Discovery in New York

Discovery in New York Not your typical romance and not your average theme park DraculaVille I is the winner of the Rudy Award for Best romance with romantic elements for When Advertising Executive Talia Quinton takes

  • Title: Discovery in New York
  • Author: Lara Nance
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Not your typical romance, and not your average theme park DraculaVille I is the winner of the Rudy Award for Best romance with romantic elements for 2013 When Advertising Executive Talia Quinton takes on the unwelcome job of promoting the country of Romania, she has no idea it will involve rescuing a real vampire and being thrust into a conflict among warring vampirNot your typical romance, and not your average theme park DraculaVille I is the winner of the Rudy Award for Best romance with romantic elements for 2013 When Advertising Executive Talia Quinton takes on the unwelcome job of promoting the country of Romania, she has no idea it will involve rescuing a real vampire and being thrust into a conflict among warring vampire factions in New York She and her rescued vampire, Drake, must fight for their lives to protect their growing love for each other and escape capture in time to present Talia s campaign to the Romanians For she s groomed Drake to become Dracula, the spokesperson for a multi billion dollar project to build an adult fantasy them park resort in Transylvania called.DraculaVille.

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    1. When you are a driven, successful advertising exec, who wears Louboutins and has the biggest campaign of your life in the bag, how do you react when said campaign is torn out from under you and you are left with promoting Romania, as in the country Romania? If you are Talia “the tiger” Quinton, you might throw yourself a pity party and get tossed from a local bar, only to wake in a pile of garbage next to a moaning and bloody man who has no idea who he is, except, well, you could swear his e [...]

    2. Talia Quinton is a professional, who works for advertising and for years she has worked her butt off, to get a promotion, but then her boss calls her in and she is given the job she didn't expect. She has been given the job of advertising for Romania. One evening on her way home, she finds a man left for dead, so she rescues him and takes him back to her place, and she finds out that he needs blood, has fangs, and is a vampire, a creature she never imagined existed. Drake is unlike any man she h [...]

    3. I received this book as a gift for a honest review. I may or may not post spoilers. I wish I could have given this book more then a 4 star rating but it was very slow till about 25% way into the book. At that point it picks up and grabs you.This book has a refreshing look at Vampires and how they live, made and move around. But I have to say there are a few facts that where disappointment when reading. But she does break a few rules, which is silver goblets. Which was VERY VERY weird reading the [...]

    4. I must say, this vampire story was nothing expected and more than I could hope for in a genre overloaded with stories of the blood-sucking variety. We meet Talia Quinton in possibly the worst days of her career, when she is passed over for a promotion she knows she earned and decides to blow off some steam at a bar. After being tossed out of said bar and drunkenly stumbling across a badly beaten Drake, she saves his life by bringing him back to her apartment and caring for him. Discovering he is [...]

    5. I admit it; I judged this book by the cover. If I hadn't promised to review it, I probably would haven’t picked it up and I would have missed out on a sweet romantic urban fantasy. The story is fast paced for the most part. There is a section near the end where things got a little too drawn out, but that is a minor issue. And hang on to your panties… there is no sex in this book! I know, right? There are some scenes where you thought it might happen, but no. I liked this aspect of the story. [...]

    6. DraculaVille - New York by Lara NanceTalia met with the Board and she was not getting the soda campaign but a country redo travel one instead that wasn't going to make her a lot of money.She is used to let downs and that makes her more determined to succeed. Gerri her best friend is a nurse and meets her at the bar where she's had enough of the pity party and leaves.The bar tosses Talia out into the alley where she wakes up with a man curled into a ball. She helps him and Gerri picks them up and [...]

    7. Draculaville is the 1st installment in the New York series. This is my 1st book by author Lara Nance and I have to say I enjoyed it.Talia Quinton A.K.A Tiger is the top Advertising Executive in her agency and for the past ten years she gave the company her all, so when her dream job is available Talia knows in her heart that the job is hers, or so she thought. Instead Talia takes on the unwelcome job of promoting the country of Romania, Yes you read that right Romania. Upset Talia drinks her sor [...]

    8. Did I enjoy this book: I’ll be honest. I agreed to review this book because I thought the title was silly and because I was fairly certain it was going to be awful. I expected sentence fragments, grammatical errors, and the rambling storylines that often accompany self-published books.I. Was. Wrong.I loved it. I finished it in a night. It was cute, and romantic, and if I were a teenage girl I’d consider hanging a poster. Nance doesn’t take the whole “vampire” thing too seriously, and I [...]

