Ark Baby

Ark Baby Five years have passed since a mysterious millennial downpour spread infertility throughout the land As the Fertility Crisis deepens veterinarian Bobby Sullivan has other things on his mind he s on t

  • Title: Ark Baby
  • Author: Liz Jensen
  • ISBN: 9780879518332
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Five years have passed since a mysterious millennial downpour spread infertility throughout the land As the Fertility Crisis deepens, veterinarian Bobby Sullivan has other things on his mind he s on the run after following a husband s orders to exterminate a monkey named Giselle, his wife s cherished baby substitute Sullivan finally stops running and opens his veterinaFive years have passed since a mysterious millennial downpour spread infertility throughout the land As the Fertility Crisis deepens, veterinarian Bobby Sullivan has other things on his mind he s on the run after following a husband s orders to exterminate a monkey named Giselle, his wife s cherished baby substitute Sullivan finally stops running and opens his veterinary office in a small coastal town, only to learn he has not really escaped the town is haunted by the Victorian freak Tobias Phelps, whose life is directly linked to the evolution of events confounding Sullivan in the modern world As a century and a half of logic, religion, magic and science connect, two men, three women and Queen Victoria s entire bestiary are catapulted into a wild and explosively funny farce.

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    1. Description: Bobby Sullivan changes his name and flees London after killing a monkey. He sets up his veterinary service in a northern coastal town. Here he finds that Tobias Phelps, ghost and erstwhile Victorian freak, is haunting the town.Opening: In the beginning, the ocean.So after primate euthanasia, away we go to Northumberland and the fishing village of Thunder SpitIn the latest review removals by grramazon (yesterday, day before) I wonder if it is safe to talk about the author, yet since [...]

    2. this is one of the most bizarre books i've ever read's also one of the funniest, although in a definitely black humour vein if that type of thing appeals to you, and you like fine writing as well, you should really give this a tryis is the second book i've read by liz jensen and she is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors.

    3. This work of genius may have been called a comedy, but I found myself rooting for the freakish couple and enjoying how Jensen uses the Montgolfier balloon to add to imagination (among others); thus alternating between trepidation at their escapades and sadness at the blatant ostracism. Add to that mixture her astute observations at Life, the Universe, God and Darwinism, this is fucking gold and more proof that Jensen is a fucking genius. The woman does not write fast enough.

    4. An interesting novel about the boundaries between humans and primates. It has some interesting passages but is hampered by an awkward structure that has parallel stories which converge towards towards the end.

    5. I really liked the language and style of this book. I was expecting something dark like Children of Men, but it wasn't like that at all -- it's actually a really funny romp playing around with the themes of natural selection, family and human nature.

    6. If you like fun with language, a kaleidoscope of eccentric characters, and don't mind some plot weaknessesI really enjoyed the language in this book. The author plays with words and syntax of different historic periods, people, social classes, even foreigners. Her imagination when creating characters, places, customs and situations is delightful.It had to be delightful, because I didn't care much for the overall plot, and the supernatural and other deus ex machinas are not to my taste. Don't wor [...]

    7. Uma crise de infertilidade assola a Inglaterra, levando casais a adotarem animais e criá-los indiscriminadamente como filhos legítimos. Bobby Sullivan, um veterinário, se vê obrigado a fugir para uma cidadezinha costeira que está ligada de maneira inusitada a uma sequência de eventos que mistura magia, ciência e religião. O texto percorre diferentes séculos, com elementos que vão desde as pesquisas de Charles Darwin à familia do responsável por empalhar animais para uma coleção da [...]

    8. The plot of this book pits creationism against evolution, and revolves around Tobias Phelps, an odd-looking boy unsure of his parentage, who is adopted by a parson and his wife in a town called Thunder Spit. A parallel plot unfolds in London around the same time -1845- involving a taxidermist, his daughter Violet and the family chef. One other intertwined story centered on a rather sleazy veterinarian is set in Thunder Spit in 2005, a time when England is beset by female infertility. There are a [...]

