What Makes Me Happy?

What Makes Me Happy What makes you laugh and cry What makes you bored excited or scared But most of all what makes you happy

  • Title: What Makes Me Happy?
  • Author: Catherine Anholt Laurence Anholt
  • ISBN: 9781406303469
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Paperback
  • What makes you laugh and cry What makes you bored, excited, or scared But most of all, what makes you happy

    One thought on “What Makes Me Happy?”

    1. This book may help a child to identify emotions they are experiencing and encourage them to discuss any they feel uncomfortable with. Reassures children that it is normal to experience a wide range of emotions.Each double page spread in this book focuses on a different emotion. The left hand pages show children questioning what makes them feel or do something: laugh, cry, be bored, pleased, jealous, scared, sad, excited, shy, cross or happy. The right hand page lists the events the child associa [...]

    2. This is a charming book about feelings. Each double-page spread asks a question ("what makes me sad?") and answers with examples in labeled pictures. Perfect for toddlers up to grade 1.

    3. This is an excellent book to use in pre-school, nursery or reception classes. It uses the element of rhyme to describe different feelings that children feel in different situations. The book consists of questions such as, ‘what makes me laugh?, what makes me cry? And what makes me jealous?’ It is a nice, interactive and fun way of teaching children aspects of PSED in the EYFS framework. It teaches them how to express their feelings and how certain actions may hurt others feelings. I also lik [...]

    4. Read with my preschoolers as we're doing a unit about feelings. Darling book covers many emotions! My favorite page: "What makes me bored? Grown-ups . . . moaning groaning eating meeting walking talking feeding reading sitting knitting stopping shopping" The children didn't really get that part, but I was SO laughing inside! I guess at 4-years-old they haven't been shopping or to enough meetings yet with mom - or still like the novelty of it all.

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