The Wielder: Betrayal

The Wielder Betrayal Arthur just buried his wife of years To make things worse he knows he won t be joining her in the after life anytime soon because of a gift he was given That gift being six entities that are graft

  • Title: The Wielder: Betrayal
  • Author: David Gosnell Beverly Gosnell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Arthur just buried his wife of 76 years To make things worse, he knows he won t be joining her in the after life anytime soon because of a gift he was given That gift being six entities that are grafted to his soul He can summon them at will a succubus, a demon sorcerer, a fairy, a leprechaun, a cat being warrior and his ever most trusty hell hound Because of theirArthur just buried his wife of 76 years To make things worse, he knows he won t be joining her in the after life anytime soon because of a gift he was given That gift being six entities that are grafted to his soul He can summon them at will a succubus, a demon sorcerer, a fairy, a leprechaun, a cat being warrior and his ever most trusty hell hound Because of their direct connection to his soul their power leeches into him So, Arthur doesn t age or get sick He knows he will outlive his family After all, he just outlived his wife Unfortunately though, he outlives his son a lot sooner than later His son is murdered in a most foul manner Arthur goes in search of revenge with death and devastation following in his wake But Arthur s bent on revenge is quickly interrupted by a behind the scenes supernatural police who arrest him, interrogate him and bring him in for judgment That s where things turn really bad for poor Arthur He s finds he s been set up Nothing is what it seemed Worse even he s been betrayed And now he has to pay the price for it both spiritually and in time incarcerated This is the first book in an envisioned series of six It introduces you to Arthur MacInerny and his band of six summonlings along with the multiverse setting in which they all reside.

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    1. I would probably give this in between 4 and 5, for being fun and entertaining from start to finish. Arthur's ability to summon fae and demons is on its own an interesting thing but the interaction between those summonlings was what I enjoyed the most.The story begins on a sad point that gets you to really wonder HOW he got these abilities, what IS he exactly and how is he so long-lived. I liked the answers.From cover to cover, I was amused. Full of interesting characters and incorporated ideas f [...]

    2. Well now, this is one hell of a ride and such a different paranormal read than I'm used to. Arthur was gifted 6 creatures by Malgorath and all seemed just fineuntil after the death of his wife and the murder of his son and daughter in law that he has been usedayed whom is another question he needs answered. But first he must spend several years with Grey Lightbringer and Znuul.Very well written and a must read in my opinion

    3. Let's start with the things I didn't like ;) 1. There were a few too many typos, missed spaces, missing punctuation marks. Nothing too serious but each one drew me out of the story. This needs a solid, painstaking, word for word proof-read.2. The names of some the assorted 'summonlings' are way WAY to complex! (view spoiler)[Arixtumin, Vetsighar, Pffiferel, Silithes, Hjuul, Ahtsag Znuul, etc.(hide spoiler)] Yes they are abbreviated in most cases, but that initial 'read' of their names makes me p [...]

    4. As a reader I always, always always give a book a hundred and fifty pages to get me hooked, especially if it's the first in the series. Well, except for Twilight. That got one hundred and forty and when I started praying for the next ten pages to go quickly, I gave up. True story. At any rate, sometimes I really am happy that I did. Sometimes, I'm not. This time, I'm ecstatic that I did (and it only took about fifty) because it took a minute for David Gosnell's The Wielder: Betrayal to really ta [...]

    5. I probably would have liked this better if it fit into a genre I like. The writing was decente genre, which I am not sure I can define, just doesnt do it for me. For characters notmofmtye norm, the author did a decent job creating them and letting you picture them.

    6. Great read~This book is great to pass the time and provide images for your imaginations~ There's modern world with various magical beings in the story which adds colour to it.

    7. Loved this book!It has some gory moments but also has you laughing at the antics. It is full of love & faith.

    8. First let me say that I have never given a 1 star rating, and I don't do it casually.The Wielder: Betrayal By David Gosnell: WTF?! First let me say I love the idea of this, but the delivery just ruined it for me! I don’t know if it’s the copy I got or what, but there were SO MANY typos, grammatical errors, misspelled word and just disjointed sentences. Arthur is gifted 6 entities that are apart of him. The 6 different entities are cool, I like that there is a variety there. (A leprechaun, a [...]

