Unmasking Charlotte

Unmasking Charlotte Some say that I m cynical Some say that I m flippant But I am neither of those things I am just a realist who through an unfortunate turn of events learned the hard way that everything is in fact bl

  • Title: Unmasking Charlotte
  • Author: M.D. Saperstein Andria Large
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 407
  • Format: None
  • Some say that I m cynical Some say that I m flippant But I am neither of those things I am just a realist, who through an unfortunate turn of events, learned the hard way that everything is in fact black or white At least for me it is, and always will be.But then there is Calvin King The thorn in my side, the pain in my ass He is what some would call the perfect manSome say that I m cynical Some say that I m flippant But I am neither of those things I am just a realist, who through an unfortunate turn of events, learned the hard way that everything is in fact black or white At least for me it is, and always will be.But then there is Calvin King The thorn in my side, the pain in my ass He is what some would call the perfect man an imposing businessman, an even impressive ladies man Every man wants to be him and every woman just wants him At least that is what I hear I m not admitting to anything beyond that.What I do know and will concede to, is that my resolve is tested as soon as I meet Calvin He ticks every box off my checklist sexy as sin, tall, dark, rich, intelligent, and funny My body craves just the thought of him How can I possibly keep him at arm s length when he is the only man I want and desire And it doesn t help that he kisses like a god and sets my body on fire Crap Don t ask me how I know that, he doesn t play fair.Most importantly, I can t let him unmask me, it s my only defense.Unmasking Charlotte is book 2 of the Taboo Love series and picks up where Hey There, Delilah left off As with Hey There, Delilah, it is a standalone so don t worry if you haven t read Hey There, Delilah, yet with a HEA That means no cliffhanger Oh, and expect to see some of your favorite characters.

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    1. CALVIN:CHARLOTTE:4 STARS FOR UNMASKING CHARLOTTE.This book is the second in the Taboo Love series. It's probably not necessary to have read the first, Hey There, Delilah, but I think that it would be worthwhile to read it because Nick and Delilah play such a big role in this bookd because it's really funny and cute. Like the first book this is written in 1st person narrative from both MC's points of view.Calvin and Charlotte have a lot in common. Besides having the same group of friends, they bo [...]

    2. This was a really good book and a quick read. Like the first book in the series, it was straightforward and cute. The characters were likable and fun-loving. I enjoyed book 1, but I think this book was even better. Charlie was a spitfire, but we didn't learn much about her in book 1. This book tells the story of her and Calvin, but Delilah and Nick make a few appearances and that helped to smooth the transition between books 1 and 2. It is nice to have some familiarity sometimes.This book was mo [...]

    3. I have quite a high expectation on this book because I love Book 1 Hey, Delilah featuring Nick Santino and Delilah! I simply can't stop gushing about that book to my friends. But Unmasking Charlotte really did disappoint me. There are humour and some funny moments, but I didn't find myself laughing out loud or peeing myself this time. The previous hero used to be so hilarious that even his emoticon make me rolling on the floor. We have Charlotte who is Delilah's bff and Calvin who is Nick's bff. [...]

    4. I purchased hey there Delilah and was so impressed with these two authors that I could not wait until the second book in the series was published. I was so happy to wake up and see unmasking Charlotte on sale. I already finished reading it and can definitely say I was so glad I did. The story is fantastic, there are some hot scenes, and there were no editing errors like in some other books I've bought from other authors. Definitely recommend it for anyone who loves a great romantic story. Girls, [...]

    5. "Taboo Love"????What the fuck is so TABOO about interracial relationships? This may be a great story, but to use the word "taboo" in regards to interracial relationships is just backwards.Moreover, it's a Black man/White woman romance which sets off my alarm bells because too many of these books are chock full of race fail - Black man as racist sex fantasy aka the icky White husband who wants his White wife fucked by Black neighbor (or several). This one probably doesn't fall into that category, [...]

