Ethan Justice: Incendiary

Ethan Justice Incendiary In the morning he s on holiday By the evening he s dodging bullets It s time to dispense some Justice Returning from a well deserved break Ethan Justice and Savannah Jones find their flight home my

  • Title: Ethan Justice: Incendiary
  • Author: Simon Jenner
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the morning, he s on holiday By the evening, he s dodging bullets It s time to dispense some Justice Returning from a well deserved break, Ethan Justice and Savannah Jones find their flight home mysteriously diverted to Malaga, Spain Meeting up with Ethan s sister and her boyfriend, Carl, they make the best of the situation, but after surviving a deadly restaurant eIn the morning, he s on holiday By the evening, he s dodging bullets It s time to dispense some Justice Returning from a well deserved break, Ethan Justice and Savannah Jones find their flight home mysteriously diverted to Malaga, Spain Meeting up with Ethan s sister and her boyfriend, Carl, they make the best of the situation, but after surviving a deadly restaurant explosion and a sniper s bullets, it s clear the holiday is over The shock discovery that Carl s stepfather is Nick Nelson, an ambitious crime boss, throws the detective pairing into a world of deceit and danger where nothing is quite what it seems and trust can be fatal With Agent Johnson s help, and hindrance, they must overcome their greatest challenge yet Can Savannah face her worst fear and survive Can Ethan discover the truth before Madrid s skyline is a blaze of flames and hundreds are dead When you take on Justice and Jones, the result is INCENDIARY Ethan Justice Incendiary is a fast paced, action packed, character driven thriller, guaranteed to make you laugh out loud, cringe, cry and cheer This is the third book in the Ethan Justice series but it also reads as a stand alone story This book contains a few violent scenes, a dash of sex and the odd bit of bad language, so please don t buy it if you are easily offended.

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    1. Hi Simon you did it again lovely peace of writing and the story was exceptional & now can I have more loving your works of art can you really say that about a book well I am and seen that there are some other books out so I'am off to see if I can get my self a copy of the books the Ethan Justice stories are there more to come and when are they out so be nice and let me know if you are writing more about Ethan Justice so now bye for now and as always happy reading to you from wee me with than [...]

    2. Another fantastically fast-paced thriller from Simon Jenner. Justice and Jones are in Spain for the action this time, facing some truly evil characters. But as always they prove that they can handle anything, with a little assistance from Johnson and the special tech he has access to. I couldn't put in down. Book 4? Yes please.

    3. This is the third book in the series. I got the first one free. I was contacted by the Author after I reviewed the book which was very unexpected and very much appreciated. I have read a couple hundred books in the last few years and I have only received a message from one other Author and he was an indie author too.In each book you can see that the author is growing along with his characters. He uses a male/female pairing as the heroines (think Mr. & Mrs Smith with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jo [...]

    4. This is the third book in the Justice/Jones series. The first two being Origins and Relentless. I think the series should be read in order to understand, fully, the relationship and origins of Justice and Jones. The characters have developed very well from Origins to Incendiary. I had a few niggles about Origins which I discussed with the author. However, the basis of Origins most definitely sets the scene for the following books, which do not disappoint. So, I fully appreciate Origins for havin [...]

    5. So easy to read. I was hooked page 1. It was a different experience than the last book right from the start. I liked it. My thought at the finish was "OMG". So, latewill update tomorrow. I love this series :)Jan 8, 15!!Well, not exactly tomorrowbut better late than never!The way we got to be in the mind of Nick was so interesting. I started out wanting to like him… but that didn't last long. I don't want to spoil it for others so I will just say that this one was as good as the others and I lo [...]

    6. This book was kindly sent to me by the author Simon Jenner.I have very quickly fallen in love with this series and this book is no exception. Another fast paced action thriller with Ethan and Savannah, the only difference with this one, at one point, I even felt kind of sorry for the baddy that soon passed though!On they're way home from a well deserved break from their last adventure, Herb pulls them away to assist Earthguard once more. This time in Spain.If you've read the previous two books, [...]

