Envious Is friendship worth protecting when your best friend is with your soul mate I am not like everyone else I have dreams visions of past lives that haunt even my waking hours My past lives are filled w

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  • Title: Envious
  • Author: Katie Keller-Nieman
  • ISBN: 9781494287597
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Paperback
  • Is friendship worth protecting when your best friend is with your soul mate I am not like everyone else I have dreams, visions of past lives, that haunt even my waking hours My past lives are filled with danger, deceit, and fleeting moments of love And they are beginning to rule every moment of my present one Since meeting Eric, they have only grown stronger They areIs friendship worth protecting when your best friend is with your soul mate I am not like everyone else I have dreams, visions of past lives, that haunt even my waking hours My past lives are filled with danger, deceit, and fleeting moments of love And they are beginning to rule every moment of my present one Since meeting Eric, they have only grown stronger They are telling me something I cannot ignore that he and I belong together I know it sounds crazy, but I can t help believing these visions are real There must be a reason for them But what does it mean when they show me horrible things What does it mean when they tell me not to trust my best friend I may not have much, not the greatest family or many friends, but I do have a best friend whom everyone adores Aurora is kind, pretty, and popular, and we have been inseparable since childhood Since she began dating Eric, though, things have changed between us Aurora doesn t deserve Eric, or my friendship But what if I m wrong What if I m crazy Is believing the impossible a sign that I am losing my mind, or could ignoring these visions be dangerous

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    1. Book Title: Envious Book Author: Katie Keller-NiemanSource: I was given a free electronic copy of this book by the author, in accordance with the terms of For Love of a Book's Advance Reader Opportunity Program.Rating: 3 starsThis is a novel about a young girl in college who at first thought that she was crazy. I mean what type of a teen girl wouldn't, after having day dreams and dreams or visions of what seems to be past lives? As the story goes deeper into Cassandra's psyche and she comes clos [...]

    2. Every so often, you come across a book whose story is so enveloping that you look up from reading to see that hours have passed without your knowledge. Envious, by Katie Keller-Neiman, is that book.Sandy is a college student who is in love with her childhood best friend's boyfriend, Eric. Doesn't sound so engrossing, I know. But this is no story of simple schoolgirl crushes and jealousies. Aurora is the perfect college belle. Why she wants to be friends with plain Sandy, no one knows. But when S [...]

    3. Evil cliffhanger. Just evil ;-)This book was a pleasant surprise! I enjoyed this book from start to finish. I have to admit, the beginning was confusing. But the story unravels itself nicely, and I soon understood what was going on.The one qualm that I had with this story was with with Aurora and Cassandra's "friendship." They were supposedly best friends since childhood, yet they never hung out or even really talked to each other, even before poop hit the fan. I think it would have added to the [...]

    4. Thank you to the author, Katie Keller-Nieman, for gifting me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!Reading this book… it was like slowly watching someone go insane. At the beginning, the main character, Sandy, was, for the most part, sane. Her previous lives were getting to her through and her emotions were VERY extreme. Like very extreme. I was almost uncomfortable reading and living her emotions because they were that crazy. And taking into account all her dreams that she [...]

    5. Kate Keller-Nieman's Envious, has got to be the most unique in this genre. Following the life of high school girl, Cassandra, the story naturally unfolds both descriptively and coherently along the protaganist's path of unrequited love, through, and along a layer of many centuries. The genius of this novel is that the author mirrors the characters of the present with those of the past through their names; passed over in reincarnation time and time again. Eric, her love interest never really resp [...]

    6. I won this book from . I went into this book not knowing what to expect. Cassandra keeps having flashbacks of her past life. Her and Eric are just MADE for each other, but Auroa keeps getting in the way.I have never, in my life, come across a book that is a fictional version of my life. There were too many eerie similarities between me and this book. I knew a girl that was envious of me in middle/high school. She stole the guys I liked. Who also shared the names of the characters in this book! I [...]

    7. I won this book from . To be honest I thought the book had a difficult start (in my opinion), before it took off. It defiantly has a unique premise as a whole, even though I wished it focused more on the memories/visions over the romance but as they the book progresses they combine very well. Cassandra, Aurora and Eric are the books main characters and are linked though some past event (which is found near the end of the book). The two girls both have feelings for Eric, but only aurora is dating [...]

    8. I found this book to be a page-turner from the outset. I could relate to the story because I have had a best friend for fifty years, since we were babes. We actually experienced to a lesser degree what Keller-Nieman's characters experienced. I found the story to be clear, cogent and realistic. I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading the next one.

    9. The story will twist and turn you Like vines around a tree you're not sure which tendril will take you next.WOW, and WOW again! Great novel from a new young writer with a stunning imagination, Katie Keller-Nieman.Although the story is set around a college and college age people I did not have that "oh so young adult feeling". Mrs. Keller-Nieman produced a work which will grab and hold (sometimes breathlessly) adults regardless of age.I detest reviews with spoilers so I present to you my review w [...]

    10. In reading the book, it was hard to get into the book but kept reading and it end up being a great book and a great finished and looks like there maybe a book 2 in the future.With the story line of Todd and Cassandra was good also.Their love/hate relationship that we can all relate to in families. (However, I have never had fights with my relatives that were quite that extreme ;-) ) I loved to hate Todd. I would love him one minute, and hate him the next. His relationship with Cassandra is actua [...]

    11. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. But to be honest, the first five chapters were torture. Also, the prologue was mostly pointless. I was confused why it was giving so much backstory about her cousin when he doesn't matter for a while and the relevant parts are covered again anyway. The main character starts out so whiny and pathetic, seeing her life as complete crap because her best friend's better. It was obnoxious, but then you get a glimpse of the real plot, and my interest was instantly p [...]

    12. I won this book from , I found myself wanting to read this book every night before bed. I also found that I didn't want it to end once I was finished, would love to read the continuation. I was left with so many questions!! What happened between Eric and Cassandra? How does Todd's story end? Does Mike and Aurora get what is coming to them? Why does Cassandra have a problem eating? I want to know more!!I love how the story flips to the past lives that Cassandra believes she has lived and it wasn' [...]

    13. RattlingThis book will keep you wondering throughout its entirety. Cassandra keeping having dreams of her past lives. This book goes from past to present several times. At first I thought about deleting it, but The further I read the more I had to read.

    14. captivatingI liked the premise of past lives and present. Things are not what they seem, and one can't help but hope for the best. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the all of a sudden outburst from Todd, other than that I look forward to the sequel.

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