    6. Another great book in the A Taboo Love series! This book featured Charlotte and Calvin, Delilah's and Nick's bffs, they were both first introduced in book one and the attraction was instantaneous from the first moment they set eyes each other. Calvin has been attempting to ask her out but Charlotte has kept him at arms length because of a pretty awful thing that happened to her in her past. The chemistry between these two was explosive and HOT! I haven't read too many interracial romances but i [...]

    7. I really liked this book, I'm glad that Charlie and C-dog got their own book. Love is Love and I love all the nicknames that these characters give each other, they're cute. I am going to need Parkers story ASAP because after that epilogue I am very curious

    8. **** 4 Cranky Stars ****Charlotte is a girl who knows how to make a big impression, with her sass, humor and determination to overcome past tragedies. Calvin has had his sights set on Charlotte from the get go, and trying to get her attention has been difficult for the self proclaimed ladies man. Charlotte knows the trauma of pain and heartache all too well, keeping Calvin at bay, just for that reason. She soon realizes that the heart wants what the heart wants, and it’s become a struggle to k [...]

    9. A lot more drama in this one but it still had the humor and wit as the first book. Calvin was hot and Charlie was a hoot. Those two had great chemistry. This series has such great characters that make these books a great read.

    10. 4.5 Pinky Stars!ARC received for an honest reviewReview on behalf of Give Me BooksWow! I always say I’m up for all kinds of romances. I’ve tried everything except interracial relationships and not because I’m against it or anything but because I don’t think I’ve come across any good one (or any at all). And since I started with MD Saperstein and Andria Large’s first book in their A Taboo Love series, I got excited in reading more. Lo and behold, after the boss-secretary affair comes [...]

    11. Unmasking Charlotteby M.D. Saperstein & Andria LargeFive Stars!This is another wonderful addition to the series. We were introduced to Charlotte/Charlie in Hey There, Delilah. She is the feisty, sexy, smartass, tell it like it is best friend of Delilah. We had only scratched the surface of her character and her life , she had so much more to tell! That is why she ultimately needed her own book. She as the title leads us to believe, has been hiding her true self and protecting the real her. S [...]

    12. A complete disappointment. It started pretty well, with the heroine and the hero sharing a mutual attraction, but something in the heroine's past keeps her from giving in to it. Unfortunately, as soon as the reason was revealed, the story felt apart from the sheer number of coincidences, anticipated twists and an erotica plot maskerading as romance. For example, the heroine turns down sex on first date 'cause that would make her a hoe' ( her words, not mine ), but apparently mutual masturbation [...]

    13. Charlie will have you giggling like a school girlanother fun and sexy read from this writing team. I loved Charlie and Calvin in Hey There Deliah and was happy to see them get their own book. Charlie has been attracted to Calvin but a situation from her past has always held her back from pursuing it any further. Calvin is determined to break through her barrier and get that first date.When Charlie finally puts down her guard and opens herself up to Calvin, the one thing she fears is the thing th [...]

    14. I was really looking forward to reading this book with Charlotte/Charlie as the main character. I absolutely adored her as Delilah’s feisty best friend in “Hey there…Delilah” – which I choose to re-read just before digging in to “Unmasking Charlotte” – and I was glad I did. I am so pleased to say that this book did not disappoint – to partner Charlie up with Calvin – perfect. Can’t wait for Parker’s story next :o)

    15. I actually received a message from the author telling me this 2nd book is available. You've got to get up early to best me and I was already reading it and dreading Wednesday.Another brilliant book, I'll wait patiently for the next in the series.

    16. As good as the first book. Funny moments and great characters, I loved getting Charlie and Calvin's story.

    17. I loved, Loved, LOVED, This Book!!!Charlotte Fisher is a No Holds Barred, Tell it Like It Is, Fireball that now goes by the name of "Charlie" after a very personal tragedy changed the very core of her being. She is a 28 year old personal assistant to Eddie Dugan, at the top talent agencies in New York City and is best friends with Delilah Sampson. (From the book, Hey There Delilah)Charlotte is very attracted to the very attractive Calvin King, the only problem is, she doesn't do black guys. Char [...]

