Boyfriend for Rent

Boyfriend for Rent When Casey s long term boyfriend suddenly locks him out of the house he thinks his world has ended Who would have known after everything they d been through together Father McDermott a Catholic prie

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  • Title: Boyfriend for Rent
  • Author: Jamie Lake
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Casey s long term boyfriend suddenly locks him out of the house, he thinks his world has ended Who would have known after everything they d been through together Father McDermott, a Catholic priest he has secretly been dating would do something like that to him Then he meets Hunter, a slightly older, slow talking, smart but simple country boy who takes him in and teWhen Casey s long term boyfriend suddenly locks him out of the house, he thinks his world has ended Who would have known after everything they d been through together Father McDermott, a Catholic priest he has secretly been dating would do something like that to him Then he meets Hunter, a slightly older, slow talking, smart but simple country boy who takes him in and teaches Casey to believe in himself, what true love is, and how to please a real man in bed or on his knees.

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    1. 4 stars Casey is devastatedrown out of his house by his own boyfriend.f* McDermott Left to live.where? On the streets!Casey a young man with a very low self esteem. Bullied at school and dismissed by life.s everything that comes out of his 'boyfriend' his mouth is the truth. and oh.y is he wrong.Desperate and deeply sad he tries to find a shelter because he has nothing not a penny.He sees an advertising : WANTED -ROOMMATE -FARM HOUSE -FOREST HILLS -DISCOUNT ON RENT WITH HELP. $ 450/ MONTH.When t [...]

    2. 3.5 stars, First book from this author. Book is about a high school boy who falls for a priest (not sure if he was a priest or not at the beginning), and ends up living a secret life with him for 4 years. The priest (boyfriend) treats him like trash, but Casey believes that their love (first love) is real and looks past the bad treatment, until he comes home and finds he is locked out of his house where all his belongings are. He searches for a job and ends up out of town on a farm where he worm [...]

    3. This was such a good read! Although a shorter book than I usually like, I was pulled into the story from the first page! I really liked Casey, although maybe a little to trusting I loved his determination! The other main character Hunter, I fell in love with immediately. He'd had his heart broken also and was a bit of a recluse, not caring what people thought of him or his appearance. I adored his soft side and how he still recognised that Casey needed a friend! I guess this is a story of learni [...]

    4. Though this odd little romance had some formatting issues and the occasional typo, I was entranced by Hunter and Casey. Casey was tossed out by his closeted lover of ten years, FATHER McDermott. McDermott is the lowest of scum. After spending a night on the street, in the cold, with no where to go, he finds an ad for a roommate wanted in a farmhouse. Hunter owns the farmhouse. Hunter reminded me of Lenny in Of Mice and Men but he has a very good heart. Through hard work and companionship, Casey [...]

    5. Cute!Story of an extremely naive young man who thought he was loved and cared for, but he was not. He is kicked out with just the clothes on his back. Then he applies for a room to rent and the owner treats him with more kindness and thoughtfulness than anyone. Hunter sounded like big ole teddy bear.

    6. A sweet, sweet story. Nice boy meets nice, misunderstood man - who is straight. What's not to love? One small reproach, or perhaps two. There were repetitions in the text; reading about the novel itself I saw it was an expanded version of a shorter one, if I understand correctly. This may explain the repetitions. The other was - the way the main person's attitude changed. He was at times like a weather bane but this did not detract from the charm of the story.

    7. This was a surprisingly fast paced, good read. I started late last night and just finished this morning. I really liked Hunter. I especially loved the scene when they were on the couch drunk after they got home from dancing. McDermott was a bit too one -sided for me and I had a hard time reconciling that he was a priest as mean as he was to Casey. His actions for kicking Casey out with just the clothes on his back didn't make sense to me. I like how the friendship/relationship progressed between [...]

    8. Umm, This was quick in many ways. The story, the breakup, the new hookup, the plot, etc…. It was free to borrow on my kindle and this is the story I choose. I am glad I didn't pay for it. I don't feel jilted now because of that. So, our main MC, had an asshole boyfriend(who is very deeply hidden), afraid to let ANYONE know his truth. But they are together for years only to dump our MC with nothing. Well he does try to offer him hush money. So our MC finds a place to 'work for rent' on a nearby [...]

    9. Enjoyable read - my first by this author. I appreciated the character development and the fact the main characters got to know each other and developed a friendship before the relationship turned sexual - not instalove! Both have been hurt before and neither character is perfect but see they are perfect for each other. This is a sweet story with a feel good ending! I look forward to reading more from this author.

    10. Wasn't compelled to buy it after reading the sample Mixed reviews and most of the 'forgiving' reviews were from when the story was free or less than $1 Story is now priced at $4 so I'll only buy it if I win lotto.