    7. The storyline for this novel begins a little over one week following the conclusion of the second novel in the Ethan Justice series, Relentless. This story also begins only a little over a month since we first met Ethan Justice in the first book, Origins. Obviously and thankfully, Simon Jenner does not intend to let any grass grow under the proverbial feet of his main characters, Ethan Justice and Savannah Jones. In the first book they met and became a team, personally and professionally. In the [...]

    8. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.First off, if I had not already read the first two books in this series, this cover would have really caught my eye. It is very appealing and does a great job of giving the reader a preview of the action inside the cover. Out of all three, this one is my favorite followed by Origins with Relentless coming in third. Secondly, I wish I would have rated Ethan Justice: Origins (the first book in the series) a star to a star and a half lo [...]

    9. What was supposed to be a pleasant visit with Ethan’s sister quickly turns into another action packed adventure for our courageous detective duo. Ethan’s sister, Rachel, just so happens to be head over heels for the stepson of one nasty, ruthless, crime boss who has plans on taking over more territory and killing anyone who gets in his way. Unfortunately for Ethan, Savannah, Rachel, and her main squeeze Carl, they find themselves not only in the way but smack dab in the middle of this crimin [...]

    10. Ethan Justice: Incendiary is the third novel in this captivating and exciting series of crime thrillers by the author Simon Jenner.Ethan Justice and Savannah Jones were heading home from a Caribbean holiday when the flight they were on was unexpectedly diverted to Malaga, Spain.Now stranded in Spain, the couple decide to visit Ethan’s sister, Rachel, who was also in Spain for a fashion show and staying with boyfriend Carl at his opulent villa just a couple of hours away.The promise of “a mea [...]

    11. A fast paced thriller - highly recommended.Despite their previous experiences, Ethan and Savannah still seem, at times, to be an endearingly naïve pair. On an alcohol-fuelled flight from a much deserved holiday they are asked to help with a matter of national security in Spain. From the moment of their arrival in Spain, they are on a dangerous and thrilling rollercoaster.Ethan’s sister, Rachel, is also in Spain. She and Ethan don’t get on, but Savannah insists that they visit. Rachel’s ne [...]

    12. I received an advance copy of Ethan Justice: Incendiary from the author. It did not influence my review.Simon Jenner has done it again. I began this series with book one, and now eagerly wait for each new installment. I have only a few authors and series that I consistently read, this is now one of them.Ethan and Savannah are on a well-deserved break, when the plane is suddenly diverted to Malaga, Spain. Of course, Earthguard is behind it, and the two are thrust into a battle with a crime boss. [...]

    13. I would imagine if you are reading this you have read the two previous Ethan Justice stories. This one would still be a good read if you haven’t but I think pre-knowledge of the characters adds so much to this book. It’s full of action of course, and there’s another evil baddie with big ambitions and no conscience. The two main protagonists are involved in helping to keep Ethan’s sister safe so this time, it’s personal. The writing is clear, accessible and exciting. I love the fact tha [...]

    14. Thank you Simon Jenner for another great book in your Ethan Justice/Savannah Jones series. I think this series keeps on getting better and better…if that’s possible! This is another action packed, crime thriller novel. The characters of Ethan and Savannah keep getting more and more richly developed with each new book in the series. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a great crime thriller. If you have already read the first two novels in the series you will definitely [...]

    15. Simon Jenner does it again with this brilliant sequel to the awesome ETHAN JUSTICE series On there way back from a much needed holiday Ethan and Savannah's flight is mysteriously diverted to Malaga and on arrival the pair decide to visit Ethan's sister Racahel who is preparing for a fashion show in Madrid, it soon becomes apparent that the plane was diverted for a reason and guess who's behind it? Yes you got it Earthguard.This is a roller coaster ride that snakes one way then the next, the acti [...]

    16. The hits just keep coming. This book is every bit as good as the first two. If you like high paced action, you owe it to yourself to check this series out. In this adventure Ethan and Sav are on a much needed vacation, but get detoured on their way home to Madrid, where Ethan's sister, Rachel, is. Rachel's boyfriend's step-father is a vile, evil man. Ethan and Sav get embroiled in an unexpected adventure, when Rachel and her boyfriend are the target of an attack. This is a great story and easy t [...]

