The Final Touch

The Final Touch Charity thought she had it all marriage to respected consultant Tyco van der Brons and being a mother to his two children So why did her heart yearn for his love too She had known from the start that

  • Title: The Final Touch
  • Author: Betty Neels
  • ISBN: 9780373512461
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback
  • Charity thought she had it all marriage to respected consultant Tyco van der Brons and being a mother to his two children So why did her heart yearn for his love, too She had known from the start that theirs was a marriage of convenience so it would be foolish to wish for anything wouldn t it

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    1. This was such a lovely story, with a hero to beat all heroes. I wish that every author that writes asshats would take a moment to read this book. Tyco was one of the most generous souls ever penned in "HQN Land" and I fell instantly in love with him. His kindness and generosity towards the heroine was sigh worthy. Right from the first moment they meet, he goes out of his way to help her and guide her. Though he has been dealt a raw deal in love, he isn't bitter and he cherishes all those that ar [...]

    2. Oh damn. Betty Neels does it again. Yet another favourite, I absolutely loved it. :')When the book started off with Charity being in love with another guy, I didn't think I'd like it very much. And she kept thinking about him for quite a while, even after the professor meets her and shows her exceptional kindness. (But that's being realistic, isn't it? I mean, you can't just forget the guy you thought you were in love with in one day. Damn, Betty Neels is good.) As I was saying, I was kind of pi [...]

    3. Charity Pearson is an Araminta who has followed a Caddish Dutch Doctor to Holland, accepting a nursing post in Amsterdam. She has a step-sister (Eunice) who is a gorgeous model, but no other family. Tyco van der Brons, a plastic surgeon on the Burns unit, feels sorry for her because she has to see Cor van Kamp on Men’s Medical all the time and he is quite nasty to her.So, Tyco (skipping to first-name basis prematurely to save time typing “Dr. van der Brons”) gets Charity transferred to the [...]

    4. I love a visit with Betty Neels when I'm between heavier books to cleanse the reading palate! The GR Heyer Fan Club is starting The Conqueror for our October read, and while I'm looking forward to learning more about William the Conqueror, I thought I'd take a trip with Betty first after this one was recommended highly by a fellow GR friend and Betty fan.I think I've only read this one once long ago, and it was actually part of a two-book arc, being the first before A Happy Meeting; the H/h in t [...]

    5. This was such a lovely story. Betty Neels reconfirms your beliefs in love and in the general goodness of mankind. She makes you believe in HEA. The hero Tyco van der Brons was such an amazing guy. I fell in love with him immediately. He was so kind and gentle and so very understanding. I loved, loved, loved Tyco. The heroine Charity was so sweet. I think both Tyco and Charity are soul mates. Their love was the kind of love we all look for. Greek tycoons are all right but at the end of the day wh [...]

    6. Our Betty returns to a plot she used in Uncertain Summer, with a twist, of course. Nurse Charity Pearson has come to work in Holland on the strength of sweet nothings whispered in her ear by a handsome young doctor. Alas for Charity, young doc is a playboy and wasn't serious. So in typical Neels fashion, Charity accepts a Marriage of Convenience proposal from Tyco van der Brons (classic Neels Rich Dutch Doctor). he, of course, is already smitten; she--not so much. But she soon starts sliding dow [...]

    7. Trying to review this later, I have no idea WHICH one this is, so that marks it as a very standard Betty Neels book. If you know her cookie cutter writing style, then you know what you're getting into and there's no big surprises. And you will probably devour this book too, like the others!

    8. I met Tyco & Charity van der Brons in The Happy Meeting. I really wanted to know more about them. So I was delighted to find their story in The Final Touch. I was a bit disappointed at the copy editing though. In this book, the twins are 10 & adorable. Not a lot of trouble went into forming their characters, but still they were an integral part of the book. In The Happy Meeting they were 5 & negligible. I know that book was not about the van der Brons', but it still irked me a little [...]

    9. A really sweet marriage of convenience of the typical Betty Neels style. The hero is a widower with twin girls and he of course needs Charity to be a mother to his girls and a staid wife to himself. It takes a little while for the heroine to realise how she feels as she starts off in love with a rather worthless young man who was the reason for her coming to Holland.Tyco is the usual large and handsome surgeon. In this case his speciality is Burns and some of the mentions of procedures are quite [...]

    10. Re-reading my Betty books yet again. I had given this one four stars but when I read it today I bumped it up to five. I really like Tyco he is one super nice guy. He doesn't sneer or look through her with his cold blue eyes as many of Betty's guys are want to do. I liked Charity's gumption when she sent Eunice packing too. The twins are sweethearts and take to Charity at once. Cor was a nasty piece of work and I would have liked to see him get his comeuppance.

    11. I liked this book because the male declared his love first which is a nice change from the usual Betty Neels hero who gets the female to say it first. I thought I could tell the story but there were some surprises.

    12. It had all the right elements that makes readers come back to read more of this author's book even though they are very similar as far the plot, the characters, the age difference,. I enjoyed reading about the twins.

    13. 3.5*I really like both Tyco and Charity. Poor Charity was conned by the playboy doctor into coming to Amsterdam, but it was great that everyone knew what a cad he was and sympathy was with Charity.Tyco was a really nice hero, and his work was admirable. I love his twin girls! So glad his staff was loyal and lovely too.My favourite bits n this book is all the cozy moments the twists of them spent together. Be it the first meals, or their companionable silence sitting together after dinner or talk [...]

    14. A marriage of convenience story that involves Doctor/Consultant Tyco van der Brons and Nurse Charity Pearson. Charity is working in Holland at the invitation of Cor van Kamp. She had hopes of furthering a relationship with him but as she discovers, Cor is a despicable liar that is only making a fool of her. Tyco van der Brons is a widow with young twin daughters and sees Charity as a candidate for the perfect wife and mother. The two marry in the midst of the antics of Cor van Kamp and Charity's [...]

    15. The Final TouchThis is the first book by Betty Meeks that I have read. It was a sweet fast read. Not much angstry flat read yes there were OW who wanted Tyco. But Charity felt she was not that pretty and the other women were. Like I stated not much emotions involved. Yes he was thirteen years older but it wored.

    16. As always, great !If you like Betty Neels, you like all her books ! There is hope for all of us ! Too bad there are not more men around like the ones in her books.

    17. Wonderful storyAnother great story by Betty Neels. Of course I read the sequel to this one first but it really didn't make a big difference.

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