Sin & Bone

Sin Bone In this second appearnce for RN Gina Mazzio this time it s the eve of her wedding to long time boyfriend travel nurse Harry Lucke As she takes the week s final Ob Gyn advice call a deadly serious m

  • Title: Sin & Bone
  • Author: Bette Golden Lamb J.J. Lamb
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In this second appearnce for RN Gina Mazzio, this time it s the eve of her wedding to long time boyfriend, travel nurse Harry Lucke As she takes the week s final Ob Gyn advice call, a deadly serious male voice says, She s all cut up The police, the hospital administrator, and even Harry insist it was just a crank call, some sicko Gina doesn t buy it She pursues the cIn this second appearnce for RN Gina Mazzio, this time it s the eve of her wedding to long time boyfriend, travel nurse Harry Lucke As she takes the week s final Ob Gyn advice call, a deadly serious male voice says, She s all cut up The police, the hospital administrator, and even Harry insist it was just a crank call, some sicko Gina doesn t buy it She pursues the call, links the caller to a series of nurse disappearances Instread of a wedding, and a honeymoon with Harry, Gina is drawn into the illlicit and dangerous trade in human body parts.

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    1. I feel like theses authors decided on a marketable formula (one I don't love) and plugged in authentic details (the nursing) and the sorts of misadventures a nurse might stumble upon. This isn't great fiction, nor does it pretend to be. That formula is: broken women, evil misogynists and a frazzled protagonist going it alone because nobody takes her seriously. Some things they got right: I'm sure the nursing details are accurate and police officers do not automatically jump into action because s [...]

    2. Massimo character is different BUT needs to be improvedI am a retired RN with over 20 years experience. I hold a BSN and MSN degree. I'm not bragging, just providing my qualifications to write this review. The Mazzio series is well written but the character presentation is unbelievable, unrealistic and predictable. Mazzio becomes suspicious of some perceived wrong doing. She takes her suspicions to people she knows and, as usual, even her boy nrefuses to believe her and the employer threatens to [...]

    3. I enjoyed this book and loved the plot although it was disappointing that Gina wasn't featured as much. There are many more point of views in this one and Gina didn't really feel like the main character. The book is more violent than the previous.I was happy to see less issues with punctuation in this one.

    4. 3.5 stars. I liked the first one in the series, Bone Dry a little better. Hard for me to review without giving anything away. I really didn't like some of the characters but you weren't suppose to like them. They went from pompous hospital administrators to insane killers. It was a little slow and repetitive in the middle, but once it got going it had me holding my breath.

    5. I had difficulty believing that anyone could be so stupid as drug rep Eddie. This was the second volume in a trilogy. I was just not sold on this one and in retrospect, on reconsidering, I realised that I was not sold on the first one either. Neither of the two books seemed probable.

    6. A great book ,l did not want it to end !!Five star rating for this read ,l got so engrossed l didn't know what time it was,that is when I knew it's intriguing .

    7. It was ok, but I think this series is best read with other books in between. I found myself getting bored with repetitive info about the main character.

    8. Another hit!Gina Mazzio gets herself in trouble again in this book. She starts noticing nurses that she works with are quickly disappearing one by one. She asks Detective Yee for help in finding them only to be ignored. It isn't until the hospital administrator asks for Gina's help in locating his niece that Gina starts putting it together. I was a little disappointed that this book is a little less about Gina's life and more about Eddie St. George and his father. But as always, Gina ends up in [...]

    9. IntenseI had this book in my kindle library for quite a while (for me). Shame! It was amazing. I think I'm in love with the authors!

    10. Sin & Bone is a fast paced medical thriller. Gina, the protagonist, is a gutsy woman who won't take no for an answer when issues arise. She wants to find the truth. The book gives a realist view of how work can be difficult and the people you have to deal with. I don't know hospitals and nursing but I do work in the corporate environment. The short staffed situation at the hospital is similar to what I have experienced in many places that I have worked. This situation for Gina in the book ma [...]