    17. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Wow, what a fantastic read! The latest installment of the Ethan Justice series grabbed me from the very first page and it never relinquished it's hold on me at any point. Instead I was hurtling along at breakneck speed with the main characters from the start to finish. Those main characters were only expanded on from previous books and they grew even more. Also, once again, the author wrote a deliciously sick villain that you [...]

    18. This book was given as an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Another fantastic book in the series.The prologue started off great and it really helps to trust you into the book and make you want to read more. The story and action starts quickly from there. Once again they are forced into a series of situations were they have to save their own lives as well as the lives of others.The antagonist is once again creepy and in need of some serious help. The protagonists slowly get used to what they [...]

    19. Another hard hitting, gritty adventure in the Ethan Justice Series. Ethan and Savannah are just danger magnets, they can't even have a holiday without finding trouble. Torn between protecting his sister and stopping a bomb detonation, Ethan has some tough decisions to make. A fast paced read that grabs you from the first chapter. I will be watching out for book number 4 in the series to see what scrapes they can find themselves in next - although i do hope more than 5 weeks passes between the ne [...]

    20. Simon has written another fantastic novel continuing the adventures of Ethan and Savanna. I really liked this one as you see the growth in their relationship and courage as they find yet another situation with some bad guys.The characters are believable and genuine and combined with the twists from our friend Agent Johnson, Simon has another hit. Simon mixes the dark nature of what I think of when I envision a terrorist or mafia type guy, well done.Take the time to read all three in order, you w [...]

    21. Another wonderful book in the Ethan Justice saga. Just like the other books in the series, it sucks you in right away and doesn't let go. It is an excellent mixture of mystery and thriller with several unexpected twists thrown in for good measure. Overall, I can't recommend the Ethan Justice series enough. In the interest of full disclosure, the author gave me an advance copy of the book to review.

    22. I was given this book for an honest review.Simon Jenner has done it again. I love Ethan Justice and Savannah Jones. This book is set in Spain and contains all the action, suspense, and adventure that you can handle. Savannah has more close calls in this book. She is proving herself to be just as valuable as Ethan. They make quiet a team. I could not put this book down. Simon JennerI hope you are working hard on the next book in this series.

    23. Disclaimer: I received this book from a first-read giveaway.The third book in the ever-growing series does not disappoint! The action and dialogue are fast-paced and keeps the reader engaged. While you could read this as a stand-alone novel, you will appreciate the character development a great deal more having read the prior two novels.

    24. Ethan gets more mature and a little bit tougher in each book, Savannah is still tough and smart, Johnson is still a mystery. This series just gets better. This book is good as a stand alone but the previous two books help set up the characters. I can't wait for more adventures from Ethan, Savannah, and even Johnson.

    25. Lots of action for Ethan and "Sav". Great build up of the plot and descriptions of all the characters. I like the fact that the main characters don't always make the right moves and the resourcefulness required to come out on top. The story ended in such a way that left me already trying to figure out what the plot will be for the next in the series. I have truly enjoyed the series so far!

    26. Ethan and Savannah up to their old tricks! I love the way the characters are developing. This book was a little more perverse than the previous ones. Very dark and the characters are maturing. Very well written, exciting and engrossing. I love learning a little more about Herb Johnson and would like to get to know him better. I would recommend!

    27. Simon has done it again. Swept me in from the first page on with his newest mystery/suspense in the Justice/Jones series. The book can be read without the first 2, but I suggest you read the first 2 books in the series. He brings life, mystery & some laughs to his story & characters. I recommend this book to anyone who love entertainment.

    28. You have done it again Mr. Jenner. Another fun, fast-paced read that doesn't seemed to cramped or forced - which is saying something since this is their third adventure in about a month's time. I hope to see more of Ethan Justice. Make it happen.

    29. Amazing series. The first book had me by page 30. The second kept me on the edge of my seat, and the third makes me beg for number four. A must-read, you will NOT be disappointed.

    30. Very nice addition to the series. As per usual, I really liked the characters and the plot development! Keep up the outstanding work!

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