You Have Time for This: Contemporary American Short-Short Stories

You Have Time for This Contemporary American Short Short Stories This collection takes the modern reader on fifty three literary rides each one only five hundred words or less Mark Budman and Tom Hazuka two of the top names in the genre have compiled an antholog

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  • Title: You Have Time for This: Contemporary American Short-Short Stories
  • Author: Mark Budman Mark Budman Tom Hazuka Beverly A. Jackson
  • ISBN: 9781932010176
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback
  • This collection takes the modern reader on fifty three literary rides, each one only five hundred words or less Mark Budman and Tom Hazuka, two of the top names in the genre, have compiled an anthology of mini worlds as diverse as the authors who created them.Contributing writers include Steve Almond, author of My Life in Heavy Metal and Candy freak Aimee Bender, authorThis collection takes the modern reader on fifty three literary rides, each one only five hundred words or less Mark Budman and Tom Hazuka, two of the top names in the genre, have compiled an anthology of mini worlds as diverse as the authors who created them.Contributing writers include Steve Almond, author of My Life in Heavy Metal and Candy freak Aimee Bender, author of The Girl in the Flammable Skirt Robert Boswell, author of five novels including Century s Son Alex Irvine, author of A Scattering of Jades L E Leone, who writes a weekly humorous column about food and life for the San Francisco Bay Guardian Justine Musk, author of dark fantasy novels including Blood Angel Susan O Neill, writer of nonfiction and fiction with a book of short stories Don t Mean Nothing Short Stories of Vietnam and Katharine Weber author of several novels, her most recent is Triangle.From Buddha to beer, sex to headless angels, there s a story here for everyone In You Have Time for This you will find Flash fiction from forty four authorsWorks from across the globeHighly regarded authors from all types of genresFresh work from emerging writersFifty three stand alone pieces that tie the world togetherEnjoy You have time for this.

    One thought on “You Have Time for This: Contemporary American Short-Short Stories”

    1. Described as “contemporary American short-short stories,” You Have Time for This truly lives up to its name. I’m a busy graduate student, and reading for pleasure is often marred by the nagging thought that I should be working on something else. You Have Time for This circumvented that feeling by allowing me to get my storytelling fix in the moments between tasks on my overloaded schedule. Over the course of two months, I read a story from this collection each time I commuted on public tra [...]

    2. Although flash fiction isn’t usually my top choice, I’ve found that You Have Time for This has filled a hole in my reading needs. Since I’m the kind of reader who doesn’t like to be interrupted or put the book down unless I’m at a stopping point—a break in the text or end of a chapter—I don’t often read during the day. With each story under two pages, I was able to fit in reading a story or two during my brief periods of freedom, which was a delight. Though you’re only given ar [...]

    3. I picked up You Have Time for This because I haven't often spent much time with flash fiction or short stories. Ironically enough, as I was flipping through the pages, I recognized a familiar name — an author who has more recently made a name for herself in my home town. That's how I knew I was supposed to read this collection. While not all the stories resonated with me, some like "Buddha's Happy Family Jewels" and "Sleeping" stood out and I found myself returning to these same stories over a [...]

    4. You Have Time for This is a speedy and refreshing read. I’ve only read flash fiction a few times before and while I’m not sure this book has converted me to a fan of the genre, I’m glad that I read it. Each story was a new experience, just a small glimpse into a different life. It’s like when you’re people watching and you get to see little pieces of these stranger’s lives, gone as quickly as they came. My favorites include, “The Dark Side of the Moon,” “The Story of You,” [...]

    5. One thing I noticed while reading You Have Time For This is that short stories take longer to read than most novels, and flash fiction more time still. Entering a new story is difficult. You need to get to know a new world, and new people. It’s often rewarding, but it takes both energy and bravery to enter something new, and to ask that over and over again can be too much.Fortunately, while the book asks for a lot, it also gives. The best stories, “Sleeping,” “Beer and Gun Play,” and [...]

    6. I'll be honest and tell you that flash fiction is not my preferred genre, but reading You Have Time for This began to change my mind. While many of the stories left me wanting more, the brevity of these flash fictions opens the mind to wander and wonder where the characters and stories could be taken. After each story is a brief bio of the author, which is a great way to find more of their writings. Favorite stories: Rapture by Gayle Brandeis; Damn Irene by Susan O'Neil; Headless Angel by Tom Ha [...]

    7. A very mixed collection of short stories. This is the beauty of short fiction collections, If you don't like it, turn a page and start anew. Plenty of bite sized, somewhat anxiety inducing but ultimately enjoyable stories, perfect bathroom reading.

    8. A great introduction to flash fiction. Each story is 500 words or less, but they still manage to convey lots of feeling. Editing down a story to the fewest words possible means that each story is very streamlined and efficient; every word has meaning. The stories cover death, unrequited love, hatred, and one night stands. An unhappy marriage is effectively and chillingly conveyed in less than two pages in "Damn Irene" by Susan O'Neill. "Memento Mori" by the same author struck me with its lovely [...]

    9. This was my first time reading flash fiction and I have to say that I'm a fan. It's not just that it's short and quick to read, but the craft of writing that goes into something that is only about 500 words is amazing. The technique and story building is wonderful within each story. You will want to make time for this.

    10. Critiquing the flash-fiction genre can be a rather complicated undertaking, especially when many pieces are bundled together, as is often the case. The end result is not unlike an anthology of poetry, providing the reader several small glimpses into alternate realities; the scattered worldviews of disparate authors. You Have Time for This is one such anthology, its title an assurance to the reader. Each of the 53 contained narratives is under two pages in length, and the book can be read in a ma [...]

