The Sirens of Baghdad

The Sirens of Baghdad The third novel in Yasmina Khadra s bestselling trilogy about Islamic fundamentalism has the most compelling backdrop of any of his novels Iraq in the wake of the American invasion A young Iraqi stude

  • Title: The Sirens of Baghdad
  • Author: Yasmina Khadra John T. Cullen
  • ISBN: 9780385521741
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The third novel in Yasmina Khadra s bestselling trilogy about Islamic fundamentalism has the most compelling backdrop of any of his novels Iraq in the wake of the American invasion A young Iraqi student, unable to attend college because of the war, sees American soldiers leave a trail of humiliation and grief in his small village Bent on revenge, he flees to the chaoticThe third novel in Yasmina Khadra s bestselling trilogy about Islamic fundamentalism has the most compelling backdrop of any of his novels Iraq in the wake of the American invasion A young Iraqi student, unable to attend college because of the war, sees American soldiers leave a trail of humiliation and grief in his small village Bent on revenge, he flees to the chaotic streets of Baghdad where insurgents soon realize they can make use of his anger Eventually he is groomed for a secret terrorist mission meant to dwarf the attacks of September 11th, only to find himself struggling with moral qualms The Sirens of Baghdad is a powerful look at the effects of violence on ordinary people, showing what can turn a decent human being into a weapon, and how the good in human nature can resist.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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    1. Irak, ranjen od strane Zapada, ranjen od strane Sadama, ranjen od svojih, naših, vaših i svih ostalih. Irak, kojemu je oduzeta kultura, povijest i pravo da vodi svoj vlastiti život i da čuva svoje ljude, prosjake i intelektualce. Čije ratove vodimo?

    2. DNF at 48% The one star reflects the fact that I'm not finishing this because the author is making extremely heavy-handed attempts to manipulate the reader's emotions.The book is about an Iraqi citizen and his perspective of the American invasion of Iraq. I won't argue that some awful things must have happened because of that invasion but the writer is using things like a mentally ill child being shot down at a check point and a missile falling on a wedding party to show that terrible things hap [...]

    3. Anyone who wants to understand why we should get out of Iraq today, every single American soldier, should read this book. To Iraqis, American style democracy is totally irrelevant. We need to understand what IS important to Iraqis to understand the harm we are doing. It also provides a window into the mind of a suicide "bomber".

    4. بينما كنت أبحث في احدى المكتبات عن رواية مميزة اشبع بها غرائزي الأدبية، وقع بين يديّ رواية لشخص يدعى “ياسمينة خضرا”، في بادئ الأمر تتخيل انها كاتبة نسبة إلى الإسم. تصفحت بعض الصفحات بعد أن قرأت مقطعاً طبع على الغلاف الخلفي، الرواية تتناول واقعة سقوط العراق والدخول الاميركي [...]

    5. Without a doubt you must read this book to understand how easily young people are recruited into the ranks of terrorists and suicide bombers. If you take an interest in current affairs in the Middle East you will readily see how the West and the attitude of some soldiers, especially trigger-happy GIs, only make matters worse. It is a powerful novel, well written and persuasive in its arguments. It is highly topical, whether Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, or even future Iran, but it is also the story [...]

    6. What kind of person does it take to become a suicide bomber for the jihadists? Can they be "saved" from their ultimate peril? This historical novel is one look at the life of such a person from his point of view.The narrator grows up in a village in Iraq. He is lucky to go to University in Baghdad until the war starts and he returns to his village. Nothing much happens in the village even during the war, but there are three events that cause the sky to fall on him. Because of these events he goe [...]

    7. مدهش! لم اقرأ منذ مدة كان هذا كتابا بحق.أول تجربة لي مع ياسمينة خضرااستعرت هذا الكتاب كن مكتبة الثانوية على مضض تحت الحاح المكتبية التي قالت انه يجب أن اجرب ياسمينة حسنا، لا أثق في ذوقها لا أثق في ذوق من يعتبرون "ذاكرة الجسد" أفضل كتاب في الكون!! المهم، هذه الرواية كشفت لي الكثي [...]

