Named and Shamed

Named and Shamed Gritting her teeth Jenny grimaced and gave him what he wanted the lewd sight of her backside jiggling this way and that as he continued to spank it His hand now felt like sandpaper on the sensitised f

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  • Title: Named and Shamed
  • Author: C.P. Mandara
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Gritting her teeth Jenny grimaced and gave him what he wanted the lewd sight of her backside jiggling this way and that as he continued to spank it His hand now felt like sandpaper on the sensitised flesh How much longer would she have to endure this The clamps continued to bite into her tender nipples, and as she swayed to and fro she could feel them moving with her,Gritting her teeth Jenny grimaced and gave him what he wanted the lewd sight of her backside jiggling this way and that as he continued to spank it His hand now felt like sandpaper on the sensitised flesh How much longer would she have to endure this The clamps continued to bite into her tender nipples, and as she swayed to and fro she could feel them moving with her, the ache increasing with each passing second If Jenny thought life was hard under the expert tutelage of Mark, being faced with a stable full of sex starved pony girls poses several challenges For instance, how do you bring eleven young women to orgasm in a timely fashion But to her surprise, tackling the problem with experimentation and enthusiasm, she finds herself enjoying the experience When training begins it is anything but enjoyable, however Harnessed in pony girl tack, her body is encircled with leather, rubber and steel It nips, chafes and rubs cruelly, especially when she s faced with a morning of naughty games in the exercise yard In Book Four of Pony Tales Jenny earns herself several punishments, and is subjected to some very thorough sex indoctrination she has to submit to the whims of her groom, trainers and even the stable hands Will rescue arrive or will she have to beg to be released, with nothing than her body as currency

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    1. Jenny makes the reluctant transformation to Pony GirlWell, she has full tack, but her mind hasn't quite accepted her fate.The severity of her situation had finally sunk in. These people were completely insane and this place was crazy. She had been effectively turned into a dumb animal and just about every avenue of escape had been taken from her. She could not run, she could not scream for help and without the use of her hands it would be impossible to free herself. Jenny's first full day at Alb [...]

    2. Genre:EroticaType:Book 4 of 6 from Pony Tales seriesPOV:Third PersonRating:4 Golden CocksAfter her harrowing (and arousing) first night in the stables, Jenny Redcliff’s second day wasn’t any better. The day of the auction has come and she was being prepared to be presented to the bidders complete with a new name chosen for her. As the day went by, Jenny’s hope for rescue started to slowly dim and her future hung in a balance.This book had something different from the previous books. It is [...]

    3. Named and Shamed is the fourth book in the Pony Tales series and Jenny’s Redcliff’s plight is really getting complicated as more details about her circumstances are exposed. Furthermore, the unknown adds to the tension as Jenny’s body is primped and primed in order to prepare for the pony auction. Despite Jenny’s extinguished hope of being rescued, she still doesn’t trust anyone at Albrecht Stables and one particular Master continues to be at the top of her list. But unfortunately for [...]

    4. Just won this baby courtesy of Ssh! Event 'Dispelling the Myths about BDSM'. Thank you so much ladies. Can't wait to read it.

    5. Jenny is definitely in for it now. The continuation of our shallow little princess turned pony is humiliating and delightful. Ms. Mandara is a tease. She keeps giving us tasty tidbits of Jenny being disciplined and forced to perform sexually for an audience. Yet nothing too hardcore has come up.The pony training here for Jenny is more sexual training. The forced orgasms and orgasm control are terrific. Jenny finally learns she isn't going to be rescued by dear daddy. Instead, she's now finally s [...]

    6. Pheww What a book! Okay, so, I didn't realize that this was a Book 4, HOWEVER, that didn't terribly matter much. I would really like to go back and read the first three so I get a better understanding of how in the hell we got to pony girl farm, but damn. As my first foray into the pony girl story genre, I can say it was an interesting one that would have me searching for more titles. Again, since I didn't realize this wasn't the start of the series, I think some of this could have been cleared [...]

