Cyborg Freed from persecution by their creators the emerging Cyborg race establish their own world

  • Title: Cyborg
  • Author: Kaitlyn O'Connor
  • ISBN: 9781465711823
  • Page: 124
  • Format: ebook
  • Freed from persecution by their creators, the emerging Cyborg race establish their own world.

    One thought on “Cyborg”

    1. Dammitt…Where can I find a Cyborg?!!3.5 Cyberlicious Stars ReeseReese is Amy's new partner in 'The Company' on the hunt to find rogue Cyborgs. He is also the blonde eye candy that Amy can't keep her eyes off of. The Company doesn't allow dating, but none of that matters because he doesn't even know she exits…At least, that's what Amy thinks…AmySo Amy and her fellow Hunters have just been captured by the Cyborgs they hunt. They have also just been enlightened that they are not just Cyborg H [...]

    2. I loved this book! Kaitlyn O'Connor has become a "Must Read" author of mine. This book has everything I like in it. Strong Heroine, Sexy Heroes and a well thought out plot that was interesting as well as easy to follow. I won't get to much into the plot because Julie did a great job of describing the book, but I will say I am looking forward to the next book in this series:)If you are offended by strong language or EXPLICT sexual relations this book is NOT for you. Otherwise, if you want an inte [...]

    3. In addition to gazing longingly at the hunks depicted on the cover, this is a prequel to O'Connor's cyborg nation series. Although I didn't enjoy this one as much as the other two I have read, it was still interesting to get some of the back story on how the whole Hunter/Cyborg competition came about. Ditto on the contract requirements.Now for those who haven't read this series. IN the future, scientists of 'The Company' perfected the meld of human and machine and created Cyborgs. What they negl [...]

    4. Just OKThe premise was good, but it lacked in execution. I kept finding myself losing concentration with some of the long dragging parts. Amy was kind of cold and I didn't really feel any connections between her, Reese, Dante or Cain. (view spoiler)[The whole pregnancy thing was a real let down. (hide spoiler)]Lackluster MFMM with no boy on boy action.

    5. Reread 2nd read. Love this book! I really like how each heroine is a little different. The cyborgs start to meld in my head but the women are all different. Amy comes to love the guys pretty easily for me, well except for Reese. Him I can understand because of her crush. Still, I really enjoyed this book. I'm planning to do a re-read of the cyborg series.Original review 06/26/11 Amaryllis is one of the cyborg hunters sent to the supposed cyborg stronghold. It's a trap and she barely survives. Wh [...]

    6. Again I was struck by how entertaining I found this one! Though it's erotica (or perhaps romantica is a better description) the author gives us more than just graphic sex. This series is some fun reading and I liked book 2 bit more than the first, although the heroine in this one sorta got on my nerves internalizing and worrying about her "deformities" so much. It was her twin cyborg lovers that saved this one. :P

    7. A real good one by Kaitlynn O'Connor. The story here was quite strong. As usual with KO's books the sex while hot is only part of the story. The feelings between the 3 heroes and the heroine are the main part of the story. Strong world building. Plot makes sense. Writing is well done. The romance is strong. I loved the whole thing. The only minor quibble I had was that the epilogue was more tell than show but like I said pretty minor. this is the second or third of this cyborg series I've read. [...]

    8. The second book in the series, Cyberevolution by Kaitlin O'Connor. It was a pretty good story. Not my fave story by this author but still held my interest for the entire book. Ms. O'Connor has a way of making me like subject matter that is not in my normal comfort zone.

    9. The thing is I like a lot any scyfy book i get my hands on. Cyborg are tormented souls and after Laurann Dohner or Eve Langlais cyborgs I crave for more.But the whole MFMM or whatever the combination is, becomes more porn with a gang bang note than an erotica or a romance book.I am sure that other readers find enjoyment with this books but I need more substance to a book than sex. If I want that I go and watch a movie.So, yes, not for me this book and when it's poorly written it gets worse but t [...]