    11. Another Mazzio Survives book Mazzio, as usual, knows Something is up, but as usual, no one believes her until she's almost murdered herself. The plot never really thickens since the formula for Lamb's series never has any new ingredients. Good for an "I can't sleep" book but it won't win any awards. I really wish the author would add more "medical" to her stories because I do like the diamond-in-the-rough character of Mazzio. And, having worked around nurses of every degree, Lamb really does por [...]

    12. I enjoyed the medical side of this book a lot. I liked how the story played out and how the main character does not rest on her laurels. She is willing to fight and stand up for what she believes. I am not sure that I enjoyed it as much as I did the first one as there was less going on with the medical side of the story and that is what I enjoyed. I also find it interesting how much abuse the characters in these books seem to endure.I would read more of this author and more in this series, but I [...]

    13. A murder/disappearing nurse story starring Gina (this is the second in a series of stories in which Gina is the main character). She is intent on figuring out what is happening and it leads her into some scary places. Interwoven with the mystery is her romantic life with her fiancee and it is rocky.

    14. VERY INTENSEThis was not what I considered extremely graphic but graphic enough for those who love the blood and guts theme. Story was intense and very well written and paced. I don't think I can read but one book then go to a different gendre for a change because it is depressing. I would read their books again though because they were action packed.

    15. Keeps you in suspense!!First time I have read anything by this author and I really enjoyed it. I found the characters and storyline believable. I would have given it a 5 star except,for the profanity, it was my only fault I found with the book. I couldn't in good faith recommend this book to my family or friends as they would be offended by the profanity as well.

    16. A Little Gruesome, but a Wild Ride.Not my usual choice of book, but variety is the spice of life. I mostly enjoyed the book and the characters. The main villain turned my stomach, thus the four star rating. It all was just a little too much for me. The heroine was not too believable as well.

    17. A strange tale of missing nurses, “packages”, an insane butcher and abused son. You know the cast of characters from almost the beginning, but how the tale will unfold is constantly surprising. I haven’t read anything by these authors previously, but as it was a “freebie” from , I gave it try. I wasn’t sorry. 4.5 stars.

    18. Exhilarating10 stars to Ms. Lamb! Excellent story and excellent author. Her characters seem real and eay to relate to and I can't wait to read the next book. I did notice that there were quite a few errors, missing words or words were transposed. The errors were distracting but it's still a great book.

    19. Wow, excellent medical thrillerThis is the second book I have read by the Lambs and I have loved both of them! If you enjoy books by Robin Cook and Tess Gerritsen then I highly recommend this. I couldn't put it down!

    20. I would have enjoyed this more if it had fewer errors in grammar. Book one was near perfect. good proofreading can make all the difference. I might buy the next book just to see if Harry grows a pair.

    21. Well writtenI enjoyed this second book in the series. I like how Gina is portrayed as real person she cries makes mistakes sect. The story got you guessing right up to the end. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series

    22. Creepy and sad - couldn't empathize with the characters, might be my own mood at the moment. Reads like a police procedural except in a medical setting and that part is believable. Well-written, just didn't resonate with me.

    23. Another really good book, the only reason I gave it 4 stars is because of the graphic detail related to spousal abuse and child involvement; guess it hit too close to home and kinda scared me. Fast paced and unexpected.

    24. This book was riveting, I couldn't put it down for long. The story was fascinating and i will never look at a butcher in the same Iight. An excellent read. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a good thriller to read on a cold winters evening.

    25. Sin and BonesFascinating gory story. Gina Mazzio, R.N was a persistent person looking for missing nurses from the hospital never to return. Her hunt for one nurse nearly cost her her life.

    26. ReviewExcellent story development . Could benefit from a better proofreader. More spelling and syntax errors than expected for such a good storyteller.n syntax errors than I would expect from such a good storyteller

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