    7. I was given this book for an honest review. There was a lot going on in this book this is the fourth book in a series and I have not read the first 3 books with that being said. I thought that this book was well written. I liked Mark a lot and I liked the other ponies and Jenny a lot. The sex scenes where hot I mean smoking hot.

    8. First of all this is not really a stand-alone book, it is best if one reads the other three that come before to understand what is going on. As always the editing and story-line is topnotch and I loved it.Without giving much away in this installment of Jenny's journey as a pony-girl, the intrigue is developed further. The story moved from simply being about Jenny's transformation to an erotic-suspense. Mark Matthews character was developed further with us gaining an insight to his life away from [...]

    9. Rated 3.5 StarsI found Named and Shamed to be an interesting and intriguing read. Although it has elements I enjoy for the most part it just wasn't my thing. This is the only book in the series I've read as a result I didn't get the full picture but I found it enjoyable nonetheless.Copy won during ShhDispelling the MYTHS about BDSM Giveaway

    10. Overall rating: 5 stars Plot: 8/10Ending: N/AWriting: 9/10Hero: 9/10Heroine: 8/10Humour: 7/10Steaminess: 10/10HEA: N/a seriesRecommend: YesRe-read: Probably notRead more from author: Yes

    11. 225 days to read a 160 page book, eh? heh. I read erotica slowly if it longer than a certain number of pages. In short small gulps. It has been way too long since I read the first three stories in this series, so the fact that we are only on day three by the time this book ends means something, but I'm not sure what. Since this is book 4 in the series. Time moves super slowly.So. A bratty, rich bitch went on vacation if I recall correctly. But was tricked, ended up at a pony farm - the kind with [...]

    12. Ok I am completely sucked into these books. Loving the story and hating that I have to wait for the next book!

    13. Great story. Better than the others so far in my opinion. The ending left me with a belly full of nervous butterflies and I'm looking forward to the next book. I'm hoping she makes the right choice.

    14. Well truth to be told i haven't finish the story but I've read more than lets say 65%. (I will continue reading it under certain circumstances which will be explained below)1st of all I've got a copy of this book from the author for read and review and I'm reading this book as a standalone.The reason I think i cannot properly read this book is because i don't really understand the personality and character of Jenny to fully enjoy the book as idk whether she deserves this type of treatment, from [...]

    15. Thanks Netgalley for such an interesting and enlightening book to read and review.I'll be honest here, this was definitely an erotic and enlightening read but I was sorely lost in the plot. I had not read the previous books and my ignorance shows. However I still enjoyed this erotic story. The descriptive pony play was delightful and seriously hot. How this all began was a mystery, and although not a stand alone I would definitely read more from this series. Overall entertainment was four stars. [...]

    16. I have each of the pony school books before Named and Shamed and couldn't wait to download this copy. I have loved each and every one of them.Each story gives you a little more insight in to the charcters in the tales, particularly the main protagonists. They also leave you on a cliffhanger leaving you anticipating the next release with relish.A series of steamy, naughty, complusive tales depicting pony play, BDSM and erotica. Very, very steamy. So steamy that I had to take my glasses off and wi [...]

    17. This Series Gets Better and Better!In the fourth instalment of Jenny's pony-girl saga, we really see her put through her paces with plenty of naughty games and teasing torment to be found in the stables. Loved getting a bit more insight in Master Mark and the workings of his office, and I think it's fair to say that the author's imagination knows no bounds!Named and Shamed moves on from 'all about Jenny' and enters the realms of erotic-suspense. Jenny - Mark - Kyle - where will it all end? Can't [...]

    18. I have to say . . . this series definitely keeps me on my toes and rather intrigued. It is so bizarre and unlike anything I've ever read.Jenny is a character who really intrigues me - especially after the incidents of this book, I'm curious to see how the relationship between Jenny and Mark grows. The pair of them seem to really work well together.I'm curious to see how things go in the next book, especially after the little twist that CP Mandara ends Named and Shamed on. Things have definitely [...]

