Burn for Me

Burn for Me New York Times bestselling author Ilona Andrews launches a brand new Hidden Legacy series in which one woman must place her trust in a seductive dangerous man who sets off an even dangerous desire

  • Title: Burn for Me
  • Author: Ilona Andrews
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 1 New York Times bestselling author Ilona Andrews launches a brand new Hidden Legacy series, in which one woman must place her trust in a seductive, dangerous man who sets off an even dangerous desire Nevada Baylor is faced with the most challenging case of her detective career a suicide mission to bring in a suspect in a volatile case Nevada isn t sure she has the 1 New York Times bestselling author Ilona Andrews launches a brand new Hidden Legacy series, in which one woman must place her trust in a seductive, dangerous man who sets off an even dangerous desire Nevada Baylor is faced with the most challenging case of her detective career a suicide mission to bring in a suspect in a volatile case Nevada isn t sure she has the chops Her quarry is a Prime, the highest rank of magic user, who can set anyone and anything on fire.Then she s kidnapped by Connor Mad Rogan a darkly tempting billionaire with equally devastating powers Torn between wanting to run or surrender to their overwhelming attraction, Nevada must join forces with Rogan to stay alive.Rogan s after the same target, so he needs Nevada But she s getting under his skin, making him care about someone other than himself for a change And, as Rogan has learned, love can be as perilous as death, especially in the magic world.

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    1. You'd think with all the bestsellers they have, they'd be able to get some decent covers for their books. Don't get me wrong. I love their writing, but I'm embarrassed to hold these books in the street.

    2. Reviewed by: Rabid ReadsFor those of you who have been living under a rock don’t already know, Ilona Andrews is my F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E.Has been since I first read Magic Bites five or six years ago. After I binge-read all the available Kate books, I moved onto The Edge which I also loved, and knowing that the Ilona love was not a fluke, the internet stalking began, in which I discovered the Curran POV Collection and Kinsmen sci-fi short stories, etc.And the Andrews, have never, not once, let me dow [...]

    3. [May 28, 2017]➽ And the moral of this rerererererereread is:Sorry, what? I only just rerererererereread this a month ago, you say? And your point is?P.S. I want to be Nevada Baylor when I grow up. And not only because the Scourge of Mexico wants to go all tactile on me her and stuff. Not that I mind the Scourge of Mexico wanting to go all tactile on me her and stuff. But, you know, there's other, you know, cool stuff about being her that makes me want to, you know, be her and stuff.✎ Book 2: [...]

    4. Sale Alert 23Oct17: Steal of a deal at $0.99 at White Hot comes out on Tuesday so I'm totally ready to get me Rogan Fix on. Re-read with Ilona Andrews Addicts5th read and I still love practically everything about this book. It is like coming home after a long trip away and just being so happy to be there again. If you haven't started this series yet you are missing out in my honest and very humble yet biased opinion Rereading Againr no reason what-so-ever *whistles nonchalantly*Buddy Read with A [...]

    5. I'm not one of those readers who swears a favorite author can do no wrong. I feel I have to say this because it seems like every time I pick up an Ilona Andrews book, I find myself fawning all over it, like a teenage girl with her first crush. BUT IT'S REAL LOVE. I SWEAR.This book rocked my socks off as much as any Kate Daniels book ever has. And while the Andrews team has a unique voice that is unmistakable, this book is not Kate: Part 2. The world-building is fantastic and utterly different fr [...]

    6. Wow…I never had to leave two books incompletely read within a week before. New record, I guess? I was SURE (having loved Magic Bites) that this was going to be a kickass UF new series with a strong main character and a splendidly developed magic world. But it was underwhelming…so so underwhelming.And THAT COVER. Why did they reject this one?Please don't tell me that it wasn't sexy enough.

    7. Let's talk about expectations, shall we? A few years ago, I went on a business trip to London. I was good friends with the co-workers I traveled with, and already had a fantastic rapport going with our British counterparts because I served as the liaison between our two companies. The trip was a roaring success; everyone not only got along, but got along really well, and because of this dynamic, we accomplished everything we set out to early on in the week. That left us with a lot of free time t [...]

    8. *****5/3/2017*****There is a Mad Rogan POV scene on IA's site!!!!!ilona-andrews/rogan-po5 If I Could I Would Kidnap IA And Make Them Tell Me Stories Forever StarsThere might(definitely) be untagged SPOILERS.In 1863 European scientists discovered the Osiris serum, a concoction which brought out one’s magic talents. These talents were many and varied. Eventually the world realized the consequences of awakening godlike powers in ordinary people. The serum was locked away, but it was too late. The [...]

