Bookhunter Ripped from today s headlines Bookhunter fires off and you can t quit reading The excitement is fulfilling The year is A priceless book has been stolen from the Oakland Public Library A crack te

  • Title: Bookhunter
  • Author: Jason Shiga
  • ISBN: 9780974271569
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ripped from today s headlines, Bookhunter fires off and you can t quit reading The excitement is fulfilling The year is 1973 A priceless book has been stolen from the Oakland Public Library A crack team of Bookhunters aka library police have less than three days to recover the stolen item It s a race against the clock as our heroes use every tool in their arsenal oRipped from today s headlines, Bookhunter fires off and you can t quit reading The excitement is fulfilling The year is 1973 A priceless book has been stolen from the Oakland Public Library A crack team of Bookhunters aka library police have less than three days to recover the stolen item It s a race against the clock as our heroes use every tool in their arsenal of library equipment to find the book and the mastermind who stole it.Will the detectives catch this scoundrel Find out in Bookhunter, the greatest comic of the new millennium What a roller coaster ride of excitement What an unexpected twist takes place Do not begin Bookhunter unless you are prepared to finish it in one sitting.

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    1. Brilliant. Another small press comic read. Many times there is a good reason one of the large publishers isn't carrying a work. But other times you get something really fun and niche like Bookhunter. Bookhunter is about Library Police in a world where they hunt down stolen books like Seal Team 6 hunts down terrorists. This is quick, fun, absurd, and super nerdy, with a ton of technical mess about book binding and such. I'd describe it more to convince you to go read it, but it's free online at s [...]

    2. If you like libraries, you will LOVE this book. If you like libraries of the pre-Internet era (card catalog, circulation stamps, etc), you will LOVE this book EVEN more. The premise is that the Oakland Public Library employs a special police force (equipped with a SWAT team, guns, forensic experts, and so much more) to enforce library violations, such as overdue books, damaging library materials, etc. The team, led by special agent Ray, is called into investigate the theft of a precious incunabu [...]

    3. Absurdly technical, and also simply absurd. I think the card catalog fight scene at the end was my favorite part.

    4. I love libraries and I even work in one. This was just too boring for my tastes. It kept me busy while I was reading it, but when it was over it was over. Nothing really stood out and i wasn't thoroughly entertained. It reminded me of the Seinfeld episode with the Library Police. An overdue book and they come hunting you down!! Just please return your books!

    5. If you like the idea of librarians as heroes, but want something a bit grittier than The Librarians tv show, this is the book for you. I'm definitely adding it to my "potential gifts for librarian friends" list. The only downside is how short the book was--I want more!

    6. "Ler um livro inteiro com ilustrações na mesma cor acaba por ser não só monótono como cansativo para a vista. Os traços também são extremamente simples e as pessoas parecem-se todas umas com as outras."Opinião completa no blogue: flamesmr/2017/11/l

    7. I honestly was not quite sure what I expected of this comic, but the fact is that Jason Shiga blew me away. Bookhunter is a piece of crime fiction, in a sense, but set in a world not quite exactly like ours, in which the Library Police track down people who attempt to censor books, or steal them. After a short, but very effective opening, which introduces the world and the function of the Library Police, along with the protagonist, Special Agent Bay, the narrative proper begins. Here Special Age [...]

    8. I'm a little appalled that the librarian just handed over all of the patron checkout records with nary a thought to patron privacy concerns, since in the words of the American Library Association, "Protecting patron privacy and the confidentiality of library records are deep and longstanding principles of librarianship." Remember the Patriot Act issues? aclu/national-securitOk, I may be overreacting a little. Or not. That small one-panel eyebrow-raise aside, the book isok. It's just not all that [...]

    9. A comic for bibliophiles or librarians!. Agent Bay is the Chief of the library police and he hunts down stolen books. Set in the 1970s the book opens with our hero in action. Then the rest of the book contains the main story involving the theft of an 1800s Bible on display in the Oakland Public Library. Bay is the type of officer who chases his suspects across the roofs of buildings and swings by cables when necessary. It was a fun little story that I enjoyed bur it is aimed at those with knowle [...]

    10. One of those rare and wonderful offspring of the digital revolution, Bookhunter is available online (free! at shigabooks) and is worth the load-time and slow scrolling. Noir mystery with a sepia tone, Shiga writes out this hardboiled detective story about a rare book stolen from the Oakland Public Library (yes!) in 1973. Classic in tone, you half expect Bogey or Valient to wander into the frame and contribute a few choice lines. Sufficiently twisty and turny, there are enough characters and subp [...]

