Alan Turing: Unlocking the Enigma

Alan Turing Unlocking the Enigma Alan Mathison Turing Mathematician philosopher codebreaker a founder of computer science and the father of Artificial Intelligence Turing was one of the most original thinkers of the last century

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  • Title: Alan Turing: Unlocking the Enigma
  • Author: David Boyle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alan Mathison Turing Mathematician, philosopher, codebreaker, a founder of computer science, and the father of Artificial Intelligence, Turing was one of the most original thinkers of the last century and the man whose work helped create the computer driven world we now inhabit.But he was also an enigmatic figure, deeply reticent yet also strikingly na ve Turing s opeAlan Mathison Turing Mathematician, philosopher, codebreaker, a founder of computer science, and the father of Artificial Intelligence, Turing was one of the most original thinkers of the last century and the man whose work helped create the computer driven world we now inhabit.But he was also an enigmatic figure, deeply reticent yet also strikingly na ve Turing s openness about his homosexuality at a time when it was an imprisonable offense ultimately led to his untimely lo death at the age of only forty one In Alan Turing Unlocking the Enigma, David Boyle reveals the mysteries behind the man and his remarkable career Aged just 22, Turing was elected a fellow at King s College, Cambridge on the strength of a dissertation in which he proved the central limit theorem By the age of 33, he had been awarded the OBE by King George VI for his wartime services Turing was instrumental in cracking the Nazi Enigma machines at the top secret code breaking establishment at Bletchley Park during the Second World War.But his achievements were to be tragically overshadowed by the paranoia of the post War years Hounded for his supposedly subversive views and for his sexuality, Turing was prosecuted in 1952, and forced to accept the humiliation of hormone treatment to avoid a prison sentence Just two years later, at the age of 41 he was dead The verdict cyanide poisoning.Was Turing s death accidental as his mother always claimed Or did persistent persecution drive him to take him own life Alan Turing Unlocking the Enigma seeks to find the man behind the science, illuminating the life of a person who is still a shadowy presence behind his brilliant achievements.

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    1. Rating: 3.5* of fiveMy Kindle seduced me again with an Endeavour Press Kindle Single, ALAN TURING: Unlocking the Engiman, by David Boyle. At about 65pp, it's long enough to learn some new things and short enough to provide an overview of the short life of this amazing man.As ever, I've cached my review at my blog so it will be safe from data-deleting megacorps.

    2. Alan Turing was a notable philosophical/mathematical figure in the advancement of computers and artificial intelligence. Known for his contributions at Bletchley Park (Britain’s codebreaking headquarters) during World War 2, Turing worked on cracking the Nazi’s Enigma code which was used in transmissions between the U-Boats and Nazi command. At Bletchley, he developed enhancements to a Polish bomb machine, which decrypted messages, to create the bombe, a machine that found the settings of En [...]

    3. This kindle single gives an interesting short biography of Alan Turing, the brilliant scientist best known for wartime code breaking at Bletchley Park and his pioneering contribution to the very beginning of information technology. This tells the story of his life from a bookish and withdrawn boy, independent and obsessed with mathematics, to an academic career which led to his important wartime work and a post-war period at King’s College where he faced difficulties in both the scientific wor [...]

    4. This is a short book, a Kindle Single, and will give the reader a flavour of Alan Turing's position in the world of science. He was a brilliant mathematician and was part of the Enigma code-breaking team at Bletchley Park. His interest in artificial intelligence is remembered in the terminology – the Turing Test. As short as it is, it necessarily skims over the surface of much of Turing’s life, so treat it as an introduction. A recent 'pardon' for his homosexuality has brought Turing into th [...]

    5. A brief introduction to Turing's ideas about computer's intelligence and consciousness. Can a computer be aware of its own existence? The book's title is deceiving. Just scratches the surface of Turing's involvement in cracking ENIGMA. This book encourages me to explore a bit more about the liar paradox, the Entscheidungsproblem, and the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.

    6. Concise and informative, I loved how it managed to provide such a complete perspective on Turing and his work so clearly and compellingly in such a short book. It is beautifully researched and written.

    7. I had no idea Alan Turing was so fascinating or had made such important contributions to the fields of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Theory. You really don't have to know a thing about either of those fields to appreciate this piece.

    8. I echo the sentiments of another reader who wrote: "Anyone interested in Alan Turing and his role with Enigma at Bletchley Park will find little enlightenment here. I am sorry to say it is a grave disappointment."A sketchy overview of an interesting life.

    9. While I found this to be a very interesting read, overall I thought that the author did not spend enough time on each particular event in Turing's life. It was too much of an overview of his life rather than devoting time to the questions and discoveries that made him famous.

    10. Unlocking An EnigmaJust as this Kindle Single explains how Alan Turing helped unlock the secrets of the Enigma machine, so too does it help unlock the Enigma known as Alan Turing. Tracing his life and exploring the questions surrounding his death at age 41, this short book is well worth reading as an introduction to Turing's life and his work. If the reader wants a detailed look, however, the limitations of the Kindle Single book format will cause this book to be a frustrating disappointment as [...]

    11. Sente-se que Alan Turing é daquelas personalidades que não é suficientemente recordada na memória comum. Conhecedores da história da computação sabem da importância deste homem para o nascer do nosso mundo digital, e peritos na história da II guerra recordam logo o seu papel nos esforços de criptografia britânica. E é talvez por isto que Turing seja mais recordado, para lá de ter dado o nome ao teste que visa distinguir uma inteligência artificial da inteligência humana. O recente [...]

