Sworn To Defiance

Sworn To Defiance Available TodayCiardis Weathervane returned to the imperial court of Sandrin to unite her foes But her efforts hit a stumbling block The imperial kind She never thought that before rallying an empire

  • Title: Sworn To Defiance
  • Author: Terah Edun
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 226
  • Format: None
  • Available TodayCiardis Weathervane returned to the imperial court of Sandrin to unite her foes But her efforts hit a stumbling block The imperial kind She never thought that before rallying an empire, she d have to fight the emperor himself.An imposter sits the throne and the court she turned to for help is in turmoil Ciardis hasn t survived assassination attempts, torAvailable TodayCiardis Weathervane returned to the imperial court of Sandrin to unite her foes But her efforts hit a stumbling block The imperial kind She never thought that before rallying an empire, she d have to fight the emperor himself.An imposter sits the throne and the court she turned to for help is in turmoil Ciardis hasn t survived assassination attempts, torture and really bad luck to be taken down by her own ruler So she devises a plan But first she needs to get Sebastian and Thanar to agree Each seems to love her in their own way But neither is listening to her Pushing them to put aside their differences, in an effort to ward off catastrophe, might be harder than displacing an emperor who would do anything to keep his throne.Butting heads at court isn t Ciardis s only problem With the princess heir s threat looming she is forced to travel to the mythical city of Kifar, where it is up to her small group to stop the destruction of the entire city while heading a rebellion that could foment a revolution It wouldn t be the first revolution that Algardis has ever known But with Ciardis Weathervane at its head it would certainly be the last.This fifth novel continues the story of Ciardis Weathervane from Sworn To Secrecy.

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    1. **I received this book for free from Terah Edun in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.***Genre* Fantasy, Coming of Age*Rating* 3.0*First Thoughts*I found myself struggling mightily to get through Sworn to Defiance. Before you jump on me for this review, or my comments, you need to cut me some slack knowing that I enjoyed the setting for this book, and even appreciated some of the secondary characters whose very presence makes th [...]

    2. I kept on with this series despite my growing frustration with careless mistakes made by the author that could have easily been avoided with a proof reader. Now, however, I've reached a point where I am unsure I want to continue. It shows a certain amount of arrogance and disregard for craftsmanship to ignore basic rules of grammar and continuity in writing. I kept trying to overlook it, hoping that the issues would be resolved in the next book or the next, but they never are. I sincerely hope t [...]

    3. Such a great book! I enjoyed it so much, so much happens, and now I just really need to keep reading this series!

    4. [Full disclosure: I received a free ebook copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.]When I realized that this wasn’t the last book in the Courtlight series as I had believed it to be, I’ll admit I got a little nervous. After all, where could the story possibly go from here? It seemed like Terah Edun was wrapping things up already in Sworn to Secrecy, the fourth book. And when there were several pages of backstory right at the beginning I was even more skeptical abo [...]

    5. The saga of Cards Weathervane continues with more than the usual hurdles for our heroine to jump. There is so much that happens in the 5th installment, but I can't mention most of it because they'd all be spoilers. Suffice it to say, the poor girl can't catch a break, but she keeps moving on and through any and all obstacles!

    6. Review forthcoming on a-reader-lives-a-thousand-liveI was a beta reader for Sworn to Defiance, book 5 in the Courtlight series (not stand alone).Having narrowly escaped the Duke of Carne's home, Ciardis ends up straight back into the hands of the man she would rather avoid, the impostor Emperor of Sandrin. Not only do her and Sebastian need to get the Nobles on board, but also the Emperor, without letting on that they know he is actually Sebastian's uncle and not his father. With the threat of t [...]

    7. Originally posted at City of BooksI think Sworn to Defiance is my favourite of the series so far! I liked how the plot keeps getting thicker and the characters keep developing. This one is filled with more action than some of the previous ones, which was awesome. I always prefer the action part rather than the political conversations.Ciardis's mother is still imprisoned for murder, and though she wants to free her mother, she has a lot of other things to worry about too. She and Sebastian have d [...]

    8. I have to say it, I was a little bit disappointed with this particular book. I started earlier this week with the free Kindle download of Sworn to Raise. I tore through all 5 books in about 7 days. I was hooked! Non-stop plot twists and surprises! Sworn to Conflict was my hands down favorite. (I am a fan of the C and S romance through and through).So back to this book- Not much happened. There was a little bit of character growth. Not enough. The plot did not really progress. There was alot of f [...]

    9. e battle continues!What a bind mage Ciardus Weathervane finds herself in. Caught as she is between two men (in more ways than one), Prince Sebastian, heir to the throne whom she loves and Thanar, a daemoni Prince whom she is attracted to. Ciardus is trying to stop a god from wreaking destruction upon her world, is caught up in the machinations of an emperor who is not all he seems, is reviled by the nobility and is trying to save her mother. All this as she is still discovering her powers. Oh, a [...]

    10. first sentencesChapter 1 Ciardis Weathervane lowered her glaive slightly as she watched the reaction of Sebastian to Jason SaAlgardis’s claims. Emotions played across the prince heir’s face. Shock. Wariness. Anger. Eventually coldness settled over his features like a mask. She could still read Sebastian like an open book, even when others saw nothing but the careful persona he intended them to see. She knew the prince had trained himself to hide his feelings as well as his intentions while a [...]