    8. We were poor, common people, but we were at peace. Until the day when our privacy was violated, our taboos broken, our dignity dragged through mud and gore until the day when brutes festooned with grenades and handcuffs burst into the gardens of Babylon, come to teach poets how to be free men We're honest by vocation.My father had suddenly turned into an old man. His village-elder aura had vanished; his look of command had no more vigor and no more range.The world is run by the forces of intern [...]

    9. The novel purpots to get the reader inside the mind of a suicide bomber. The intention is interesting, but it fails on execution, (view spoiler)[much like the suicide bomber, in fact (hide spoiler)].I found the dialogues to be contrived. They come off as though spoken for some generic western reader whose image of the Middle East is fraught with caricature.Here's an example:“If the West could only understand our music, if it could even just listen to us sing, if it could hear our soul in the v [...]

    10. The author is actually an Algerian man, who uses a female pseudonym. "The Sirens of Baghdad" is supposed to give readers a glimpse into the mind of a "suicide bomber" (if you can even call him that). Unfortunately the writing was horrendous and manipulative. Furthermore, having recently read Sinan Antoon's masterpiece "The Corpse Washer," I found this story too simplistic and inauthentic. The way the author decided to introduce the characters was a mess. There were too many clichés contained in [...]

    11. If you haven't read this book, put it on the top of the stack! What is truth? What causes war? How can we come to a place of common ground? This novel reads with authenticity from the point of view of a young Bedouin man in Iraq. The remote, small village runs smoothly with respect and ancient patterns. After the Americans begin bombing, everything changes. Terrorized by senseless violence, he travels to Baghdad in search of revenge.This is on my list of anti-war books, starting decades ago with [...]

    12. أرجأت كتابة رأيي في الكتاب لا أدري لماذا، بالأمس حلمت بالشخصيات، عشت أحداث الرواية والفيروس الذي حقن به البطل! واضح أنني تأثرت بالكتاب، ياسمينا خضرا روائي رائع، عبقري وله أسلوب فريد ومشوق. هذه الرواية الخامسة التي أقرؤها له، ولم أجد كتبا مترجمة الى العربية غير هذه الكتب أعو [...]

    13. Forced to leave the University of Baghdad when the Americans invade Iraq, a young man returns home to his small desert village, where he witnesses three unspeakable acts of violence committed by American soldiers. Consumed by a desire for revenge, the youth returns to the city where is he is taken in by a radical group. Before long, he finds himself part of a terrorist operation which will take him to London. But as the time to board the plane draws near, he struggles to reconcile himself to his [...]

    14. I'm not sure why I'm giving this one two stars. This is the third novel I've read by Khadra (a man, not a woman), and it was worse than the first one (which was incredibly depressing). I'm not quite sure what he's attempting with these novels, and I don't plan to read any more of his works.

    15. It is the story of a young Iraqi. In search of revenge, the young man goes to Baghdad, where he becomes easy prey for the jihadists. In the end, this cautionary tale sounds more like real history.An excellent work.

    16. Ο καθένας που ενδιαφέρεται να κατανοήσει τι έχει συμβεί και τι συμβαίνει στη Μέση Ανατολή και τον τρόπο που σκέπτονται αρκετοί εκει, οφείλει να διαβάσει αυτό το βιβλίο, καθώς και τα υπόλοιπα του Khandra. Είμαστε τόσο κοντά, αλλά τόσο μακριά

    17. This book is just devastating! The end had me too weepy to actually read. The story begins in a Beirut hotel where the unnamed narrator is about to carry out a mission he refers to as “the greatest operation ever carried out on enemy territory.” We learn that he was a university student from a small village in Iraq but after the invasion the university closes and her returns to his small village. For awhile life is as it has always been. He is restless and wishes he could return to school or [...]

    18. It was a thrilling page turner. I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated his exquisite detailing and how he made readers enter into the world of the narrator. It also opened my eyes to the realities of the Arab world. Being an outsider to the War in Iraq, I would have only seen what is shown on the Western media. But this book explores the very experiences of those innocent Arabs whose only intention was to live a normal, unperturbed existence yet are sucked into a nightmare. Nothing could justify t [...]

