Born of Stone

Born of Stone Within a body strong as stone beats a heart ready for love Gargoyle Masters Book For seventy years Orestes and his twelve gargoyle brothers have done their duty to protect King Kadmos s realm There

  • Title: Born of Stone
  • Author: Missy Jane
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Within a body strong as stone beats a heart ready for love.Gargoyle Masters, Book 1For seventy years, Orestes and his twelve gargoyle brothers have done their duty to protect King Kadmos s realm There s only one annoyance in his life humans.He s content to leave them to their idol worship Until he notices a small, frail woman serving at his table, doing her best to remaiWithin a body strong as stone beats a heart ready for love.Gargoyle Masters, Book 1For seventy years, Orestes and his twelve gargoyle brothers have done their duty to protect King Kadmos s realm There s only one annoyance in his life humans.He s content to leave them to their idol worship Until he notices a small, frail woman serving at his table, doing her best to remain invisible Something about her calls to him like no human before.Astrid is terrified Not only of the powerful magical creature with inhuman strength, but of the staff overseer s lash for calling attention to herself Instead she is whisked away to paradise, bathed, fed, and made love to by Orestes as if she is his reason to live But she isn t na ve enough to believe she is anything than a temporary diversion.When Orestes is called away to search for a missing brother, Astrid is kidnapped by a traitor intent on using her to bend Orestes to his will Little do the lovers know that the connection between them is no weakness, but a strength their enemies would be fools to underestimate Warning This book contains paranormal fighting, steamy sex scenes, strong willed females, and men made of stone who prove to be soft as butter in the right woman s hands.

    One thought on “Born of Stone”

    1. I've been taking periodic notes of my thoughts whilst reading this and it appears that this book is everything I loathe in romance and it's sub-genres.There's two "romances" in this Fantasy Romance story for the price of one, but the characters are completely interchangeable. Both female characters are scared, submissive women who live in a cloud of naivety and innocence. Both male characters are assertive, dominant warrior hunks who stand head and shoulders above all other lifeforms and must "p [...]

    2. Orestes is a protector of the realm and he’s content to leave the humans to their idol worship until one small human calls to him like no human before in this hypnotic paranormal romance. To add even more spice to the story, there are unexpected twists, another romance brewing and Orestes and Astrid get the surprise of a lifetime while the setting is the perfect ambiance for this story of gargoyles and wizards. The author has created a fascinating realm with some very sexy protectors and the s [...]

    3. Warning this is a slightly sarcastic review as this one annoyed me enough to put it in there. However, you will see I gave it three stars. It wasn't bad just had a lot of romance annoyances. It was ok overall just not for me. I don't understand the premise for the book. You have these gargoyle hero's created by wizards as adults, fully functional etc to protect humanity but did not realize their servants were being whipped, treated like slaves and not fed for decades? Huh? That just makes them l [...]

    4. I loved this book. Some of the reviews had me unsure of whether to read it or not, but I was so interested in the blub that I thought I'd give it a chance. It was really good and I'm glad it followed two couples at once. The gargoyle men were so protective and sweet and the story line was full of action. I really hope there will be more books and it turns into a series! I will definitely be looking for more from this author.

    5. This is not a typical read for me but I loved it! I came across this book and its author whilst browsing and I'm so glad I did I loved the storyline and the characters. There is so much potential for the books to come and I can't wait!!!

    6. An interesting gargoyle fantasy story. With this you get a two for one romance. I found the hero/s and heroine/s like-able and the supporting characters interesting. There are wizards and other fantasy elements which I enjoy.There are some mysteries surrounding the gargoyles and I'm hoping to learn more with the next book in the series.Some steamy sex scenes but they are not particularly numerous.

    7. I read the summary and thought " surely, it couldn't be that simple". apparently, it could. the book doesn't feel like a whole book at all and has a very simple plot with very disturbing relationships. I skimmed it in the hopes that it would get better but nope.

    8. 2.5 stars. I would have given it 3 stars if it hadn't been so rushed and there had been more info about gargoyles.

    9. Good short read. I think this would've been more stars for me if it was longer, more in depth. I'll read whatever comes next in this series.

    10. Thank you for writing a novel where the 'heroes' weren't mean, nasty, etc. towards the women after they had sex with them. (So many novels are written that way).Speaking of sex, I wish there was more romance before characters had sex in romance novels. That's the best part of a relationship.Otherwise they're just having sex - not making love. They're just going through the motions. It reads like something a guy would be interested in - porn in book form.All the women I know would rather read abo [...]

    11. The writing is good- the story line is good and although Romance is not my thing (there is plenty of hot gargoyle sex in here), this story has the makings of excellent hi-fantasy if Missy decides to do some serious world building. It was interesting enough and paced well so I did enjoy it, except for feeling sexually inadequate, post rock hard gargoyles having their way with human women. I hope she does! She has earned my read of book 2. For the ladies? Yeah, it will get 5 stars.

    12. Fascinating but a little flatter than I had hoped--and with a bit more sex.Motif: Strong, hard, courageous men falling for vulnerable, sweet, non-warrior women (timid but not without a measure of strength, courage, endurance). Happens in similar fashion with both pair of loversThere may have been a kidnapping, an attempted overthrow of the kingdom, an ambush, and a betrayal involved--but those seemed rather anti-climactic compared to the men persuading their women that they can be trusted. [Roma [...]

    13. This novel felt like a throwback to the paranormal romances I read as a teen in the 90s- where men are superhuman and women are meek and inexperienced. Another throwback was the dubious consent of the main heroine- can a servant who had been starved, beaten, and terrorized for weeks really consent to sex with an overlord who wants to take care of her? (He's not the one who was beating her, BTW.)I guess I'm used to reading stories where the heroines have some agency, and aren't waiting for their [...]

    14. 3.5 stars. I basically liked the premise of this book and the storyline wasn't bad but it was not detailed enough. Not enough character development and the story went quickly with not enough detail. I don't know if I will read the next book in the series. I may give it a chance hoping for a better written story because I didn't hate this but I certainly am not going to run out to get the next book. Sometimes I'm desperate for something to read, or just in the mood for light paranormal romance an [...]

    15. interestingly different. shortish, approx 2 hours reading time. one thing I noticed was that there was very little back story to the Gargoyles, other than why they were created. I'd have liked some more. also, it's a two-for-one tale. you get the stories of 2 gargoyles although I suspect that Nel's tale might bleed over into further books. 3.5 stars, but I'll certainly read any future books. I'm interested in following up, not just the Gargoyles, but Albain too

    16. Too short but strangely captivating in spite of its shortcomings (the characters are not properly introduced or explained and major events seem to happen in the blink of an eye). Not an unpleasant read though, if paranormal romance light tickles your fancy.

    17. Loved itWell written and enjoyable to read the story was a real change from the norm. If you enjoy reading sci-fi romance then you will love this one. I have really enjoyed this one and I can't wait to read the next instalment.

    18. AmazingI loved everything about this book the characters the action plot and drama I'm just waiting on book 2 in this great series. Missy Jane is a great writer and very creative. The story has a great flow and it doesn't leave you guessing

    19. I loved this book the 2 minor plot lines being interwoven were amazin. Im cautiously hooding for a second book.

    20. Interesting premise. I think it would have been more effective if the story had been more developed; everything happened rather quickly.

    21. Not a terrible book, but not great. Fast, mindless read. Would be curious about reading more books in the series to see if the world building gets better.

    22. Basic storyline was interesting but didn't live up to its potential. Characters were weak and not well fleshed out.

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