Blue Star Rapture

Blue Star Rapture T J Nucci a young basketball player takes on the political world of college sports recruitment and learns to look within himself for moral guidance in this hard hitting teen novel which addresses is

  • Title: Blue Star Rapture
  • Author: James W. Bennett
  • ISBN: 9780689841507
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback
  • T.J Nucci, a young basketball player, takes on the political world of college sports recruitment and learns to look within himself for moral guidance in this hard hitting teen novel which addresses issues as religious fanaticism, teen pregnancy, and suicide.

    One thought on “Blue Star Rapture”

    1. This book was extremely good at letting the characters come into place. in recent times, the story relates to people who are interested in basketball and want to understand what a lower class player, like t.j, has to go through to be recognized as a good player. the camps tyron and t.j go to are for a little more wealthier players who can afford it. they can't. this book is for people who want a true basketball story.

    2. Plot Summary:This book is about T.J an average person in all aspects. However, his best friend, Tyron, is a basketball star who is trying to get into university by sports scholarship. Unfortunately, Tyron is not the most intelligent character, and T.J. has to protect him from sketchy street agents looking to recruit his friend. T.J eventually goes to basketball camp with Tyron to look after him, and he ends up meeting a girl from Bible Camp across the river. The girl, Luann is full of smiles, th [...]

    3. Like most of Bennett's works, the plot is much more active in revealing the psychological complexities and dynamism of the characters than in creating riveting situations. However, I was still hooked by this book. T.J. had complicated motivations, wants, and fears that made him feel like a real high school senior. His friendship with Tyron starts off seeming like a simple case of mutual interests and neighborhood, but soon becomes layered with T.J.'s own agenda. While LuAnn/Ruth Ann unfortunatel [...]

    4. The Blue Star Rapture by James W. Bennett is a great book for a high school student. This book was one of the best books i ever read. The book has so much thought and detail put into it and it makes you want to keep reading it forever. The book is about two boys ones name Tyron and the other is t.j. Tyron wants to go to college for basketball but can’t because of grades. So t.j. decides to help him by sneaking into the camp that he enrolled to for help. But by the couple of days there there t. [...]

    5. I think this is very good because it's about to high school basketball players. One is very huge recruitment in the nation. The other is good also just not as good as Tyron.The top basketball prospect Tyron gets caught up in the high life will college recruitment. T.j attends a summer church camp. Which he meet a pregnant teenager. In meeting this girl helps him out because she shows him the life that you can still have a good life even though you make some mistakes. And he takes what he learns [...]

    6. Teen boy is interested in pro basketball. Befriends a girl at a Christian/cult-like center, who later kills herself when she finds out she is pregnant.

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