Cinderella Man: James Braddock, Max Baer, and the Greatest Upset in Boxing History

Cinderella Man James Braddock Max Baer and the Greatest Upset in Boxing History Lost in the annals of boxing is the sport s true Cinderella story James J Braddock dubbed Cinderella Man by Damon Runyon was a once promising light heavyweight for whom a string of losses in the rin

James J Braddock Cinderella Man Boxer World the man record statistics photos guestbook footage the movie faq news store James J Braddock James J Braddock earned his nickname Cinderella Man from his seemingly fairytale like rise from a poor local fighter to the heavyweight boxing champion of the world. Cinderella Man James J Braddock, Max Baer, and the A riveting tale of perseverance in the face of hardship, Cinderella Man is the chronicle of the boxer James J Braddock, whose exceptional story of achievement against all Cinderella Man Movie James J Braddock Cinderella Man Movie News and information about the boxing film starring Russell Crowe, Renee Zellweger and directed by Ron Howard Cinderella Man James Braddock gets statue treatment in The foot statue is currently in the final stages of construction at Frudakis studio and is expected to be unveiled at an hour long public ceremony on September , Cinderella Man Widescreen Edition Russell A Beautiful Mind Cinderella Man Double Feature Blu ray by Universal Studios by Ron Howard Cinderella Man During the Great Depression, a common man hero, James J Braddock a.k.a the Cinderella Man was to become one of the most surprising sports legends in history. James J Braddock After his death in at the age of , James J Braddock was interred in the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Tenafly, New Jersey.He was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in James J Braddock North Hudson County Park in North Bergen, New Jersey is named in his honor. The biographical film Cinderella Man Cinderella Childhood Reading Classic Children s Stories The most celebrated of all the Disney classics, CINDERELLA, is also known as one of Walt Disney s all time favorite films CINDERELLA has enchanted generations with its spellbinding story, charming music, and endearing characters that live in your heart forever. Cinderella Cinderella or The Little Glass Slipper, is a folk tale embodying a myth element of unjust oppression and triumphant reward Thousands of variants are known throughout the world. Cinderella Man Full Cast Crew Cinderella Man cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and .

  • Title: Cinderella Man: James Braddock, Max Baer, and the Greatest Upset in Boxing History
  • Author: Jeremy Schaap
  • ISBN: 9780618551170
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lost in the annals of boxing is the sport s true Cinderella story James J Braddock, dubbed Cinderella Man by Damon Runyon, was a once promising light heavyweight for whom a string of losses in the ring and a broken right hand happened to coincide with the Great Crash of 1929 With one good hand, Braddock was forced to labor on the docks of Hoboken Only his manager, JoLost in the annals of boxing is the sport s true Cinderella story James J Braddock, dubbed Cinderella Man by Damon Runyon, was a once promising light heavyweight for whom a string of losses in the ring and a broken right hand happened to coincide with the Great Crash of 1929 With one good hand, Braddock was forced to labor on the docks of Hoboken Only his manager, Joe Gould, still believed in him, finding fights for Braddock to help feed his wife and children The diminutive, loquacious Jew and the burly, quiet Irishman made one of boxing s oddest couples, but together they staged the greatest comeback in fighting history In twelve months Braddock went from the relief rolls to face heavyweight champion Max Baer, the Liver Butcher Boy, renowned for having allegedly killed two men in the ring A charismatic, natural talent and in every way Braddock s foil, Baer was a towering opponent, a Jew from the West Coast who was famously brash and made great copy both in and out of the ring A ten to one underdog, Braddock carried the hopes and dreams of the working class on his shoulders And when boxing was the biggest sport in the world, when the heavyweight champion was the biggest star in the world, his unlikely upset made Braddock the most popular champion boxing had ever seen Against the gritty backdrop of the Depression, Cinderella Man brings this dramatic all American story to life, evoking a time when the sport of boxing resonated with a country trying desperately to get back on its feet Schaap paints a vivid picture of the fight world in its golden age, populated by men of every class and ethnic background and covered voluminously by writers who elevated sports writing to art Rich in anecdote and color, steeped in history, and full of human interest, Cinderellla Man is a classic David and Goliath tale that transcends the sport.

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    1. 4 1/2I'm not much of a boxing fan, but a friend raved about and loaned this book to me. It was a real page-turner - great book about Braddock and Baer, but also about Depression times, the New York/New Jersey locale, and the fight scene in the heyday of American boxing. Highly recommended to anyone with an interest in any of those things.Since I no longer have the book, I'll lay some text in here from the Wiki piece on James J. Braddock (1905 - 1974).Braddock was born in Hell's Kitchen in New Yo [...]