    18. I did enjoy this book, but only liked it. Did not love it as many others did. It was a decent and in some parts a humorous story. I liked both the H & h. But I felt from the first book that Calvin was cast as a big (6'5") kinda badass dominant HOT alpha. So when he screamed like a girl as he is scared of cats, it was funny but kind of just weird and felt off. While he was very like able and real, H wasn't really alpha. The writing was good, but the book kind of fell a little flat for me. It [...]

    19. *5 Star* *Must Read* *Taboo Love Story**Couldn't put it down*MD Saperstein and Andria Large have done it again! Must admit I fell in love with Calvin in book one and couldn't wait for this book to get here! Yeap- I author stalked this book! This is a wonderfully written love story where you get to see a glimpse into what makes Charlotte (aka Charlie aka Pinky) and Calvin who they are today as adults. Going on the roller coaster of their "taboo biracial" relationship will keep you laughing and on [...]

    20. I read this book via Kindle Unlimited.After reading the first book in this series I had to instantly jump in and read this one. I was not dissapointed! I loved Charlie in the first book and loved her even more after this book. You don't have to read the first book to read this one but you will get some back story and have a deeper connection with the characters if you do. Charlie has gone through something horrible when she was younger but she is a survior and decides to move on instead of dwell [...]

    21. Good ReadThis book was definitely different, not the way I thought the second book in the series would be. The first book was more light hearted. This one took on more serious issues, including rape, prejudice and an interracial couple, some parts of the book seemed unrealistic ( when there was a crisis, no one called the police?!!!), but I do like the fact that the author didn't shy away from some of the issues that can come with interracial couples. We also got to visit with Delilah and Nick f [...]

    22. So beautiful, I'm ashamed to admit this is my first black/white romance, I've read everything else in between though, I loved Charlie so brave, most of us would have curled up in a ball and given up but not her, courageous throughout. she had such brilliant friends in Delilah, Nick and Parker, but my favourite was her Step-dad, Bron, what an absolute diamond of a man, just fabbo in my book. now too Calvin, all 6ft 5 of him, blimey now he is a cool glass of water, he was so gentle with Charlie un [...]

    23. 4 SALIVATING FOR CALVIN KING STARSAnother good read, loved the characters and the storyline, plenty of nooky and a Mr Hotty McHottson hero in the form of Calvin King mmm hmmm tasty. The reasons it wasn't a 5 star read for me was because it was slower to get going than the 1st book, also the H and h took a while to get together and get at it. Still loved it though.I will definitely be reading Parkers story

    24. I loved this story, so much! After reading 'Hey there, Delilah' I was really looking forward to reading Charlie's story and 'Unmasking Charlotte' definitely did not disappoint. I fell in love with all of these characters immediately, and I love the character interaction (in this story and in between the stories). Charlie's storyline is based around some issues that I think are difficult to address, but they are handled beautifully by the authors. I cannot wait to read Parker's story!

    25. I am enjoying this series. Seriously laugh out loud moments throughout the book. I loved Calvin. Such a sincere, sweet, sexy man! Seriously melted my heart a few times. Everyone should have a friendship like Lala and Charlie. So awesome! I can't wait to read Parkers story next.

    26. Loved. I think Calvin is hot and Charlie is awesome. I was excited that they got their own story. everything about it was great. looking forward to Parker's story

    27. ❝They say that once you go black, you never go back. I am not completely sure who "they" are, but they obviously never met me. I guess that maybe I am an exception to the rule. I went black, and then I went back.❞Yep, you guessed it! Interracial love is what authors Saperstein and Large are tackling in this second book in the A TABOO LOVE series. I don't really know how taboo that is anymore, but it's the theme and it is "taboo" to someone, so just roll with it If you want to check this book [...]

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