Redeeming Rue

Redeeming Rue As an albino black panther banished by her people Veruka Jennings knows if her clan discovers she had a child it would mean death for them both Labeled an abomination and forbidden from having cubs

  • Title: Redeeming Rue
  • Author: R.E. Butler
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 466
  • Format: ebook
  • As an albino black panther banished by her people, Veruka Jennings knows if her clan discovers she had a child, it would mean death for them both Labeled an abomination and forbidden from having cubs, she s spent the better part of her life as an outcast, believing she is worthless because of the color of her fur After secretly overhearing traveling clan members discussAs an albino black panther banished by her people, Veruka Jennings knows if her clan discovers she had a child, it would mean death for them both Labeled an abomination and forbidden from having cubs, she s spent the better part of her life as an outcast, believing she is worthless because of the color of her fur After secretly overhearing traveling clan members discuss a bonding ceremony in Indiana, she decides to spy on the proceedings for one last look at the people who treated her like trash.When James and John Fallon investigate a shadowy figure in the woods during a bonding ceremony, they do not expect to find the woman they are meant to share But instead of enjoying their mating, they are embroiled in a clan war as they fight to protect Veruka and her son, who have come to mean everything to them If they can protect her, will they be able to keep her Or will Rue believe she s not worthy of their love and disappear from their lives forever Warning This book contains one spunky heroine who will do anything to keep her son safe, two males who aren t about to let the slippery female get away, and a ticked off clan of panthers who want bloody revenge for their broken laws Expect plenty of growls and snarled curses, love bites, ceremonial bonding, and scorching m f m loving that only happens when two mountain lions finally find the woman of their dreams Contains m f m interaction.

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    1. "A Must Get Series!!!"This is such an amazing series! . And this book is incredible . The Characters in each book is so charming and hot lol . The story line is so awesome. With this book and all the others in this series you will find suspense, action, humor and lots of steamy romance :). If you want a book boyfriend or two, three , or more lol . Then this series is for you!. As each book has some major sweet hot shifters in them that you will want for your very own lol . The women are spunky, [...]

    2. A lot of violenceI have enjoyed all the books in this series, but this book had harder violence in it than the others. It was difficult to read at times. Not to my liking. The ending was good.

    3. 5 starsAnother 5 stars to you, R.E. Butler, I am totally hooked on your Ashland Pride books. I'm so glad the Dads got the happy ending. I was heart broken to find out what Rue went through and then her poor son. Happy ever afters makes my heart skip!

    4. I rated this book five stars. Ms Butler is one of my favorite writers, her shifter stories is what drew me to this genre. I love her expression of her characters to me their troubles and situation are what I love most in reading.I know there some who may not enjoy her type of books but if you like to lose yourself in a book who characters are amazing. Of course you need to be a person who likes the stories to be connected then Ms. Butler books is the type you will enjoy as much as I do. There ar [...]

    5. Labeled an abomination and forever banished, Veruka (Rue) Jennings has spent most of her life believing she is worthless until two lions, James and John help her save her son in this captivating paranormal romance.The well written scenes and details capture the imagination and bring the story to life in this fast paced and smooth flowing plot. Rue captures the heart with her tragic past (because of her ignorant ass family) and the reader can’t help but get caught up in the story as John and Ja [...]

    6. I was given this book for an honest review.Banished for being an "abomination" Rue has been through a lot of struggles in her life. When she meets the males John and James Fallon who are her mates will she let them in and help her when she needs the most?I enjoyed this book for the most part. There was a time when I felt a little of Rues paranoia and fear was dragged a little to far. Rue's desire to protect her son was as strong as a mother's should be for her child. But using that as a reason t [...]

    7. I was given this book by the author for an honest review.Rue is banished,branded,kicked out,forbitten to have cubs and to return to her home from her pride for being an Albino at the young age of sixteen.Now she has grown up , has a wonderful son but still is on the run always afraid she will be discovered.When she is persuaded by her son to go to Ashland and watch from afar her old family she meets John and James and all hell brakes lose as the pride gets a sniff of her as well.Will John and Ja [...]

    8. I was very lucky to receive an advanced copy of this book and found it as fantastic as all the books that have come before it - if not better.The characters James and John have been in this series from the beginning and I have always loved them, this book allows us to get to know them so much better and I fell in love with them all over again. We met Rue and I instantly liked her and felt she would be perfect for the brothers that have been through so much for their families. One thing that R.E [...]

    9. "1.5 out of 5 stars, a woman who has been banished from her clan and on the run for over seventeen years finally becomes rescued by two men claiming to be her mates but will she allow their help?This novel wasn't like anything I expected, and sad to say not in the good way. Maybe my hopes were too high for this novel but I found that it didn't hold my attention at all after the 43% mark where Rue started acting like an idiot. I mean I know and understand her concerns about her son's safety but t [...]

    10. I won a copy of this book in a giveaway.4 out of 5 StarsWhat did I like?I'm glad that after it was all over, that she regained some of her family. I am hopeful that their punishment (ghosted) brings them as much pain as her unfair banishment did to her. I'm also glad that Dom and Henry have their connection, Henry was feeling a little left out.While I don't envy them the wait, I think that Jilly especially could use that time. She just started finding herself, I think she needs more "me time" be [...]

    11. This is the first book in the series that I have read and now I feel the need to read the rest of them. I loved 4 men in this book James John Domino & Henry. These guys were awesome. James and John as the male mc's and Domino and Henry as great supporting characters. The interactions between these guys were so heartwarming and selfless. I can't say the same for the female mc. I absolutely hated her she continually ticked me off. This book got 5 stars from me in spite of my strong dislike of [...]

