The Wild Side

The Wild Side ARE YOU READY TO TAKE A WALK Alasdair Masters is in a rut He just hit forty has been nearly celibate for the past year and his life has turned into a daily sequence of lonely patterns that revolve a

  • Title: The Wild Side
  • Author: R.K. Lilley
  • ISBN: 9781628780109
  • Page: 388
  • Format: ebook
  • ARE YOU READY TO TAKE A WALK Alasdair Masters is in a rut He just hit forty, has been nearly celibate for the past year, and his life has turned into a daily sequence of lonely patterns that revolve around avoiding human contact His tidy life is turned on its head when a hot young blonde at the gym that s been pseudo stalking him decides to rock his world A very yoARE YOU READY TO TAKE A WALK Alasdair Masters is in a rut He just hit forty, has been nearly celibate for the past year, and his life has turned into a daily sequence of lonely patterns that revolve around avoiding human contact His tidy life is turned on its head when a hot young blonde at the gym that s been pseudo stalking him decides to rock his world A very young blonde Way, way too young for him The problem is, he can t seem to tell her no, and she just keeps coming back for It doesn t help that he s ninety percent sure she s a criminal, and still, he can t seem to turn her down What is a dull introvert to do when a chaotic cyclone that oozes sexuality comes twisting into his life At first, he thinks she ll give him a heart attack, but after his twenty year marriage ended a year ago, he s been a little lost, and when she comes crashing into his life, he realizes that he s never felt alive Is a walk on the wild side just what he needs to get his life on track or a disaster in the making Is it possible for someone that much younger to be just what he needs, or is she a fortune hunter, as everyone keeps telling him Is it his hormones telling him that the mysterious younger woman is the one, or could it be

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    1. 4 stars!The Wild Side is a wild and naughty ride! A sexy story with an older hero and a younger heroine sounds right up my alley! Alasdair, or Dair is our hero. He is a forty year old successful author who is newly divorced. Dair is big on his routine. He goes to the gym every day at the same time. After a few weeks, he notices a beautiful 20 something blonde is working out right beside him day after day. One day, she asks for a towel, and takes him for a walk on the wild side. Iris is a woman u [...]

    2. ★★★★ 1/2! The Wild Side, part 1 of 3. What starts off as sexual awakening & obsession for 40-year old divorce quickly turns into much more!“I’m still way too old for you.”“Your cock doesn’t agree.” Her tone was so innocent that it took me a moment to process what she’d said.These novellas should be read in order:Part 1: The Wild SidePart 2: IrisPart 3: Dair“Was this what a mid-life crisis felt like? I was a bit young for it, but hell if I had a better explanation for [...]

    3. 4.5 ★'s Alasdair is a forty year old divorced writer who's become pretty reclusive except for his workouts at the guy. Iris is a beautiful twenty four year old and that's about all we know about her except she goes to the gym too ande's about to rock Alasdair's world.It's not hard to fall for Alasdair, aka Dairhe's just so adorable! His twenty year marriage ended badly and he's really shut himself off from everyone so when he has a chance for contacty kind of contact, he just can't say no. Iri [...]

    4. 4 SUPER HOT STARS"She was young. I was old. She was wild. I was tame."OMG, this book was so hot! It's one of the hottest book I have ever read! At the beginning I thought that this book was a standalone but then when it ended on a cliffhanger, I was sure that there will be another book! This one has an interesting premise : age difference, a lot of sex, a mysterious heroine and a man with low self esteem!!Alasdair is a 40 year old writer and he is divorced. His self confidence is low and when he [...]

    5. Pleaser the love of all things holyl me this is going to be a standalone?!?!?!PLEASE!! Another novella serial series?!?!?! For real????I can't keep up with the 4 I have going now!

    6. 3.5*ish Stars ”She was young. I was old. She was wild. I was tame.What on earth were we doing here? How the hell would we ever fit into each other’s lives.” ”Dair meets Iris at their local gym. Iris approaches him all flirty and bouncy. Sadly, Dair doesn't come across alpha but pretty boring and wimpy to me. He is in his forties while Iris is twenty-four years old. Dair has MAJOR issues with their age difference and although he likes her company the story just goes on and on about how in [...]

    7. ★★★☆ 3.5 'Walk on the Wild Side' Stars!I'm a huge fan of R.K. Lilley's previous work, so of course I knew I had to read this book. And I can honestly say this author, once again, did not disappoint. Still, even though this was a fun, quick and sexy novella, I didn't absolutely love it and I think that's mostly because I wasn't that big a fan of the hero, the heroine was a bit hard to read and mysterious and I didn't fully buy their connection (perhaps if the book were longer, that would [...]

