Mr. Blair's Labyrinth

Mr Blair s Labyrinth After walking an old garden labyrinth two teenage brothers are transported back to the same spot during the Great Depression

  • Title: Mr. Blair's Labyrinth
  • Author: Robert A. Lytle
  • ISBN: 9780979808845
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • After walking an old garden labyrinth, two teenage brothers are transported back to the same spot during the Great Depression.

    One thought on “Mr. Blair's Labyrinth”

    1. Mr. Blair's Labyrinth is an enjoyable story aimed at middle school boys. In it, two boys time-travel back to 1935 in Michigan, and experience life in one of the Hoovervilles - shanty towns that grew up along the railroads. It's a good introduction to the problems people faced during the Depression, but it's also a good adventure story. The boys ride the rails, work in a circus, and outwit the cops and railroad bulls.Especially interesting for the local history of cities in Michigan, including La [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this book. It was a compelling story, well written and researched, and appropriate for its age group, while holding the attention of an adult. Mr. Lytle is a talented author and I'll be reading more of his work.

    3. I think the book was creative, fun and interesting to read. It was interesting because it was a real story. The whole labyrinth thing was fun to read because it was about Roberts grandsons, Jack and Charlie going back into time in the great depression while walking the labyrinth. I think people would enjoy reading this book because I really did. When I first got the book I wasn't that excited but when I started reading I was thinking, "this is actually a great genre and book." Also, it was a ver [...]

    4. I loved Mr. Blairs Labyrinth book. My favorite part of the book is when they found the raccoon in the small door behind the bed. I read a chapter every night before I went to bed. I don't like to read that much but you made reading fun.(For me at least.) I hope that you make a Mr. Blairs Labyrinth part 2. And I Will read it if you do, believe me, I have been reading the Baby-Sitters club books and those are very cool but I liked your books more. I want you to try to have a good rest of winter. F [...]

    5. I was so interested in reading Mr. Blairs Labyrinth. I read a chapter before I went to bed each night even when I was bored and after I was not bored anymore. When Mis. Lazzara gave me my book I never liked reading books and now I'm getting a Pitch In Time because I loved Mr. Blair Labyrinth. I had my granny order it on . I started reading a Pitch In Time in the school library and i fell in love with it. Thanks to you the library is like my home. From, Kyleigh Alexander

    6. Mr. Lytle, I really liked your book Mr. Blair's Labyrinth especially the parts where they were in the circus and Sergeant Horne came to the show and the part where Lefty, Charlie, Jack were all in the junkyard and they were looking for boots for Jack and Charlie and I liked the theme of going back in time and experiencing how it was back then in the Great Depression and for them noticing how hard it was. Thank You, for your time coming to our class and giving us the books.

    7. I liked Mr. Blair's Labyrinth a lot. It showed about two boys going back in time and trying to get back. I will not say any more just to make sure I don't spoil this amazing book. I would recommend you read this book. The book is filled with everything in the great depression even things I didn't even know. I would give this book an 11/10.

    8. A fast-paced and well-written novel, it brings an interesting light on the Great Depression in the form of a novel. The characters are well made, the landmarks are authentic and it shoves you into the thick of it all. Overall an amazing book, it really shows off the talent Mr. Lytle has, and i'm sure i'll be reading the rest of his work.

    9. What I thought about this book was amazing I liked the beginning of the book when the two brothers were comparing to each other an the things they liked to do and what they wanted to be when they grow up. what I also liked about the book is that it seems real it also is saying how they are getting along with each other. that is what I like about your book please make more like that.

    10. I think the idea of the story was great because it was a mix of the future, because of the time-traveling labyrinth, and the past, because of the Great Depression. The characters, especially Jack, are really relatable, at least to me. I also liked the information about Mr. Blair at the end of the story. I definitely recommend this book.

    11. I really liked it because cause they was both brave and always having a strategy when someone's coming or even when that part when they tried to escape from the police, they had a backup plan everytime around the whole entire book, they had a backup plan and that also reminds me, how old are they and his brother.

    12. This book is amazing if you read you can not put it down. Its words help me see what is happening I feel like every single word is alive. Some books give too many details that make it boring but this book gives enough details to visualize. I am a kid if I enjoy it I am pretty sure everyone will enjoy it.

    13. I really loved the book I read the book all throughout the days. but the day he came to our school to our class I missed it and I really wanted to ask him a few questions. I loved how they talked in the book it was kinda funnyncerely, Joslyn marshall

    14. Great Historical fiction that takes place in and around Waterford, Michigan. A couple of boys at their grandparents historic home enter a labyrinth and are transported back to the Great Depression and have to escape to Lake Orion and find a hobo camp

    15. I really liked that he added a lot of details and you can picture everything that was going on. It was really good I really liked the part when they were escaping the police. Also, it had a lot of history behind it like the Great Depression.

    16. I read the book two times and I loved it. the thing I loved about it was it cinder reminds me of my family and that's why I love the book

    17. This book is an amazing story filled with adventure and life. The author did an amazing job and I believe he deserves a standing ovation.

    18. Mr.Blair Labrinth is a cool story that I enjoyed. It had a lot of characters that did different stuff to help Jack and Charlie like the circus people, the guy at the store, the homeless people.

    19. I really liked it. the part when the boys first saw the labyrinth was a amazing. and the part about lebron james. so cool. but I didn't like the part when they had nothing in common.

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