Rescued By A Viscount

Rescued By A Viscount Miss Claire Belmont s life is thrown into turmoil when she finds out her brother left something behind in France before he died Going against her family s wishes she is determined to uncover the secr

  • Title: Rescued By A Viscount
  • Author: Wendy Vella
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Miss Claire Belmont s life is thrown into turmoil when she finds out her brother left something behind in France before he died Going against her family s wishes, she is determined to uncover the secret of what it is, and is forced to turn to the one man she vowed to avoid at all costs for help Claire has always feared that if anyone can disrupt her well ordered life andMiss Claire Belmont s life is thrown into turmoil when she finds out her brother left something behind in France before he died Going against her family s wishes, she is determined to uncover the secret of what it is, and is forced to turn to the one man she vowed to avoid at all costs for help Claire has always feared that if anyone can disrupt her well ordered life and see the vulnerable woman behind the polite facade, it will be Viscount Kelkirk and now they are thrown together, she realizes her fears were justified.

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    1. A nice 3.5 stars.Wendy Vella is a new author for me so I launched into the book without any real preconceptions but not expecting too much, just in case.And was very pleasantly surprised. Although this is book 2 of a series, I didn't feel I was missing anything and enjoyed it as a stand-alone.The heroine, Claire, is a lovely but strong-willed young woman. Having lost a brother she was very close to after nursing him in his final weeks, she has rather shut down emotionally. Her relationship with [...]

    2. Rescued By A Viscount was a wonderfully endearing storya story that will pull you in and touch your heart. I flat out loved this book. Rescued By A Viscount just has that feel good, make you happy cry storyline. Rescued By A Viscount is a story with heart.Vella is a gifted historical romance writer. She created characters that jump off the pages, they have real life flaws and desperately guard their heart from the heart break that they fear. You cheer for them to give themselves over to love.whe [...]

    3. Awww I really liked this oneI loved Simon and Claire from the get I rooted for them. Fell in love with their crazy banter, chemistry and the way they were with each other and others.This one is definitely a favorite.

    4. A lovely historical romance, Rescued by a Viscount was a wonderful read. I really enjoyed reading this book. Claire was an okay heroine. She was my one problem with the book. On one hand, she was strong and loyal to those she cared about. On the other, she could also be mean, over dramatic, and had a tendency to blame and judge others. It especially irritated me that she would take the concern that the people who cared about her showed and, somehow, be offended by it. I wasn't really a fan of he [...]

    5. 4.25Simon and Claire have one of those relationships where they challenge each other. Claire is proper, not in a boring way, but she is usually composed but something about Simon gets under her skin. Simon is a flirt with a charming smile and a big heart. They think they are opposites but they are much more similar then they think. Claire had been having problems since her brother's death. She doesn't sleep well and she misses him terribly. When word comes in that her brother left something in F [...]

    6. Really good I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It started with Claire and her meeting in the village with an unknown person who had sent her a note saying that her deceased brother, Anthony, had left something behind in France and to meet with them if she wanted to know what. She runs into Lord Kelkirk, Simon, who demands to know where she is going and why. She avoids him by running off but doesn't get to complete her errand. She and Simon have had a feisty relationship where she taunts him [...]

    7. Well~written and with a clever twist to it that I found most uncommon in most of the romances I have read relating to this genre. Lady Claire's dilemma stems from the opposition of her mother and her older brother to a plan she is contemplating to put into action which is also way out of her comfort zone; and this time, without her family's knowledge. Enter Simon her constant thorn and sticking like the the proverbial burr; and both embark on a journey to Liverpool to solve a conundrum. They bot [...]

    8. Rescued By A Viscount by Wendy Vella is a fabulous historical romance. Ms Vella has delivered a well-written book and furnished it with amazing, lovable characters. Claire and Simon’s story is full of drama, action, sizzle and humor. I totally loved this book and look forward to reading more from Wendy Vella soon. Rescued By A Viscount is book 2 of The Regency Rakes Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

    9. C'est si bon!! An engaging, light read to escape to.If you need a break from the news - and, who doesn't? - this is the place to be. Fully-fleshed characters who are fun to get to know & spend time with. I, for one, want to read the butler's story, too. THAT would be a different take on the usual Regency tale but after you finish this, you'll want the same thing. Dig in & enjoy yourself. You won't regret it.

    10. A steady ride chapter to chapter!the characters grew page by page in strength and depth cardboard characters heree writer did what most writers strive to do: kept up the readers interest while presenting problems that they, the characters, could solve and without the reader becoming bored and writing out the script!

    11. This novel is replete with grammatical errors. I do not understand how neither the writer nor the editor has a basic understanding of grammar. Is the whole world ignorant of pronoun case? I expect math teachers to know the rules of addition, subtraction, and multiplication. In much the same way, I expect writers to know basic rules of grammar.

    12. Friends of friends and they snipe at each other. However, when the heroin sets off the heroes protective instinct he insists on helping her out. Her grief for deceased brother clouds her judgment & puts her in dangerous, hair raising situation.I love the wit, friendship, strength, courage & the healing of love & trust.Look forward to more from this author.

    13. Rescued By A ViscountI chose this rating because I love all your books they are so well written and so much excitement, love and happiness in them the characters are so real I wish I could have lived in that time so romantic.

    14. Fun read.Lovely story without falling into too many cliches. A few edit errors and perhaps lacking depth in side characters, though attempts were made, but that’s really the only negatives I bring against it. Fun read.

    15. Great bookThe plot was convincing and parts of it unusual. The characters were people you could care about and wished you could meet. It was easy to read with a nice pace. However there were quite a few grammatical errors or uncorrected typos that need correction.

    16. A genuine pleasure I read a lot of romance novels, and this one is truly well done. There are problems to overcome, there is conflict, but the h and H are both wonderful and their relationship is beautiful to read about. I really enjoyed this book.

    17. Wonderful!Great story with very real characters! Claire's insecurities and sorrow brought tears to my eyes. Simon's strong sensitive personality makes him a true hero. Definitely a book to read and read again!

    18. Rescued by a ViscountLiked the storyline very much, liked the characters.It could’ve used an editor. It bothers me to see extra words and bad punctuation all because I’m never there didn’t look it over. All in all it was a great run and I enjoyed the book.

    19. Simon and Claire. Loved, loved, loved Simon. That said, Claire was kind of a pill. She's impulsive and doesn't think things through, which causes a problem for everyone concerned.

    20. This book provided good escape, but the plot wasn't very original. There was good chemistry between the heroine and her hero which propelled the story.

    21. Great bookI loved this book It was perfectly written. Never boring and flowed whilst reading it Good job Wendy Vella. 5 stars

    22. ExcellentA wonderful story well written and well toldom the first page until the last kept your interest, this author is outstanding

    23. Very easy readVery easy to read and didn't want to put it down. I am a fan now. Already started another in the series.

    24. Who is doing the rescuing?It's a lovely romance filled with stubborn and surprising characters and loads of romance, revelations and intrigue! Much enjoyed, lots of laughter.

    25. IntriguingIthus story was very intriguing with alot of twist and turnsI would highly recommend itI liked all the characters

    26. ClassicPretty good, classic romance. I liked the characters, especially the handsome and sensitive viscount, even if the plot was pretty cliche.

    27. Romance novelsThank you for sharing these wonderful romance novels. Please keep writing these wonderful books. Would read all day long. Thank you

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