    8. R.K. LILLEY has done it again!!Her fingers are really magical. am addicted to her writing! The Wild Side left me wanting for more of Dair and Iris. Iris was so mysterious but one thing for sure, she is hot! Dair is our delicious author and Iris is a girl with definitely a wild side LOLThey meet and things get pretty steamyIris is the one with secrets. How will they survive? Or is it just a lust?We are in for a ride! Can't wait!!!!! "You're not too old. That's ridiculous. Look at your hard-on. Th [...]

    9. 4.5 Forty is Fabulous Stars!(BR with Sharon)Alasdair Masters aka Dair is an intelligent, gorgeous man who recently turned 40. He is a successful writer, but also has a lot of free time. He divorced about a year ago after 20 yrs. of marriage to a woman who was never happy no matter what he did. His ex-wife really did a number on his self confidence. Dair has no idea just how hot he is. He views himself as some sad, old man past his prime. He is somewhat of a recluse, and really hasn't enjoyed lif [...]

    10. 4 Wild Stars. Alasdair has been broken since the past year, when his 20 year marriage ended up in a bad divorce. He just hit 40 and his avoid pretty much all human contact. Until Iris, the blond girl from the gym, decides that is time to do something about it. She wants him… and he really can’t resist anymore. She is crazy, mysterious and young.He is tame, responsible and used to be broken. Now their opposite worlds will collide. Get ready for a crazy and hot ride!Rating:4 Stars. Storyline:M [...]

    11. 3.5 StarsAlasdair is a 40 year old, divorced crime-novel author. He spends nearly his whole free time in the gym.One day he gets approached by the beautiful and young Iris. They start talking and Iris instantly invites herself to his home. At that point she appeared very pushy to meAt his home they get straight to the point And she even twerks in front of him. Right after that I couldn't take this girl serious anymore :DJust because he is old it doesn't mean that he doesn't know that twerking is [...]

    12. Alasdair has become sort of a recluse since his divorce venturing out on occasion and trying to stay as private as possible. But Iris, the young thing that caught his attention at the gym, isn't about to let him hide away. As Iris approaches him at the gym, her body has his forty year old mind going crazy. She's just a baby, only twenty-four - but her constant flirting is something he just can't fight. "She was a wild thing, and I wasn't sure I wanted to know what all that wildness might entail. [...]

    13. 4.5 STEAMY STARS!This is the first installment in a new novella series by one of my favourite authors, and I absolutely loved it. The cover is hideous but I promise once you get past that it made for a great read! Just 125 pages, I read it in one sitting and it was everything I expect from a RK Lilley book… fun characters, sexual tension, witty dialogue, great chemistry and lots and lots and lots of steam. I didn’t even know it was possible to fit that many orgasms into 125 pages but if anyo [...]

    14. 3.5 I'm interested, stars! So, there's not much to review. It's a short story, and most of it was just sex, but for some reason I have to know what's next! I couldn't put this down once I picked it up, and I'm off now to one click the other books.And may I mention how darn glad I am that I waited until all 3 parts were released before reading this one! The wait would have killed me!(view spoiler)[ So my "real" life friends and coworkers don't judge me, I tagged this in spoiler tags, lol: this b [...]

    15. *****FOUR SMOKING HOT STARS*****(BR WITH MY BESTIE!!!!)R.K. Lilley has written some of my favorite books.I loved the "Up in The Air" and "Tristan & Danika" series.When I read the blurb on this book, I was very excited to read it.I could tell from the teaser that this was going to be a very hot erotica book which probably wouldn't have much substance.An older guy, working out three hours a day at the gym, to keep himself in the best shape of his life, meets a young 24 year old vixen, who is c [...]

    16. 4 Wild Stars!"She was young. I was old. She was wild. I was tame. What on earth were we doing here? How the hell would we ever fit into each other's lives?" Castings:That was just what I neededank you R.K. Lilley! Witty writing, lots of EXTREMELY scorching hot sex, and not a lot else to think about. Just a great, fun, smutty read!This is a book about what happens when a reclusive, divorced, forty year old writer's world is turned on its head by a twenty-four year old sex vixen who oozes confiden [...]

    17. I really wanted to like this book and even though it made me laugh pretty hard, it just fell short for me. I didn't really like Dair at all, he just seemed like an old creeper to me. There wasn't any depth to the characters or much build up. It was funny, mainly because it was so outlandish. Otherwise, it seemed to lack substance. I know I'm in the minority here after reading some of the other reviews, but I really didn't get into the story at all. Honestly, I felt like I was reading a short sex [...]

