One thought on “Karim and the Moon كريم والقمر”

  1. پیتر کودکی است که می خواهد برای مادرش هدیه ای تهیه کند و خود به تکاپو می افند و می خواهد ماه را برای مادرش بیاورد و حتی به ستاره ها هم قانع نیست.

  2. Alice and I both loved the illustrations in this book about a very small boy's quest to retrieve a bit of moon for his mother. However, the story is told almost entirely in slant rhymes, which is a bit awkward for a children's book of this type.

  3. Heavily textured illustrations. Heavy on gray. Text- Poem- some rhyming, some not. Translated from French, perhaps all the french rhymes.

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