    9. Five sentences! That's all it took. Five sentences and I was hooked! So I read more. Before finishing the first two pages I had tears in my eyes. "What manner of sorcery is this?" I thought to myself. Then it struck me This was one helluva good story written by a wordsmith: someone who knew how to use words to paint a picture so vividly that it was like watching a video, describing each character so well that they seemed real, and, ultimately, making it impossible for me to put the book down. I' [...]

    10. All in all, a good first effort. Outstanding characters, good story line. There were some dropped plot points, for example, who took care of the store he abandoned so abruptly and if family were so important to him, why didn't we hear more about them? If contact was denied because of his imprisonment, that should have been mentioned. If Grey's house was a camp 'of sorts' for these children, what sort of camp had them needing to learn martial arts from a cat warrior from another dimension? The wr [...]

    11. Rea!ly a pleasant surprise, didn't even know if I would finish it, then got hooked. I enjoy the concept of such a vulnerable and flawed protagonist. A little formulaic and predictable, but fun with some very nice moments. I think the work would be elevated by toning down the sometimes offensive language. That probably sounds old fashioned, but please just take it as a challenge to be more creative with your dialogue, specifically the expletives! The characters were engaging and colorful with eve [...]

    12. It needs some revising. Misspellings are common (not sure if it's due to being the kindle version I read) as well as omitted prepositions. It tends to throw off the flow.I like the concept and story, however I find the main character suffers from credibility issues. Namely, he does not really act or think his age.Sometimes forward shifts in time are rough and choppy.Despite everything, I was hooked enough to see the adventure through until the end. The next book? Maybe if it's free on Prime.

    13. This is the first in a planned series about a man who can summon several otherworldly types--a demon, an incubus, a leprechaun, etc.--to do his will. This ability puts him right in the middle of a major struggle between otherworldly good and evil. I liked the story and I liked the characters, but several other things tugged my rating downward: Lots of typos Quite a few grammatical misses Repeated, unnecessary f-bombing An unsatisfying ending (I know it's a serial, but still . . .)

    14. OK, so we have an immortal man, with a group consisting of a wizard demon, a fairie, a warrior, a dog, a succubus and a leprechaun, running into demons, paladins and more. Sound promising doesn't it? Well it wasn't boring, but you get the feeling while the story moves on that the story is very methodical, the characters not very deep and you can't get hooked on the characters. All in all, a nice read, but not enough to continue with the series

    15. UnexpectedWow. Almost no typos. A tightly written, smooth flowing story. Characters I want to get to know in a lot more detail. And, my favorite part, an Arch Demon who may or may not be completely evil (I wouldn't mind seeing an entire book just on his face campaign). That's about all I need to classify this as a win. Oh, and many sequels too.

    16. Great ReadFairly well written with few typos. Each character was developed well enough to engage my sympathies. The magic was woven into the fabric of the story in such a way as to make it seem real or common place. I certainly recommend this book as a quick and fun read and encourage the author to keep on imagining and writing.

    17. Very entertainigThis was a pleasant surprise. Well written and adequately edited. There is room for improvement there. I recommend this as good entertaining read. Only problem is putting it down to attend to real life. Looking forward to the next one.

    18. Interesting seriesseries is interning with a different premise than I have seen before. It was difficult to get through the first chapter due to the heavy emotional trauma of Thomson a character, but it was worth it. likable characters with lots of action and humor.

    19. Strangely interestingIt kept me reading even with (either) poor grammar or practically non-existent proof reading. Out of the world story line in a genre I have not encountered previously.

    20. Great readThe only thing I can say is that the proof reading was inadequate. I hate it when spell check is used and proper grammar is not checked.

    21. Loved This BookI really enjoyed this book. It's got great characters, great action and even some funny parts. I had to buy the next one immediately and can't wait to read it.

    22. This books needs another round of proofreading. It was painful to read through the typos and grammar errors.

    23. WellI found this entertaining. I may buy the next book in the series, not sure yet, gonna have to think about it.

    24. Very goodEnjoyed much. Unusual bad guys (and good guys) good editing. Six different allies on his skin. Good triumphs but it costs the hero a bunch. Look forward to the next book.

    25. This book was not to bad, slow reading but then finally started to move along. Demons, farriers , lepricon and a horny succabuswhat could go wrong.

    26. Good start. Hope the next is as goodWas ready to be disappointed but was pleasantly surprised. Keep up the good work. Few grammatical error but over all not to bad

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