    19. Named and Shamed seems to ramp up the action in every direction. The dynamic between Mark and Marianna is breathtaking, and it's quite entertaining to see the alphamale with his office full of submissive women ready to obey his every order. Jenny is still in lots of hot water. The Pony-Girl fitting is delicious (finally!) and the scenes between Mark and herself sizzle. Plenty of entertainment from Agnes and Hetty and Kyle adds a new and rather disturbing dimension. All in all, great fun and I ca [...]

    20. Named and Shamed is delicious. This time we have a full length novel and the action really ramps up. We have Mark in his office full of submissives and Jenny fighting off pony-girls back at the stables. Loved the chapter where Marianna was being eaten for breakfast, although I'm still rooting for Jenny to get her man! Again there is lots of BDSM: Mark gets out his belt, Kyle, 'The Cowboy,' gets to play in the dungeon and all sorts of naughty games abound. Can't wait for more hot action in Book F [...]

    21. Part 4 of Jenny’s adventures in the Albrecht Stables, Named and Shamed,surpasses the previous volumes. It is so hot, filled with delicious and inventive BDSM sex scenes so well written it feels as if you are witnessing them with you own eyes. It is never boring as every single scene is different from the others. The excellent high-class erotica aside the story is a compelling one and every page seems to end with a cliff hanger. I enjoyed reading Named and Shamed and cannot wait to start readin [...]

    22. This series just keeps getting hotter and hotter! Ok so its not for the faint hearted but the story keeps you turning the pages and the sex gets the pulse racing. The characters are fabulous, some are seriously hot whilst others had me giggling away. Ok so these books aren't going to be for everyone but if you are open-minded and a whole heap naughty this series is definitely the one for you. Now I must go and start book five ;)

    23. I could not put this book down. First I will admit that I have never read a pony play book. Second, I had no idea that this was not the first book in the series. Third, When I complete this review I am going to immediately buy the other books. C.P. Mandara has written a fabulous story. Even though it was not the first book in the series, I did not find that I was behind in any way. I read this as though it was a stand alone. The book was scorching hot and I can't wait until the next book.

    24. Plenty of entertainment from Agnes and Hetty and Kyle . All in all, great fun and entertaining. Fun read. Enjoyed

    25. Mind blowing! Absolutely loved this book, the 2nd I have read from the series and can't wait to start on the 3rd.

    26. Sexy, intriguing read that had me hooked from beginning to end. Yes, there is a lot of sex in this book but the characters and story are interesting as well. Very hot, fun and entertaining read.

    27. In this book the training really begins and we alway get a inside in Mark regular life, which is very different. Kyle is one creepy guy and to be honest I really feel for Jenny.

    28. Overall, I continue to like this series, as I learn more about pony play. Some parts were "hmmmmmmm." A couple of were "what, really." Most were "oh, oh, oh yeah."

    29. This comment applies to all the books in this series because I just couldn't stand it any more.Apparently in England it is legal for a legitimate, tax paying, well known company (not a psychiatric hospital or prison/jail) to confine someone over legal age for as many weeks or months (shoot, I guess, potentially, years) they deem necessary (or are paid to hold that person) and apply any sort of training/abuse they desire (or are paid to do) up to and including auctioning the person off to the hig [...]

    30. Jenny's 2nd day starting from the night she spent in the barn. She is still resisting, but herded into the morning routine. Mark Matthew's story is on parallel. Isabel and Kyle will have a date for Kyle doing the favor for her taking Mark's place. We still don't know what Jenny's Redcliffs father's intention is but he does not want Mark to participate in auction of Jenny.Mark comes back from his London office to find Sir Lyle in charge of trainees. He wants to make some trainees to gather nettle [...]

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