    11. I love screw-up heroines. I love who she generally runs around and makes a mess of things, and then is all, whatever dude, walk it off. I love how vain she is and just barges in and starts power tripping. I do not like how over the moon she is about mister keeping secrets prince wonder. i think the love triangle options is really entertaining because she is so honest with herself about it. like, "yep, dude is smoking, yep i could totally get down with that in a back alley, nope, can't take him h [...]

    12. This novel is intensely adventurous from the very first sentence. Action and adventure abound, keeping you completely immersed in the original storyline. The past and present collide in a thrillingly suspenseful manner. Intrigue abounds and allies are in short supply. You also get an in-depth look at various forms of magic in this novel. Edun demonstrates & narrates in a manner that keeps you captivated while still learning more about this remarkable world. This plays directly into the court [...]

    13. I still really enjoy this series, but I think the grammatical errors have only gotten worse. I'm not sure who the author is using to proof-read, but she desperately needs to find some more editors. Friends/family that can look over it with fresh eyes - or even pay an English teacher to read over it. I'm sure there are even fans that would be willing to read over early versions just to find out what happens before anyone else!Other than that, I REALLY hate love triangles. I was disappointed when [...]

    14. Disappointing still. I was willing to give this book a try because I really liked the first three I would even guess that the first three were written by a writer other than 4 and 5. Editing was worse in this one than the last one, it was redundant and extremely stupid in places. I skipped over many, many pages and the same things were being said. It boggles my mind that these books have gotten such great reviews! I absolutely will not buy another book by this author, and while I really dislike [...]

    15. Back in the court of Sandrin we see changes happening with the trio. You will learn with Ciardis that things always happen for a reason. She with her guys will be working towards another adventure but have to get certain things finalized before hand. However, we did find out something that messes up plans until the end. This one was a lot of plotting that happened so certain things in the next books that would work out. Not much action is in this one but you still need to read it to understand w [...]

    16. Another great volume in the series, however perhaps a 3.5 rating due to the book feeling more like an 'imbetween' book Each of the previous novels have more of a build-up to a final battle/epic moment, giving way to the next adventure by the end of it. This was different, and seemed like constant preparation for the 'big battle'. Saying that, many great happening also! And will definitely download the next book as soon as it's out!

    17. All the cover art for this book series is gorgeous! Just in case I haven't mentioned it before now.The latest novel in the Courtlight series continues to entice readers with sassy characters and interesting subplots. The book has its share of jaw-dropping scenes sprinkled throughout, but you definitely get the feeling that a lot of this installment is part of a major setup for the next novel. Something big is coming! My favorite scene is the one where Ciardis illustrates new powers.

    18. This world that Ciardis is getting better and better with each book. I like love triangles only if they come in the third book and up. Not really into it with the first book. Terah Edun, never falls to bring something new to the plot line. The bastard son to Sebastien grandfather, and his daughter. Or Ciardis marriage proposal to Sebastien, i never seen that coming. This is a magical world that i love and now i need the rest of the series out.

    19. I enjoy this series, however this book made me slightly frustrated. The spelling and grammar mistakes are abounding in this book and it's very distracting because it halts the flow of a passage. Also, I felt that nothing was resolved in this book, it was pages and pages of dialogue where nothing of importance really happened. I look forward to the next book and hope that Terah Edun redeems herself with an amazing ending to a good series. I just hope it's less wordy and has more resolutions.

    20. Still has potentialI stand by my initial rating of the first book, decent storyline that keeps drawing me back. Low ratings for the book due to the frequent misspelled words and grammatical errors. I don't know if the author has someone proofreading these or not, but I would highly recommend it. The story would be much more enjoyable.

    21. I like this series a lot it is a quick and fun read. It could use a little more proof reading. The minor mishaps don't take away from the overall story though and emotion. I can't wait to read number 6

    22. Very good seriesThis is #5 and I do suggest you read them in order or you're going to miss a lot!!! Lots of action and you never see quite where things are headed which definitely keeps the suspense building!

    23. Love itThis book and series is amazing and very well written and detailed I highly recommend it especially if you like suspense and some romance along with mythical creatures and stories

    24. AweSome!!!Intrigued! This book showed the growth and maturity of Ciardis and a light to the complexity of the Algardian court. Best of all Thanar got what he wanted! Yes I like a good bad guy.

    25. Great bookI love the story and all the magical creatures. This book was a little more slow going and the characters did not really grow as much as I would have liked. Also,there is lots of errors. With all this being said I am still looking forward to the next book!

    26. Oh my gosh I can't believe it ended like that!!! I need to know what is going to happen! I'm really starting to hate her brother!!!! I love the love triangle!!!! I can't even say who I would rather her be with!!!

    27. "I thought men were better than this""You're a creepy asshole, you know that right?"SPOILER: Yay for Vana being a lesbian. "You're the hell-spawn that threatens this entire court" I SMELL A BIRTH SECRET, CIARDIS.

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