie Stanton is a great, fun read and her quick Witt had me belly laughing non stop. She reminds me of Juno meets Gilmore girls with a whole lot of special sprinkled on top. I loved her journey and the coming of age tale. This was a refreshing read and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for something new and fun!

    17. Hire a teenager while they still know everything!Hire a teenager while they still know everything!What a great read! Ellie reminds me of myself when I was youngew everything n could handle it too. This book forces me to remember the naive girl who was not afraid of anything. wonderful story!!! thanks!!

    18. Ellie Stanton is unlike anyone I've met in real life. Though dealt with a bad card in life, she has come out stronger, wiser, and wittier than expected. This book really sucked me in, was a fast read, and had me laughing. Ellie gets into some interesting situations, but manages to get her way out unscathed. I look forward to more adventures about her and Hilary.

    19. I was asked to read this book and give an honest review. First let me say it's not my usual type of book. It was well written and I enjoyed this story. I encourage you to read this book. You will not be sorry for taking the time to read it! I think you will enjoy it!!!

    20. Well, smart mouth, sassy, wise-ass with attitude about sums up Ellie Stanton. This is her story of shaking life by the scruff and taking what she wants. This is sad, cringe worthy, and funny all rolled in, worth reading.

    21. This story takes you on a crazy adventure with one teen who isn't sure who she is or where she is going. On her journey to find herself she does a few crazy things and a few things that opens her eyes to make her realize her life isn't as bad as she may have thought. A fantastic journey.

    22. This book. I don't even know where to start. It made me laugh the whole way through, all the while dealing with some tough matters. It is a must read on on my top ten. Ellie Stanton is the epitome of awesome teens.

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