Soldier On

Soldier On Will his call of duty break both their hearts Losing her father in Desert Storm has left Stephanie James with a bitter soul when it comes to the military As a college senior juggling a full course loa

  • Title: Soldier On
  • Author: Sydney Logan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Will his call of duty break both their hearts Losing her father in Desert Storm has left Stephanie James with a bitter soul when it comes to the military As a college senior juggling a full course load, Steph s only goal is to graduate with honors at the end of the semester She s focused, determined, and a firm believer in all work and no play Then she meets Brandon WalWill his call of duty break both their hearts Losing her father in Desert Storm has left Stephanie James with a bitter soul when it comes to the military As a college senior juggling a full course load, Steph s only goal is to graduate with honors at the end of the semester She s focused, determined, and a firm believer in all work and no play Then she meets Brandon Walker at a New Year s Eve costume party Despite his disguise, Steph finds herself attracted to the camouflaged soldier who curls her toes with a scorching midnight kiss.Brandon is an engineering major and ROTC student from the hills of Kentucky Growing up as the son of a major general has given Brandon firsthand knowledge of the struggles military families sometimes face Now that his father s memory is fading, Brandon is even determined to make his dad proud and graduate as an officer in the United States Army Then he meets Stephanie, and suddenly, his focus is less on his military service and on the pretty brunette who has stolen his heart When he becomes aware of Steph s resentment toward the military, he worries their relationship is doomed.When faced with the realization that she s fallen in love with a soldier, can Steph s wounds from the past be healed with love in her present and in her future

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    1. 3 As you wish StarsSteph and Brandon meet after they share a picture perfect kiss. They are at a New Years Eve party, she is in the library at a frat party, he walks in his Army gear and kisses while she is on the ladder. See.etty perfect. Neither are the type of people to just walk up and kiss a stranger, but it’s New Years…Days later and both can’t stop thinking about each other. Brandon is looking everywhere for the girl and find her one day in his Women’s Lit class. Being the only gu [...]

    2. Book – Soldier OnAuthor – Sydney LoganPublication Date –June 2014Genre – Romance Type – Stand Alone Cliffhanger – NoRating – 3.5 out of 5 StarsComplimentary copy generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.My Thoughts - Story I found this to be a medium level emotional book, but I just couldn’t get past how shallow Stephanie was. I understand her hatred toward the military and the fear of having a relationship with someone who could be shipped overse [...]

    3. #1 I'm going to try to do this without spoiling anything#2 Sydney has a way with words.#3 try not to cry.This story was beautifulSydney weaves a story without taking up useless time. Things progress.time moves one important things are known.The relationship that develops between Steph and Brandon's father is, in my opinion, pretty special. Especially when it comes to key point in the story.At the same time, the relationship that develops between Brandon and Steph's mom is very important too. Tho [...]

    4. If I could give this book 10 stars I would! This story is amazing! I no joke read it in one day because I couldn't put it down! Being a military wife, I thought "okay I'm going to like this", but it went far beyond my expectations. Bravo Mrs. Logan! One of my favorite books to this day!!!!

    5. I was honored to be pre-reader of the latest novel by Sydney Logan. Solider On does not disappoint on the character development and realistic topic the author highlights throughout her novels. The heroine and her hero are complex characters who are going through their own personal/family issues when they meet for the first time. Their relationship is realistic with the struggle of developing a romantic relationship while balancing life's other demands. The heroine and hero are both far from perf [...]

    6. I was pleased to read Soldier On by Sydney Logan as a part of her release blitz and book blog. She provided me a free copy and in return, I offer this humble review.Sydney Logan knows how to create a book boyfriend. Brandon says the right things, thinks the right things, and does the right things. Well, almost. He has just enough secrets to make him a little mysterious to Steph and keep him from being one of those lovely (but sometimes boring) goodie good boys.As with all of Ms. Logan's stories, [...]

    7. A sweet romance, very little drama, and quite entertaining. My favorite quote,“I never imagined my prince would wear camouflage.I never thought I would love a soldier. I never thought I could.Until a soldier loved me.”

