Gestapo Un roman de exceptie despre experienta de front si cazarma a unui batalion nemtesc din Al Doilea Razboi Mondial in care ritmul actiunii se apropie de cel cinematografic iar evenimentelor sunt surpri

  • Title: Gestapo
  • Author: Sven Hassel
  • ISBN: 9789731848945
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Un roman de exceptie despre experienta de front si cazarma a unui batalion nemtesc din Al Doilea Razboi Mondial, in care ritmul actiunii se apropie de cel cinematografic, iar evenimentelor sunt surprinse alternativ, in cadre filmice Astfel, de la viata penitenciara, unde disciplina disimuleaza o terifianta batjocura la adresa condamnatilor, naratiunea transleaza brusc sUn roman de exceptie despre experienta de front si cazarma a unui batalion nemtesc din Al Doilea Razboi Mondial, in care ritmul actiunii se apropie de cel cinematografic, iar evenimentelor sunt surprinse alternativ, in cadre filmice Astfel, de la viata penitenciara, unde disciplina disimuleaza o terifianta batjocura la adresa condamnatilor, naratiunea transleaza brusc spre o adevarata paranghelie cazona de la arestarea unei batranici, care va fi condamnata la moarte pentru ofensa la adresa Fhrerului, se ajunge la intalnirea dintre doi afaceristi in uniforma Porta si trompetistul cavalerist Rudolf Kleber care, suprema onoare , i a cantat lui Hitler insusi Trocul cu tigari cu opiu contra poze porno e savuros, portretele celor doua personaje fiind creionate cu un umor amintind de Ha ek si al sau brav soldat Swejk Meritul lui Hassel, dincolo de talentul scriitoricesc indiscutabil, este insa acela ca reuseste sa faca o paralela socanta intre teroarea gestapovista si si aceea, cu nimic mai prejos, practicata de NKVD, demonstrand ca intre svastica si crucea verde a comisarilor sovietici au existat doar deosebiri de nuanta.

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    1. E drept că romanul tratează o tematică deja "expirată" -viața militarului în timpul celui de-al doilea război mondial- și e drept că nu impresionează prin diversitatea caracterelor umane, însă simplul fapt pe care Hassel îl descrie tinde să țină de morală: el nu spune că războiul este eminamente devastator, el doar prezintă războiul, iar tu, ca cititor care știe să aducă ceea ce citește în față supraeului (acel tribunal moral de care vorbea Freud), vei trage concluzia [...]

    2. Another book by Sven Hassel, ex-soldier and member of penal batallion during World War II. Shows the real face of war and German army. The members of penal batallion are brutal, mean, wear rugs and stink. But they're also closest comrades for each other. Page - turner.

    3. Imediat ce începi să citești GESTAPO, te simți ca la cinematograf, vizionând un film 3d care te absoarbe cu totul. Devii un martor oripilat al unor scene despre care doar auzisei vag că ar exista. Macabrul de pe câmpul de război și atrocitățile din închisorile naziste te vor face să trăiești acțiunea cu un nod în gât, dacă ești mai slab de înger. Autorul danez Sven Hassel descrie fără pic de milă, dar cu un umor nebun, scene terifiante, având experiența implicării pers [...]

    4. In most Eastern Europe countries that were led by communist regimes there was a huge government effort to distort history. They wanted to have good versus bad polarization in all situations. And regarding World War II they wanted to make the same segregation, trying to blame all the bad things on the Germans and all the good things on the Russians. In fact this book, and many others show that there was slightly any difference between the two combatants. They were equally bad and they created sim [...]

    5. 4th Assignment Gestapo chapter by chapter: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. The Informer Bit of scene setting action. Arrival of new recruits. Story of raid to get sausages. Porta reminisces about France. Tiny tells the story of his eleven brothers and sisters. Schnapps production. Oberfeldwebel Huhn gets on the wrong side of Tiny and The Legionnaire. Section moves out taking cooking pot of schnapps with them. various anecdotes and stories. Heid [...]

    6. “Gestapo”. La continuazione del precedente. Descrive il soggiorno ad Amburgo nella caserma del reggimento. Tra vicende nei bordelli, contrabbando, furto, omicidi, vendette, si svolge l’azione principale. Non si parla del fronte, ma il libro si conclude con il reggimento al completo e pronto a rientrare in battaglia: pretende un successore, il libro, e sarà “Gli sporchi dannati di Cassino”. Il costrutto psicologico negli ultimi libri di Argberg ( tutti finora quelli descritti ) è piut [...]