    2. Cinderella man is a book about an underdog in boxing as well as an underdog in life trying to make something of himself in the toughest economic times of the 20th Century. It centers itself around James J. Braddock. Braddock was a very nice man who wanted to take care of his family. One of the few industries of the 1930's where one could make money was boxing. Braddock was a good boxer who at times slacked. Part of his slacking was due to the fact that he suffered from fragile hands that rarely [...]

    3. Interesting book. There is quite a bit here that was not in the movie. I enjoyed listening to it. Our culture has changed significantly since the 1930s.

    4. James Braddock was a Depression-era light heavyweight contender who after a series of losses and a broken right hand, looked all but washed up. Working sporadically as a day laborer on the New Jersey docks and having to go on county relief to get enough money to feed his family, through the loyalty of his manager Joe Gould, he managed to work his way back into the ring and eventually to a title shot against heavyweight champion Max Baer.It's one of the better stories in sports history, yet autho [...]

    5. This is an excellent book. Schaap does an excellent job weaving together the narratives of Braddock and Baer, coloring in the margins with contemporary reports. Hearing what the columnists of the time had to say - significant due to their influence (and verbosity!) - feeds into the social awareness that made it possible for a kind of ordinary boxer into "Cinderella Man."

    6. A very good book about the American boxing scene circa the late 1920s and early 30s, the Depression Era. This book focuses on the rise and fall and the subsequent and unexpected comeback of a NJ heavyweight boxer named Jim Braddock, the Cinderella Man. The book is much more about boxing than the movie based on the book and full of interesting boxing anecdotes. Back in those days boxing was big, right up there with baseball. Boxing was and is a very violent sport. A champion boxer needs to be fer [...]

    7. If you watch the movie, this book is based on that screen play with some additional information from other sources. In one respect I was disappointed because I was hoping it was a true biography, and would have more about his childhood, And more about his life after he became heavyweight champion. Other than that it was really enjoyable read about a man who fought back from very difficult odds, and always put his family first.

    8. ALSO RECOMMENDED TO PEOPLE WHO WENT DRINKING AT THE PIERS IN JERSEY CITY, HOBOKEN, WEEHAWKEN, EDGEWATER AFTER THE HIGH SCHOOL DANCE AND PEOPLE THAT HAVE WALKED THE STAIRS FROM BOULEVARD EAST TO PORT IMPERIAL.It's incredible how much the movie embellished, exaggerated, or just flat out got wrong. This book sets a lot of things straight by telling it straight and in the process, it is way more compelling than the movie. The book opens you up to a world of boxing that is different than what it is t [...]

    9. All my life I've loved watching sports. Everything from the history to the stats and more importantly the thrill a person gets when the unexplainable happens. When something so unlikely happens; that you stand there and say "I don't believe what I just saw." The story of James Braddock is on of those unexplainable moments. All throughout the book I felt like I was witnessing history in the making although I wasn't there I could feel the excitement that people would have felt then and there. I lo [...]

    10. After watching the movie directed by Ron Howard I decided I needed to read the book. I actually bought the book over a year ago at D.I. Anyways, I was surprised by how closely the movie followed Braddock's story. The book flowed well, was fast paced and an easy read. It really is an interesting story. I thought the author did a good job of writing this with relevant good solid information. It follows both the rise and fall of both Braddock and Baer. Braddocks story is a good one. I also learned [...]

    11. A quick review, fuck you Syllvester Stallone, you stole your Rocky storylines directly from James Braddock's life. A great primer for folks who wanna learn about boxing in its heyday. Lots of "characters" and stereotypes which turn out to be true. Max Baer figures prominently in this book, but not until the middle, so the story-telling aspect of the book felt uneven. Jeremy Schaap is not afraid to latch onto old-timey sportswriter language here and there and I approve.Reasons to read:1. You don' [...]

    12. Thoroughly researched and very interesting book about the life and times of the subject and his opponents. The movie, "Cindarella Man", was great but employed a lot of artistic license in dramatizing the final fight. Max Baer is represented more accurately here and Braddock's ups and downs are told in more detail without taking away from the real drama of the final fight. Braddock's rise, fall and rise is extrordinary as is his character as evidenced by his devotion to his family throughout his [...]

    13. I read this in reverse order, that is after viewing the film. I thoroughly enjoyed the parallel journeys of both Braddock and Baer. Certainly Baer was far more clown than killer, and his litany of nicknames attest to a bright but brief shining star. Braddock's rise from being down and out is nestled within the context and travails of the Great Depression.Interestingly enough, since Braddock won the belt but didn't even successfully defend it even a single time, other heavyweights such as Buster [...]