    11. I first heard the term flash fiction just barely six months ago. Then three months ago I took a grammar class in which the final project was, as a class, to publish an anthology of “Flash Fiction.” Since then I’ve become quite fond of the genre and have been working towards not just reading but also building a small section in my home library for works of flash fiction, with my own anthology as the sections first member. I am quite happy that I stumbled across the book, You Have Time for T [...]

    12. Though many people may not understand the appeal of flash fiction, I believe the appeal rests almost entirely in the title of this anthology: You have time for this. With each story weighing in at under 500 words, it's impossible for someone to give the excuse of not having the time to at least peak at some of the stories in this collection.The appeal of the stories themselves is present, too. Due to the nature of their limited word counts, each piece is striking in its own way. Though some may [...]

    13. You really do have time for this book. I haven’t read flash fiction before but I am amazed at how powerful a story can be told in so few words. This little anthology has over 50 very short stories many of which are centered around themes of domesticity, parenthood and pregnancy, and magical realism. Each story is a beautiful moment, a poignant flash of a story. Some almost feel like a tease, you are left wanting more from these little pieces. I find myself drawn back to pieces that still have [...]

    14. I’m sure I’m not alone in randomly opening up a book to any page and just start reading. It’s a fun game, somewhat akin to palm or tea-leaves reading. I can imagine carrying You have Time for This around for a long time, just for that purpose. With stories like “Snapdragons” and “The Diary of a Salaryman”, the impact of the contents of this collection shift depending on the reader’s shifting perspective. It is like opening a door onto a broad plane, seeing the expansiveness and t [...]

    15. You Have Time for This is a tremendous foray into the world of flash-fiction. Each story is capped around 150 words and, because of this, the words are deliberate and the messages pronounced. Ranging from heartbreaking familial realities to captivating emotional realizations to simple relatable tales, these stories are incredibly well-written and an absolute thrill to read. The title speaks for itself––you truly will have time for this book, not only because of its shorter stories and shorte [...]

    16. Flash fiction is an underrated art form. A good short short story is like poetry. That said, not everything in this book is like poetry. It's billed as a contemporary collection, but many of the stories feel dated. Perhaps I just feel that because I'm a 20-something and many of these stories speak to a much older age. They all manage to be at least mildly interesting, though, and some of them are phenomenal. I first read "Maybe A Superhero" by Deb Olin Unferth years ago and I have never stopped [...]

    17. Read for a marketing assignment, but thoroughly enjoyed. I read a lot of short stories, and flash fiction is very satisfying because each one takes only a minute to read. This is an excellent selection of flash fiction, covering everything from lost children to anorexia to houses that come alive, through the lens of fantasy and metaphor as well as the perspective of everyday life. The tragic bent of most of the stories get a little tiresome, but since they fly by, only the really good ones stick [...]

    18. This collection of flash fiction--bare bone stories no more than five hundred words each--includes a wide variety of stories that, despite their brevity, have a complete beginning, middle, and end. The stories include (among others): the thoughts of two people who meet in an airplane; an unappreciative husband's karma catching up with him; a divorced couple dining out at a Chinese restaurant; and a mentally unhinged and jealous victim of unrequited love. Oh, yes, a bizarre science fiction story [...]

    19. I'm always looking for good books for the bus, and this one fits the bill perfectly! One can easily get through a handful of stories on an average bus ride, in between classes, or just to clear his or her head a bit in the middle of finals week. Although I didn't love every story I read, overall the prose is clear, concise, and captivating. The perfect book for the student or commuter with a tight schedule, for those who love the written word but don't always feel they have the time to commit to [...]

    20. You Have Time For This is flash fiction at its best. Extreme brevity may not suit everyone, but if you want to give it a shot then starting with this collection is recommended. There are over fifty short stories in here, which means there are plenty of opportunities for your taste to be met. Aimee Bender’s, “Wrong” was my favorite story in this compilation, and her contribution was my initial reason for picking up the book. I ended up enjoying the rest of the stories and the exploration of [...]

    21. A lovely anthology of very short fiction, featuring Steve Almond, Aimee Bender, Avital Gad-CykmanYou Have Time for This: Contemporary American Short-Short Stories (Paperback)by Mark Budman (Editor), Tom Hazuka (Editor) order:amazon/gp/product/1932

    22. Great anthology. My favorites:The Man with the Shovel - Chauna CraigHomeward Bound - Tom HazukaLa Guaca - Daniel A. OlivasInfarction - Kellie WellsFamily Therapy - Pamela PainterLamp - Sarah Arellanoand my favorite (and not because he was the editor. :) but because I truly felt it was the best story in the anthology):The Diary of a Salaryman - Mark BudmanGreat stuff! Worth the read, particularly the stories above!

    23. If you have always wondered what exactly literary fiction is, read this book. "You have Time for This" was a pleasure to read. The book fits into pocket or purse and goes anywhere.Mark Budman and Tom Hazuka have chosen the best stories from some of the best writers they know. These stories are Flash Fiction, very, very short, and take only moments to read, assuring "You Have time for This."

    24. Not that many good collections of short-shorts, but this one is good. I don't say great cause there are a few lemons. But after saying that"Buddha's Jewels" and "Skin Deep" more than make up for it.

    25. Aimee Bender is one of my favorite flash fiction authors. When I saw this collection featured one of her stories I just had to read it. While I couldn't get into every story, the collection as a whole is outstanding!

    26. Full of a variety of personalities and adventures, I read stories between classes, and riding on the trains. While not every story was to my liking, there were plenty of different stories to choose from. I'd recommend this for people who love reading, but are short on time.

    27. All in all I thought this book was pretty good. I really liked the fact that it contained short, one paged stories throughout the book. The structure is interesting, and easy to understand.

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