    10. Well, this one didn't have what I objected to in the other stories, and it was more different, but somehow still meh. Maybe it's just the sleep deprivation talking P.S. I MADE IT FOR 38 HOURS NO SLEEP well that's not really something to be proud of I SLEEP NOW!!! WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE!!!

    11. Kind of boring? Interesting set-up, but really just the standard romance between a borderline TSTL heroine and her three alpha cyborg husbands. If you've read it once, you've read it a million times :-)

    12. Cyborg is the second in a series of romantic scifi books about well, cyborgs trying to escape extermination at the hands of their human makers and colonizing a world for themselves. Due to an error with the way I setup the metadata on my reader, I read this first before any of the other books.I bought it because it was in the erotica section of feedbooks, and I found myself disappointed. It really belongs in the romance section. Small beautiful female is irresistably drawn to the large gorgeous [...]

    13. I truly enjoy Kaityn O'Connor's Cyberevolution series. The basic plot is that a group of cyborgs engineered to be the perfect army of killing machines suddenly achieve sentience and rebel against the humans given a warrant to kill them all at the behest of the company that created the cyborgs. The company strikes back by creating even better cyborgs, ones who have childhood memories and truly believe themselves to be human, and who are supposed to go out and kill the original cyborgs after which [...]

    14. 3.5 stars. The heroine really annoyed me. Many describe her as strong, but I never saw her as a strong woman. She's supposed to have military training, in fact she's a "hunter", but I only saw confused and illogical reactions from her - some understandable under the circumstances, but most not. I was normal to be concerned about the baby's state and health, but she was just too coward and egotistic to acknowledge the baby had a father (or even three fathers, in the emotional sense) and that she [...]

    15. This is the story of Amaryllis, one of the hunters that have been taken to the Cyborg World. She harbors a secret that made her think that will make the cyborgs hate her so she usually succumbs to anxiety and depression. Her lovers are really complicated, they are hot then cold. I wish that the story is shorter in content because I'm getting bored with Amaryllis' over-analysis of every situation, from the ship to the arrival on planet cyborg, although the love scenes are hot. If Amaryllis just t [...]

    16. God the cover. sooo glad the others in this series look better.I read this a long time ago so I don't really remember, but I think I didn't like it that much. The confusion between the characters didn't make sense to me. These guys are hunters, and therefore are capable of handling emotions way better than the cyborgs from the other books, yet the entire book is just one big frustrated tangle of misunderstandings and miscommunication.This book was actually the reason I didn't jump into the serie [...]

    17. Biggest problem for me was the heroine. I didn't much like Amy. As with so many erotic romances, there's a tissue paper plot. Minimal relationship development beyond the sex. Lots of sex. MMMF, usually MF, but one explicit ménage scene. The writing is decent enough, but redundant — too much repetition of Amy's fearful thoughts about her pregnancy and her own childhood deformity. Contents include some violence and some swearing, including profanity.

    18. I was disappointed in this book. It was boring and not a very good story. It is about this soilder woman and comrades who was captured by these cyborgs. One of the man on the ship she was on that is her partner became her lover. Her second lover was one of the cbyborgs who helped her. The story was not very good. I read better.

    19. What is with the covers of this series? Also the clothing that's described on the cyborg world is ridiculous. I read this book second because I was following the original publication order and I loved it, but these ppl are on the same ship as Dalia and Ruel and there's no interaction at all. Why!

    20. Overall the book was great except for a few things that bugged me. The female Amy just got on my nerves with the way she handled Cain (her 3rd husband) while carrying on a very active sexual relationhip the other 2 husbands. UM yeah, one would feel left out if you have 3unt them THREE husbands but only sleeping with 2 of them! ugh! and the book ending too soon. Rushed.

    21. Loved it! Amaryllis is a human stuck on the Cyborg world. She must choose her mates, and is worried that if anyone acutally finds out she's human, they will hate her. Very good addition to the Cyborg series.

    22. I enjoyed the series but they would have been better if they had been reviewed much better for gramatical errors. If not for so many errors I would have given them higher ratings.

    23. Book 4. Haven't been able to put in down. Need to stop reading and get some sleep. Can not wait to finish series

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