    14. A wonderful read, if you are a fan of boxing. Jeremy Shaap writes a wonderful rendering of the boxing career of Jame. J. Braddock. The story spends much time reviewing other boxers, along the way as well Such as Jack Dempsey and Braddock's amazing fight with Max Baer. The book also gives some insight into Max Baer. This caused me to want to cheer Baer on, as well, while reading. I am glad to have read this book (in two days), as I have been waiting to read before watching the movie. For sports f [...]

    15. Really good book that depicts not just the man, but also the era and the sport extremely well. In addition to being a cracking good story, Braddock's ascendency to the title was very moving. However, one interesting wrinkle: though the book crescendos with Braddock's defeat of Max Baer, I found his defeat to Joe Louis more inspiring. Louis was a far superior fighter, yet Braddock allowed himself to be pummeled for eight rounds rather than just take a dive in the second or third round, which is w [...]

    16. This was a fascinating book. While the main focus of the story is the now-famous fight between Braddock and Baer, I was truly impressed with how much background material was included about the other figures of the time. My only complaint is how quickly the book ended after the big fight, with only a few pages to wrap up the lives of the main characters. I suppose that is a testament to how good the book was.

    17. Amazing story of tenacity and perseverance. Initially, I didn't understand why there were entire chapters devoted to Max Baer when this is supposedly James J. Braddock's story. Afterwards, I understood it served as a comparison between the two boxers. They both had the qualities of being memorable athletes, but their stories were vastly different. If you thought the movie was good, obviously because the original source material was amazing, well-researched and well-written.

    18. Wow, what can I say! One of the rare books that you're upset when it ends. This is not just for sports fans. It gives a wonderful look into the depression era and into the life of a man who refused to be beaten by the economics of the times. Irregardless of how you feel about the brutality of "the sweet science" most of us would hope that children grew up to be just a little bit like James J. Braddock.

    19. One of the best biographies I have ever read. Focuses mainly on James the Bull Dog of Bergen Braddock, it also covers the career of Max bear, whom Braddock would win the title from. The life and career of Braddock is truly inspirational and this biography does an amazing job at telling the story. I literally read the book in a day. Highly recommend it to any sport fan or any person who likes stories of those who are counted out in life making it to the very top.

    20. Let me first say I am not a boxing fan, but in the early 20th century it was a big deal in America so I thought Id check it out. I enjoyed having some context, what was happening in America at the time and knowing the story of these famous fighters Braddock, Baer, Dempsey, etc. It was a worthwhile read if you are interested.

    21. To his detriment, Schaap refuses to take the reader inside the ring, preferring instead to show us the pugnaciousness of his subject, and his fight scenes, though evocative, become repetitive. Yet, somehow, the book grows on you; for what it is - a straightforward story of a blue-collar prizefighter - it works decently well.

    22. I saw a clip of the movie and decided to read the book. I can't compare it to the movie, obviously though I'm sure I'll get around to seeing the movie eventually, but the book was really good. I love a good story and that's exactly what this book is. If you're into boxing or just a sports fan in general I have no doubt you'd like this book as well.

    23. I loved this, I mean "really" loved this book. The writing itself was kind of jarring. Aybe you'll see why once you start this book. You have to get used to the uncomplicated prose. Actually, it just reads like a boxer sat down and wrote it, but it's still one of my favorites! If you like drama, sports, and historical, you might really like this.

    24. 3.5 stars.It's well-researched, but sometimes I felt like I could have skipped over some parts and not missed anything.Still, it was very interesting to see the difference between Braddock and Baer and what it took to get to the pinnacle of boxing.James Braddock's life is one heck of a story.

    25. With the current economic situation, I've enjoyed reading about the 1930's depression and dust bowl, but this book is more. It's a story about three contrasting personalities: Braddock, Baer and Braddock's manager. Enjoyed the movie and the book equally.

    26. I enjoyed this book, but it wasn't my favorite. I do plan to watch the movie Cinderella Man, which is based on this book. This was written by the same author as the biography of Jesse Owens. It was a good story, but just not compelling in my opinion. I give a mile recommendation for this book.

    27. I'd already seen the movie, so I knew the basic story. But since I'm currently heavily interested in boxing, I decided I'd read the book too. I really enjoyed it. Schaap does a great job keeping the narrative moving. This is a fantastic story, and Schaap tells it well.

    28. Not a book that I thought I would be interested in, but I picked it up cheap and gave it a try. A nice read, full of details about boxing in the early 20th century, the lives of Braddock and Baer, and what it meant to be a champion boxer at that time. Recommended.

    29. Terrific period piece of Depression era 1930s New York. Braddocks story is one that brings to life the real struggles of the times. He is a fighter in every sense of the word. I like this red for young athletes and their parents on what it takes to succeed.

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