Spectre Retired and happily married Kirk believes his adventuring days are over But as he returns to Earth for the first time since his apparent death upon the Enterprise B events elsewhere in the galaxy se

  • Title: Spectre
  • Author: William Shatner Judith Reeves-Stevens Garfield Reeves-Stevens
  • ISBN: 9780671008802
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback
  • Retired and happily married, Kirk believes his adventuring days are over But as he returns to Earth for the first time since his apparent death upon the Enterprise B, events elsewhere in the galaxy set in motion a mystery that may provide Kirk with his greatest challenge yet.

    One thought on “Spectre”

    1. This is the first of a trilogy involving conflict between our universe and the Mirror Universe. Some really cool ideas. I liked it quite a bit. Somewhat of a kinder, gentler Kirk, one who is aging and definitely in love. I didn't always love the way the character was going but the changes were not unbelievable. There is a satisfactory conclusion to the novel's story arc but, of course, the book ends on a huge cliffhanger as the second book is essentially introduced. It didn't bother me since I a [...]

    2. Shatner is no literary genius, but this book was fun. There are a lot of problems with the writing, inconsistencies in the plot, and muddled motivations of supporting characters, but I want to touch on the things I did like. Shatner is most definitely a Trekkie and it shows in this book. He knows the story lines, the Star Trek lore and the characters very well. No one writes Kirk better than Shatner for obvious reasons. In the dialogue (especially between Kirk, Bones and Spock) you can really he [...]

    3. Spectre, like most of the novels of the Shatnerverse, suffers a bit from the ego of William Shatner, in my opinion. It seems that Kirk has to be superhuman and can never have an equal among the people around him. And fair enough, it's written by William Shatner (along with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens), and his face is on the cover, so it's understandable the story has to be centered on him. However, the TNG crew's "voices" never seem to ring true for me, and the idea of Kirk being this aw [...]

    4. A decent yarn, the Shatner/Kirk ego did get a bit much at times I thought though as Kirk appears to be totally invincible - all the same, it is what it is - and it is a decent book that isn't totally ruined by trekie babble

    5. Shatner knows how to grab a persons attention. While he mostly over-exaggerated his character, like he did in the TV series and movies, he stayed true to the Star Trek fans and have them something they wanted.

    6. the mirror Universe is hardly an overdone trek concept, and I can only admire the level of detail that went into the research for the characterisations. It's quite a thrilling read, although everything is Kirk, Kirk, Kirk.

    7. Ok to b honest I have mixed feelings about this bookI loved all the different ST characters in the book That was very niceI liked Janeway as a warrior.I didn't like the way Picard was written in this bookeven with the revelation at the end. Umm I don't see Kirk acting like a love sick teenager I just don't There was so much wrong with thatI debated about giving this a 3 but the story was interesting and to me unique so that's why I'm giving it a 4Also I am interested enough to read the others so [...]

    8. Spectre continues on from the previous book in the series Avenger and picks up with Kirk on the planet of Chal with Teilani where he is busily involved in field clearance (using traditional methods! :D ) at their home but is a feeling an itch for adventure that Teilani is aware of so gives him his orders and sends him on his way! :D The plot essentially runs on from Teilani giving Kirk the push that he needs but that she will still be back there tending the fires! :D Lol Though of course this do [...]

    9. Star Trek: Spectre is either evidence that Bill Shatner cannot write, or that he cannot hire a decent ghost writer. On my worst day as an author, at my most ill-plotting and melodramatic and awkward and pretentious (all of which I manage to achieve high levels in when I’m not careful, and sometimes when I am), I don’t come near to the crowning achievements in this novel.Now throw in Bill Shatner doing the narration. And cheesy sound effects.Let’s see — in the first 20 minutes or so of th [...]

    10. I'll give it 3 stars for nostalgia's sake. When I first read the book years and years ago, I loved it. Mirror Universe! Goatee Spock! Alternate history/what-if! But upon reading it now, I see it almost as the ultimate "Kirk is better than Picard" story. Spoilers ahead:Picard loses his ship right away. Picard is easily fooled by the bad guys. Picard has to be rescued by Kirk several times. At one point, Picard is even attracted (artificially) to Kirk's girlfriend (?) The plot seems recycled from [...]

    11. This book breaks all the rules given to the authors of Star Trek novels such as:Don't bring back to life characters that are dead or should be dead by know, don't mix classic series characters with Next Generations or the characters of other series, don't bring characters to a timeline when they shouldn't be, don't base your novel on episodes from the TV show, etc.The parallel Universe storyline was kind of over used in the Star Trek Enterprise series and this book came out years before that sho [...]

