Otto er et næsehorn

Otto er et n sehorn The rhino Topper draws on the living room wall with his magic pencil comes alive causing a great many complications

  • Title: Otto er et næsehorn
  • Author: Ole Lund Kirkegaard
  • ISBN: 9788700002210
  • Page: 443
  • Format: None
  • The rhino Topper draws on the living room wall with his magic pencil comes alive, causing a great many complications.

    One thought on “ Otto er et næsehorn”

    1. Оле Лунд Киркегор е писател, който е хем датски, хем детски. Може би вече го познавате? Ако сте имали щастието да се родите навреме и да хванете изданията от Библиотека „Смехурко” може би дори си спомняте и неговия носорог Ото, който се появи в книгата „Гумения Тарзан”, по к [...]

    2. My autistic son's teacher recommended this book, to read aloud to him. I did like the book and I think my son did as well. It is very funny and crazy!Topper lives with his mother in a big red house full of quirky people. On the top floor, lives the man who is in charge of the house. A pipe smoking elderly gentleman named Mr. Holm. Topper lives on the second floor and on the first floor, lives Miss Flora who is very hard of hearing. She listens through an ear trumpet but still hears most things w [...]

    3. En ægte klassiker.Topper, Viggo, hr Løwe, Hr Holm, Frk Flora, Sille på den lille gule cykel, og så selvfølgelig Otto.En børnehistorie, der bare holder. Har lige læst den flere gange for den 5-årige, og hun er begejstret, hvilketjeg også selv er. For 4. gang i mit liv. Hvor mange bøger kan prale af det?

    4. I love Ole Lund Kirkegaard. His books--okay, at least the two I've read--are delightful: tangential, imaginative stories about mischievous children whose everyday, hum-drum lives get shaken up by crazy adventures--if only for a moment. In Otto er et Næsehorn (Otto is a Rhinoceros), Topper, the son of a sailor who spends most of his days on the high seas, finds a magic pencil. At first, it seems that everything that is written with the pencil disappears. So Topper decides to draw a huge, yellow [...]

    5. Great Danish kids book about Topper, whose drawings can come to life, including Otto the rhino. Silly and charming, as are the illustrations.

    6. A lovely small book recommended to me by Jan. Not very hard to read in Spanish, although I think it's been translated from Dutch (?).

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