    9. "Lara Nance is very quickly becoming a favorite of mine. DraculaVille, the first in her New York Vampire series is very entertaining, fun and somewhat educational in a sense. The main character, Talia, is given the responsibility of trying to promote travel to Romania (vampire central). Doing her homework on the country (and giving readers quite a bit of insight into it’s history – hence the educational part), and stumbling upon a sexy vampire by the name of Drake, she decides they should op [...]

    10. **I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**Loved it!! Talia is a work-aholic bent on getting the top account in the company, so when she doesn't get it, she goes out and has a pity party for herself. Little did she know that not getting the account she was after would only lead her to something bigger and better, and more handsome. She runs into Drake while she is in a hangover blur in an alley, and instantly feels a pull to him, so she saves him. Drake was left for dead [...]

    11. So this was like a roller coaster for me. I much prefer my series to follow different characters instead of the same ones and that's probably why I feel the way I do. There was no closure just way more questions. I was really disappointed in the way this one ended. I had to be continueds. Talia finds herself working on the Romanian tourist marketing plan instead of the much desired Fizzola. Drowning herself in her sorrows she ends up being kicked out of a bar and passing out in a garbage pile. W [...]

    12. Talia had a dream job, an advertising exec. that was waiting for the big job to make her mark in the company. Instead of a promotion to the big soda company she got the Romania job. How was she going to get people to Romania. She had no idea. Until she found herself drunk in an alley lying next to a vampire.Drake, had just been turned and had no idea he was a vampire. He also found a newly made vampire child, named Pip. Talia, her friend Gerri, and assistant Felix did not believe in vampires, bu [...]

    13. The standard vampire is dark and broods over his (or her) lack of mortality, that is when they aren’t consuming blood and/or seducing everything on two legs. Some of Nance’s vampires do this, but the hero (and love interest) Drake isn’t your standard vampire. Nance understands that as characters vampires have become victims of sorts of their own pop-culture success. They are too ubiquitous to be monsters. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, Nance takes on familiar tropes of the vampire st [...]

    14. I liked the toughness of Talia that hides the tender heart underneath. And Drake is as sweet as he is alluring. The attraction between Talia and Drake is quite the mixture of sweetness, strength AND resistance; mainly on her part. There is a lot of fun with what are vampire truths and what are myths. The author came up with an interesting way for us to find out that garlic is not harmful to vampires, at least in this story. I loved Talia's friends, too bad I can't borrow them. This story was ful [...]

    15. Let me first say that stereotypical vampires are not my thing. I'm not into the whole Twilight craze. Having said that, this book is different. A newly made, mostly dead vampire with no recollection of his past and no desire to hurt anyone finds love with an uptight success driven ad executive. A plot with so much potential conflict which the author delivers throughout. I love the secondary characters, they really make the story breathe. And I love the transformation of the heroine as she discov [...]

    16. Talia is about to be promoted, she´s been working for it for years, when nepotism and ass-kissing robs her of the great account and instead she gets the small, "hands behind your back" - promotion job to publicly hype Romania. Drowning her sorrows in one to many drinks leaves her in a backalley, sleeping with garbage, and making an odd acquaintance.Drake is dazed, disoriented and in need of help, and Talia has the strangest need to help him.Meeting Drake is the start of a whole new life and new [...]

    17. A DNF for me. It wasn't bad, really. But I didn't like the main characters much. Talia was a control freak and Drake let her run everything. At least the first quarter of the book. So you don't see much from Drake at all. Then every time someone says Drac, Dracula or Dracula Ville I cringe. However, if an ordinary girl came across a newbie vampire like this, I imagine this is what could happen. Written well though.

    18. Talia is an ad executive who loses a soda account to a rival and has to figure out a way to change Romania's image. After a drunken pity party, Talia meets a vampire in an alley. Then Talia gets the idea to create a vampire theme park in Romania. I like Lara Nance's writing a lot and I've read three other books by her. Her writing style is very clever. I liked the characters in this book. The pacing is really good. The concept is unique and crafted very well. 4 stars.

    19. An entertaining readAn entertaining readA clever idea with the vampire-themed amusement park in Romaniae little family unit is crazyke many families. I liked this story a lot and am on to the next adventure.

    20. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Really good book. I can't wait to read more to find out what happens nest. Drake and Talia have gone through som much so far in such a shor time together. Will they every come together?

    21. Love this story!Great book. One of the ones you can't put down. I have to read DraculaVille II Drama and Love with great characters.

    22. Very enjoyable! You know me and my adoration of vampires! And it turns out this is a trilogy, whoo whee! Full review to come on TRC!Full review up now!!! Really.go look! ;)

    23. DNF @ 42%So this book. Honestly, it was funny and there wasn't anything WRONG with it, per se. I was just bored and not able to get into it. Not for me.

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