    12. Love the Characters and PlotRue, James, and John's story had me on the edge of my seat. Rue is such a sweet, loving mother who will do anything to protect her son, Dom. Rue will even die for him, if that is what is needed. Rue was abused and betrayed by those who should have loved her. She has never known true love except for that between a mother and son. John and James needed someone to love. They thought they would never have a mate. They too would do anything to protect their family. It woul [...]

    13. I'm not stupidOver and over the same points were made, the same feelings expressed, the same fears brought up ad nauseam. That kind of repetitive redundancy (ha! see what I did there?) is annoying and insults the reader's intelligence. I do not need everything reiterated to me for 75% of the book before something changes for me to understand where the heroine is coming from. Disappointing because the storyline was actually pretty good. If all of Rue's whining and running away had been condensed [...]

    14. I've quickly gained a soft spot for the Ashland pride shifters. With the female lions unable/unwilling to form relationships that leaves all the men looking for love and when an Albino Panther shifter crosses their path, James and John know they've found their mate but as she's banished and under a threat of death from her archaic clan will the two lions get the happy ever after they so desperately want ? A great story that tugs at your heart strings, this author has a fantastic ability to creat [...]

    15. FINALLY :-)I've fallen for the Fallons. I'm glad that John and James finally found their mate. Though a bit like catching your parents kissing lol. The Ashland series have become one of my favorite series, a close second to Star Wars.Doesn't feel rushed as Loving Lochlyn, that felt more like a pity story for Alek. The Ray/Scarlette/Wesley story can't wait (hint hint Butler lol). And then Dylan, Hunter,& Chase. and of course the resolution of the mountain lion curse.Another great job. I'm lov [...]

    16. Another superb book from Ms Butler. Rue is amazing. She is so strong despite her living in fear of discovery. She will do anything to protect her son, even run from true love. She has been in hiding so long, relying on only herself, she doesn't know how to see beyond the walls she's erected. I loved the connection that develops between Dominic and young Henry. James and John are exactly what Rue and Dom need. Their devotion and patience are extraordinary. Highly recommended author and seriesAdul [...]

    17. I don't know what everyone else was reading but I thought this was an awesome book. Rue is an albino panther who was banished from her clan and was told if they ever saw her or she had children she'd be killed. For years she hid her hair and scent so no one would find her or her son Dom. John and James find her in the woods and know immediately she's their mate. It is going to take patience and love to get her to lower her walls and trust them.

    18. Redeeming Rue(Ashland Pride 4) By R.E.BUTLERWOW that's another awesome addition to the series. Each book can be a standalone reading but I recommend you check out all of the series for its wonderful heartfelt moments,suspense,drama,humor and sensuality charged scorching scenes that keep you turning the pages. I have thoroughly enjoyed her characters and storylines in whatever she writing aboutd so will youSo check out R.E.BUTLER YOU'RE GOING TO BE GLAD YOU DID!!!

    19. Not the best of this series. I had hoped for a better h for James and John Rue was certainly not what they deserved - if you give her actions deep thought, you will find her severely lacking in intelligence. The smex scenes were boring, so I skipped them after the first couple (so I am not really a good judge of them).At least teenage mountain lion Henry gets a brother when albino panther-shifter Domino comes into the clan, and a future mating that is what he envisions.

    20. Redeeming RueThis book was so good,the wait for this to come out was worth it.Rues whole life was terror and danger.Her pride banished her because she was an albino.Beaten and marked Rue sets out on her own when she is only 16.Feeling lonely,Rue spends the night with a panther and he sees her mark and white hair,she is nearly beaten to death.While on the run she meets John and James.Sparks fly and read the book to find out.

    21. BrandedI enjoyed this book immensely. It makes you reflect on the sheer ignorance of some and a realization that the majority of the world is accepting of differences. This is story that will break your heart and then have you cheering for the sweet kindness and bravery of people to someone who just needs help. Because it's R. E. Butler's story you know that it's going to have romance and hot sex. This is a perfect way to spend some time. Enjoy, I did!

    22. Love this seriesRereading, reviewing this go round. Loved Rue, James and John's story. Rue was banished from her clan at 16, for the color of her fur. News of her cousins sons bonding ceremony brings her to Ashland. She finds her mates but nearly loses her son. Rue has the pride and her cousins clan on her side. A fast paced and steamy love story.

    23. Another great read.Get ready for some sexy lions,an albino panther, lots of family and more than a little evil to fight. Whether it is a pride, pack, or Panthers on the run, R.E.Butler knows how to tell a story and write a sexy scene. I can definitely recommend this book and the Ashland Pride Series.

    24. Terrific story was a good read. A great new instalment of the Ashland pride. Can't wait to read the next one. Well written and enjoyable. If you enjoy reading menage shapeshifter and romance then you will love this series.

    25. Another good R.E. Butler story. It was well written with good characters. I loved the whole outcast panther aspect. There was lots of background action, some ups and downs, and lots of warm fuzziness.

    26. Nice view of the older lionsThis series has had its up and downs, but this one is a keeper. Apparently albino Panthers are banished from shifter groups and forbidden to pass on the gene. Running from bigoted fanatics she is lucky enough :) to run into two hot lions.

    27. This is a good book, but I had some trouble getting into in the beginning. I just couldn't connect to Rue like I have the other heroines of this series. Considering that thought the ending was good and I look forward to the next book.

    28. 1.5 starsThat was the longest 208 pages ever. At least one third of the book could have been cut. The amount of repetitive information from previous books was ridiculous. I still can't believe i actually finished this.

    29. Nice readthis tale shows how sometimes people get lost in unfortunate times and are recovered by trials and patience has a good story in it .

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