    12. This was a short book that, in Kindle form, was very inexpensive. I have always found Alan Turing an interesting (and tragic) figure, so I grabbed it. It took very little time to read (which perhaps was the intent of the author), and added a little bit to my knowledge of Turing. It was written in an engaging style.This book has caused me to set myself a challenge: to read a book I bought a while ago, immediately after viewing the movie "The Imitation Game" Alan Turing: The Enigma. When I receive [...]

    13. I alternated between the Kindle edition and the audiobook narration via Audible.This is a good introduction to the short life of Alan Turing for someone who, like me, has a limited knowledge of his life and achievements. It's a quick, interesting read and overviews his contributions to cracking the German codes during the Second World War. It discusses his sexuality and his eventual suicide in 1954. Again, it is just an overview and may not be suitable for someone looking for a more comprehensiv [...]

    14. Interesting short history of one of the most brilliant men in the world who was horribly persecuted by the British Government because he was a homosexual. Thanks to him and his team of fellow scientist Germany's Enigma code was broken helping the Allies win WWII. His treatment after the war is definitely a black mark on Britain's history.

    15. An interesting man who was never shown the appreciation he deserved, nor allowed the dignity of living how he wanted. He's one of those people in history that I wish I could travel back in time and tell them they were right, or that their legacy is greater than they could have imagined.

    16. Alan Turing: Unlocking the Enigma by David Boyle (Author) Kindle e-book/DP/BOOIDCH6YATuring was the leading British pioneer in the development of computer science in the 20th century.Boyle’s book is not the first, nor the last, to tell this man’s story. But it is a good account. In a relatively few pages Boyle has condensed in this story the essential details and relevancies of Turin’s life, work and social relations.This is not the easiest read, and, of necessity due to the brevity of the [...]

    17. This short book gives an overview of the life and work of Alan Turing, who helped cracked the German Enigma code during WWII which is widely believed to have shortened the war and saved numerous lives. If that was all Turing had accomplished in his short life, it would be notable. He is also widely considered the father of modern computing and a proponent of artificial intelligence. His philosophy of mathematics, computing and AI led him to develop the Turing test, which modern AI developers sti [...]

    18. As several reviewers here have already pointed out, this is really only for readers who don’t already know anything at all about Turing or his work with de-coding the German Enigma machines at Bletchley Park during WW2 i.e. someone who hasn’t seen The Imitation Game, and hasn’t been aware of any of the news a few years back (when his name re-emerged onto public consciousness with his posthumous pardon). Enticed by this cheap Kindle Single for just 99p, I didn’t really have high hopes whe [...]

    19. A short read that highlights more of the theoretical side of Turing's nature than the mechanics of his work: how machines could come to create, to learn, to intuit, thus proving they are capable of human intelligence. Turing's tragic personal life is revealed; "like Turing himself, [computers] could solve logical problems but could not quite master the accepted codes of human interaction." As the title suggests, the man was as enigmatic as the machine. In the end, the author draws the conclusion [...]

    20. This was a short but fascinating look at Alan Turing and his role in the beginning of the computer age. He was one of the first to develop a computer that would process data and helped to win World War II. He was disgraced and humiliated by his conviction for homosexuality and ultimately committed suicide. A pardon was finally issued in 2013 and an apology for the treatment that he endured and his fame is continuing to grow today. This book was an excellent look at an enigma of a man.

    21. This is a poorly written book that barely mentions how Turing broke the Enigma. The majority of the book is spent over describing his work in AI and has no clear chronological organization. It would have been nice to learn more about Turing's childhood and how he became interested in computing and intelligence. Otherwise, this is a lousy read and I feel like I should be writing an essay for my MIS professor. Note I graduated college 10 years ago so I'm not writing any essays.

    22. While the book is a great introduction about Alan Turing, it seems to focus more on the summary of Turning life and not his works. It starts with a claim that Turing is perhaps the greatest scientist of the 20th century but does not seem to validate the claim by how his works has continues to inspire the generations of scientists.Only read if you are trying to have a quick understanding of Turing and not if you want to truely understand him.

    23. Short and effective story about the Turing testI was expecting a biography of Alan Turing but (spoiler alert) he dies before the middle of the book. It is short discussion of what Alan Turing started and what does the world look like almost 70 years after his death. Inventor of computer, martyr of gays, pioneer of chaos theory, victim of the cold war. Can be read in one sitting.

    24. The only thing that I knew about Alan Turing before this book was a few things about his role in cracking the Enigma Code in WW2. This limited biography explores his role in advancing the computer sciences and development of A I. There is also detailing of his being persecuted by his own government because of his homosexuality.Barnaby Edwards is very good as narrator.

    25. Can't recommend. The title would suggest that this failed effort has something to to with Alan Turing and his WW II work at breaking the Enigma Machine. If THAT is the story that you are looking to read about, I'd suggest looking elsewhere. This book is very disappointing as it simply glosses over that period. I was expecting so much more.

    26. This is a well written introduction to the life and scientific contributions of Alan Turin n language that is understandable to the reader with little experience in advanced mathematics and artificial intelligence. Obviously a genius with a mind that I am sure matches that of an Einstein but with not nearly the fame, thus far.

    27. Good, quick read through Turing's lifeWell written summary of Turing. Not enough detail of his extensive WWII work for my taste, but a fairly detailed look at his life leading up to the Enigma and the Cold War chapter of Turing's work.A bit of 'how he did it', ie, some of the reverse engineering breakthroughs on Enigma would've been welcome.

    28. I was disappointed in this Kindle Single. Although the idea is a short feature one a single idea and the fact that I was interested in learning more about Alan Turing and his work I found this short read had lack of focus. Felt like an amateurish effort.

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