    8. Ever ever since I have read Dear John, I have always been fascinated in stories about Soldiers/Army. I don’t want to go all 'Nicholas-Sparks' on you guys but there's just something bittersweet yet so romantic about the concept of stories that involves soldiers. And looking for good stories that involves them can be a pretty tough job.So, I was actually surprised (and honored) that I got an email from the author Sydney Logan offering to read this book of hers and upon reviewing the summary of S [...]

    9. *** Review to come June 25 as part of blog tour *****I received an ARC of Soldier in exchange for an honest review***Coming from a military family, I couldn't wait to read this, especially as I have a love for Sydney Logan's books. I wasn't disappointed.I expected, from the summary, to be in floods of tears throughout the entire story, but I wasn't. Logan deals with the loss of a family member on the front line in such a tasteful way, I couldn't cry. Whilst the story arc of Steph's father was sa [...]

    10. HAPPY RELEASE DAY!!!I loved Soldier On. Full disclosure: I was blessed to be on the editing team for this one.From Brandon and Steph's first kiss, through the growing pains of a new romance, through the secrets that might keep them apart, I loved all of it.I'm married to a Retired Air Force Captain. My daughter is dating a Marine. We know the military lifestyle. Ms. Logan nailed it. The pride, the fears, the joy to be found. Her research shines through.There were times when I wanted to smack Bra [...]

    11. If you are looking for a sweet, romantic military romance with a light dose of angst, then Soldier On is for you. This is a standalone story and will truly warm your heart and make your pulse race. Steph and Brandon are two wonderfully-written characters and I was rooting for them to make it from the very start! But Brandon (foolishly) is hiding a whopper of a secret from Steph that might spell the end of their very new and fragile relationship.Brandon is a handsome, smart, driven and honorable [...]

    12. Soldier On is the story of Steph and Brandon. Steph has very strong opinions about the military and Brandon is in the ROTC. He keeps this a secret because he likes Steph and wants her to get to know him as him, not as a soldier in a military that she resents.Brandon has always been focused on what he want to do. His plans include college and then the Army. Now that he has met Stephanie, his plans don't seem as important. However, he still feels like he needs to honor his family's traditions so h [...]

    13. Stephanie James lives by a mantra: make good grades, graduate in May, and despise everything regarding the military. Losing her father in a friendly fire accident during Desert Storm has left a bitter taste for the military for her and fear that she may end up alone like her mother if she were to fall for a soldier. Therefore, she places her sights on graduating and becoming an English teacher, not falling in love.Brandon James lives by his own mantra: make good grades, graduate in May, and rema [...]

    14. Do you ever just need a break from angsty books or smutty books? Like you need to cleanse your palate and breathe a little easier? Sydney Logan is the writer to go to. Her stories are filled with sweetness and love that makes you feel GOOD. Soldier On is no exception. The characters are likable, frustrating and full of good intentions. Scarred by their pasts and doing their best to make their families proud, Brandon and Stephanie find themselves. And they find each other. Take a chance on this b [...]

    15. 5 starsSo much love for Soldier On, my heart is full of happy feels tonight.Brandon and Stephanie are such heartwarming and lovable characters, I loved them.Thank you Sydney Logan for writing this beautiful love story.I highly recommend Solider On and anything written by this talented author.I received an advance copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

    16. ** JOSIE'S 4.5 STAR REVIEW ** This is the first time I read a book written by Sydney Logan. After reading this book I have to ask myself how the world did I miss this author? I am a Marine mom and I love any read anything that has to do with the military. This book was written so well, the details were incredible, the plot flowed wonderfully and the character development was superb. I really identified with Stephanie and Brandon’s promise they made due to their military backgrounds. I fell in [...]

    17. I am going to say this is Sydney's best story to date. Pure perfectionSydney Logan is just one of those rare writers for me, that no matter what she writes, I love. It's true. Her stories always leave me with a smile on my face.Soldier On was no exception. So touching. So poignant. Touched the very essence of my soul with emotions that just had me reeling from one end of the spectrum and beyond.I snot sobbed through the last half of this story! Brandon and Steph's relationship was realistic with [...]

