One thought on “珈琲時間”

  1. Another comic/manga with good art, but not so strong in story part.This is a collection of short manga stories with one connection: each story has coffee related scene: drinking coffee scenes, or at least the coffee mentioned in some stories if not really consumed. Majority theme is slice-of-life, but there are some stories with more excitement than ordinary life. Some stories are so short, I have no idea what is the author's intention.

  2. BaguuuusIni sklebat kayak novel Blue romance tapi versi komik sih wq.Cuma masalah yang diangkat dalam tiap bab nggak melulu soal cinta. ada juga tentang hal absurd kayak jerapah yang kesurupan(?) dan yah pokoknya nggak masuk akal. Tapi ada cerita tentang kopinya di setiap cerita itu. jadi 1 cerita 1 kopi. total ada 16 kopi berbeda dan 16 cerita kalau gak salah.Bagus, suka banget. banyak quote yang nampar juga XD

  3. 17 short stories which revolves around a cup of coffee, some of them are gems and others ok. Each story brings about different emotion- Laughter, mischief,sadness. The art and characters in all the stories are great, the expression real and situation life like. Would have loved it if all of them were connected.

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