    18. I am such a fan of R K Lilley after reading and absolutely loving her Up in the Air Series, so naturally I couldn’t help myself getting “stuck” into this series as well….Okay….The Wild Side, 1st in The Wild Series was a surprise!!! Certainly not what I was expecting. Sexy, hot…that yes!But jeez how much sex can there be in this rather short story…’s like 90% sex and maybe 10% plot!!! No, I am not kidding!!!Here’s a short and very brief breakdown of the rather “tiny” plot… [...]

    19. New RK Lilley book!!!!!(EDIT: this has now been changed to a novella serial)ARE YOU READY TO TAKE A WALK? Alasdair Masters is in a rut. He just hit forty, has been nearly celibate for the past year, and his life has turned into a daily sequence of lonely patterns that revolve around avoiding human contact. His tidy life is turned on its head when a hot young blonde at the gym that’s been pseudo-stalking him decides to rock his world. A very young blonde. Way, way too young for him. The problem [...]

    20. 3.5 um…what StarsARE YOU READY TO TAKE A WALK? No, I don’t think I was…This is another series, that my series addicted self couldn’t help but read. While reading this I went through a series of emotions…In the end, I am so intrigued I am going to continue this mother. Do I recommend for others?I think so! Some people loved it and I am intrigued enough to continue, but to me this wasn’t a show stopper. The story is told completely from Dair’s POV and I am left wondering what Iris wa [...]

    21. What a smart intelligently written book!!! A very well done male POV too!!Romance series ( instalment 1/3) between a 40 yr old H and h in early twenties. Both characters fascinated me.H is a successful novelist, a millionaire , but in his personal life he was not so lucky - he allowed himself to be used and manipulated by his cheating wife of 20 yrs who took him for all he was worth. He has poor self esteem and is a loner in his mancave now licking up his wounds. He also hasn't much idea of inti [...]

    22. Oh man, that was so damn good, and steamy hotAnd that ending!!! I need to know more about Iris, she is such a conundrum. And Dair poor, poor, Dair! Such a man. Even if he was thinking all of those things he should know better than to have said ANY of them. Smh! Great stuff!!! I cannot wait for more of this and I'm so amped that Mrs. Lilley isn't going to make us wait too long

    23. She came Into his life in a flash.Who is she???Where did she come from?What does she want?Why is she interested in an old guy since she's young and beautiful?So many questions.All we know is that we saw a world wind romance and lots of sexy times with a girl we know nothing about and is very sneaky.And then she disappears. Where to? He is lost.A really gripping read Stay tuned for answers!!!

    24. FIVE DARING NEON STARS!!!!"I'd become a man obsessed." All my GR buddies know - I have a soft spot for R.K. Lilley and her books. Always had, always will. No matter what, her writing fascinates me. And so, I was happy to learn that R.K. created a new trilogy called The Wilde Side, and that the first series with the same name was released in May. Two following series, Iris, and Dair, will be respectively released in June and July 2014.It is the same old story - how an older, wealthy man falls har [...]

    25. SEX, SECRETS, SEX, MYSTERY, SEX, LIES, SEX, CONFUSION, SEX, DESIRE, SEX and RAUNCHY!!^ That about sums this book up, and it was PURRRFECT. My God, I just couldn't keep it down!!

    26. With a title like "The Wild Side", and knowing what kind of sexiness I can expect from R.K.'s books, I prepared myself for the ultimate naughtiness when I dove into this book. Let me just say, I dove and never came back up! Nothing could have prepared me for just HOW naughty this story would be!I still break out into a sweat just thinking about some of theuhenes.This dynamic was so different from the very start, which was very appealing to me, the reader. There wasn't an alpha male, with a dom l [...]

    27. I like The Wild Side and the sexy scenes are absolutely hot. (view spoiler)[SMUT. SMUT. SMUT. SMUT. SMUT. Hahahaha!!(hide spoiler)] It's over 100+ pages and really quick to read. Alasdair / Dair Masters is a 40 year old author and divorced man. He always keep himself in shape by going to the gym, and here he met his love interest, Iris. She's a 24 year old bombshell who sort of stalks him and successfully caught his attention. As much as possible he doesn't want to hit girls younger than him and [...]

    28. 4 starsWow, i honestly didn't think i'll enjoy this story line but HOT MAMA, that was WOOHOO. I had fun reading this. It was cool, interesting and unique. One thing that would have made this book a solid 5 stars is that it would be longer and more detailed with more drama. THAT would have made it unforgettable. But nonetheless i am looking forward to the next one and the one after that.

    29. Ahh damn cliffhanger. I don't know how I feel about Iris, yet. She's a mystery to me, why does she keep running away? Where did she go this time?I do like her, if only for her independent and sassy self. Even though it was short, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. That being said, I can't wait for the next one!

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