    11. An enjoyable and fun read, but so laden with jargon that I just had to ignore words and push through sometimes. I'm not talking complex scientific jargon (I consider myself a pretty scientific guy), I'm talking about phrases that actually left me wondering whether Shiga just made up some phrases to achieve an effect. Also, some parts of the story made me wonder if I was missing pages, because there seemed to me to be large leaps in logic. But maybe I was missing something.All that aside, it was [...]

    12. If you are a library geek, especially a tech services one, this graphic novel is for you. I truly enjoyed it. Mainly because I like the idea of the library having a police force. Serving and protecting the collection from censorship and theft. Some of the technological things went over my head. I really think that you need to have worked behind the scenes in a library to relate or be geeky enough to do your research about it. All in all, I got to reminisce about the old card catalog and laugh my [...]

    13. It's a 1970s action movie, using real library lingo--correctly! It might not be historically accurate (tattle tape, magnetic security gates, early computers storing records--were these things around in 1973? I sure wasn't, so I have no clue.), but it is a lot of fun.

    14. Really fun and quick. A must read for librarians, especially. Makes me want to work for the Library Police

    15. A little delightful afternoon snack for any bibliophile. The attention to terminology, technology, and historically accurate binding techniques is exquisite.

    16. This is so good! The Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" video in the Oakland Public Library, with some Umberto Ecoish bibliophile mystery thrown in for good measure.

    17. This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book. Rated 4.0 of 5From the whacked-out mind that brought us the Demon graphic novel series, comes a rip-roaring mystery-thriller graphic novel set in a library? Yup, a library!It is 1973 and the Oakland Public Library has its own police force known as Bookhunters. They'e tough, seasoned, and a bit grizzled but gosh darn if they aren't good at their job. The library has a priceless book that they've borrowed from another library and now th [...]

    18. A really fun comic book. Shiga has never let me down yet. The alternate universe in this book is very nicely realized. Not your usual fantasy or sci-fi send up, but merely an alternate world where books are treated very, very seriously. The action deserves special mention. The way Shiga frames and draws action sequences really sucks you in. It's like watching a competently directed action film where you can understand what is going on (i.e. before the more modern cut-cut-cut style of directing). [...]

    19. Un véritable hommage au métier de bibliothécaire! Shiga reprend ici le genre policier pour sublimer la valeur des livres et des bibliothèques pour le maintien d'une société démocratique et cultivée. Tout dans cette histoire se passe très rapidement; les enchaînements entre l'enquête et les folles poursuites suffisent à captiver le lecteur et à le rendre en haleine. J'ai adoré le personnage de Bay, un détective comme les autres, mais aux ambitions très marginales. Bravo!

    20. Brilliant! A library police procedural, as it were. If I weren't married to a librarian and hadn't spent 15 years working in telecommunications, I wouldn't appreciate half of this. Love the realistic details on the investigation, not to mention the considerable action and intrigue. The artwork does a great job of setting the appropriate tone and attitude.

    21. Even though I'm studying to become a librarian, library humor doesn't appeal to me. I had trouble getting through Rex Libris and don't get me started on the TV show The Librarians. This book had a lot to do with older library systems and book preservation. I think I'm looking for something different with my library-centered entertainment.

    22. In Oakland California in 1973, Special Agent Bay of the Library Police is a tough as nails detective, taking down book thieves. This graphic novel captures the feel of a gritty 70's cop show with a library theme and it's amusing for some of its references to older library technologies (e.g magnetic tape and card catalogs).

    23. Part film-noir, part library sciences, "Bookhunter" is what happens when book theft is taken seriously. As a librarian, I could only wish that this is how we treated our string of disappearing books. Full of action and behind-the-scenes knowledge, "Bookhunter" is a graphic novel for librarians, teachers, and a word of warning to all readers.

    24. UghI didn't like this book. And I didn't quite get it. The first segment wasn't bad, but the second segment was downright weird. I didn't finish the book. But from what I could tell it's about the library police. I just couldn't figure out what they were policing.

    25. O sentido de humor é para mim o que de melhor há neste livro. Não gostei propriamente das ilustrações e quanto aos diálogos por vezes eram demasiado técnicos para me cativarem.

    26. Being a librarian I’m always interested in seeing comics based upon libraries/librarians and unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) there aren’t that many of them out there. So when I heard about Bookhunter by Jason Shiga, himself a former library employee, I had to give it a read. Bookhunter tells the story of Agent Bay and his crack team of library police that track down those that steal books and this is the mother of all cases for the team. It’s a wild and somewhat crazy ride into the [...]

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