Vintage Munro: Nobel Prize Edition

Vintage Munro Nobel Prize Edition Here is the perfect introduction to Alice Munro s brilliant revelatory short stories in which she unfolds the wordless secrets that lie at the center of human experience Vintage Munro includes storie

  • Title: Vintage Munro: Nobel Prize Edition
  • Author: Alice Munro
  • ISBN: 9780804173568
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Paperback
  • Here is the perfect introduction to Alice Munro s brilliant, revelatory short stories in which she unfolds the wordless secrets that lie at the center of human experience Vintage Munro includes stories from throughout her career The title stories from her collections The Moons of Jupiter The Progress of Love Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage DiffereHere is the perfect introduction to Alice Munro s brilliant, revelatory short stories in which she unfolds the wordless secrets that lie at the center of human experience Vintage Munro includes stories from throughout her career The title stories from her collections The Moons of Jupiter The Progress of Love Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage Differently, from Selected Stories Carried Away, from Open Secrets and In Sight of the Lake, from Dear Life.

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    1. Nobel Prize Winner Alice Munro is a shining example of why I absolutely love short stories. This collection is comprised of six critically-acclaimed stories including "The Moons of Jupiter," "Differently," and "Carried Away." Munro's keen perception and ability to write about the human experience is undeniable. Her prose is simple and the stories are quiet and reflective, alternating between past and present and spanning decades and focusing intently on relationships. Be forewarned that illness [...]

    2. I loved Munro's lovely descriptions of ordinary things, like trying on clothes: "The fit was all right--the skirt shorter than what she was used to, but then what she was used to was not the style. There was no problem with the suit. The problem was with what stuck out of it. Her neck and her face and her hair and her big hands and thick legs" (from "Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage").Her works are like puzzles. They end ambiguously, and you find yourself turning to the beginn [...]

    3. Finally unpacked this and finished it. All I want from short stories are reflective, lyrical and inventive language, characters I care about and a sense that the author-god behind it is intuitive about her characters' inner lives. Alice Munro is the Karl Malone of short story writers: she delivers. That is the cheesiest sports analogy I've ever attempted.

    4. This is a Greatest Hits volume of Munro's stories and as such there aren't really too many flat spots. The second volume of Greatest Hits has just been released. Most of the stories are in rural Ottawa and the prose is sparse. I will be going back for more as there are some recurring characters that you need to find out more about. Be warned that there are three stories regarding suicide, so one suspects that has popped up in Munro's own life. The stories are gentle and at times there appears to [...]

    5. Several friends and acquaintances recommended Alice Munro. So I read her out of curiosity, to learn why these stories had won such fervent support.I think that Munro writes about grown up daughters whose parents have grown old. The daughter/protagonists, though grown, are not entirely comfortable being adults. The tension in these stories is ambiguous. All the characters seem to know that something is wrong, but they are in denial. You can see that the parents never admitted anything is wrong, s [...]

    6. The Moons of Jupiter: ★★1/2The Progress of Love: ★★★★Differently: ★★★1/2Carried Away: ★★1/2Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage: ★★

    7. Years ago some of my co-workers were reading a book of Alice Munro's short stories entitled "The Moons of Jupiter." I didn't join them however I always kept this author in the back of my mind as someone to read (I normally don't read short stories and prefer novels). This past summer (2013) I decided to try some short stories and looked for Ms. Munro's books in a local public library. I decided to try this "vintage" collection as it features stories from a number of her books of short stories.I [...]

    8. Unfortunately, this collection of short stories was the case of expectations killing joy. I would normally wait for a Nobel prize winner to grab all of my attention, make me crave for every word to follow and let me enjoy every twist and turn with awe. Alice Munro’s stories are well-fetched, offer a deep investigation of characters’ psychology, impress with a careful choice of wordings. Yet the stories are too refined, careful, and restricted. They seem to be written by a straight A student [...]

    9. Vintage Munro is a collection of some of Alice Munro's finest short stories put together in recognition of her winning The 2013 Noble Prize for Literature.The actual presentation speech itself was also included. In that speech the presenter praised Munro's minimalist style, stating that she "is often able to say more in thirty pages than an ordinary novelist is capable of in three hundred." Personally, this minimalist style left we wanting more, and I felt these stories could have easily, dare I [...]

    10. Alice Munro made history when she won a Nobel Prize for Literature, and became the first author of short stories to receive this prestigious award. After reading this collection, while I cannot fault the Swedish Academy for their choice, I can't say this collection should be your introduction to her work. Find out why in my review here drchazan/2016/01/

    11. She's a remarkable writer who captures depths of the human psyche in a few well-chosen, and sometimes surprising, words. "The Promise of Love" blew me away! I did not find all her stories equally worthwhile, but that is probably to be expected.

    12. Alice Mundro is the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature 2013. “She is a virtuoso of the elliptical the master of the contemporary short story” (From the Presentation Speech, Nobel Prize in Literature 2013). Vintage Munro has 209 pages divided into 6 short stories including The Moons of Jupiter; The Progress of Love; Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage; Differently; Carried Away; In Sight of the Lake. The book is published by Vintage International with themes centered at h [...]