    9. I wanted a fast pace Urban Fantasy with a strong but caring heroine, a dangerous Alpha love interest with a hidden heart and some smut. Burn for Me delivered on all accounts. Urban Fantasy is my go to genre when I need something light, fun and the right amount of sexy. Ilona Andrews is one of my favourite writers for this type of books and I knew I couldn’t go wrong with her new series. I love Kate Daniel’s adventure but I wanted something new and maybe a little bit more romance so decided t [...]

    10. 4.5 starsHIDEOUS COVER ALERT*!I refuse to blame Andrews for this ridonkulous looking cheese-fest, but I wish that whoever is in charge of this sort of thing at Avon would get a clue.This looks like the sort of thing I've come to expect from crappy PNR, not Urban Fantasy. This cover doesn't say kick-ass story between these pages, it says Fabioish romance inside. Well, guess what?They don't have sex in this book.The folks who were hoping for a little *bow-chicka-wow-wow* (thanks to the cover) will [...]

    11. After the brilliant Magic Breaks, Burn for Me further proves that Ilona and Gordon can do whatever the hell they want and it will always be gloriously entertaining!Only three things are certain in life: death, taxes, and good UF from Ilona Andrews. There aren’t many authors who can be counted upon to always deliver the best, but Ilona and Gordon are among them. Burn for Me is just another in a long string of successes for this husband-and-wife writing team. Please don’t let the cover and the [...]

    12. I've read many books this year (over 150). I've given only 11, 5 stars. 7 of these are by Ilona Andrews. If that doesn't tell you how good they are and that you check out their books, I don't know what will.Ok, not enough? Fine. Let's see, why would this book be worth it? First, I need you to forget that beautiful hotcover (the male model doesn't even look good, for God's sake) and the title (because it's not what you think it means). Now let's see the content:➀ Awesome family. Yes, this is #1 [...]

    13. 10/5/17Rogan POV from Burn for Me (Part 2)ilona-andrews/rogan-bu30/4/17Re-read! I needed a pick me up and this was perfect.12/3/17Rogan POV from Burn for Me (Part 1)ilona-andrews/rogan-po5 starsIf there is something Ilona and Gordon Andrews excel at is world building. And once again they weaved their magic and I fell for it! I love this book! Crushing hard on Mad Rogan and Nevada, in the modern vernacular totally shipping them!Nevada Baylor is a strong young woman that's been struggling to keep [...]

    14. 1st read - October 20142nd read - October 20163rd read - 12th December 20164th read - 14th December 20165th read - 22nd April 20176th read - 25nd April 20177th read - May 20178th read - November 2017Original ReviewI'm a massive fan of Ilona and Gordon Andrews's Kate Daniels series, in fact I'd put it right up there as one of my favourites, so of course I couldn't wait to dive into their newest novel and explore another world they've created in Burn for Me. When I pick up a story from a favourite [...]

    15. Re-read on May 8, 2017. Review also posted at: dustoffyourmachalo.wordpress.I think I finally found my casting choice for Mad Rogan.Rogan and Nevada.Re-read: May 8, 2017 in preparation for the May 30th release of White Hot. New rating: FIVE You-Couldn't-Handle-My-Snake STARS! I have no idea what I was thinking when I read this the first time. "3.5-3.8 stars?!" Pffffffffffffffft.This time around, I really liked Rogan a lot more. Grandma Frida is awesome.I loved the world-building so muchRE MORE M [...]

    16. Buddies, who's up for a White Hot BR on the release date?????? Let me know!----------------------There was a fluid, magnetic grace in the way he moved. All those muscles I had been admiring yesterday were just a by-product of his journey toward his goal. And the goal was power. Raw, lethal power. All of him, his incredible strength, his blinding speed, his flexibility, dexterity, and stamina blended together to achieve an almost feral savagery. Tiny hairs stood on the backs of my arms. It was li [...]

    17. As much as I hate the cover, Tessy said its an amazing book and won't stop gushing about it. In return I gave her one of my favourite books to read. Guess what? She was right, I loved it.#Experimental love read.I don’t even know where to begin this review from, I love the book, charcters, magic, plot etc. But I still find it hard to review this. Urban fantasy and 3 star reviews have always being my hardest to write but I will do my best to make this good. World building and Writing The magic s [...]

    18. Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestI read this book for the Unapologetic Romance Readers' New Years 2017 Reading Challenge. For more info about what this is, click here. I'm not very good at fangirling, but some books make me want to try. BURN FOR ME makes me want to try. It was so good. The heroine, the villainous antihero, the magic system, the world-building was all so, so good. Reading this transported me to childhood again, when I could completely immerse myself in fantasy sto [...]

    19. BUUURRRRNNNNN!Not a real review, but this book is eons better than that cover. I don't know how Ilona Andrews keeps coming up with a never-ending set of AMAZING urban fantasy realms without them feeling stale. This writing team is everything. The second book can't come fast enough, and I actually think I like it better than the Kate Daniels series. Winner.

