Body & Soul: Notebooks of an Apprentice Boxer

Body Soul Notebooks of an Apprentice Boxer When French sociologist Loic Wacquant signed up at a boxing gym in a black neighborhood of Chicago s South Side he had never contemplated getting close to a ring let alone climbing into it Yet for t

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  • Title: Body & Soul: Notebooks of an Apprentice Boxer
  • Author: Loïc Wacquant
  • ISBN: 9780195305623
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback
  • When French sociologist Loic Wacquant signed up at a boxing gym in a black neighborhood of Chicago s South Side, he had never contemplated getting close to a ring, let alone climbing into it Yet for three years he immersed himself among local fighters, amateur and professional He learned the Sweet science of bruising, participating in all phases of the pugilist s strenuoWhen French sociologist Loic Wacquant signed up at a boxing gym in a black neighborhood of Chicago s South Side, he had never contemplated getting close to a ring, let alone climbing into it Yet for three years he immersed himself among local fighters, amateur and professional He learned the Sweet science of bruising, participating in all phases of the pugilist s strenuous preparation, from shadow boxing drills to sparring to fighting in the Golden Gloves tournament In this experimental ethnography of incandescent intensity, the scholar turned boxer fleshes out Pierre Bourdieu s signal concept of habitus, deepening our theoretical grasp of human practice And he supplies a model for a carnal sociology capable of capturing the taste and ache of action Body Soul marries the analytic rigor of the sociologist with the stylistic grace of the novelist to offer a compelling portrait of a bodily craft and of life and labor in the black American ghetto at century s end.

    One thought on “Body & Soul: Notebooks of an Apprentice Boxer”

    1. This is awful writing - pretentious and cliched. What's more, the author takes every opportunity to make himself the subject, particularly when he can reference a compliment paid to him by those who trained him, making this as much of an ego-driven work as a scholarly focus on its subject. The analysis ranges from interesting to obvious. Why not instead read Trimbur's "Come Out Swinging," a far superior and intriguing ethnography of a boxing gym; her book is much better written, with first-rate [...]

    2. 2007 review:This is an ethnography I had to read for my Anthropology class. It's a French man who goes into a boxing gym in a "black ghetto" to do his research. There are parts that are interesting, and the idea is very interesting-but the author uses about 10 words for every one he should and can't say anything directly. It seems if he could be more concise, the book could've been 2/3rds shorter and more enjoyable.

    3. Loic takes you into the world of boxing in his stunning first hand account of two years spent learning the Sweet science. Enough to reinvigorate and broaden anyone's understanding of sociology and it's potential for dealing with the insitution, the individual, the collective, and in the words of Wacquant's mentor "doxa, habitus, and various capitals." It is with great pleasure that I recommend this book to anyone interested in boxing; and tangentially, anyone who is interested in body/mind antim [...]

    4. Ruh ve Beden: Acemi Bir Boksörün Defterleri, yazarın Chivago'nun yoksul mahallerinde gerçekleştirmek istediği etnografik bir çalışma için, bölgedeki insanlarla tanışma amacıyla bir boks salonuna kayıt olmasıyla başlayan bir hikayeyi ele alıyor.Salondaki çalışmalar sırasında boks, spor, bedenle kurulan ilişki, çevreyle ilişki vs. derken, çalışmasının önemli bir kısmını boks konusunun oluşturduğunu fark eden Loic Wacquant, bu notları kitaplaştırmaya karar ve [...]

    5. non credo si possa acquistare questo libro "per caso", visto che si presenta come un vero e proprio saggio sul pugilato nel ghetto di chicago.Loic ci mette davvero "anima e corpo" nel tirare fuori un testo saggistico ma avvicente come un romanzo, una storia vera pronta per un film. Bellissime le fotografie che corredano il testo.Personalmente la scintilla che mi ha "lanciato" nel mondo della boxe.da leggere.

    6. Lettura per corso universitario di antropologia. L'ho torvato molto interessante e coinvolgente. Il mondo della boxe mi affascinava prima della lettura, ma Wacquant offre una visione partecipata e trascina il lettore con lui. Il primo capitolo è, a mio parere, il più interessante in quanto si presenta maggiormente come un saggio antropologico con diversi riferimenti ed analisi alle diverse teorie. Consiglio anche a chi non è familiare con l'antropologia o la boxe.

    7. Combine the best of George Plimpton, Pierre Bordieu (a friend of Wacquant's, actually), Samuel Fussell, and Michel Foucault, and you'll get this astonishing observer/participant study. One of the five best "academic" books I've ever read, and quite possibly the best nonfiction book I've read in the past half-decade. An indispensable work, a masterpiece.

    8. Fantastic exploration of the 'sweet science' and fair play to Wacquant for gloving up. This ethnographic study examines, on the one hand, the role a boxing gym plays in the lives of a number of residents of South Side Chicago, while also examining the mores of pugilism and the dedication required to enter the ring.

    9. Definitely an interesting view into the world of boxing through a sociological lens. I think that Louie relied a lot on his own experience to justify which he was writing about, which was kind of disappointing. Although, he did supplement it with quotes from conversations with fellow boxers at the gym.

    10. Interesting look at ethnography, and at a world I know nothing about. I still have zero interest in boxing, but it's a fascinating read nonetheless.

    11. Definitely not for a student audience -- very interesting, very intellectual, and very provocative. I like experimental ethnography -- I think we could use more of it.

    12. had to read this for a class. I don't care for this book too much- on the other hand, i felt tough sitting on the public bus holding to my face a book about boxing.

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