    18. ****I was given an advanced copy in exchange for my honest review***I'm pretty sure that Sydney Logan can not write a bad book! Soldier On is a book about a girl who, after losing her father in Desert Storm before she was even born, swears she can never love someone in the military.until a soldier falls in love with her.Sydney captures our attention right off the bat - a frat house has a library big enough to have a ladder?? Stephanie is as floored as we are and, being the book lover she is, she [...]

    19. OH I am such a sucker for a military romanced I totally loved this gorgeous story.Stephanie, Steph to her friends, is a dedicated and determined college student in the final semester of her studies. Her life is all mapped out, study hard, graduate with honours, get a teaching job and then maybe live happily ever after. So far so good. Steph has no time for romance and even if she did she has one strict rule - No Dating Soldiers.Brandon too is in his final semester, extremely driven he is determi [...]

    20. I’ve read several of Sydney Logan’s books, and I have to now say that Soldier On is my favorite. I loved it!Steph is a college student with her eye on graduation and no time for men. Brandon is the same way – working hard to graduate from college and from ROTC into the U.S. Army. But when they meet, the attraction is undeniable. Problem is, because of her father’s death in Desert Storm, Steph absolutely HATES the military. I really enjoyed Steph and Brandon’s banter, but there were als [...]

    21. SPOILERS I Just finished reading Soldier On and I have to tell you it is an amazing book.The characters are rich and real. I felt their emotions.Giddy at a first kiss. Nervous at the time when they connected again. Angry, sad happy ecstatic excited and content. I laughed and cried and laughed while I cried. I highly recommend this Book I give it 5 STARS. Join Steph and Brandon as they start out focused on school and career. A New Years kiss may change it all.Growing up with out her father becaus [...]

    22. Soldier On by Sydney Logan was a beautiful, emotional, gripping and compelling read that just could not be put down. This story moves you to tears and all of the characters have their own set of struggles and challenges that are met head on and bring forth the water works.The character growth of Brandon and Stephanie is enormous and their story flows well. Brandon and Stephanie's characters are well matched in the story and find a good balance within their character struggles and successes. A ca [...]

    23. I have been patiently waiting for this book's release, so I was thrilled when I won an ARC from the author. I have been a fan of Sydney Logan's writing for many years, and Soldier On did not disappoint. I just love a good romance, and that is what Sydney does here. I fell in love with both Stephanie and Brandon, as well as the supporting characters (especially Tessa). This is one that I'll read over and over again. I loved it!

    24. Sydney Logan is one of the handful of authors that I will read anything she writes. Her story is about love, trust, fear, anger, the military, real life adult issues, health, and so much more, and it's heartbreaking in some moments and completely heart melting in others. Go to my blog to read more Italian Brat's Obsessions

    25. This book was recommended by a friend and I bought it to support a local East Tennessean. I could not put the book down. It is beautifully written and so much more than a romance novel. Not that there is anything wrong with a romance novel. I can imagine a book club reading and enjoying this book. I highly recommend this book. I cannot wait to read more of her work.

    26. I'm so pleased to be included in Sydney Logan's tour for her latest romance, Soldier On. This is her first self-published book and it's quite engaging! I read it all in one sitting. The author provided me with a complimentary copy for review. Thank you! :)Will his call of duty break both their hearts?Losing her father in Desert Storm has left Stephanie James with a bitter soul when it comes to the military. As a college senior juggling a full course load, Steph's only goal is to graduate with ho [...]

    27. During the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to familiarize myself with Sydney Logan’s novels. I first read one of her books last summer, and since then I’ve found myself drawn to her stories again and again.Soldier On is the fourth book I’ve read by Sydney, and it is my favorite to date. My husband asked about the book and Sydney’s style of writing as I was preparing to draft this review, and it didn’t take me long to use the adjectives “sweet” and “wholesome” to describe [...]

    28. Having a son in law in the service this was a relateable book for me to read. I also like to read books where the men are in the service or were there at one time. Usually the women swoon over them or fight their attraction to no avail. But this one turns out to be something else where the girl wants nothing to do with a soldier thanks to having lost a father she never got to meet to the service. Also not wanting to turn out how her mother did mourning forever (so she thinks) she has her sights [...]

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