    19. Personalmente i libri di fiction con ambientazione mediorientale non mi hanno mai interessato. Rispetto a certe questioni ho sempre preferito informarmi sui fatti, ascoltare pareri, eventualmente sfogliare pubblicazioni di saggistica. Capisco però che a volte un romanzo può aprirti la mente su problemi reali meglio di ogni altra fonte.“Le Sirene di Baghdad” è un libro che probabilmente non avrei mai letto se non “costretto” perché scelto dal gruppo di lettura a cui partecipo. Può es [...]

    20. I pick up my bag and take one last look at the bedroom, the living room, the sun-splashed window. What am I leaving here? What am I taking away? Will my ghosts follow me? Will my memories be able to manage without me?*I gather myself around my thighs and, with my chin wedged between my knees, I contemplate the city. My eyes blur; my tears mutiny. I feel sad. Why? I couldn’t say. My anxieties merge with my memories. My whole life passes through my mind: Kafr Karam, my family, my dead, my living [...]

    21. Mirni, mali ljudi, u mirnoj zemlji, koji žive mirnim građanskim životom sa svojim obiteljima i običajima u malom selu Kafr Kuramu, sve dok se po zemlji ne proširi rat a s ratom i dramatične vijesti iz Faludže, Bagdada, Mosula, Basre Vijesti ne zaobilaze ni Kafr Kuram. Odnosi među stanovnicima počinju se pogoršavati. Za selo nastupaju teški dani. Ubojstvo nedužnog civila američki vojnici nazivaju incidentom ili greškom oko koje ne treba dizati prašinu Rat se uvlači u svaku poru li [...]

    22. Yasmina Khadra is one of my favorite authors. Reading this book makes me wonder why we invaded Iraq in the first place. To see the war through the eyes of the Iraqi people and we wonder why they hate us so much. I highly recommend this book and the trilogy starting with The Swallows of Kabul, The Attack and The Sirens of Baghdad.

    23. ثاني رواية أقراءها لياسيمنة خضراء بعد رواية سنوسنوات كابولكانت هذه الروية جولة في عقل أنتحاري يريد الانتقام لعائلتة وقريته وللعراق بلدة الذي أستباح للكثير من الاعداءسا أقراء بقية أعمال ياسيمنة خضراء ان شاالله

    24. Harvinaista, mutta nyt jäi kyllä kirja kesken. Oli ollut niin kauan lainassa, että oli jo pakko palauttaa. Teksti ei vain lähtenyt vetämään, henkilöt tuntuivat etäisiltä, muu lukeminen kiinnosti enemmän.

    25. Impossibile ritenere che la storia non sia attuale, fin nei minimi dettagli. Ho apprezzato parecchio che l'autore non fa emergere alcunché di politico e di moralistico dalla scrittura e questo a vantaggio pieno della narrazione. Il finale è giusto così, non potevo aspettarmelo diverso.

    26. A compelling novel of the suicide terrorist. The author keeps us engaged in the internal struggle of a young Iraqi man over whether or not to commit an act of revenge.

    27. I think Khadra displays good intelligence, lucidity and human understanding on this book, dealing with accountability, responsibility and other relevant society and cultural issues. This book is about how prejudices, dogmatism, judging too quickly, intolerance, not taking the time to look further and to understand differences, (on both directions, from the muslim to the western culture and vice verse) prevent us to see the "big picture", and the cathastrophic results that might imply. I found th [...]

    28. The Sirens of Baghdad is truly an eye-opener, provided us with an insight and perspective on the war and the people who directly involved in the war itself. The story was told from the point of view of a young Iraqis and took place during the invasion of US army in Iraq after the tragedy of September 11. He experienced all the damages including the emotional damage due to the cruelty of the war. This is a well crafted story with full of emotions, disappointments, sadness, anger and resentment. Y [...]

    29. Overwhelming and illuminating reading. It brings out the truth and the reality of Iraq I could have never imagined on my own.We follow a student in his home village, Kafr Karam, in the wake of the American invasion. He was forced to leave the university and now spends his days in a small village with his family. When American soldiers invade their village he is irrevocably humiliated and refuses to stay in his home. Immediately he is on the road to Baghdad and his revenge. When shame is brought [...]

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