The Iron Rose

The Iron Rose From Publisher s WeeklyCanham breathes new life into the tired pirate romance genre with this post Elizabethan romp through the Caribbean The pirate in this case is Juliet Dante youngest child of a s

  • Title: The Iron Rose
  • Author: Marsha Canham
  • ISBN: 9780987702326
  • Page: 109
  • Format: ebook
  • From Publisher s WeeklyCanham breathes new life into the tired pirate romance genre with this post Elizabethan romp through the Caribbean The pirate in this case is Juliet Dante, youngest child of a swashbuckling family of privateers Xena the Warrior Princess has nothing on Juliet, who s as proficient with her biting wit as she is with a blade But even Juliet finds hFrom Publisher s WeeklyCanham breathes new life into the tired pirate romance genre with this post Elizabethan romp through the Caribbean The pirate in this case is Juliet Dante, youngest child of a swashbuckling family of privateers Xena the Warrior Princess has nothing on Juliet, who s as proficient with her biting wit as she is with a blade But even Juliet finds herself at a loss when she s saddled with Varian St Clare, 12th Duke of Harrow, after a battle with a fierce Spanish ship At first glance, Varian seems to be a foppish peer, incapable of dressing himself without the help of his fussy manservant But the handsome duke is really a master swordsman, former soldier and skilled seducer Juliet carts Varian off to her father as a prisoner, but he soon proves himself to be a formidable ally and lover Canham spins a terrific yarn, complete with vivid historical detail, humor and characters that will touch the mind and heart Unlike many romance heroines, Juliet doesn t feel the need to prove herself to every man who crosses her path She s a captain in her own right Varian, in turn, is truly a thinking woman s hero rather than an alpha male cliche Readers who are tired of the traditional romance formulas, characters and conflicts will find this little treasure a welcome escape.Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc.Voted one of the top six Mass Market fiction books of the year.

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    1. Son 3'5 estrellas en realidad. Este libro es el nº 2 de la saga Dante Pirates.Después de disfrutar con la trilogía Highlands, empecé la lectura de esta novela con muchas ganas. Aunque el tema de los piratas no es que me llame especialmente la atención, tenía curiosidad por leer algo más de Canham. Esta es la sinopsis:"Juliet Dante es la más famosa capitana corsaria del Caribe. En el curso de sus viajes, captura el buque insignia de la flota española, descubre un botín inesperado: Varia [...]

    2. It's official. I do not like pirate stories. This is well written with some beautiful descriptions. The sex was good. And there's a very strong female heroine. Hero is undeveloped, but he's fine. If action/adventure romance is your thing: have at it; you'll likely enjoy this book.For me, when there's this much peripheral stuff going on it distracts from the romance. That's not too bad when I'm interested in the matter which causes the distraction. But pirates, much like rakes, bore me to tears. [...]

    3. Maybe I should give this one a higher rating but, truth be told, it was just too formulaic for me to praise it too highly. I loved the fact that the heroine was a pirate captain, I loved that the hero wasn't an overbearing alpha male, and the amount of action was, again, commendable. I was, however, confused about a rather glaring inconsistency that marks the author as perhaps a bit lackadaisical; the character of Lucifer is speaking in this sequel. Perhaps I'm remembering wrong, but I could hav [...]

    4. Super read!! LOVE Marsha Canham and her brilliant skills as an author!! If you like high seas adventure with some really HOT smoldering romance then you HAVE TO READ the Dante Pirates Seriesere's only two books. Read Across a Moonlit Sea FIRST.

    5. This was my very first Marsha Canham book, and it hooked me so thoroughly, I spent the next two weeks finding the prequel to this one, Across a Moonlit Sea - and every other book of hers I could find by nosing through used bookstores & shopping ebay (she has a fairly long out of print list). I hadn't read romances in years before I picked this one up, and my first thought was that romance heroines had drastically changed in the intervening yearsJuliet Dante is a pirate and the captain of her [...]