    11. 3.5 stars. Quick, enjoyable romance. But lube and condoms!! The only real sex scene and that threw me right out of the story. Will try another of this authors work because I did like this one. :)

    12. Meh. Nothing very original here and I didn't really like either of the main characters. A pretty unoriginal read.

    13. A love story at its finest!Engaging story of learning to value yourself and acceptance. Great story and good writing makes this a wonderful read! I loved Hunter and Casey as they learned to be friends and how kind they were to each other. i started reading and could not put this book down just loved the pace and story. A love story at its finest!Both men have been treated poorly by those that should have loved them and they both have scars and insecurities. Yet both me are gentle and nurturing a [...]

    14. This author is new to me and I thought the book was quite interesting. It is well-written but I could not connect with Casey at all. Casey has lived with a closeted boyfriend for years and when he is kicked out he doesn't have anywhere to go. Hunter takes him in and they become friends. Because Hunter is a sweetheart he agrees to pose as Casey's boyfriend but I didn't like the way Casey wants to change Hunter so he will look and act like a gentleman at Casey's high school reunion. I also wish th [...]

    15. This book was ok for me. The story was kinda interesting with the whole undercover gay Priest. The ass that he was!! I liked the chemistry between the MCs but the story dragged a little for me. All the teasing and sexual frustration continued up until 97% of the book!! untilFINALLYax. I hoped that scene would have happened earlier on in the book and continued and developed more, many more times during the course of the story. LOL I wanted the MCs to experience many more sensual moments like that [...]

    16. When one door closes, another opens When Casey is booted out of the house by his ex with only the clothes on his back he has very few options. When he finds Hunter, he finds a man willing to have his back, in any situation. Finding a second chance at love for both, and finding themselves in the process. I have to admit I didn't like the start of the book, with the selfish priest taking advantage, but quickly grew to love Casey's spunk and Hunters honour. The fact that Hunter also kicked the ex's [...]

    17. This is my second time reading this and I liked it even more. Really loved McDouche getting his payback. I can imagine the fallout from the reunion. What I loved most was watching Casey and Hunter grow into friends and help each other overcome their insecurities.

    18. GoodI liked the story and enjoyed reading it very much. Great characters and story line made it a good book.

    19. I didn't like the whole thing of Casey "helping" Hunter show everyone how intelligent he was by "smartening up" his speech, the way he walked, etc. I thought it was insulting to Hunter and shallow of Casey. And it wasn't going to show anyone anything because the kind of assholes that gave both Hunter and Casey trouble when they were in school are just that.oles. It was never really about how smart Hunter was, they were looking for something to pick on someone about and if it hadn't been that, it [...]

    20. "I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair review."The author did a really good job of drawing the characters so you could easily imagine them. The plot while being interesting I felt to be slightly on the slim side. There was a whole portion of the relationship the M/C Casey had with his ex that could have really been expanded upon and been very interesting. I know there could have been so much more to that story. I understand this wasn't a story about them but to tr [...]

    21. This was a sweet quick read about Casey and Hunter.Casey is a man forced to be almost in the closet by his Catholic Preacher boyfriend who is also in the closet and treats Casey like his dirty little, undeserving secret. The boyfriend ends things, changes the locks on the doors and forces Casey to make some hard decisions about what kind of life he really wants to lead.Casey ends up seeing a job add that brings him to Hunter, a straight man that had been treated badly and cheated on by his now e [...]

    22. May 25th to May 26th 2014This is a terrifically written story about two men who are fated to meet. Casey who is in desperate need of a friend and some temporary help. Hunter who is in desperate need of a housekeeper and a friend, meet on a cold rainy doorstep. Who could've known it would lead to so much self awareness for both of them. How could they know that on that night, their whole outlook on life would change. I thought this was a beautifully crafted story about two exceptional men. I HIGH [...]

    23. Casey is such a naïve and loving man, all he wants is for Mason to love him like an actual boyfriend should. Mason is a fucking asshole who never had any intentions of being out and proud with Casey, basically he was just a warm ass when he needed one. I loved Hunter from the first moment Casey met him, and they were perfect for one another. Now this book only has 1 sex scene in it and its at the very end, but it was definitely worth waiting for.

    24. I love it.I love a story where love goes beyond gender. If you love a person what would it matter. Hunter is the hero that all of us "Casey's" (male or female) dream of finding. Knowing that person will stand beside you and stand up for you no matter the circumstance. A very heart warming, loving story about what real love is.

    25. I loved loved this book. Watching the two MC's dance around each other and knowing that they were falling in love, so so good!!!! I really hope there is a follow up to this book, I will be one clicking that for sure.

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