The Herb Gardener

The Herb Gardener Still hurting after a painful divorce Joanna leaves the city moving with her six year old daughter Mia to a country town She s looking for a better happier life and when she meets farmer Chris You

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  • Title: The Herb Gardener
  • Author: Maris Morton
  • ISBN: 9781922200099
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Still hurting after a painful divorce, Joanna leaves the city, moving with her six year old daughter Mia to a country town She s looking for a better, happier life, and when she meets farmer Chris Youngman, she discovers the possibility of a future as a farmer s wife.Joanna is at first dismayed by the unexpected isolation of the farm, but Chris s affection helps her to adStill hurting after a painful divorce, Joanna leaves the city, moving with her six year old daughter Mia to a country town She s looking for a better, happier life, and when she meets farmer Chris Youngman, she discovers the possibility of a future as a farmer s wife.Joanna is at first dismayed by the unexpected isolation of the farm, but Chris s affection helps her to adjust Then the unexplained death of a young farm worker brings complications she could never have imagined, and Joanna has to fight for her happiness, her family, and even her own life.

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    1. Arriving with her six-year-old daughter to her new boyfriend's outback station, Joanna, a Home Economics teacher, is struck by the sheer remoteness of the location. A few weeks spent providing food for Chris, and for his stockmen and builders, seems more challenging than Joanna first expected. The heat and dust are relentless, the men are largely misogynistic and rowdy, the neighbours are - let's say, keen to call and see what they make of her. One of the pleasant young building workers never re [...]

    2. I am a big fan of Australian fiction and this book exceeded expectations. It was the perfect blend of mystery and romance. From the start you are dropped right in the middle of the action. Slowly you get to know these characters by deed and reaction; It is very refreshing not always to have to be told.The countryside is beautifully described and comes alive on the page. It made me want to look up Berricap on a map to see if that town really exists.The Herb Gardener is one of those book that the [...]

    3. A young woman in a car with a young child is driving along a road in a landscape filled with wide open spaces. She’s anxious and troubled. Newly divorced Joanna and her daughter Mia, are going to spend a weekend with a man, a farmer she has recently been introduced to. Has she missed the correct turning? Is she doing the right thing or will this weekend in the country turn out to be a colossal mistake? Immediately the reader is pulled into a very different world; a world that Australian reader [...]

    4. 4 stars, review to come:)It was the last page that pushed this to a 4 star book and gave me a good laugh to boot. The language was a lot of fun just trying to figure out what the heck things were that they were talking about, lots of tongue twisting and quirky Australian words, sayings and phrases! The story starts with Joanna and her daughter Mia driving down a dirt road in the country looking for an address or driveway to a farm, they are on Holiday and will be staying with Joanna's new boyfri [...]

    5. This was quite a challenging book in parts, but I stuck with it and ended up liking it a lot.It was the dialogue which made me have to re read in parts, but I LOVED that, as it makes it more real. I love Australian based books g'day to ya!Once I got the hang of it I was well away. The opening pages were good, because I'm a bit shallow, if I have to struggle in the first few chapters I get bored easily, I have to be honest, but this one kept me turning the pages.Leaving her big hometown with her [...]

    6. Another romantic suspense novel, THE HERB GARDENER combines a rural setting, a new love, and a dead young worker. City girl Joanna moves, with young daughter Mia, to a farm to be with her new boyfriend Chris on his farm. Learning to deal with the remote location is complicated considerably by the suspicious death very near to the station. Alongside the investigation elements of this book, there's little gems of life on farm as well, including the complications of changing crop / farmy style in a [...]

    7. After a messy divorce Joanna with her daughter Mia moves from a large city to the small town of Berricap. There she meets Chris, a sheep farmer and agrees to a 2 weeks move to his Frank see if she would like the change. As Home Ex teacher she will do the cooking at the farm for the builders. The night she and her daughter arrive they meet a young man, Jesse. He is later found dead. The story is mostly about Chris and Joanna growing romance. The mystery of how Jesse died and the police hunt for c [...]

    8. This book has it all: murder, mystery, intrigue and a bit of romance thrown in as well. I could relate to Joanna; a city girl wishing to hold onto her independence, but still willing to take a chance on starting a new life with quiet, reserved, country boy, Chris. She is searching for her ‘happily ever after’ and after her first marriage ended in divorce, is hoping that she has found love again with him. Starting to enjoy country life after her initial shock, she seriously considers moving o [...]

    9. This was a good mystery and an enjoyable read. The language was at times challenging to figure out what was being talked about, but that was ok. The characters were well developed and you began to feel like you knew them. The descriptions of the setting were very thorough and made it feel like you were there. There were a couple of mysteries throughout the book that weren't resolved until the end and not figured out until they were revealed at the end. The editing was good. This was a new author [...]

    10. This is a love story, murder mystery, outback ranch story. A good read with some wonderful characters. Chris need a cook to help out and Joanne and her young daughter move out to his ranch to help out. The crews are happy with the improved meals but when a neighbor is found poisoned and then the ranch dog dies, they figure someone isn't happy about the budding romance. Well written and great interaction.

    11. A very well written story with convincing characters.I was given a digital copy by the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest unbiased review.

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