Charter to Redemption

Charter to Redemption At the close of the penal colony of Newcastle looks to be every bit as black as it s painted Emma Colchester charters a ride to Australia with a promise of marriage to a man she has never met Bu

  • Title: Charter to Redemption
  • Author: D.J.Blackmore
  • ISBN: 9781921632884
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback
  • At the close of 1821, the penal colony of Newcastle looks to be every bit as black as it s painted Emma Colchester charters a ride to Australia with a promise of marriage to a man she has never met But appearances aren t always as they seem And with a commitment unavoidable Emma learns that shackles are not always forged from iron Tobias Freeman longs for redemption anAt the close of 1821, the penal colony of Newcastle looks to be every bit as black as it s painted Emma Colchester charters a ride to Australia with a promise of marriage to a man she has never met But appearances aren t always as they seem And with a commitment unavoidable Emma learns that shackles are not always forged from iron Tobias Freeman longs for redemption and hope After a rough journey to New South Wales, Tobias learns the rations, the regulations, and the reprisal But neither Emma nor Tobias expect the repercussions.

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    1. three and a half stars. Review to followMerged review:Three and a half stars.The time is 1821 and Emma Colchester is on her way to Australia, specifically Newcastle, to marry Gideon Quinn, a man she has never met. When she meets him, Gideon is not at all what she is expecting. But before Emma gets to Newcastle and she meets the man she has promised to marry, disaster strikes. She is saved by the convict Tobias Freeman. Even that situation is not without its problems, for she finds herself attrac [...]

    2. Charter to Redemption by D.J. Blackmore is the story of a young girl, Emma who agrees to marry Gideon Quinn on her aunt's commendation. Gideon is a soldier stationed in Newcastle, New South Wales. So Emma embarks on the long sea journey to Australia. Also on the ship is Tobias Freeman. Circumstances have conspired against Tobias and he finds himself condemned as a convicted criminal. On Emma's arrival in Newcastle she is shocked to discover that Gideon is not at all like his photo. However Emma [...]

    3. Author D. J. Blackmore catches the reader’s attention early, as a ship goes under and our main character, Emma, is making a critical decision, to put her life in the hands of one seemingly threatening convict, Tobias Freeman.The story revolves around Emma, a young Englishwoman who is to meet and marry her betrothed, Captain Gideon Quinn. She has been led to think he is young and noble. She has no idea what is ahead of her when she agrees to her life with Gideon nor does he.She quickly begins t [...]

    4. As this is my debut novel, I hope that this book is the gift of enjoyment to others that I've strived for, since stories are to be shared. An unread book is of no worth to anyone.In 1821, Britain's penal colony is as cruel as it is beautiful. With a pledge to commit to a man on the other side of the globe, Emma learns all too soon that appearances can deceive. Tobias Freeman is anything but what his name implies. As a convict in Newcastle, he understands that he has no rights, especially when it [...]

    5. To help her family, Miss Emma Colchester intends to begin a new life far from home in the colony of Newcastle. Her aunt has arranged for her to marry Gideon Quinn, the young man in a miniature Emma has been sent. Not until she arrives does she discover she's been duped. The likeness is dated, and Gideon is now a grizzled man old enough to be her grandfather. Meanwhile, she can't help falling for Tobias Freeman, the handsome young convict who saved her life on their first dramatic meeting. Trappe [...]

    6. This story is set in the Newcastle region of New South Wales, Australia in the 1820s, and has interesting historical information about life in that time and place, not only in regard to convicts but also about the life of military personnel and the privileged immigrants. History enthusiasts and those with family connections in this area of the colony will find this story intriguing. Blackmore has done her research well and weaves the historical aspects through the story with flair and attention [...]

    7. Emma Colchester has travelled from England to the Australian colonies to marry Gideon Quinn, a man she knows only from letters and the faded miniature she wears around her neck. The daughter of a minister and good Christian lady, she plans to work with the convicts to help them find salvation. But things don’t go as planned. She is shipwrecked, and saved by a handsome young convict to whom she feels an instant—and unwelcome—attraction. Then she finds Gideon is not the handsome young man in [...]

    8. After a dramatic shipwreck and subsequent sea rescue, the story of Emma Colchester's arrival in the convict settlement of Newcastle slows to a languid pace. The daughter of a deceased clergyman, she has sailed to the colony of New South Wales to marry Gideon Quinn. This upright officer has been recommended by her aunt and, after an exchange of letters, Emma has plighted her troth to him. Out of his kind concern for her family's welfare, he has already been sending them a helpmeet payment back in [...]

    9. I was given this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.How It Made Me Feel:This book was definitely my cup of tea. From the very beginning with the harsh and somewhat rude encounter with the felon, to the very end, I was entranced. I have found that I am drawn to historical romance books that have the premise of the main character being promised as the bride to a man she's never met. Generally, those stories never work out right in the beginning and she finds, and fal [...]