    6. My review copied from .This is my first book by Marsha Canham. I must say I was quite surprised to look up on that there weren’t any sequels to this book for our heroine Juliet Dante’s two brothers Jonas and Gabriel. She seemed to set it up quite well and they were great characters. I concur with the review of Darmish. This book has a fairly different setting, but combined with the time period makes this a unique novel. The characters are well drawn. The description is vivid. I loved the di [...]

    7. YARRR!!! This is pirate romance at its best. In a genre often plagued with terrible, laughable stories like the much maligned "pirate's secret baby" plots, extremely stereotypical gender roles, bodice ripping and what have you, The Iron Rose probably seems better than it really is because it suffers a distinct lack of secret babies, actual bodice ripping and the gender roles in this one is surprisingly mellow. also thankfully supplied a much more sedate cover than the one I got on my reading co [...]

    8. 17 Yüzyil başlarinda Ingiltere-Ispanya savasi zamaninda gecen müthis bir korsan hikayesi.Demir Gül sıradisi insanların sıradisı hikayeleri. 17 Yüzyıl korsanlarinin inanilmaz agir şartlarda hayatlarini sürdürmeleri,kendi kanunlarini koyup kendi kanunlarını uygulamalari. Bu sartlarda yasayan Korsanlar Krali Simon Dante'nin kızi Juliet Dante'nin bir erkek gibi Demir Gül'ü kaptani olmasi bunu büyük bir basari ile yapmasi ve hayatini diledigi gibi yaşamasi. Kralin elcisi Harrow D [...]

    9. If I could I would rate this 3.75, but only in the context of comparison to Marsha Canham's other books I have read. As a whole I would leave it at 4. Again, she writes such life into her books that you are transported on to the wood deck of a great ship in the middle of a rolling sea and you feel like wiping the salt mist from your eyes to watch story unfold around you. That said, this was not my favorite book of MC's. I was surprised with the rating and my findings. The story was really good a [...]

    10. Podríamos decir que cuando leí esta novela, me gustó, pero no sería del todo cierto. Sus personajes principales, me cayeron muy bien, pero su trama no fue lo que yo buscaba, y me aburrí completamente leyendo esta novela. Tanto que no quise repetir con Marsha. Y no pienso volver a leer nada de ella. Tiene personajes simpáticos y atractivos pero no me gusta nada su forma de escribir. Además, de romántica tiene poco, más bien, yo destacaría su aspecto marítimo-naval. La rosa de hierro fu [...]

    11. Marsha's writing style is amazing and deliciously crisp and colorful. Her research especially had me believing she had actually captained a ship on the Caribbean in 1614 because her descriptions of the ships and their individual pieces and functions were so real, I felt I was reading a pirate's journal. The research effort into this must have been massive, because at no point did the feel for the year 1614 on a ship lag. The fight scenes were realistic - again - as if Marsha and captained a ship [...]

    12. Now that was HOT, as in having to take a break and fan myself/drink some water kind of hot. I don't normally indulge in historical romance, or any kind of romance for that matter, but I find myself captivated by this series. I enjoyed the romance, liked the characters, and found myself pretty much hooked from start to finish. Fun read, looking forward to the third.

    13. marsha canham farkı <3Marsha Canham__Demir Gül__Okudum ve Bitti__SeRpiL.Bu kitbı tam üç kez elime aldım ve en fazla 20yfaya kadar okuyabilmiş ve bir türlü adapte olamayarak kütüphaneme geri koymuştumÇevirisinde beni zorlayan,konuya girişindeki karışıklık bir türlü ilerletemedi beniSon kez dişimi sıkarak şansımı zorladım ve ilk gece okumaya başladığımda nasıl olduğunu anlamadan 113yfaya kadar geldimMarifet ilk yirmiyi geçebilmekteymiş :))Karakterlere hayran ol [...]

