Tabitha in the Moonlight

Tabitha in the Moonlight Sister Tabitha is an efficient nurse but when she falls in love with Dutch surgeon Marius van Beek she has no idea how to deal with her feelings If only Marius would ride up on a white horse and ask

  • Title: Tabitha in the Moonlight
  • Author: Betty Neels
  • ISBN: 9780373512225
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sister Tabitha is an efficient nurse, but when she falls in love with Dutch surgeon Marius van Beek, she has no idea how to deal with her feelings If only Marius would ride up on a white horse and ask for her hand in marriage But can real people live happily ever after like those people in fairy tales Reissue.

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    1. Betty Neels, the Great Dame of the "Rich Dutch Doctor Meets Magnificent English Mouse" trope. Alas, this beloved and predictable British author is spinning yarns on another cloud. The ladies over at the "Betty Neels or Bust" website — aka "The Uncrushable Jersey Dress" — have awarded this book nearly the very highest mark (drum roll please)The Queen of Puddings!!! Penultimate, of 9 possible ratings, just one step below Lashings of Whipped Cream, which is the Very Betty Best.Their pictographi [...]

    2. 4 1/2 Stars ~ Tabitha is 25 and a Ward Sister for the men's orthopedic ward at a busy London hospital. When the chief surgeon has an accident and becomes a patient too, Marius, a renowned Dutch surgeon steps in to fill the gap. Tabitha is greatly impressed with his skill and his patient gentle manner, and she quickly finds herself falling in love. When Tabitha reluctantly visits her family home for her stepsister's birthday, she's surprised to see Marius with Lilith firmly attached to his arm. T [...]

    3. I recently acquired this from a UBS on amazon and don't recall ever having read it before. Any new BN is a rare delight and this one in particular - this will definitely be in my top 5 of all BNs! The heroine is a Cinderella and the RDD has the bloody nerve to call her on it! Wicked stepsister is the OW; stepmother is a real bitch indeed; she has disparaged Tabitha so long that the poor girl has no self esteem at all. In spite of that, she still has some sass in her: In chapter 4, our heroine ac [...]

    4. Coming out of nowhere."A Cinderella Story" ; 0 )Who can resist?I highly recommend this one to all Betty Neels' fans. Marius and Tabitha were such great fun. I enjoyed following Marius' antics. He was such a smoothie and he kept poor Tabitha on her toes. (Poor girl didn't know what hit her) If I had to describe my perfect man - oops, I mean hero, it would be Marius.The secondary characters were rich, wonderful and added extra dimension and flavor to the story. OW was deliciously evil and fit the [...]

    5. This is a rather daring Betty Neels because the heroine wears a bikini.t as daring the the evil step-sister's bikini but still. The hero also presumably wears a swimsuit and at one point wanders in wearing nothing from some oil stained shorts. Given that most Neel's hero's are like 6'4" with a broad manly chest this would be pretty impressive. I could actually spend time pondering that.Tabby, Tabitha our heroine, believes she is plain because her step-mother has been brainwashing her since she w [...]

    6. Unusual story about a plain Jane and handsome doctor. Not my usual fare. :) What made it unusual was the fact that the reader has to infer the hero's motivation, seeing him through her eyes and realizing she's not seeing all that's there. But are we? At the ending everything is explained and makes sense, but as I read I was impressed by the author's ability to build my curiosity. It was almost like reading a mystery novel - does he or doesn't he?This isn't "realistic". I'd have some concerns abo [...]

    7. I liked this one for the fact that the hero was pretty compelling and knew that he was interested in the heroine right off the bat; this adds to the romance, makes it less dry than some of Betty Neels' books can be.I didn't enjoy what a victim the heroine was to her incredibly awful step-mother and step-sister. More evidence of spine would have been really welcome.On the up side, the hero lolls around shirtless in this book! I don't think I've seen that in another of her books. I didn't know Bet [...]

    8. I gave a BN book a 5-star rating, instead of my usual 3- to 4-star. 'Nuff said.I don't really feel like writing a review ATM, so I'm only going to state how much I loved this book and everything about it, characters and descriptions included. And also that it's my most favourite one out of all the Betty Neels books I've read so far.Data:Author: Betty NeelsType: Romance, Harlequin, VintageSetting:Year: 1970'sPlace(s): England; Bath, Dorset, Holland; VeereCharacters:Heroine: Tabitha 'Tabby' Crawle [...]

    9. Just lovely. Tabitha is one of my very favorite PBN's. She is wonderfully caring. Living with her FFR Meg in a small apartment since her (very)evil stepmother and stepsister made her feel a stranger in her own home. The home Chidlake figures prominently in the plot as it was to remain in Tabitha's hands to pass it through the family. Once again a parent neglected to provide for his own child to the betterment of the evil steps. You will learn to hate her stepsister I promise you. Our RDD is Mari [...]

    10. Racy by BN standards -- the heroine wears a two-piece bathing suit. In a standard BN, there are two hundred pages of food and then a kiss on the last page. It's usually a little unclear why the two characters fall for each other, other than that they both like to eat and they are both such paragons of virtue they are capable of perceiving each other's hidden qualities. With this one we get a bit more personality. They actually seem to like each other. It's a relationship rather than a foregone c [...]

    11. My second favorite book by Betty Neels. Our poor heroine is so badly done-by, by everyone! Or so it seems. Typical Neels plot-mousy British Nurse, handsome Rich Dutch Doctor. She falls for him, he seems to have fallen for her much prettier sister, and so on and so on. But the characters are vividly done in this one. There's lots of angst and a wonderful happy ending. What's not to like?

    12. Perhaps my favorite Betty Neels book. The hero and heroine actually have a chance to talk to each other and get to know each other. While Tabitha misconstrues everything that's happening, there's still some hints that the two of them like each other and it's not just a surprise at the end.

    13. Not A Great StoryAlthough I'm a Betty Neels fan this story kind of slid down the slope to almost boring. All Neels' books are readable, however, so in that respect you'll enjoy it.

    14. A wonderful story.Sweet, delightful Tabitha falls for Marius. Tall and handsome, he whould be with someone beautiful like her step-sister, but he seems perfectly content the be with plain old Tabby.

    15. I wasn't quite sure when this was set and I have to confess a complete ignorance about Betty Neels, although I know she has a devoted following.I thought the ending was going to be a bit more dramatic than it was but, nonetheless, a good version of a cinderella story and quite pleasingly retro.

    16. Love this oneIf you are looking for something that is a good, easy read with a happy ending you can never go wrong with Betty Neels.

    17. This might have been the longest Neels ever, which gives her a lot of room to develop the plot and characters. I'm never quite sure of the real page count when reading ebooks, but it must have been 20 to 30 percent longer than usual. Sure, she hits the usual 9-chapter structure, but some chapters entail several scenes.Unlike many others I can remember, Neels provides a far better concluding explanation for several details in the other-woman part of the plot. When she gets to the closing denoueme [...]

    18. Fiat, Bentley and lots of sailboats. I'm really torn on this one. In general, I loved Tabitha. However, I didn't like the whole Chidlake obsession. And I realize that pretty much the entire plot hinges on the place. Having said that. major pluses included the minor characters - Knotty, the ortho surgeon with a broken leg, and poor Prosser! Do Tabby and Marius ever get their fish and chips?I think the most shocking part of the book had to be Marius making an appearance wearing just shorts! Just s [...]

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