    7. Fort, puissant, direct Cet aspect de la guerre m'était totalement inconnu. En France, traditionnellement, on ne réfléchit pas aux conditions de vie des soldats allemands, qui finalement étaient aussi mal lotis que les soldats de notre côté

    8. Was the reality as described in this book? I don't know. I suspect it was worse. It's kind of sickeningly funny how afraid I was to read about the execution. And how easily it just slipped away. Do people die so easily? With all their dreams, from their families and friends, from the sunshine and the every day chores? I suspect in those times, yes, they did. And hiding behind words, plenty of meaningless words, vulgar stories and little sneaky thefts - in the end why not? There were, I presume, [...]

    9. In my very early teens I avidly read Sven Hassel's books. What more could a 13 year old want: bad language, violence, camaraderie and some non-intimidating references to sex. Spotting this book in a second-hand shop, I wondered whether how it would read today. Would I start to seek out Sven Hasslels novels again in the way that I have subsequently sought out those of Greene, Yates and Le Carré? The unsurprising answer is no. It's certainly not as awful as I feared. It is tolerably written, but [...]

    10. Sven Hassel had unique talent to describe the most horrid things that one can do to another being. Sven, Porta, Old man , Tiny and Legionnaire were back from horrid Russian front. Their new post was Hamburg, but I would say the all horrors of the front was nothing to compare to way how Gestapo dealt with own people. The old lady who was ratted out for some foolish talks by her neighbor, very capable lieutenant loved by the bunch of our ruffians simply arrested for some obscure reasons and tortur [...]

    11. "- Den där samlarmanin kommer att kosta er huvudet en vacker dag, spådde Gamle. Ni bryter mot två paragrafer genom det där. Den ena gäller likplundring. Den är antagen av alla stater. Den andra är bara underskriven av vår regering: allt tandguld är statens egendom och skall inlämnas till närmaste SD-tjänstställe. Underlåtenhet: dödsstraff.- Ditt pessimistiska arsel, flinade Porta.- Jag avlämnar i allt fall inte mitt, fastslog Lillebror. Jag ska ha ett korvstånd och en horkassa f [...]

    12. Am citit că s-a specificat m-ai devreme că personajele nu sunt chiar ,,despăturite'',nu li s-a deschis personalitatea.În cazul dat nici nu prea era nevoia.Romanul dat este unul evident anti-război,este unul ce îți arată toată esența totalitarismului,controlului total și permanent asupra vieții unei întregi țări.Deasemenea,abordează tema cum acele grozăvii inmaginabile de pe front prefac oamenii în niște fiare,pentru care berea și țigările costă mai mult decât o viață om [...]

    13. This book, the fifth in the series, is by far the most coherently plotted. It is one long narrative, versus a series of sketches. The characters are both vivid and real. Among Hassel's chief strengths is the ability to show a character from his own viewpoint: even the worst of the many bad guys is not self consciously evil; but at the same time, their viciousness and degradation are not whitewashed. Neither are the good guys sainted; their fear and failings are clear, as is also their strength a [...]

    14. A brilliant storyteller, I love to follow the adventures of this Disciplinary Regiment, a tank regiment that doesn’t actually have a tank to its name. Consisting of a bunch of hardened killers dressed in filthy rags and stinking to high heaven, they’re engaged in fighting a brutal battle against the Russians. Then suddenly the orders change: they’re sent to Hamburg, where their next assignment will be guard duty for the bestial Gestapo.

    15. Sincera sa fiu pe mine nu m-a impresionat deloc, nici limbajul, nici actiunea. Poate ca pe alte persoane le impresioneaza un teatru de razboi, dar pe mine nu ma impresioneaza pentru ca am prea multe povesti de genul acesta in jurul meu.Trebuie sa recunosc ca au fost si momenteamuzante in carte dar din pacate multe dintre ele intrerupte de interminabile descrieri si povestiri.Daca va tenteaza incercati-o, poate va place.

    16. My thoughts, the darkest themed book in my read through 3 books in the series. A journey alongside the hopelessness of Hamburg military prison and the sadistic filths who feed and keep it alive. Depressing atmosphere aside, Sven Hassel's familiar style of swear-ridden and tale-like storytelling will lock it's readers in place till the end as always.

    17. Es un libro de historias, tiene las virtudes del escritor y todos sus defectos. Su relato es excesivamente disperso y a veces cuesta mucho seguir la historia. Está claro que no hay una línea argumental y que la narración se pierde en historias secundaria y en anécdotas. Es casi imposible resumir la historia principal, ya que cuando lo terminas no la recuerdas.

    18. Sven Hassel's books remind me of Hans Hellmut Kirst, gritty, suspenseful, no-nonsense stories drawn from their authors' own experiences. This one is typical of Hassel's writing, and a good introduction to his style and pacing.

    19. I liked the characters and the details about things that happen during a war. The story is easy to read and enjoyable. More than that, nothing super special.

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