The Murdered Sun

The Murdered Sun When sensors indicate a possible wormhole nearby Captain Janeway is eager to investigate hoping to find a shortcut back to the Federation Instead she discovers a solar system being systematically pi

  • Title: The Murdered Sun
  • Author: Christie Golden
  • ISBN: 9780671537838
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • When sensors indicate a possible wormhole nearby, Captain Janeway is eager to investigate hoping to find a shortcut back to the Federation Instead, she discovers a solar system being systematically pillaged by the warlike Akerians.The last thing Janeway wants is to get caught up in someone else s war, but to check out the wormhole and to protect the innocent inhabitanWhen sensors indicate a possible wormhole nearby, Captain Janeway is eager to investigate hoping to find a shortcut back to the Federation Instead, she discovers a solar system being systematically pillaged by the warlike Akerians.The last thing Janeway wants is to get caught up in someone else s war, but to check out the wormhole and to protect the innocent inhabitants of Veruna Four she has no choice but to take on the Akerians.But who knows what unexpected dangers lurk beneath the crimson glow of the murdered sun

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    1. By far my favorite Voyager book so far. I enjoyed the interplay between the three groups very much. Chakotay seems less one note, even while playing his one note, throughout and I'm not even sure why. Tom Paris's arc is very good, it would have been great if this sort of xenophobia would have been explored more in his character within the show. The pseudo-science was about as interesting as Trek pseudo-science gets, and the plot moved quickly and efficiently. Overall I would highly suggest any f [...]

    2. Excellent STV book! Hard to believe this one was Ms. Golden's first ST booktually her first SF book. She writes like one of the grand masters!

    3. I admit that I was kind of worried about reading this book as I hadn't read anything by Christie Golden yet and I knew that she had many Voyager novels ahead of me. So, I was very happy that I quite enjoyed this one. It wasn't anything revolutionary or wholly original but she did a great job of capturing key characters like Janeway, Paris and especially Chakotay. I enjoyed the story and it was a neat idea but the twist (if you could call it that) was very predictable and expected. This may not s [...]

    4. A good book with an exciting and fun story. My only quip is the constant nagging about the Prime Directive. It makes sense at first, but as more is revealed about these people, its pretty apparent that the Prime Directive doesn't apply.

    5. Having recently read John Jackson Miller’s Star Trek: The Next Generation novel Takedown, I decided to further my plunge into Trek with another book. It worked well with John, so I picked another Star Wars author that I liked. In this case it was Christie Golden with her Star Trek: Voyager novel The Murdered Sun.Now I’ve never watched Star Trek: Voyager, so I’m unfamiliar with the characters. On the other hand, this is only the second Star Trek novel I’ve ever ready, so I’m not sure wh [...]

    6. I've been going through the Star Trek Voyager books and this is the first in the series where I felt the characters were finally in sync with what we saw in the TV episodes. The earlier books are for the most part good stories but the characters came across as a bit bland but that is not the fault of the authors. The show was also new at the time and there wasn't a lot for them to work with. Christie Golden had access to more background material and it shows. The Starship Voyager has found a wor [...]

    7. I am a huge fan of the TV series voyager, my favourite episodes being those which contain Seven or the doctor. I dislike the Chakotay episodes immensely, with all the anthropological story lines. Unfortunately this book is a Chakotay episode, with no Seven or doctor storyline, ergo I give it 1 starIt's a book of 3 parts:The first quarter is engaging, giving a sense of mystery and there's a bit of action and techno involved. So far so good. However the next half of the book (25% to 75% into the b [...]

    8. Another good Voyager book from Christie Golden. She's one of my favorite Star Trek authors (along with Kirsten Beyer), but this one fell short. Here's why:First of all, I can't even count the times Chakotay is described in this book simply as "the Indian". And I mean, yes, he is Indian, but do we have to call him that? I don't hear anybody referring to Harry Kim as "the Asian". It bothers me that Golden didn't find some other aspect of Chakotay to emphasize rather than his race and his spirit gu [...]

    9. The Murdered Sun takes place a few months after the the Voyager appears in the Delta Quadrant. Although the Stardate in the last chapter is 43897.1, it has to be incorrect since the Voyager didn't go through the wormhole that led them to the Delta Quadrant until Stardate 48579.4.Besides that little discrepancy, The Murdered Sun is an wonderful story. The beginning of the story is chocked full of combat, while the middle of the story involves the crew helping the Verunians, and then the action-pa [...]

    10. It was a Star Trek book and as a result one of those relaxing and fun reads. While I really enjoyed the story all in all there were two issues that drug it down for me. The first was the author's continually stressing the bigoted and prejudicial issues that Mr. Paris was having with the alien race they encountered. While I get what the author was trying to do, having the author remind me every few pages that Paris was bigoted towards the aliens got really old and kind of tedious. Also, the fores [...]

    11. The Murdered Sun is a decent Voyager book. The plot follows the general formula of a Voyager episode. Voyager is traveling back to the Alpha quadrant, they think they find a possible means to get their quicker, discover a they are in a territory of a war like race, Neelix advises they leave, the beings affected by the war like race were unable to defend themselves, prime directive, etc. So I didn't give this book a 4/5 because of that, I did feel the author did a great job capturing the likeness [...]

    12. One of my favorite Voyager books. It was an interesting plot, and a fun fast pace read. I also love how Christie Golden keeps the characters well in character. I loved that the new aliens were really apart of the story and had so much development, I wish these bear like creatures had been on the show as well!The only bad or not so great thing about the book was that I did see one twist coming but it was still a great read. I recommend all of Christie Golden's books she does so well with the voya [...]

    13. Probably one of the better Star Trek Voyager books I've read yet. The characterizations are pretty close to where they were in the series at this point, and the writing is clean, if a little bland at times. I would have liked to see more descriptions of things. Especially with the alien race(s), there's so much to be described and experienced. Other than those minor comments, though, I actually enjoyed this one.

    14. This was a fun book. Golden had the crew in character as far as I was concerned. You could see them growing toward the people we know from the series . I miss watching Star Trek on TV so much. Let's have a Star Trek reboot series. We need to get JJ Abrams, Josh Whedon, Ron Moore, and maybe Bear McCreary for the awesome music, to start working on this. That's not too much to ask,is it? In the meantime I will keep on reading. Get cracking, boys!

    15. this was an intriguing read with an interesting plotline and a fascinating alien race. Christie Golden is one of the few authors who writes tie-in books that actually watches the shows in order to understand and correctly write the characters, which is essential to making the story believable.

    16. One of the better Voyager books I have read. I really enjoyed how they went into the design of the species encountered, with them looking like dragons. Overall plot was exciting and once the plot took off, I felt right at home with the story.

    17. Voyager thinks they might have found a wormhole, in fact they find a planet full of dinosaur people who are being attacked. This is an action orientated story, and it is written very well. Paris seems to take centre stage here, coping with his own prejudices. A good read.

    18. If this book did not heavily inspire Avatar, then I will eat it :-)The story, just like Avatar's story, was excellent. Well written.

    19. I enjoyed this book way more than I expected to. Great story, great character development for Paris, and great J/C friendship moments.

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