    9. A long time ago, my sister-in-law, Jenny, lent me Ark Baby, when I ran out of books while I was visiting my brother and her in Pittsburgh. “It’s funny,” she said.Parts of Ark Baby certainly are funny, and it is meant to be both a comic novel and a social commentary. Liz Jensen begins with the premise that it is 2005 in England, and there have been no babies born since a freak storm on New Year’s Eve 2000. Since the British have been unable to have children, they have been coping in vario [...]

    10. Ark Baby is unfortunately one of those books whose “blurb” does not accurately reflect its content, and for that reason I was initially a bit disappointed. Here’s what the back of the novel says:“Since the year all British women became infertile, Bobby Sullivan’s London veterinary clinic has been packed with primate ‘children’ and, speaking as an alpha male, he’s sick to death of them. Hoping to reincarnate himself, he moves north, but finds there is no escape from the Darwinian [...]

    11. This book is a hoot.For a start it is actually a good book about evolution. I could almost shelve it under science. Even structurally, the two time lines coil around each other like a double helix. It is funny - she has a great turn of phrase. 'Carpe Deum', says the newly reinvented Buck De Saville, 'Seize the day. Grab it by the through and rattle its bollocks'. There's the moment when a creationist preacher refutes Darwin with tales of how intelligent his God is. Not only does God make a lobst [...]

    12. I found this book languishing on a book shelf and realised I hadn't ever read it (or even remembered obtaining it!). Poor book. So it had to be read (although I have many MANY books that I really need to be reading).Now, this is a very strange book. It involves three different timescales which become clearly intertwined as the stories continues. The mad idea of a King wanting an ark like Noah's with one of each creature, but in stuffed form. So a key protagonist is a taxidermist. As is his disap [...]

    13. Ark Baby is a real oddity, defying any obvious classification and making it tricky to summarise. It's essentially a novel about evolution, featuring three storylines in two time periods; it manages to incorporate elements of sci-fi (an alternate 2005 in which England has hit upon a fertility crisis)and magical realism (most obviously with the inclusion of a ghost) in a highly literary tale of, respectively, a vet on the run from London, a young man searching for his heritage and a taxidermist's [...]

    14. There's nobody quite like Liz Jensen, and this - the sixth I've read- is the wackiest romp yet. An intriguing premise, potty cast of characters and fun look at a thorny subject make this a rollicking read. My favourite character had to be the Laudanum Empress, particularly once she'd passed on and taken to haunting her descendants' sofa.It sheds a star due to a few things that niggled: the unutterably sleazy character of Bobby/Buck, who despite the blurb really is quite incidental (and would eve [...]

    15. 'There will be two world wars,' murmurs the Laudanum Empress, yawning over her untouched cup and saucer. It is the heyday of her psychic particles. 'As a result, a million skulls will be strewn all over France.' She pauses, squinting sideways. 'But on the more positive side, there will be something known as long-life milk.' A darkly comic satire about Darwinism, heredity and religious belief, and featuring parsons, freaks, laudanum addicts, ghosts, taxidermists, vets, obsessive cooks, and an ark [...]

    16. Tufandan sonra kısırlaşmış kadınlar, Darwin, başı belada bir veteriner, Kraliçe Viktorya'nın biyologu ve onun yemeklere meraklı kızı, HMS Beagle, centilmen maymun, papazın evlat edindiği garip bir bebek Şiddetle tavsiye edilir. Detaylar: kitapnot/2012/04/

    17. Fantastic Book. I found the first half of the book sort of dull, but it comes together well at the end. There are multiple story lines going at the same time and at first you cannot really guess how they will become linked, but then once you do you gain a whole new perspective on the book.

    18. Books in Print:Fiction Connection recommended this for a fan of Infinite Jest. Also a 1998 NYT Notable Book. Amusing, in a style kind of like Peter Carey, kind of like Neal Stephenson, kind of like Julian Barnes. I don't really see the DFW parallels, but maybe it'll come.

    19. Ark Baby is an incredibly amusing novel written by a woman whose wit and cleverness is very impressive. The entire novels plays out vividly in ones imagination as a steam punk black comedy. This is one if my favourite novels.

    20. What would happen if, for some reason, nobody could get pregnant anymore? Another fun one from Ms. Jensen.

    21. fiction. one of my favorite authors. touches on evolutionary topics, vegetarianism, and has a few stories woven together. this is one of my favorite books to recommend.

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