    20. This statement has never been more true than for this particular book. The cover just screams "cheap-romance-with-sex" and if it hadn't been for the recommendations of Tadiana & Steven I probably wouldn't have touched it with a barge-pole (yes, I am a booksnob).But I listened to reason (recommendations), wrapped the book in thick paper & started reading and then I got hooked & I had great fun. The story has everything you need and in perfect proportions: nice world-building with urb [...]

    21. November 2016 Re-read: This gets better and better each time. Though it's over far too quickly. I need the next book! May 2017. *sigh*30 November 2015: $1.99 on Kindle25 October 2015: $1.99 on KindleOctober 2015 re-read: Okay, couple of addendum points to my review. I still have questions about the world-building, but I trust that it'll be further explored in future books. However, on a re-read I've noticed things that I simply didn't the first time (or that I've forgotten since I read it the fi [...]

    22. You can find this review at Booksprens.Actual rating: 4.25 stars.This book is hot stuff ! And I'm not using the word "hot" based on the cover (ugly and misleading) or the title (deliberately equivocal ?). I had a blast reading "Burn for me": it was fun, it was fast-paced, it was intriguing and, let's be honest, pretty sexy! I shouldn't be surprised though! There is something extremely familiar, cozy and addictive about the Andrews' writing. Their prose is simple, their dialogues either informati [...]

    23. More Ilona Andrews fabulousness in a new series. Really enjoyed the main characters Nevada and Rogan. If you're a fan of the Kate Daniels series, this should be right up your street too. 'Nuff saidReread May 2017Getting in the mood for the sequel which is out in just a few days. Wow. Just as good as I remembered. Nevada is such a grounded character! Her self respect and understanding of who she is, what she stands for, what she wants is very empowering to read. Cannot wait to see how things deve [...]

    24. I loved it! Not 5 stars love, not yet, but I have a feeling next book might be :)Great new series by Ilona Andrews!EDIT: 3.5 starsThe more I think about it, the more I have a problem with the heroine being sexually attracted to someone who kidnapped and tortured her. The hero has a very interesting back story that will probably explain how he became this way and I can see myself liking him in the future BUT I needed him to grow more before she fell in lust with him. The partnership with the almo [...]

    25. Re-read in Audio this time.HELL YESSSS TO THIS SERIES!!! Lemme tell ya, Mad Rogan has some mad skills.I GIVES IT 10 STARSI love Ilona Andrews books and this book was no exception. It's like the author sprinkled crack on the pages, I just couldn't stop reading. I didn't want it to end. EVER. Seriously, were do they come up with this brilliant, magical stuff? I love the writing, all the humor, the action, the romance and everything about the characters. It's really easy to relate to Nevada, she's [...]

    26. Updated review, posted initially at fantasyliterature:The husband-wife author team of Ilona Andrews began their new Hidden Legacy urban fantasy series in 2014 with Burn for Me.In an alternative reality to our world, a serum discovered in 1863 unleashed people’s magical talents. As the powerful and rich sought the serum as a new way for their families to gain more power and wealth, others realized the potential it raised for chaos and destruction, and locked it away – too late. Magical talent [...]

    27. *** 4 ***A buddy read with the army of IA fans!!! I love Ilona Andrews! As much as I do, I can't say that I am as hard-core as 99.9% of my GR friends are. My lovely Sarah, who is the leader of the gang of insanely IA knowledgeable flock of Kate Daniels-like kick ass awesome readers, persuaded me to read this book with very bodice-ripper looking cover. I have to admit, I had been afraid to read it, because I didn't want to be disappointed by the Gordons,, thinking this would be a PNR After all th [...]

    28. "The next time I kill someone, I'd like to do it in a way that doesn't freak you out.”Because I - and so many others - fangirl Ilona Andrews, I was pretty sure I'd dig this book at least some. To my delight, I ended up falling completely head over heels.Unique worldbuilding graces the pages. The world has magic in it to which only a few are granted, and to which an even smaller number are known as Primes (the super powerful). Houses made up of primes are what makes the world go round, as they' [...]

    29. ☆ ☆☆☆☆November 2017 reread:You guys. Reread stands as exceptional. Better than I remembered? Fuck. Yes.Me the entirety of reread: No spoilers and colorful language abound! I received this ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.It has been 48 mother frackin' days since I have been able to finish a book. I have picked up countless books, including this one, and after a few pages, put it back down. I have even gotten mildly interested in books, only to put them down and n [...]

    30. Just look at that cover! Doesn't that scream sexytime and burning fluffy wooly-headed desire? There's even a hint of magic in there, right? Granted, anyone who knows this writer-team can fully expect there to be a huge amount of magic and very decent world building and a solid UF action- and sometimes mystery- novel, but for me, that's the ONLY REASON I picked up this book at all because I respect the writers not because I was corralled into reading this with a bunch of friends who were sad beca [...]

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