    12. So I'm giving the same review to all the books in this part of the "Shatnerverse"I basically enjoyed them, being fans of his co-authors, Garfield Reeves-Stevens and Judith Reeves-Stevens.The stories were better than average, and the author / editor team, knew their ST history, touching just about every branch established so far in the "Prime" timeline. I don't remember if there were any Archer era references.It was pleasant, it was entertaining, it did the job. The books mostly moved along, woul [...]

    13. This book reads like fan-fiction in both good and bad ways. (Yes, there are good ways to be like fanfic.) The good ways:It has tons of "OMG! That is so cool!" moments and weaves in a lot of Star Trek lore. There are appearances by lots of characters and/or their mirror-universe duplicates. I am guessing Shatner had a lot of assistance from his co-authors with the Star Trek lore because I don't see him knowing so much about TNG, DS9 or Voyager (all of which are mentioned and used at some way duri [...]

    14. Following the Odyssey trilogy, Star Trek: Spectre continues the adventures of Captain James Tiberius Kirk in the twenty-fourth century. This novel takes place in the year 2375. The prologue and first chapter are inconsistent with chronology (the events of Star Trek: First Contact are said to have taken place a year prior as opposed to 2372 as stated in Star Trek: Avenger, and the virogen crisis in Avenger, which took place 2373, is, at one point, said to have taken place two years before this no [...]

    15. Book one of the Shatner Mirror Universe series, William Shatner along with the duo of Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens produce a nonstop action packed galactic size quest of epic proportions. Kirk, Spock, Janeway, Scotty, Bones, who could ask for anything more? Well, we could and they provide. Not only one Spock, not only one Kirk but duplicates galore.With a threat that could very well change his life forever Kirk is forced to rejoin an organization he long ago left behind. An organization th [...]

    16. As always I'm a Trek Fan and this book has what Trek fans are looking to read.The book starts out with Jim Kirk fighting with a tree stump in a field on a planet named Chal. We learn that he is no longer with Starfleet, but with a woman he considers to be his heart. He also has stayed out of the call up for the Dominian/Alliance fight, which he's not sure was a good or bad thing for him.Telilani sends him to a conference on earth h, because she sees the fight that he is having with himself and f [...]

    17. Brilliant book. The Star Trek Universe fully realized and Captain Kirk at his finest and most daring. Also Captain Kirk at his worst. In Specter we meet the occupants of the Mirror Universe, a nightmarish world were all the good of the Trek universe we know and love is turned inside out. Has Kirk finally met the one opponent that can defeat him? Good Kirk vs. Evil Kirk in a ultimate Trek showdown.

    18. This trilogy is my favorite of Shatner's. The storylines, and new characters are so inventive and the familiar characters just how you remember them. For anyone who ever wondered what happened to the Mirror Universe Spock after the Original Series episode, this trilogy answers that. That Spock has returned, along with the evil Mirror Universe Kirk. It took real Kirk and Picard and their crews and friends together to stop Mirror Universe Kirk's foul plans.

    19. This is the fourth in a series of six books (actually, two trilogies). This series was my introduction to Star Trek novels, and I very much enjoyed these books. I actually read them out of order by mistake, and then re-read the whole thing in the correct order. Good stuff for the avid Trek fan!(Note: if you think Shatner really wrote these books, you don't know much about publishing. His ghost writers, the Reeves-Stevenses, deserve the kudos here.)

    20. This was really well-written, but my suspension of disbelief fell out in the road. It's cool but for a series that lives on unbelievable premises, this is too much for me. It's like when you're eating a bunch of caramel corn with peanuts, and then you switch to caramel corn with almonds and pecans, and then you switch to caramel corn with almonds and pecans and cover it with chocolate--delicious but don't overdo it!

    21. An enjoyable romp through the Trek universe. It isn't great sci-fi writing, and Shatner's ego is very present, but,really, what else would you expect? That's what makes him Shatner/Kirk. He stayed pretty true to the premise of Trek and the characters he wrote about.It ended in a cliff hanger and I am looking forward to the next book! An easy, enjoyable read for any Trekkie.

    22. I have read a few of the Shatner Star Trek novels, and I love the plot of this one but the execution could have been better. Not the best one he has done, but a decent set up for a real battle with the Mirror Universe.

    23. First part of Shatner's Mirror Universe trilogy. This is a rough start to the trilogy. I almost wanted to stop here. As he is written, Kirk is very whiny and not a lot of fun. About 200 pages in the action kicks in and Kirk's character downshifts back into "Kirk". The last 100 pages are GREAT.

    24. L'Universo dello Specchio fa il suo ingresso nella Next Generation. Non ho mai gradito troppo il ritorno a quella sottotrama della serie originale, ma devo dire che qui la trama è ben costruita anche se a tratti scarsamente leggibile per i non appassionati di Star Trek.

    25. I've been a Trekker since I saw the first episode on TV in the early 70's, it's lite fun reading. I've liked Shatner's other books, The 'Tek"one's although disappointed with the TV series. Good easy enjoyable read.

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