    10. Two reviews from our CALEB reviewers:(1)New South Wales is only thirty-three years settled when eighteen year old Emma Colchester arrives as a free settler having agreed to marry Gideon Quinn – a marriage arranged by her Aunt Adelaide. Emma learns quickly that her Aunt’s motives are far from pure and not only the convicts are shackled. She also feels constrained and bound as Gideon who is old enough to be her grandfather, refuses to release her from the betrothal promise. Emma is penniless a [...]

    11. Emma Colchester travels by ship far from her home in Newcastle, to marry a man Gideon Quinn, whom her aunt has arranged her to marry. Her marriage to Gideon will secure the financial welfare of her family. The ship capsizes and Emma is plunged into the dark waters. As she is attempting to stay afloat, a young convict, Tobias Freeman, swims to her rescue, helping her to reach the shore safely. Her aunt and uncle are gratified that she has made it through her misfortune. She is introduced to Gideo [...]

    12. If you want a light read and enjoy historical romance I'm sure you will not want to put this book down. Blackmore packs in the drama and action surrounding the unfortunate circumstances of Emma who was deceived into coming to Australia in the early days of the colony to marry in order to support her family in England. Her beau turns out to be a most unsuitable catch for a young sincere Christian woman who is very interested in doing her duty to God and family. We find ourselves most sympathetic [...]

    13. This is a gem of a book in that not only is it a romance set in Australia, but it is infused with Christian values. From the first few pages I was drawn to and empathised with the two main protagonists. I ached their frustrations and disappointments but also rejoiced in their joys. There were some funny and likeable secondary characters but the author also knows how to draw up a good antagonist – with the main one being especially loathsome.The plot was well structured and proceeded at a good [...]

    14. A brilliant and solid foray into historical romance writing, D. J. Blackmore's Charter to Redemption is an impressive debut novel. Deep, realistic character development, fascinating and accurate historical detail and a complex yet satisfying plot contribute to this book being an interesting and memorable read. My only question is when will will the sequel be out?

    15. I really enjoyed this book. The romance element of this story was admittedly quite generic but still entertaining and well written. I especially enjoyed the historical fiction element of this novel which I felt was both well researched and well described. All in all it was a very pleasant read that I would recommend to others. I look forward to more novels of this genre from D.J. Blackmore. *I won this book from the author*

    16. Book Review originally published here: iheartreading/book-touIn Charter to Redemption, young Emma Colchester must save her family’s financial wellfare by entering an arranged marriage with a man she’s never met. She must travel to Australia on board of a ship, to marry this man, leaving behind everything she’s ever known.When the ship is put in peril, and a young man named Tobias Freeman rescues her, Emma is plunged into an adventure that will shake her world to its core. Tobias comes with [...]

    17. Won this Through First Read.Set in the 1820's, in the penal colony of Newcastle. This beautiful book follows Emma Colchester as she arrives in Australia to marry a man she has never met. Sharing this journey with Emma is Tobias Freeman a convict in the colony who longs for freedom. One criminal. One free settler. Both prisoners?I found this to be a beautiful, thoughtful book. Blackmore has a beautiful writing style, with great descriptions and complexe characters. I found it hard to put this bo [...]

    18. Charter to Redemption takes place in the early days of the Australian penal colonies near Sydney. D.J. Blackmore has captured the harsh and hostile setting showing an interesting cast of characters, which includes male and female convicts, officers, and the residents who support the penal colony. The book shows the deprivations suffered by the early settlers, convict and free, and hints at the strength of character it took to survive and thrive in the early years of Australia. This is the debut [...]

    19. Interesting story that caught my attention early on and kept it until the end. I received this book through Giveaway.

    20. A pleasant, easy to read book. Some nice twists and turns and some great references to the scenery and the historical context. Good exciting start. Nice first novel.

    21. * Received this book in exchange for my review *Hallelujah a spiritual and inspirational historical love story of good vs evil.

    22. Wonderful fun! From the outset the book is engaging and its main character likeable. It is a delightful romantic romp set in historical Australia.

    23. I was lucky enough to get this book through the Giveaway section so want to do the right thing in writing a review!The book is an easy read, although shockingly short in length. The story can be cliche, although the characters were enjoyable enough and I was happy to go along for the ride.I will say that some descriptions were a little lacking and that if these were bulked up, the story would be a lot smoother. In parts, the story jumped so quickly that I had to go back to make sure I hadn't mis [...]

    24. *received for free through First ReadsA well-written story that had an interesting premise and a well thought out plot. I did feel a bit of distance from the characters which made it hard for me to connect with them (I think a combination of Emma's formality and the over-all setting of the novel.)

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