    14. Juliet is the daughter of the legendary privateer Pirate Wolf, and a privateer and ship captain in her own right. On a training exercise, she comes across an English ship being attacked by Spanish pirates and rescues the crew, including English duke Varian, who happens to be on a mission from the king.I love the portrayal of Juliet for the most part--she is a very self-confident woman, who is strong and equal in every way to Varian. She even bests him with swords (and not just with the element o [...]

    15. This book was wonderful! The author really knows how to spin a pirate tale! The action was fast, with fantastic fight scenes. There are some gritty parts, not too bad, but if your easily bothered by this, this may not be the book for you. The romance was sweet, I love Juliet, such a strong woman! The attention to historical detail was well done. My only complaint is that it ended too soon! I wish there had been an epilogue telling what happened after.

    16. I do like strong female characters but I think this was a bit over the top. I don't think a female has to be brutal to be strong. To me Beau was much more likable than Juliet. I liked Dante much more than Varian too. Varian couldn't stand up for himself and he was very bland.The writing style was great, the plot was great. I've read so many of Marsha Canham's books and I loved most of them. I am definitely reading the next Dante Pirates book.

    17. Even better than the first book! You can really visualize everything! It made me laugh and it made me cry. Everything I like in a book! UPDATE: Marsha is one of my most favorite authors of all time. I love the details of the historical places she opens your mind to. I've read 7 or 8 of her books and loved all of them. She's amazing!

    18. Juliet Dante, Daughter of The Pirate Wolf, rescues Varian St. Clare at sea. Juliet and family and privateers for the crown and send a portion of their take home every year, but the King has decided on a peace treaty with Spain and wants them to quit; there by sending Varian as him envoy to convince them. Wonderful Story!!! Wish I had 10 more like it to read!!! Awesome.

    19. Thank god the erotic scenes came about sooner than Beau and Dantes as the tension was unbearable! As ever the characters were engaging and it chock full of romance, adventure and full story to keep you wanting more and have you up late into the night wanting to read one more page.Love this series so sad there's only one more in it so far!

    20. The best romance/pirate novel I have ever read in my life!! It's by far one of my favourite book. It keeps you hooked until the very end and every character is a new adventure! Combines the perfect dose of action, drama, humour and romance!! Must read!

    21. Entertaining enough that I'll read the next (and final) book in the series, but also so formulaic that I probably won't read any other series written by Margaret Canham when I'm finished with this one.

    22. I have never been one for pirate tales, but I never tire of her novels. This was a delightful surprise and significantly better than other fictions within the same genre. Pirates of the Caribbean be dammed!

    23. It all started with Across A Moonlit Sea, and scrambling for more of the same, The Iron Rose quickly found its place on my somewhat exclusive list of absolute favorites! Marsha is now one of my favorites, too.

    24. I don't know how I feel about this book. I liked the characters and I liked the story, but in some places it seemed to be painfully slow and then just rushed to be over with it. Oh, but Varian and Gabriel were awesome. I loved them.

    25. While I enjoyed reading the first book in the series [Across a Moonlit Sea] I found everything about this second installment, The Iron Rose, dull. It's the story of the children of the pirates in the first book, and frankly they didn't turn out well.

    26. This is the second book in the Dante Pirate series and worth reading. Juliet is quite her fathers daughter. My only negative is it gets lengthy in descriptions at times and I perused in those instances. Otherwise a fun read.

    27. Marsha Canham is hands down the best writer of pirate romances. Her characters are impeccable and her descriptive language is amanzing. This is the second in the series and it centers around the child of Simon and Isabeau Dante who has a ship of her own.

    28. İlk kitabından bir adım yüksekte. Juliet sıkı kızdı ve sıkı kızları okumayı seviyorum. Yine Marsha tarih öğretmekten geri kalmamış. Normalde tarih derslerini severim ama sevgili yazara öğretmenliği kariyer olarak düşünmemesini salık veriyorum , zira çok sıkıcı anlatıyor.

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