Journey for a Princess

Journey for a Princess year old Elstrid daughter of Alfred the Great has grown up the overlooked inept baby of the family As she is swept up into the game of international struggle and politics she makes a long journ

  • Title: Journey for a Princess
  • Author: Margaret Leighton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 14 year old Elstrid, daughter of Alfred the Great, has grown up the overlooked, inept baby of the family As she is swept up into the game of international struggle and politics, she makes a long journey, finds real love, and discovers her own strengths.

    One thought on “Journey for a Princess”

    1. When I was a kid, I LOVED this book. I can still tell you the exact shelf in the children's room of my local library it was on, because I checked it out so many times. For a couple years now I'd only been able to picture the cover but not remember the title, despite searching for it, so the day it suddenly popped into my head I immediately put in an inter-library loan request. Of course, when it finally came, it didn't come with a dust jacket and the cover I'd been so clearly picturing I didn't [...]

    2. I love that this book is heavily researched for characters, environment, and an overall feel that strikes me as incredibly realistic. This book is aimed at mature younger readers, but can be enjoyed by anyone because of its authentic feel and nuanced narrative. The only drawback is that this book is currently out of print and used copies can sell for over a hundred dollars. Definitely to be enjoyed through your library if at all possible!

    3. This is one of my all-time favorite books from childhood and really introduced me to the pleasures of historical fiction. I still appreciate that my husband bought it for me for my birthday (years ago, at this point). I never get tired of rereading it.

    4. I ran across this in late grade school, and checked it out from the library over and over. Then they discarded and sold it at the booksale, I missed the day they discarded it. I was a volunteer and part of my job was stamping discards. I could have set it aside and paid a buck for it. Sadly, instead, I tracked it down years later and bought it for something like seventy dollars. But it was worth it. Journey for a Princess is a fascinating look at pre-Norman invasion England and Europe during the [...]

    5. I first read this book before 1964 and loved it - great historical fiction. None of this 21st century female in a tunic and wimple. Miss Leighton introduced a Medieval heroine who is faced with great challenges and gradually rises to them all but totally in the context of a century where princesses' marriages were arranged, kings and dukes led their armies into the battlefields, and nearly everyone is unquestioningly devoted to the Catholic Church. "Journey for a Princess' presents a great pictu [...]

    6. I loved the writing style--kept me up late at night reading--and I loved the clear cut picture Leighton gave of King Alfred's character and how well it accorded with what I've learned from Dr. George Grant and with Asser's biography. The story doesn't focus on King Alfred, but you come to love him through the events of the story. Probably my favorite thing about this book is the use of metaphors. (Slight spoiler alert) The devil comes as an angel of light, and likewise the angel often inspires f [...]

    7. Describes the coming-of-age story of Elfrid, youngest daughter of Alfred the Great. I read this book for the first time at about the same age as Elfrid (fourteen). The story really resonated with me (and with many others, going by personal reviews on GoodReads, and elsewhere). Basically, Elfrid grows up, becoming mature enough to take her place in the adult world of her time and finding true love. She really felt like me.I just loved this book. It's been out of print for a long time, but look a [...]

    8. The Dragon of Wessex and the Lion of Flanders! If that makes your heart sing, as it did mine, then you will love this book as much as I did. This makes a wonderful companion to Hodges' The Marsh King, one of my favourite reads of the last 2 years, and Merkle's The White Horse King, which I'm currently reading. Centred around Alfred's youngest daughter, it is not a heavy read and it will be perfect for my daughters from the age of about 10-12.I read it on Open Library and will be hunting for a re [...]

    9. This library discard held me in the first few pages. This adventurous medieval tale is simple yet enchanting as the young heroine, Princess Elstrid, journeys across her homeland of England and into Rome where she meets friends, foes, and a valiant young prince. Though this book is written for younger audiences, the tale is captivating enough for readers of all ages, especially those who enjoy a good old fashioned coming of age story with the lure of handsome knights, kindly clergy, threatening V [...]

    10. Fabulous historical fiction about Alfred the Great's daughter, destined for a marriage of state. How can she show the courage necessary for one of her lineage as she leaves Britain for France to face her unknown bridegroom?This is more or less a sequel to Judith of France, although takes place many years later. Leighton must have loved the earlier book to return to it long afterwards.

    11. Good medieval atmosphere. Read originally when young (in later grade school I think), my husband got me a copy as a special gift. I especially loved the description of domestic life and the first time she gets dressed up. Now that I've been in the SCA for a long time, the feel and descriptions feel very on point and true to the times.

    12. It was a cute little book. A little over the top here and there, and a few elements were anachronistic (Michelangelo's St Peter's basilica, in the 9th century, anyone?), however it was an easy and relaxing read, and a perfect way to decompress after finals. A fine day's read.

    13. Really fun for a quick, one-time read. Although if I had read it at a younger age, I probably would have liked it even more. I'll let Hazel read it and see how she likes it.

    14. Cute little historical story. Good amounts of adventure, a hint of romance. I really can't complain. I'd buy my own copy if it weren't out of print.

    15. A favorite book from my youth. Romantic, adventurous, it has everything a young girl's heart could desire.

    16. It's been so long since I've read this. I know I loved it when I was younger. My sister knew how much I liked it and bought a copy for me. Need to pull it out and read it again.

    17. Another read and re-read favorite. Shame on the library for discarding it. Oh, if I could find this book used, I'd be so happy! Princesses, Vikings, kidnappings, escapes, romance.

    18. One of the books that got me interested in Dark Age English history. I loved this book when I was in high school.

    19. I think this was the first time I thought of a princess as an actual person, not just a happy-ever-after story.

    20. Love this book. I remember I first read it when I was in high school & I still re-read it ever so often. It's a classic.

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