    13. Munro brings out the complexities of life in her portraits of Canadian towns; truths that resonate even with someone unfamiliar with Carstairs or Gdynia. This collection of short stories is a good introduction to her writing. One of the writers who manages to find the words to capture the small truths of life. Infidelity, heartbreak and loss may abound, but at the core, there is a generous humanity present in Munro's work.

    14. I love Alice Munro's stories. Her characters are often horrible, vacuous people, but they're written so well you grow to care about them anyway.

    15. This collection of stories was a Christmas present from my Secret Santa, and I just got around to reading them on vacation two weeks ago. I was hoping I'd get an earlier collection I didn't own when I filled out my Secret Santa information memo. But Viintage Munro was perfect because it includes two of my favorite Munro stories, and three others that I don't remember reading, but are great examples of her work. Relationships are always the central theme of her stories, and in these pieces, one d [...]

    16. I have to say while I love the authors work, I found some of the short stories in this collection to not be her best. There are so many to choose from, so many that leave a lasting imprint on you, and I found most of these don't. Well written yes, I don't think you can read a short story by the author and not say it wasn't well written. But, compared to what I've read in the past, some of the individual short stories didn't live up to what they normally do.One of my favourite stories from the co [...]

    17. Stories about constrained lives in small town settings. Reading it made me feel nostalgic for a time I never knew and will never know, which I think speaks to Munro's talent of transporting us to new and wonderful worlds. The stories that struck a chord in me are "Carried Away" and "In Sight of the Lake".After reading "Carried Away", I was actually kind of terrified. Though terrified isn't the right word at all. Dread, perhaps, is better. The story inspired in me a feeling of cold dread that muc [...]

    18. Vintage (named after the publisher, no doubt) is a collection of 6 Alice Munroe short stories, put together in honour of Munroe's winning of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature.As others have said far better than I could, Munroe is a talented author, and can make a lot (largely mental) happen in a short space.On the down side, I found the stories to be a little too "lady-centric" for my tastes. Not only are the main characters always women (which I don't have a problem with), the stories primaril [...]

    19. The Vintage series of books is great. Whomever made the selections of writings of contemporary authors did a fine job. The short stories in this book show why Munro won the Nobel Prize. Her power of description is second to none. Her characters may as well be in the room with you. There's a lot of small town Canada in here. The central characters are often revisiting the past through the present, when someone or thing catches their eye. I love the way Munro walks us seamlessly through time, ofte [...]

    20. This collection of short stories was chosen for my book club. I wasn't really looking forward to it as I'm not a lover of short stories, but I was definitely entrigued by this Nobel prize winning collection.The stories take every day normal emotions and occurrences and escalate them to something beautiful and heart rendering to read. As with most short stories, however, I found that no matter how much I enjoyed reading them, the story ended just when I was getting into the plot. Also, I'm writin [...]

    21. This is the first time I've written a review of a book I've added on her, and in this case, it's because I'm compelled to. I picked up Vintage Munro hoping to explore another writer's style in short story form, and I got that and so much more. Munro's artistry in deftly and honestly bringing light to the beautifully devastating or devastatingly beautiful nuances of simple human experiences and emotions is awe-striking. One of my new favorite writers.

    22. My favorite of her shorts so far is Differently - the story of Georgia, Maya, Raymond, Ben, Harvey, Miles, Hilda, Anne and Laura. Could anyone ever possibly make such permanent long term plans for their lives, one that they could keep no matter the change in circumstance how could they? How is it done so confidently so often? Have you ever faked something to others in cahoots with your partner, friend? passages on page 22, 75

    23. Excellent short stories. I did not love the first two, just because of the subject matter (dying father), however the rest of the collection drew me in. Alice Munro consistently surprises me with her unexpected twist and turns. These stories deserve further examination as there is much to talk about. I wish I'd read Alice Munro in college under the guidance of a literary pro! She is to be read and re-read.

    24. I cannot help feeling sad, although I think she did not entirely mean to make it so. Her stories are gently told, like the ones you would hear from an elegant woman, while sipping her ice tea. But they are meaningful even the ones that are explaining daily things. There are hopes, as well as strength in each of them. The one that especially made me sad was 'Carried Away'

    25. Alice Munro is one of my favorite authors. She's the queen of the short story. VINTAGE MUNRO is one of her best. I highly recommend the read, especially if you're into character-driven plots. The stories are set in Canada. The years range from the 40's to the 60's or 70's. Writing at it's best.

    26. Even though some stories in this collection are better than others, it's hard to find even tiny complaints with any of them. Munro is a genius, and that's about all that needs saying. There may only be five stories in this book, but they display her talent for spinning out and alluding to far more than is said. A great intro.

    27. This was a collection on stories written some time ago by Munro-70's,80's. There were six, each very different. I sometimes get the feeling I would like the story to be longer; but she has the knack of timing up the story to a very good ending. At the back of the book was the presentation speech when she was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2013.I will read more of her writings.

    28. I'm usually not a fan of short stories, but Munroe has a way of making them like mini novels that I really enjoyed, with the exception of one or two that I ended up skipping. I'll try more of her anthologies.

    29. Fragile little portraits of women, each an elegant, eloquent story that focuses predominantly on either love or family or both. I found them quietly touching; understated but filled with subtle implications about the nature of love and memory

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